30+ Inexpensive Dog Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

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All doggie owners would concede that dog fences are essentials when it comes to taking care of our fur babies. There is no peak when it comes to their activeness and most of the time, we must keep them in place when we have small errands to work on, have chores outdoors, or to keep it in so that they do not escape and get lost. 

Because of this, you need a reliable dog fence to keep the dogs in for you or to bring with you when you take them for outdoor activities. As such, here are some dog fence ideas that you can consider for your fur babies. 

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Types of fences for dogs

cheap dog fence ideas designs

Fortunately, there are different types of dog fences. In this list, you would find out that there are dog fences that are more suitable for specific breeds of dogs.

Some are also better fit just indoors while some are made for outdoor portability. Without much ado, here are the types of fences for dogs for you to look for. 

Temporary dog fence ideas

If you are living in an apartment or a temporary rental home with your fur babies, investing in foldable, temporary dog fences is a good idea. 

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It can be a medium or large size temporary fence that you can portably set up in the yard or in the living room to keep the dogs in while visitors are around. You can also have doggie friends over for some playdate with the fur babies. 

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You can also consider this freestanding wood panel fence which you can use as a barrier for doors and gates. It is made of MDF wood with a central gate where the doggies could be freed for snacks. It is for indoor use only but it is sturdy enough to keep the dogs in. 

Portable dog fence ideas

This type of dog fence is beneficial in taking the dogs to any outdoor activity that you enlist yourself in. They can be unfolded in the beach, in parks, or anywhere, in general. They are usually made of nylon, metal, or plastic. 

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For instance, you can consider this popup nylon playpen and fence which is suitable for smaller breeds of dogs. It is weatherproof and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

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Another plastic portable fence/playpen is this lightweight dog fence which is good for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with numerous plastic panel kits which you can combine if you have more puppies out there. It is perfect for a more docile or behaved breed of dogs and as a barrier between the fur babies and furniture. 

Invisible dog fence ideas

This type of dog fencing has gained traction because it is easy to install, and it is said to be one of the most effective and state of the art ways to keep the doggies in. All invisible dog fences are all electric powered and as such, are called electric dog fences too. 

For this to work, your dog must wear an electric collar which triggers a warning sound before the doggie could reach the electric perimeter. If the dog continues forward, the fur baby will receive a correction shock. It is best to condition the dog about what could happen when they go near the perimeter. 

5 dog fence ideas

It could be an in-ground electric dog fence like this one. 

6 dog fence ideas 1

Or it could also be an underground installed electric dog fence like this one. 

Dog proof fencing ideas

If you have very active dogs that can trample the landscape plants sometimes and want to keep them out or if they are most likely to chase critters around, you would need dog proof fencing. 

7 dog fence ideas

For one, you can consider a bottom half privacy fencing so that the dogs can still hear and see other pups eye to eye but cannot follow them even if they wanted to. It also adds to curb appeal with its blackout look and adding flowering plants in the top rail like this one. 

8 dog fence ideas 1

Another top choice for a dog proof fence would be using corrugated metal. Large dog breeds know their strength and using weaker fencing materials could give more problems. So, for a durable fencing that also gives a contemporary, industrial flair to the perimeter, you can check out this one. 

Indoor dog fence ideas

The designs and ideas for indoor dog fences are limitless. They can range from nylon, wood, PVC, MDF and metal. But whichever you choose, they function the same: they are used as barriers to some areas of the house from very active dogs and to keep them from going up the stairs.

This wood lattice indoor fence for instance makes an instant play pen in that small spot by the living room. You can set up a small, portable dog house too to make the dogs comfortable as they slide on the floor. 

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Just make sure that it is tall enough to prevent jumping off and sturdy enough not to be swayed with a thud. 

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You can also use a retractable nylon indoor dog barrier with metal poles. You can easily slide it open and close during playtime. It is also clean and minimalist, so it offers a neat look by the stairs or in the kitchen. 

Pallet fence ideas for dogs

They are just wood fences too and they are very workable and environment friendly since they are mostly sourced out from secondhand wood. They can be furnished any way you want, spaced thinly or more spaciously. You can also paint them for more character. 

12 dog fence ideas

You can make a farmhouse style dog run and playpen for your doggies with a handful of pallet wood, deck screws, you can easily transform a small space in your yard to be like this. 

13 dog fence ideas

It could be as simple as a barrier fence. This one features just two pallet panels. And when it is time to play, just open the central gate for the doggies to have fun.

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Wood fence ideas for dogs

Wood is a timeless addition to any yard aesthetic and that works even as dog fences. It is one of the best materials to keep stray animals away from your sensitive doggies and it is very sturdy to contain the fur babies from smashing into that curb traffic. 

14 dog fence ideas 1

One of the best wood dog fence ideas would still be the picket style made of hardwood. Larger and more aggressive dogs need a reliable perimeter fence so that they can be contained in. This one is particularly made of cedar wood so you can count on it for its durability and longevity.

15 dog fence ideas 1

You can also make small wooden picket fences in the same way as you would enclose focal point trees. This is especially beneficial for smaller breeds of dogs like this one. 

16 dog fence ideas 1

Or what about a wooden patio fence featuring a metal hole for the dog to peep out like this one. This way, they are still enclosed and could still peep out to see surroundings. 

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Dog run fence ideas

The idea of a dog run is to have an ample space where your dogs can run freely with their pals even if you are away. It does not need a definite size if the space is spacious enough for the dogs to be active and free. 

17 dog fence ideas

For one, you can set up a small and neat dog run for a cramped-up apartment. This one makes use of thin wood panels, artificial grass to make it comfortable and color popping and a small doghouse for the doggies to lay on. If you have small and tame dog breeds, this wood fence would really work out for you. 

18 dog fence ideas 1

Instead of artificial grass, you can also make use of wood chips to create a cushioned dog run for your fur babies. It is also beneficial in flushing away the scent of dog urine.

This keeps the dog bacteria free too. Cedar wood chips would be the best material because it is a natural repellent to ticks and fleas. Here is something to refer to. 

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Small dog fence ideas

You do not need large estates to keep in the dogs. As a matter of fact, your dog fencing can be made as kernels too in small spaces or small dog runs if you have a few more spaces to exhaust. 

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This one just made use of a corrugated metal panel. It was set up on the patio to keep the dogs in while the homeowners continued entertaining visitors. It is also a cheap choice but very sturdy given the material used. 

20 dog fence ideas 1

This one here may be small but it could still give enough space for the dogs to roam freely. It is a corner dog fence near the porch so you can look after the dogs while sipping an afternoon tea and it is also good in keeping the front door secure and the lawn free from dog poop. 

Chain link fence ideas for dogs

Chain link is considered as one of the cheapest materials to make safe barrier fences for dogs especially for outdoor playpen. 

21 dog fence ideas 1

You can set a chain link fence around the home’s perimeter especially if you are in an urban or outskirt setting like this one. 

22 dog fence ideas 1

And if you just need a durable enclosure for your dogs, a chain link is durable and easy to install. This one features metal posts to support the activeness of your active and large dogs. 

23 dog fence ideas

Other than this, a chain link enclosure also allows you to monitor your doggies and for the dogs to see people and the surroundings too. 

Large dog fencing ideas

If you have a large yard and a dog lover at the same time, you can set up perimeter fencing and make large partitions for dog fencing. You can also make a full dog training course out of large dog fencing. 

24 dog fence ideas

This is one example of a simple, pallet wood dog fencing. It is inexpensive as it is made of irregular sized wood pallets and the mound is just gravel. Put in some obstacle courses out of old tires and you are all set.

25 dog fence ideas 1

Another good investment for a large dog fencing would be the mix of wood and industrial wire. Talk about durability and this combo would not let you down. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the yard, it really offers a large space for the dogs to run free. It is also open to the curb, so it is easy for them to signal arriving visitors. 

Metal dog fence ideas

It can be all metal or with additional accent materials, but the point is, metal dog fences are also some of the most unique and most sturdy dog fences that you can put up. 

26 dog fence ideas

This one here features a uniform look with that pallet wall and metallic middle. The dogs can have a peep of the outside through the gaps in the pallet, but they are completely safe and sealed with the metallic middle. It also has a fine industrial look to offer to the perimeter. 

27 dog fence ideas 1

You can also use metal wires and use metal or wooden poles to make the frame sturdier. This one here is all in one: you already have a dog fence, a kernel, and a dog run in just one metal wire and wood frame. 

No dig dog fence ideas

This type of fence usually has stakes underneath so all you have to do is to push them deep into the soil. They come in wood, vinyl, and metal materials and they are mostly prefab and ready to install. 

28 dog fence ideas 1

If you want a portable metal kernel and enclosure fence in the middle of the yard, this would be it. All you need to do is assemble this freestanding metal fence and install it where you want it to be in the yard. 

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But the best option for no dig dog fences would be vinyl picket fences. It is stylish, classic looking, and is sturdy enough to keep the dogs in. Let your turf grass be a natural cushion for the doggies. 

Flower bed fencing to keep dogs out

Planters and flower beds are also helpful dog barriers in the yard. Active dogs tend to pester the plants so having flower beds to keep them out is a good call. 

30 dog fence ideas 1

To make sure that dogs do not play with your veggies in the garden, might as well put up a wood and wire enclosure that you can lock and is sturdy enough not to let dogs in like this one here. 

32 dog fence ideas

This is also a lattice wood picket fence that would surely keep the dogs out. It is high enough to keep them out but with gaps in between for the dog’s curiosity to be supplied especially if crawling critters are around. 

33 dog fence ideas
31 dog fence ideas

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What to look for in fences for dogs

Notwithstanding our list of the types of dog fence ideas to consider, you also must be knowledgeable about some pointers in terms of what to look for in fences for dogs. As such, here are some tips to help you in rounding up the best dog fence for you. 

  • Consider how high your dog can jump: Some dog breeds are just active and high jumpers. If they do, you need a dog fence that is tall enough for them to be contained in and not dash into the curb anytime. Any fence below 4ft is not good enough as per rule of thumb.
  • Allot enough space for openings: By openings we mean the central gate and the gaps in between the enclosures. The central gate of course should be spacious enough for them not to feel constricted especially if there is more than one dog at talk here and having gaps in between for air circulation and good view should also be considered. 
  • Visual barrier: Dogs are very sensitive to visual stimuli. They can be aggressive to strangers, critters and other dogs or can be very sociable to people. If they tend to be any of these, it would be best to have a non-see-through dog fence to keep them from howling every time. 
  • Check neighborhood regulations: Some housing associations set specific dog fence styles, materials, and other restrictions when it comes to dog fences. In this case, you might consider installing invisible or electric fences. Just make sure that you follow the rules to keep your dog safe and your yard as well. 


There are other considerations that you should know about when it comes to setting up dog fences. To narrow them down, here are some FAQs that you should know of. 

What is the cheapest fence for dogs?

If you have a lot of dogs, it is understandable that you would want to know about the cheapest fences for dogs. The good news is, there are a variety of choices when it comes to this. 

  • PVC block netting
  • Chain link and wire mesh
  • Welded wire
  • Poultry netting
  • Wood pallet fencing

How tall should my fence be for a dog?

The rule of thumb is that 4ft should be tall enough for dog fencing but note that this height would not discourage breeds such as Labradors, Huskies and Golden Retrievers. As such, 5-6ft of fencing must be considered. Wood, vinyl, and composite materials are usually used for taller dog fences because of their sturdy character. 

What is the best fence for dogs?

If by best fences for dogs we mean the best materials that they can be built with, the preference is still given to hardwood, vinyl, metal, and other tested and proven solid materials. Aside from being sturdy and workable, they are also inexpensive, and at the same time adds to the home’s curb appeal. 

What can I put on the bottom of the fence to keep the dogs in?

If you are eyeing a privacy fence, you can put chain link, chicken wire or hardware cloth at the bottom of the fence to deter the dogs from escaping the yard. They can be dug in for aesthetic purposes or they can be exposed and laid above the planters, mulch, or gravel. 

Do electric dog fences really work?

As have been mentioned, electric dog fences have gained popularity over the years because they are easy to install and of course, they are considered state of the art. So, to be objective with this question, let us sift through some pros and cons of electric dog fences. 

Adaptive to any kind of yard terrain. Requires professional training.
Price is reasonable. May pose certain hazards for dogs and humans. 
Easy to install. Barrier frustration and discomfort among dogs. 
Reliable when it comes to common dog activities like jumping over the fence and escaping at the bottom. 
Protection against intruders. 
Weather proof.

At what age can a dog be trained for an invisible fence?

As in child development, the earlier the better. When it comes to our fur babies, training them for an invisible fence should be done at as early as eight weeks old. 

Will the electric zap from the invisible fence kill my dog?

No, obviously. The level of electricity produced to deter them from getting near the electric fence is just at a corrective tier. This means that the zap would just shock them and would not hurt them on any level of the fence.  

Are vinyl fences strong enough for dogs?

Yes. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most preferred materials when it comes to fencing, generally, and not just with dogs. Vinyl is more weatherproof compared to wood, they come in no dig choices, and at most of all, they are also known durable materials so they can hold the weight and activeness of most dog breeds. 

What other materials can I consider for dog fencing?

Aside from the usual wood, metal and wire dog fencing, the following are also considered as low cost and viable alternatives for dog fencing. 

  • Bamboo fencing
  • Corrugated metal panels
  • Stonewalls
  • Hedging
  • Vertical garden
  • Brushwood
  • Retractable barriers
  • Super-sized planters

How can I keep my dog in the yard without a fence?

Temporary or not, dog fencing might not appeal to all dog owners. The good news is that there are ways to keep dogs in the yard without putting up a fence and here is how. 

  • Install an invisible fence: As have been said, they are also called electric fences. You can check previous sections as to why they are a good choice when it comes to dog fencing. 
  • Tie systems: This is the oldest trick in the book. For this, you just must buy a sturdy leash, tethers or trollies and just tie your dog where you want them to be in place. For more perimeter access, you can use mobile anchors and a rope where the tethers could slide. Investing on longer leashes or tethers could also be good investments especially when you walk them around the yard. 
  • Boundary training: While it could be a time-consuming option, it is always worth the shot in the long run. Also, it does not cost a thing. All you must invest is some quality time with your dogs and train them where they should and should not go out and about in the yard. 
  • Buy an exercise pen: An exercise pen is a portable playpen that you can easily assemble in the middle of the yard. Most exercise pens are spacious, so although the doggies would not have a full coverage of the entire yard, they still have the liberty to play in a spacious area without getting bored. 

Which states decree dog tethering as illegal? 

Most of the states that find dog tethering as illegal also have standing local regulations when it comes to dog fencing, so it is important for you to know which states these are: 

  • Rhode Island
  • Hawaii
  • Texas
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana

Are there dog breeds that are illegal to own?

Interestingly, some US states have institutionalized some dog breeds as illegal to own. For instance, in Miami-Dade, Florida, it is decreed that owning American pit bulls and terriers is illegal. Other than this, there are no other known dog breeds to be illegal elsewhere in the US.  

What are the most behaved dog breeds?

There are specific dog breeds that could be contained with just leashes. So before you put up a dog fence, here are some dog breeds that you should check out first. 

  • Labrador
  • Golden Retriever
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Doberman
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Collie
  • Puddle
  • Spaniel

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To conclude, dog fences are truly dog essentials for our fur babies. They give them an exclusive space where they could exercise, walk, and enjoy themselves with their treats and at the same time, the convenience to you as dog owners since you get to keep them in a space without worrying that they would dash off, jump, or escape. 

There are a lot of dog fencing ideas that you could consider, fortunately. You just have to make sure that the height, size, and convenience specifications are there to keep the dogs comfortable in the yard.