38+ Best Basement Kitchen And Kitchenette Ideas For Small Spaces

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If you are a frequent host in small soirees with friends and weekend get-together with family and relatives, you will need more than one kitchen. Fortunately, if you have an unused basement, you can transform it anytime into a basement kitchen or a wet bar/kitchenette.

You can pack it up with all the features of a standard kitchen and portion it with additional spaces like a mini bar or a coffee station

If you are thinking of building one for your basement, this post features a list of all the best basement kitchen and kitchenette ideas that you might consider for your basement project

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best basement kitchen ideas

Small basement kitchen ideas

1. Neutral flair

1 small basement kitchen ideas

Even a compact basement can have all the kitchen essentials if you use the right color combination that will shed out an illusion of space. For instance, this small basement contains everything from a full-size gas range, refrigerator, minimalist countertop, sink, small kitchen gadgets, and storage.

In the middle of it is a dining table set. Everything looks cohesive and loaded all thanks to the white, black, and charcoal gray color of this small basement kitchen. 

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Basement kitchen bar ideas

2. Pub style

2 basement kitchen bar ideas

If you have a medium-size or large basement, one of the kitchen bar ideas that you can install in your basement is a pub-style one. For this, you should emphasize the bar elements more.

This includes a long countertop, stools, pendant lights, and hanging glass cabinets with wood trims. You can seamlessly incorporate the mini ovens and the small fridge in the floor cabinets.

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Finished basement kitchen ideas

3. Accent color splash

3 finished basement kitchen ideas

There are a lot of things that you can do with a finished basement kitchen so mix and match and make the most out of it.

For instance, you can go with the traditional wood storage, but you can upscale it by adding granite or marble countertops on it or mosaic glass accent to your hanging cabinets. 

You can also go for ambient lighting instead of the traditional canned lights. As for the walls, it can be a combination of ceramic tiles and blocks. Add a splash of bright colors on the painted portions of the wall and use laminated wood for more glow on the floor. 

4. Communal space

4 finished basement kitchen ideas

A finished basement kitchen can serve as an attractive, cozy, and legitimate space for entertaining visitors. For this, go for the pristine and classy look of an all-white basement kitchen.

Put in the usual kitchen accent pieces and make an organized look. Install a natural stone wall on one side and enhance with accent lights. Position the sofa and lounging chairs and set up a small dining table on the side. 

Basement kitchenette bar ideas

5. Warm, polished glow

5 basement kitchenette bar ideas

For an all-in-one corner featuring a kitchenette bar in the basement, go for a sealed wood and block accent wall. It is an enticing, cozy nook to entertain guests with its polished look.

The shelving and cabinetry give this idea an upscale effect and the built-in oven and mini-fridge along with the glassware are enough kitchen pieces that complement this look. 

6. Clean, cottage style

6 basement kitchenette bar ideas

For a pool of unlimited drinks and a display of delicate glassware, you can try this clean cottage style kitchenette bar. It features white symmetries plus the classic touch of glass hanging cabinets where the soup bowls and teacups are on display.

The built-in mini-fridge in the middle with the warm mocha color is its most upscale feature.  This classic look will never go out of style. 

Unfinished basement kitchen ideas

7. Industrial style basement kitchen

7 unfinished basement kitchen ideas

The best fit for unfinished basements would be an industrial look. In this design, the exposed beams are painted with asphalt gray color and are complemented by a lighter gray wall.

The aesthetics of this design lie in its well-chosen lighting, angled steel and wood counter, upscale stools, and a dining set. The oven and fridge can be tuck in between the floor cabinets, beneath the wine display. 

8. Farm style look

8 unfinished basement kitchen ideas

For craftsman or barn style homes, a farm style kitchen is easy to set up in your basement.

Capitalize on your exposed beams and use basic fluorescent lights for a warm glow.

Setup a traditional floor to ceiling cabinet for the glass and kitchen ware, a countertop with a sink, and the stove on one side along with more storage. 

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Basement kitchen flooring ideas

9. Modern black and white ceramic tile

9 basement kitchen flooring ideas

For major style points for the basement kitchen, go for ceramic tiles with a modern accent. This idea made use of black and white ceramic tiles to add layers and angles to a compact basement kitchen. The tested and proven illuminating effect of white walls is also a fine touch. 

10. Hardwood flooring

10 basement kitchen flooring ideas

Nothing beats the polish and upscale look of hardwood flooring on basement kitchens. While it has limitations due to moisture, contemporary interior design is now using polyurethane hardwood finishing along with strong sealants to keep it durable despite the moisture in the basement.

With its natural, warm glow, hardwood flooring for the basement kitchen makes it classic looking every day. 

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Basement kitchen remodel ideas

11. Pots on the side

11 basement kitchen remodel ideas

There are more to basement kitchens than elaborate shelving and cabinetry. You can try something else to save space like setting up hanging rods or wall clips on one side where the pots could be hanged after they are dried from the washer. This way, you are not overcrowding the pot shelves. 

12. Mother of pearl tile

12 basement kitchen remodel ideas

This idea is another proof that you only need a corner kitchen for a standout basement kitchen. Make it neat and polished with an all-white ensemble. A backsplash of a mother of pearl tile is a good touch to add to the kitchen’s natural light.

Putting in unique decorations and being minimalistic in terms of the oven and fridge are also good accents to this classic remodeling plan. 

Popular Australian tiny house brand, Hauslein Tiny Homes, is noted for incorporating this minimalist Scandi design in their kitchen layouts.

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Basement kitchen ideas with window

13. Draped basement kitchen window

13 basement kitchen ideas with window

Basement windows are needed for natural light to seep in especially during the day. But it does not mean that you should not be creative about it. This basement window is draped with café style window covering.

It has an extended bottom trim which serves as a display counter for vases and small decors. It is also strategically placed facing the sink. 

14. Open shelves by the window

14 basement kitchen ideas with window

This is a unique touch to basement windows because it is not usual to use the window trims as frames for open shelves.

Transparent glass doors with steel or wood trims are perfect for this.

You won’t need to open and close the window every now and then and you are also secured because the open shelves can serve as grills to prevent break-ins. 

Finished basement kitchen ideas with an island

15. All in one kitchen island

15 finished basement kitchen ideas with island

Kitchen islands should be multifunctional at best. For a finished basement, you might want to consider an all-in-one kitchen island that can be surrounded by dining chairs, a sink on one end and a countertop where everything can be placed after cooking or when pouring drinks.

This one is a rustic, finished basement featuring an all-in-one kitchen island. 

16. Polished hardwood and granite

16 finished basement kitchen ideas with island

The vibe of polished hardwood combined with the glossy, upscale touch of granite styled in a contemporary tone is a sight to behold for an island kitchen.

This idea incorporates a two-way kitchen island. On one side, it is a useful countertop and on the other side, it can be used as a dining counter where the stools can be lined in. 

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Modern basement kitchen ideas

17. Complete modern basement kitchen

17 modern basement kitchen ideas

If you have a large basement to work on, you can go all in and make it a complete basement kitchen with a modern vibe. This design features a full island countertop with a sink in the middle, a two-door fridge, and a four-seater dining table. 

It also has floor cabinets with a built-in oven and hanging cabinets illuminated by accent lights. The cherry on top would be its glass doors, modern pendant lights and the effect of the can lights. 

18. Upscale furnishing

18 modern basement kitchen ideas

For a contemporary industrial look, you can go for the mild colors of white and mint green and steel furnishings. This idea gives fine touch to large basement rooms since space is maximized well. 

Aside from the multifunctional island countertop, with sink, cabinets, and side storage for recipe books, it also features two large ovens complete with exhaust, cabinets, coffee maker, and a side desk for a corner basement office

Basement kitchen finishing ideas

19. Leveled kitchen corner

19 basement kitchen finishing ideas

A basement kitchen must not necessarily take over the entire basement. A good remodeling plan for your kitchen basement is to set it up in one compact corner where everything can be accessible. You can level the cabinets for added depth and to make it look more standout. 

20. Well-distributed glow

20 basement kitchen finishing ideas

The cherry on top for any finishing job is installing the right type of lighting. For instance, this large basement is a transitional room for an extended lounging area/living room and kitchen.

The division is emphasized by a long walkway in the middle. The lounge is illuminated by recessed lights and lamps only. More glow is given to the kitchen area thanks to the pendant lights and accent lights beneath the cabinets. 

Rustic basement kitchen ideas

21. Tan and beige play

21 rustic basement kitchen ideas

This color combination is everything rustic. The tan takes on the cabinets and shelves which encloses the basement kitchen is a fresh take on rustic designs given its reliance on sealed and polished wood.

The contrast of beige paint along with illumination of accent lights and track lights as well as the light-colored laminated wood flooring add to the cohesive and clean look of this rustic basement kitchen. 

22. Gray and white arrangement

22 rustic basement kitchen ideas

Another rustic color combination is the use of gray and white colors for your basement kitchen.

The light gray color of the storage and the rusty color of the sink contrasted on a splash of white walls and white lines of the flooring recreate a traditional kitchen of a southern colonial home. This idea is perfect for small basement kitchens who want to go for a rustic look. 


Basement kitchen ideas for low ceiling

23. White and steel gray arrangement

23 basement kitchen ideas for low ceiling

To give an illusion of height and depth, go for classic neutrals like white and steel gray. Used recessed can lights for lighting for more focused illumination, taking advantage of the low-ceiling basement kitchen. This is what you can do. 

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24. Break the monotony

24 basement kitchen ideas for low ceiling

Enclosing a basement kitchenette with wood accents on a low-ceiling basement makes a standout nook. Using ambient pendant lights is a fine choice to give an illusion of height. Keeping everything in vertical symmetry is also helpful in creating a clean, accented look like this one. 

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Basement kitchen ideas with window above sink

25. Greenhouse style kitchen window

25 basement kitchen ideas with window above sink

Aside from providing daytime illumination, having a window above the sink is one of the most traditional kitchen styles out there. This one features an extended glass window, slightly protruded out for more space. Use that space for indoor plants that will help in purifying the air in your basement like this one. 

Other than that maybe consider some inexpensive HEPA air filter that uses activated carbon formulated with magnesium dioxide, perfect to keep your kitchen smelling air clean and fresh.

26. Kitchen window for a tiny basement kitchen

26 basement kitchen ideas with window above sink

If you have a compact, U-shaped basement kitchen, let the focal point be a corner window which illuminates the entire corner kitchen sufficiently. Position the window above the sink and set everything up the way you want them to. 

L-shaped basement kitchen ideas

27. Tiny L-shaped basement kitchen

27 l shaped basement kitchen ideas

This one was designed strategically to have a continuous, L-shaped marble counter featuring a sink in the middle. The storage follows the L-shaped line, with no spaces and gaps. The mini fridge and oven are incorporated in the storage.

The hanging cabinets also follow an L-shape, adorned with glass accents. The half-wall block is also a fine touch.

28. Enclosed L-shape

28 l shaped basement kitchen ideas

This idea features an L-shape counter enclosed in a tall, standard fridge, continuing to a line of hanging cabinets. You can also put a curved cabinet above the sink to make up for the window that should be there. The hanging cabinets should follow the L-shape of the counter just like this one. 

Victorian basement kitchen ideas

29. Minty Victorian basement kitchen

29 victorian basement kitchen ideas

For an outlandish, manor style basement kitchen, you can try a mint green flair to your Victorian basement kitchen. This one features the glass covers of the hanging cabinets, wood shelves above the sink, a mint green island with black countertop, and a rod above the island countertop for hanging the pots. 

30. Angled U-shape Victorian basement kitchen

30 victorian basement kitchen ideas

Victorian style interiors are unique for their ornate designs. This U-shaped kitchen features customized, carved cabinets and shelves. It also has a delicate looking stretch of windows by the sink.

It is completed with modern style ovens and fridge, but everything looks so dainty fit for a Victorian style even if it is slightly angled. 

Cheap basement kitchen ideas

31. Raw basement walls

31 cheap basement kitchen ideas

The principle in cheap basement kitchens is to work on what you have. If you have raw basement walls and original basement flooring and ceiling to work with, you can upscale it by installing three to five door cabinets and minimal shelves.

You can even use your old box-type refrigerator and just go for a basic steel sink. 

32. Dining table and counter arrangement

32 cheap basement kitchen ideas

You do not need elaborate accent pieces just to say that you have a basement kitchen. Sometimes, all you need to complete your basement kitchen project is a dining table set, and a multifunctional counter with side storages for the pots and utensils and an interior shelf where you can tuck in the gas range and mini-fridge. 

Basement kitchenette with dishwasher

33. Corner kitchenette

33 basement kitchenette with dishwasher

This idea offers an ergonomic design for a corner kitchenette. Instead of going for the standard size gas range, it only features a small convection oven incorporated in the hanging cabinets above the sink and made room for a dishwasher and a mini fridge along the floor cabinets. 

34. Hidden in the counter

34 basement kitchenette with dishwasher

For a more upscale look, you can install the dishwasher in the storage inside the counter. With this, you are conserving time and space since the fridge, oven and dishwasher are within one line. 

Basement kitchenette without bar ideas

35. Sophisticated kitchenette without bar

35 basement kitchenette without bar ideas

To achieve a sophisticated look for a kitchenette in the basement without the wines, liquor displays and glassware, you can go for a polished industrial look.

All you need to have is a tall refrigerator, sink, a convection oven in the hanging cabinets, ambient pendant lights and canned lights and a counter that can also be used for dining. 

36. Classic style kitchenette without bar

36 basement kitchenette without bar ideas

Building on white, beige, and tan combinations, this classic style kitchenette is packed with storage for cooking pots and kitchen utensils. The liquor cabinet usually with glass cover is replaced by traditional cabinetry infusing an oven and refrigerator. 

Basement kitchenette with refrigerator

37. Large refrigerator

37 basement kitchenette with refrigerator

This corner kitchenette made the refrigerator its focal point by choosing a large, two-door fridge to occupy one whole wall corner. On the other side would be a minimalist arrangement of a small counter with convection stove, shelves, and floor cabinets with a dishwasher in between. 

38. Old school kitchenette

38 basement kitchenette with refrigerator

This simple corner kitchenette in an unfinished basement features an all-in-one kitchen cart containing one floor drawer, a shelf for the oven, a middle cabinet for the sink’s vent and an open shelf for a mini fridge. It is made more cohesive by its granite countertop and additional wood shelf above the kitchenette.


Aside from the basement kitchen/kitchenette ideas that we have featured here, it is also important for you to have a heads-up on how to plan and what to prepare in building one. As such, here are FAQs about basement kitchens that you should know about. 

How much does it cost to install a kitchen in a basement?

Of course, this would still depend on the basement size and the amenities that you will set up in your basement wet bar/kitchenette or kitchen. But on an average, a small size basement kitchen costs at a range of $1200-5000.

For a loaded basement kitchen, expect to spend $10000-25000. These cost estimates exclude labor costs so that is another thing to consider. 

How to plan out a small kitchen in basement

There are many ways to set up a small kitchen in your basement. Since space is a primary concern, you must employ ergonomic techniques for your small basement kitchen to still be loaded with cool kitchen features and at the best of your comfort. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning out a basement kitchen. 

  • Plan for an eat-in kitchen: Set up a cohesive kitchen space where the counter can be used as a dining table. 
  • Maximize corner spaces: They can be useful places for the sink, the mini ovens or for storage. 
  • Think like a minimalist: Your shelves and cabinets can be small looking but within it can be countless of storage areas for various kitchenware and appliances. 
  • Consider a small dining area: The dining area need not be very grand. Sometimes, a rattan dining table and chairs set could be enough. Maybe you can also put in steel tables and chairs or a pullout table and just grab a nearby stool. 
  • Invest in small appliances: For small basement kitchens, opt for smaller appliances like convection ovens, toaster, countertop stove or small gas range, and a mini fridge to top it all off. 
  • Multifunctional countertops: Make the most out of your countertops instead of its conservative use. Think outside the box like maybe you can put a sink in the middle of your countertop, right? 
  • Lighting: It is the lighting type that you install in the basement kitchen that will set the ambience of the place. Make sure that you diversify your lighting in the kitchen to create a warm and cozy place that everybody will enjoy. 
  • Color splash: The neutrals are always a fine choice for a color palette, but it is better to mix and match for some kitchen color splash. You can turn your basement kitchen into a diner style, retro walls, or rustic kitchen. It just depends on what colors you plan to use. 
  • Flooring: The best flooring for the kitchen is wood and tiles. Given the dampness of the basement, you might want to consider engineered wood or add a dehumidifier to balance the moisture. 
  • Refrain from incorporating significant alterations: Make use of the space that you have. Be it a finished basement or not, all you have to do is scrap the damaged parts of the basement and change it and toy on what idea works best for your basement kitchen. 

How to plumb a basement kitchen

Chances are, you would need plumbers to assess and do what needs to be done in your basement kitchen but for reference, here are the steps in plumbing your basement kitchen. 

  • Locate the main drain and the measure if it is on the right angle and slope. 
  • Make the floor plan. Mark the space where the sink will be placed. 
  • After which tent the floor using a sledgehammer and then break one portion that will serve as the main drain. 
  • Install the main drain and connect it with a T-fitting. Build the drain system after. 
  • Patch the floor and test the sink if it works without water leaking in the pipes. 

For visuals on how this can be done, here is a clip from Backyard DIY. 

How to build a kitchenette in the basement

If you are planning on setting a kitchenette on your own in your basement, there are four steps that you should master to build one. Here are the things that you should master. 

  • Making the plans and preparations: Sketch your design plan for your kitchenette. Before starting anything, make an estimate of the costs of the materials that you will use, the accent pieces and furniture to be installed and the tools that will be needed in setting up the basement kitchen. 
  • Measure the space: Assess the space that you have because you will need this in picking up the right appliances and pieces in your basement kitchen. In this phase, you will also need to measure the spaces as to where to install the countertops, sinks, cabinets and shelves. 
  • Structural essentials: Work on the ceiling, walls, and floorings. Start sculpting the cabinets and shelves as well as the racks that will be installed in the basement kitchen. 
  • Installment: After working on all the structural essentials, install the shelves and cabinets. After the storage, install the countertop. The last part will be positioning the appliances in place. 

For a complete visual of building a basement kitchenette, here is a video tutorial from Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle. For making and installing the cabinets and shelves, here is a clip from Life of Bliss. 

Why put a kitchen in the basement?

There are a lot of benefits that come with a basement kitchen. For one, it is a useful place to entertain friends especially on small and intimate occasions. Everything is accessible from cooking, to preparing drinks and of course, in gathering around the dining table. It is also easier to clean up after. 

Other than this, putting a basement kitchen can also elevate the real estate value of the home. This is also a good choice if you would extend your basement into a full apartment for rent in the future. 

Can a basement kitchenette work without a sink?

It will work but it is not that practical. Even if you have installed a dishwasher, you will still need water in cleaning the food that you will cook and in washing your hands. More than this, a sink is required if you intend to transform your basement into a rental space soon. 


Having a basement kitchen or kitchenette is another practical way to make the basement a useful space for the homeowner. It is practical in hosting intimate events, for a serene cooking space when you feel like distressing and a cozy area where you could have coffee and day drink during your free time.

Notwithstanding the cost and the things that should be considered when building one, a basement kitchen or kitchenette is a good investment.