20 Ideas on How to Decorate Your Bedroom with a Cheap Mattress

Last Updated on December 6, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Decorating a master bedroom isn’t hard. Even if you’re on a budget.

But if you think that with a low-cost mattress your bedroom will look like a cheap hostel room, you’re dead wrong.

These 20 ideas will help you unleash your creativity and make your bedroom stylish and comfortable without spending all the money in the world!

bedroom decor ideas with cheap mattress

#1 Place Your Mattress on the Floor

One of the most cost-efficient steps is to ditch your bed frame completely and place your mattress directly on the floor. Yes, it might take you some time to get used to floor sleeping, but it’s worth a try.

Note that it’s better to choose mattresses made of more durable materials — in the low-cost segment, these are innerspring and foam options. To determine the choice of mattress, see reviews of different mattresses at Mattressive.

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#2 Use Pellets Instead of a Bed Frame

2 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

If you aren’t ready to try floor sleeping, you can get a low-cost alternative to a bed frame by using wooden pallets. Make sure to choose the ones that aren’t too worn out so that they can hold you and your mattress weight combined. Here’s a nice DIY guide on how to craft your own pallet bed base.

#3 Put Your Mattress on a Topper or Rug

A budget bedroom isn’t only about a budget mattress. You can use a simple and affordable mattress topper or rug trimmed to the size of your bed. Both of these options will prevent your bed from sliding on the floor.

#4 Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Draperies

4 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

Creating an improvised canopy or curtain to zone your sleeping area will add some mysterious or even enchanted vibe to your bedroom. Besides, a light sheer fabric, a couple of anchors, and a handful of rings to fix your curtain won’t cost you much, unlike some canopy beds sold at stores.

#5 Create a DIY Headboard

If you are to pair your cheap mattress with a budget bed frame, chances are that it won’t have a headboard.

But that’s okay. You can easily create it yourself and instantly make your bed look more luxurious, even with a cheap mattress on it.

#6 Go with a Minimalistic Look

6 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

Today, there are lots of cheaper mattresses that don’t actually look cheap for example like these affordable mattresses.

They may look basic, though.

If you want to mask that, re-do your bedroom using 1-2 basic colors and 1-2 color accents — and you will impress your guests with a minimalistic design.

#7 Use a Futon Instead of a Traditional Bed

Futon mattresses are an affordable alternative to traditional beds. If you choose a model that comes with a frame, it can easily turn into a modern-looking sofa without any sign of the lower price point.

#8 Try an Airbed

A luxurious high-profile air bed with a sewn-in memory foam topper and a built-in pump will cost you no more than 300-400 bucks and may provide support just like a standard bed. Plus, you can just deflate it and store it in the drawer when not in use.

#9 Add Some Cozy Atmosphere

9 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

Warm string lights or floor lamps may add some coziness even to the cheapest beds. You can take two or three long string lights and tangle them around your mattress. Imagine how cozy this will look at night!

#10 Shift Your Bed to the Corner

In the case of a small bedroom, shifting the bed in the corner can help you gain some space and create surroundings that will put the focus away from your budget mattress. Also, placing a bed in the corner can make your sleeping spot feel cozier, especially if you put some cute pillows and throws onto the bed.

#11 Properly Choose Sheets

Now, whatever the price tag of your mattress, no one will see it under the sheets anyway.

And since you saved some money on your mattress, you can choose more expensive bedding sets to create that five-star hotel vibe.

#12 White Color Is Always a Win

12 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

The most stylish interiors always look pretty simple.

And what can be more simple than white?

If you focus your bedroom’s design around the white color or its shades — and, of course, add a couple of color accents — you can really make your bedroom look incredible.

#13 Lay Out the Surrounding Items

The true beauty hides in the details. Since you’ve already chosen the main thing in your bedroom — your mattress — it’s time to work on the details too!

Add nightstands and cushions, choose cute lamps, and place a couple of soft ottomans around the bed. Each minor detail will fit in with the interior, creating harmony, so no one will care how much your mattress costs.

#14 Try a Hanging Bed

Another way to originally wrap up a low-cost mattress is… to hang it! Take a bed frame — or a sturdy bunkie board — and secure it above the floor with thick ropes or chains and strong mounts. Then, just place your mattress on it — and your bed is ready.

#15 Opt For Higher Mattresses

Today, you can find thicker models even among low-cost beds, especially if you search among hybrids or memory foam options.

If you already have a thinner mattress, though, you can put a mattress topper on top to make it look higher. This way even a cheaper bed will look more luxurious.

#16 Play with Textures

16 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

Textures are a powerful design tool, and by using them properly, you can make your bedroom shine.

For example, if you want to get that slightly careless vibe, opt for a sheet with a distressed texture or buy a blanket with a loose weave.

#17 Make Your Own Bed Frame

Here’s another idea for ‘do-it-yourself’ individuals. Instead of purchasing a conventional bed frame, engage your creativity and craft a unique and comfortable piece of furniture on your own. Chances are it will cost you much less, so if that has already made you excited, check out a few cool DIY bed frame projects here.

#18 Take Care of the Seating Space Around the Bed

18 bedroom ideas with cheap mattress

Cheaper mattresses tend to have a shorter lifespan. If you want to prevent your bed from wearing out too soon, you may want to add some seating spots around the bedroom. This way you will spend less time on the mattress.

#19 Revise Your Storage Area

If you want to go budget-friendly without turning your bedroom into a mess, you need to take care of the storage area. Maintaining the tidiness of your bedroom will automatically make it look more luxurious, even though you might not have spent a ton of money for renovation.

#20 Stick to the Theme

bedroom ideas with cheap mattress cover

Themed bedrooms aren’t only for kids. Some adults find them quite fun too. Besides, having your bedroom decorated in one particular setting will ease the choice of furniture and design elements, potentially reducing the renovation spendings.