20 Cheap Alternatives To Bed For Small Room

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Bedrooms are called as such because their centerpiece would be the bed. It is the softest, most comfy space where you could lay down and rest your tired body. But did you know that there are other comfy alternatives to beds that will take less space? Did you know that there are a whole lot of them to choose from? 

They might not be enough for you to sprawl on full-body but they will surely provide the comfort you need any day, any time.

So if you are exploring some bed alternatives for your bedroom makeover, we will cover them all for you in this post. 

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20 Bed alternatives for small room

space saving bed alternatives

If you have a small room and you have a cramped up space to have a full-blown bed, here are the bed alternatives for your small room. 

1. Loft Bed


This bed is also called an elevated bed and they are commonly found in studio-type apartments, bachelor’s pads, and in really cramped up rooms.

This raised bed has stairs for you to climb on to sleep at night and the space beneath it can be converted to study spaces, gaming spaces, and an entertainment area if you want to. The best part is that loft beds come in different sizes (up to king-size). 

2. Hanging Bed

2 hanging bed

It is a unique, very modern take on raised beds. This type of bed is literally suspended in the air by the ceiling and not in silts like a loft bed. There will still be stairs for you to climb on when you sleep at night but underneath it would be a seamless space for you to move around. 

If you are going for this, make sure that your house could take on the weight. And also take note that while it is considered the best space-saving bed out there, it is hard to install and its installment rests on various considerations. 

3. Trundle Bed

This bed is like a bunk bed but with a second layer. Some people do not consider it a space-saving bed because it is still a conventional bed just with an added layer. But since two people could stay in the two separate mattresses in a single bed, it still passes for a space-saving bed. They are perfect for kids’ rooms and for spare rooms where you could assign for your guests. 

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4. Murphy Bed

This one is one of those modern beds designed specifically to save bedroom space. It is installed in a large cabinet that will unfurl anytime you want using a button.

In the day, you can have all the space traditional beds occupy. Some Murphy beds even have drawers fixed in them so that in the morning when they fold, you can use them to keep stuff. They also match the aesthetics of your home and are inexpensive. 

5. Rollaway/Folding Bed

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We have encountered rollaway beds at some point in our lives thanks to our uncles or fathers who usually use them during siesta time in the backyard or beside the pool. At present, they are gaining popularity for being space-saving beds that you could fold up when not needed and spread out at nighttime. 

The good news is that modern rollaway beds are no longer rickety like those ones in your childhood. They now have better, sturdier frames. The downside is that they are not recommended as standard beds to be used night after night for years. 

6. Hammock

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Yes, a hammock can be chosen as a bed alternative. Aside from being convenient to install, it also comes with other perks. For one, you can pack it up and use the entire bedroom’s floor space for something else. And then you can just pull it down again in the night for your night crash. 

Aside from this, hammocks are not prone to bedbugs and mites. And unlike conventional mattresses, you have more ease in movement, which, by the way, is good in reducing stiff neck and back pains. They are also way cheaper than mattresses too. 

7. Sofa Bed

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This is double-purpose furniture. In the day, you could keep it packed and be used as a sofa. At night, you can spread it out to work as a bed. It is easy that way plus you can choose from a variety of cover materials like leather, velvet and so much more.

The only problem that you may encounter if you choose this one is that you may not be able to sprawl totally especially if you are tall. You might need to curl up every night to be comfortable sleeping. 

8. Futon Sofa

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The difference between this one from the futon mat is that it makes use of a full folded mattress. The cushion is folded up and then flipped down to make room for a backrest. The rest of the cushion is straightened up. So basically, like the sofa bed, the futon can be used as a sofa seat during the day and a bed at night. 

Like sofa beds too, futon sofas come in leatherette or full velvet surfaces. There are also tufted futon sofas and more expensive ones use memory foams. 

9. Day Bed

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This one is in the cluster of sofa bed and futon sofa. Day beds are the ones you see in the guidance counselor’s office or when you meet with a therapist. Unlike sofas, day beds are longer so you can really sprawl on them comfortably.

They also take less space compared to sofa beds and are built strategically to be tucked near the wall. Ergonomic day beds are now equipped with storage solutions installed beneath the cushion. 

10. Sleeping Recliner

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Traditional recliners can only do so much at limited angles, making you prone to stiff neck and back pains especially if you use them night after night. But sleeping recliners are far different.

You can adjust them all the way down until they resemble a single bed. It is like having one chair that will meet all your needs. In the morning, it can function as an office chair. You can tilt it at some point if you get tired. 

11. Floor Cushions

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They can pass for a bed if you are in the entertainment room watching TV or if you are too sleepy to even make it to your real bed. It is basically used for lounging and is extremely popular in Eastern countries like Morocco, Egypt, or Turkey. Basically, floor cushions are extra large sofa cushions laid down directly on the floor. 

12. Tatami Mat

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You have surely seen this mat if you have watched Japanese or Korean films. When they are spread, they create an illusion of space making you feel like your room is wider. They are lightweight and comfortable enough to provide comfort and cushion when you sleep on them at night. They are easily rolled up too in the morning. 

Futon mats are also good for a chill out by the TV and watching films with friends and family. The only downside to this is that they have to be washed regularly especially if you choose cotton futon mats. 

13. Moroccan-Inspired Floor Cushions

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If you want to have an exotic flair in your bedroom, Moroccan floor cushions are good choices. They come in a wide range of color combinations and patterns. They come in all sizes and the largest ones are enough for you to sprawl in full-body. You can add Moroccan long pillows which are specifically designed for side sleepers. 

14. Folding Mattress

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It is like the concept of the sofa bed but the difference is that this one is an entirely foldable mattress. A foldable mattress can be folded into three layers and is easy to store.

While convenient, it is not usually recommended as a permanent substitute for conventional beds. The whole thing is firm and durable. This also makes them good sofa seats during the day. 

15. Air Mattress

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These inflatable beds are often taken during trailer picnics into the woods. But they can easily replace traditional beds too. They come in sizes similar to conventional beds. Their upside is that they are cheaper than them and you can deflate them anytime if you need the space of the room. 

You can also adjust the firmness of the bed you will be sleeping on since you can control the air you will have to put in. However, this one is not a good choice for homes with active pets. Their sharp claws can deflate the air mattress easily. There are also issues on-air seeping away from the air mattress overnight and this is bad down the drain as it develops joint problems. 

16. Bed Roll

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This one is a thin-layered mattress used as a topper for futon mats or an added layer to air mattresses. They are usually used during camping trips or to be laid out during sleepovers for many people. They are easy to store too because they are thin-layered. They are also the most inexpensive choice for bed alternatives. However, they would not pass as a permanent bed. 

17. WaterBed


This bed has always been a popular yet expensive choice for maximum comfort. They come in all sizes (up to king-size beds) and modern designs now feature extra cushioned layers to control the wave effect. Water beds, as the term implies, are filled with water. These are considered as medical beds for those who have problems with mobility or those who have just gone through illnesses that need major recuperation. 

Water beds make blood circulation better and release muscle stiffness making you feel like you are literally floating on water. Some modern designs are also heated with temperature control for your desired warmth. 

18. Sleeper Chair

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While it is an option, this type of bed alternative is rare. Unlike sofas, they do not have wood or steel bases. They are more like foldable mattresses but with a larger backrest and a two-layer foldable cushion. They are firm and multifunctional. You can set them up in the corner of an office or room like a bean bag and can unfold the cushion layers afterward for sleeping. 

19. Thin Mattress

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These mattresses are delicate with at least 5-inches of cushion. They are bulkier than bedrolls and although they have been considered outdated, a lot of people are still choosing them for some reason. They are spread out in playrooms for kids and in lounges for the elderly. 

Memory foams are also now also used for thin mattresses and their medium firmness makes them good bed alternatives. 

20. Thai Massage Mat

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This mat is like Futon mats only softer and like bed rolls but a bit bulkier. As the term implies, it is the one you will normally find in Thai massage spas. They are also called shiatsu mats and are good for people with back pains as they provide therapeutic warmth. They are at least 3-inches thick and are easily packed and stored away like bedrolls. 


In case you missed out on something, here are some FAQs that you need to understand about bed alternatives. Consider these as useful tips to help you in making the final decision to go for that bedroom makeover using these bed alternatives. 

Can you sleep with just a mattress on the floor?

The answer is yes but not on a regular, nightly basis. This is because mattresses directly laid down on the floor will be an open harbor for bedbugs and mites and you do not want that. If you intend to sleep on mattresses on the floor more frequently, you have to put them against a wall every now and then for it to breathe. You can also put them outside for some sun to disinfect. 

Is it bad to have a bed on the floor?

It can be for many reasons. For some health reasons, sleeping on a bed on the floor without any spring box will cause hip and back conditions in the long run especially in colder climates. It could also cause constricted blood flow and worse, hypothermia. 

For hygienic reasons, beds on the floor again will encourage mold when the floor is too moist or when you sweat at night. It is also more susceptible to bugs and mites and in the long run, it might smell. 


There are a lot of bed alternatives to choose from but before intending to make that bedroom makeover you have been planning, you have to consider a lot of things. First, to what end are you doing the makeover for? Do you need extra beds for guests or unplanned sleepovers? If yes, go for rollaway beds, thin mattresses, or futon mats.

If you need low-profile sofa beds that you can turn to comfy beds when you get tired, go for folded mattresses, trundle beds, sleeper recliners, daybed, or futon sofa. If you need alternative mattresses, you can go for waterbeds and air mattresses. 

For lounging, get yourself a Moroccan mattress or floor cushions. You also have to take note of your home interior, the price that you have to pay for the function that you need it for, and if you can substitute it for the comfort level of a traditional bed.