22+ Best Blue Christmas Decor Ideas

best blue Christmas decorating ideas

Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Christmas is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, a season full of wonder, meaning and tradition, when family gets together and kids have that special sparkle in their eyes.

Many homes have Christmas trees and other amazing decorations in the weeks leading to Christmas Day. Find below some blue Christmas decor ideas to spread holiday cheer around the whole house.

best blue christmas decor ideas

1- A tree out of the blue!

1 blue christmas decor ideas

A very creative idea, that will surprise and delight your guests. Blue Christmas balls hanging from the ceiling will make a spectacular and magic Christmas tree.

2- Blue ornament wreath

2 blue christmas decor ideas

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One of the most popular holiday decorations is the Christmas Wreath. Did you know that wreaths have been used symbolically for centuries?

The ring shape symbolizes eternity or eternal life, because the shape has no beginning or end. Now that you know the meaning, you must have one!

This beautiful blue Christmas wreath will look perfect hanging on your front door.

3- Blue Christmas Table Setting

3 blue christmas decor ideas

Christmas dinner is a cherished tradition. You can go big and bold and go for elaborate decors on your Christmas table. Use dazzling blue, white and silver tones to get a perfect décor.

4- Another Blue Christmas Table Setting

4 blue christmas decor ideas

Or you can go for more simple and elegant decors on your Christmas table. Both are lovely.

5- Blue Christmas tree

5 blue christmas decor ideas


It wouldn’t be Christmas without the timeless tradition of a Christmas tree at home. A blue Christmas tree offers a fun and flattering twist on your décor. You can never go wrong with the classic white and blue color combo.

6- Iceberg Inspiration

6 blue christmas decor ideas

Bring the North Pole home! Take inspiration from the icebergs and have a Christmas tree in white and blue baubles.

7- Blue Christmas Decorations

7 blue christmas decor ideas

Do your own holiday decorations to make every inch of your home as festive as possible. And if you have kids, this will be a fun activity. Here’s a beautiful option really easy to do, which will only take a few minutes.

8- Fun at another level

8 blue christmas decor ideas

Want something different and fun to be the first thing the kids see when coming home? Well, no one will forget this idea.

9- Stocking decor for little girls

9 blue christmas decor ideas


Are you ready for the biggest smile ever? A fun and sparkling touch that will bring a little bit of mermaid magic to your Christmas. Little girls will love this.

10- The entry door

10 blue christmas decor ideas


Want something gorgeous to see when coming home? Get inspired by this stunning Christmas front door décor.

11- Gifts wrapped in blue

11 blue christmas decor ideas

Want to show off your love for details? Why not try one unique and elegant gift-wrapping ideas? Your guests will be delighted.

12. Blue ornaments wreath

12 blue christmas decor ideas


13. Paint Dipped Ornaments

13 blue christmas decor ideas


14. Blue garland

14 blue christmas decor ideas


15. Glitter candle

15 blue christmas decor ideas


16. Paper Christmas Ornaments

16 blue christmas decor ideas


17. Turquoise Christmas Mantel

17 blue christmas decor ideas


18. Blue Christmas decor for living room

18 blue christmas decor ideas


19. Pinecone fire starter

19 blue christmas decor ideas


20. Blue ornaments in a rustic tray

20 blue christmas decor ideas


21. Blue and silver Christmas theme

21 blue christmas decor ideas


22. Blue balls

22 blue christmas decor ideas



There are several options for a blue Christmas, but whatever design you go for, you’ll have incredible results. Now it’s time to pick out your décor and turn your Christmas into a holiday masterpiece – that special time of year is almost here. May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. Have a very Merry Christmas.