42+ Built-in Bunk Bed Ideas For Kids From A Fairy Tales

Built-in bunk beds are always cozy and special, particularly for your kids. It’s quite normal for kids to like bunk beds, they have a childish appeal and are way more interesting than normal beds.

But sometimes, you can also add in some special effects to give your kids better bunk beds for a good night’s sleep. You just have to find out what your kid likes, and incorporate those themes and ideas into their new bunk beds, and Voila! You’ve built them something wonderful.

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1. Window-side bunk bed

Window-side bunk bed

You can always make your kid fall in love with nature through this bunk bed. If you have some open space beside a window, you can build a bunk-bed for your kid right there. A little closeted place with a cute bunk bed in between is exactly what your child needs.

2. Cozy maroon

Cozy maroon

Maroon could be one of the best color choices for your kid’s bunk bed. All you need to do is paint the surrounding walls maroon. As maroon contrasts with white, it will also look extremely good with the cozy mattress.


3. The blue white combo

The blue white combo

Blue is a peaceful color, especially light blue. You can always pair it with white bedsheets and mattresses, along with some fuzzy teddy bears to give your child a cute bunk bed.


4. Shelved bunk bed

Shelved bunk bed

You can build a bunk at the back of a large shelf that you have. Some shelves have a lot of empty space at their backs, where you can fit two bunk beds for your children.


5. The roundabout structure

The roundabout structure

The basic design of your kid’s bunk bed is absolutely in your hands. You can give it a round structure with white walls, to give it a special look. Try the color cream for the combination.


6. Lightly lit white bunk beds

Lightly lit white bunk beds

You can build bunk beds and add in some small lamps to provide it with some lighting. This will give a cozy and peaceful ambience, and works best if your kids are afraid of the dark.


7. Grey beds

Grey beds

You can also build bunk beds for your kids and paint them the color grey. Though grey doesn’t contrast with white much, it gives a quiet feeling to the whole thing. Place the beds near a window, to give it a more elegant and airier ambience.


8. Special shapes bunk beds

Special shapes bunk beds

You can always build bunk beds by carving some unique shapes. These bunk beds look absolutely stunning and have a princess-yet-cozy feel, which your kids will simply love.


9. The white, green and blue combo

The white, green and blue combo

You can choose this particular color scheme for your kid’s bunk beds. The three colors contrast each other quite strongly, but can also bring in a classy look to the beds. Add some fun toys to make it look more interesting.

10. The hall beds

The hall beds

In this particular style, you can build four bunk beds at four sizes, and connect them using a mutual staircase at the mid-connecting point. This will make the whole structure look like a high-risen hallway with beds.


11. The old, rustic appeal

The old, rustic appeal

If you want to give an old, rustic appeal to your bunk bed, then you can build the bed with some old but sturdy wooden materials, that will help in providing this appeal.

12. The polished wood

The polished wood

You can also build your bunk bed with some polished wood, preferably Maple or Chestnut, to give it a classic appearance. Also, the chestnut color goes along with white, even though they are contrasting. So, it’s a win-win.

13. The orange and white combo

The orange and white combo

You can build your build-in bunk bed and add some orange color to it, along with the surrounding white. This will give it a fantastic, brand new appeal.

14. The zebra combo

The zebra combo

The colors, black and white, even though they are exact opposites, they do really go with one another. You can choose these two-color templates, like a zebra, and add these to your bunk bed in the form of curtains or walls.


15. The old, English cottage appeal

The old, English cottage appeal

This look like something straight out of an English cottage, deep within the woods. They look comfy, with a homely feeling, something children will really love.

16. The brown, white and blue combo

The brown, white and blue combo

This is another wonderful build-in-bed color combo that you can try out. The colors are bright and contrasting, and will give an elegant look to the bed.

17. The four bed scheme

The four bed scheme

You can build four beds in one place, and four bunk-beds attached together simply looks harmonious and cozy. You can choose whichever color scheme that you like, along with the decorations that you think would fit.


18. Living room bunk-in beds

Living room bunk-in beds

You can also add some bunk-in beds in your living room, if you want your children to sleep close to you. This is slowly becoming more and more popular.

19. Color popping bunk in

Color popping bunk in

You can add a number of colors in this design to make it look more popping and brighter.


20. Themed and mystical

Themed and mystical

You can make a themed bunk-bed for your kids as well, and add in some mystical elements to add more flavor to it.



Bunk beds no matter what, should be fun and cosy places to rest in. Colours and themes come second, but comfort comes first.


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