36+ Beautiful Christmas Wall Decorating Ideas

That most wonderful time of the year is almost here.

It’s time to share heartwarming moments and feel genuinely happy about yourself and the friends and family around you.
You can now start to think about comfy Christmas pajamas, searching for some Christmas recipes and for amazing decorations to brighten up your walls.

We got that last one covered for you!

The traditional Christmas colors are the pine green, the pure white, the sparkling blue, the heart red, gold and silver. You can certainly use them on your walls! But what if you use something different this year? Keep reading and take your notes.

best christmas wall decor ideas

1- Christmas in your Entry

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This holiday scroll is the perfect representation of a giant Christmas card. Notice the use of wood, the old vintage-inspired books, and the greenery details. Everything combines perfectly. A great idea for you to get inspired.

2- Christmas Lights Hanging

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If you love to have fun decorating and trying new ideas, you must try this one. The contrast between white and silver, along with simple Christmas lights are the key to create a beautiful wall Christmas tree

3- Minimalist Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

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Here’s an idea for small spaces. Very simple and elegant, this could be a modern alternative, which is very easy and quick to do. If you use fresh greenery like rosemary, for instance, you’ll have a natural perfume in your house.

4- Easy Christmas Tree Wall Decoration

4 christmas wall decor ideas

Here’s an amazing wall art décor. The contrast between white and black is what will catch your guest eyes.

5- Colourful Christmas Tree on the Wall

5 christmas wall decor ideas

Create a completely unique colorful look with this wall decoration, perfect for your living room or dining room. It has a flower on the top and that gives you a feeling of spring during the cold winter.

6- A Lighted Tree Wall Hanging

6 christmas wall decor ideas

Another excellent option for small apartments, since you won’t need much space. This tree with pine garlands is beautiful and easy to be done.

If you have cats, this can also be a great solution, since you don’t have to compromise the beauty of having a natural green Christmas tree in your living room.

7- A Simple Christmas Sign

7 christmas wall decor ideasSource

Hang a colored Christmas sign and brighten immediately up your wall. You can personalize with the names of your kids, use some drawings they made, or even use some special pictures or postcards.

8- Words symbolizing the holiday

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Everyone has Christmas stories to tell and some funny moments to share. Choose the most important words for you and your family and share them on your wall. What a beautiful surprise they will have.

9- Christmas balls

9 christmas wall decor ideas

The addition of these Christmas balls will put you in the holiday spirit. Another project that you can share with your kids – they will have so much fun decorating the walls with you.

10- Recycled Christmas Wall Decorations

10 christmas wall decor ideas

Recycling is crucial and is an excellent way to positively positive impact the world. In the Christmas season use some old items and give them another life. Be bold!

You can display some old bicycle rims on your wall, and bright them with some big globe lights. Place them overlapping each other and get that Christmas tree special look.

11- Hanging Christmas tree

11 christmas wall decor ideasSource

12- Led Christmas tree

12 christmas wall decor ideas

13- Sparkly branches

13 christmas wall decor ideas

14- Christmas Reindeer Wall Mount

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15- Birch Bark Angel Wings

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16- A ladder

16 christmas wall decor ideas

17- Joy wall hanging

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18- Merry wall art

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19- Tree branches

19 christmas wall decor ideas

20- Merry Christmas wall sign

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21- Serving trays to ‘Merry & Bright’ frames

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22- Ribbon barn wood star

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23- DIY Reindeer Sign

23 christmas wall decor ideasSource

24- Dining room wreaths

24 christmas wall decor ideasSource

25- Gallery wall

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26- Pottery Barn Noel

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27- DIY Christmas sign with paper mache letters

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28- Wreath and candlesticks

28 christmas wall decor ideas

29- Wooden Christmas tree

29 christmas wall decor ideas

30- ‘You will shoot your eye out’ sign in entryway

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31- Hanging snowflakes

31 christmas wall decor ideas

32- Christmas tree from un-used stuffs

32 christmas wall decor ideas

33- Farmhouse Christmas wall decor from DropCloth

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34. Black & gold Christmas decor

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35- Chalkboard in entryway

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36- Beautiful Christmas tree

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You can now greet your family and guests a happy holiday when they came to visit you.

Remember the tips: red and blue goes well with light colored walls, Christmas decorations may include penguins, icicles, snowflakes, Santa Claus, stars, polar bears and… bicycle rims!

Your walls will be beautiful if you choose minimalist design, maximalist design, classic design, innovative design, handmade ornamentation, etc. What matters the most is that you have fun preparing your walls.

Surround yourself with people who truly cares about you and not for what your gift is for them. And have yourself a merry little Christmas.

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