59+ Elegant Corner Fireplace Ideas for Your Home

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How’s your fireplace coming along? Not all fireplaces look alike because of the endless variety of designs available. But if it appears drab, it won’t serve its primary purpose as the room’s center of attention. So if you’re in need of inspiration, here are some corner fireplace to note.

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Focusing on the Mantel

It’s true that visitors will often look at the actual fire in the area, but the immediate structure around it must also attract them. The mantel is the arch or framework that catches all the smoke. Likewise, there are many things you can do to make it a visual focal point as well.

A common but effective strategy is to place an elegant artwork on the mantelpiece or hung above it. On the other hand, a relatively tall and slender object can stay beside it. You can get a sculpture or include a pop of green by getting a plant on a container.

Furthermore, smaller objects can stay on both sides of the mantelpiece. These include photos of your family placed in elegant frames. Another fitting decorative piece is scented or colored candles.

On the other hand, some homeowners prefer not to have anything above the mantel — its design should speak for itself. This is a good option if you prefer a contemporary and minimalist approach. But you can still place something practical such as a mirror, which can make the room look bigger than it actually is.

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Knowing Your Style

corner fireplace style

The fireplace is no longer just meant for old-fashioned houses. If that’s the style you’re going for, you can stick to a dark or brown fireplace — just add in some synthetic wood and decorative molding.

For those who want a modern look, the installation of glass materials and slate will give it a more polished vibe.

Furthermore, symmetry is an important design aspect; it’s a corner fireplace after all. Even though an asymmetrical design could work, the best choice is still a balanced appearance.

Things such as windows and doors affect the overall symmetry of the room. In this case, you need to add objects that look alike.

Some of the pieces of furniture you can add on both sides of the corner fireplace are shelves, cabinets, and chairs.

They don’t need to have the same color or materials, but their height and size, in general, should not be far from each other. This gives the area nearest to the fireplace a sense of symmetry.

Check the Walls and Furniture

After checking the mantelpiece and the balance on each side of the fireplace, you must also look at the walls. Here, you can have a wall that contrasts the fireplace to keep the attention on the fireplace. You can also complement its colors for a more unified look.

On a related note, the arrangement of the furniture matters. Carefully selecting which pieces of furniture should be next to the fireplace will make it more functional.

For example, having chairs in front or beside it is perfect for the winter season when you want to relax and read a book.

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59+ Corner Fireplace Ideas

Just because you have a more compact living room or home space in general would not mean that you cannot set-up a cozy fireplace.

Corner fireplaces, whatever they are made of, is one of the most practical options to incorporate a posh divider, a warm nook and a comfy vibe for your friends and family year-round. 

There is no limit to what you can do for a corner fireplace and these ideas here prove just that. If you are wondering what design would best fit your home, here are some corner fireplace ideas across different categories for you. 

Without so much ado, let us drive right into the different corner fireplace ideas that you can incorporate in your home anytime. The design scheme available for fireplaces is limitless and the same goes for corner fireplaces, so, here goes. 

Corner gas fireplace ideas

We all dig the traditional fire crackling sounds of a gas fireplace. It is so raw and authentic and just gives the right cozy vibes for family and friends. Aside from that, we really cannot get enough of the smell of burnt wood surrounding a room. 

This all-white, neat looking asymmetrical gas fireplace is the right match to add an upscale look to this suburban, rustic living room.

With that brick mold fireplace wall, concrete surround and herringbone interior, the backdrop of French windows, rich brown tones, and contemporary prints on the furniture just get in one design flow. 

1 corner fireplace designs ideas

For a more contemporary look, using coal balls instead of old school wood, this marble fireplace wall in a sleek glass enclosure gives off a posh look for your living room. It gives emphasis to the compactness of the space and offers balance to everything since it is a low-key focal point in the room. 

2 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you have a forest view to die for, what better way to bring out the right angles than having a stone corner fireplace to complement the look.

Here, lots of natural light comes in thanks to the light-framed glass windows. It is, however, balanced by the crackling fire from the fireplace hearth, made of natural stone, exuding a warm color scheme that matches the flooring. 

3 corner fireplace designs ideas

Modern corner fireplace ideas

For clean lines, symmetries, gravity defying and space saving designs for corner fireplaces, going for a modern design is the scheme for you and here are some ideas that prove how savvy modern corner fireplaces are. 

For a lot of sophisticated and neat appeal, here is a modern and minimalistic, in-wall electric fireplace to draw inspiration from.

Aside from being the perfect fit in the shelf, it also offers one of the best space-saving ideas that give an edge and depth to your small living room. The addition of concrete mantel is also a fine touch. 

4 corner fireplace designs ideas

Symmetrical white fireplace surrounds just give a modern flair like you have never imagined. This wraparound mantel with just minimal décor offers balance to this modern corner fireplace.

The gray, tile inlay for the fireplace enclosure gives a lot of emphasis to this electric fireplace. The colorful, abstract wall art is also minimalist and ultra-beautiful.

5 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you want a more rustic inlay, here is a wood and marble combo for an electric fireplace that is hard to miss. The complementing marble tiles also add to the warmth of this corner fireplace and the golden effect of the cedar wood surround make it deserving as a living room focal point. 

6 corner fireplace designs ideas

Or what about an all-black style for a sleek, modern look? This bold corner fireplace surround is the best nook to chill in at any time of the day. We will just allow this look to speak for itself because to say that it is elegant is an understatement. 

7 corner fireplace designs ideas

Living room ideas with corner fireplace

One could really say that aside from the outdoors, fireplaces are made for the living room.

This is understandable because it is made for convening people, receiving guests, and having a down time chill with friends and family. Fireplaces just make it all the warmer and more intimate. 

Speaking of warmth and intimacy, here is a classic living room style with a corner fireplace. It is made of stacked, rugged stones, which give a textured and angled balance to this rich brown, living room.

The wood cabinetry and the color pop from the throw pillows plus the row of family pictures all over are just standout pristine. 

8 corner fireplace designs ideas

If you have a compact living room but with a skyline view, here is a modern, industrial living room fireplace that looks formal, minimalist but comfy, this is a well-curated style with a polished, corner marble fireplace wall, transitioning to a wall glass, leading to the patio.

The wood flooring gives it the warmth every living room must have. 

9 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you want a chic and trendy suburban style living room with a corner fireplace, this wood surround with a mosaic tile inlay pops a lot of bold colors to this living room brightened by pastel color and lots of natural light.

The boho patterns are on point and the wooden floor is just straight cozy. This transitional living room is literally “all in the bright places”. 

10 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner fireplace mantel ideas

The fireplace is such an underrated piece. Having it installed in a corner fireplace gives a different feel to the area because you would be able to add more decorative pieces up there to make it more personal and intimate. 

The orthodox way to add a mantel to the fireplace is usually in between the top wall or a wall art and the fireplace itself. But if you want to go out of the box, you can consider this bottom wood mantel which works good either as a decorative floating shelf or a corner bench altogether. 

11 corner fireplace designs ideas

Here is another wood mantel idea that separates two materials to give the corner fireplace a more accented look.

The painted granite fireplace gives the small living room a textured look but the dark mahogany brown, wood mantel with extended sides give the texture separation to soften this chic living room. 

12 corner fireplace designs ideas

Small corner fireplace ideas

A compact room is best styled with a small corner fireplace. The uniformity of it all gives it a simple yet upscale look if the arrangement is done right. Here are some ideas to cover that small corner fireplace for you. 

If you have a small living room space that is so tiny it could not even house a full couch set, it would be best to settle with a portable gas fireplace like this one here. Note that there is no restriction when it comes to a fireplace size so this one here does not disappoint. 

13 corner fireplace designs ideas

If you do not want to go through the hassle of building an updated fireplace in place, an inexpensive alternative that offers a vintage chic look would be settling for an old-fashioned pot-bellied stove like this one here.

As you can see, you no longer need a mantel here because it has the function of a dresser already. 

14 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if space is really a problem, you can always transform one side of your wall to a fireplace wall and surround it like this one here. 

15 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner stone fireplace ideas

When you think about stone fireplaces, you should extend the reach of your imagination because we are not just talking about rustic stacked stones here. There are more contemporary styles like polished marble and limestone for your choosing. 

Speaking of out of the box, this one here makes use of a free-standing stove style fireplace on a backdrop of semi-polished marble stones, interlocked in a manner resembling tiles.

You do not need a full set-up here since the stove fireplace is portable. The accompanying hearth and the wood mantle bring uniformity too. 

71w+eEtvtCL. AC SL1280

If you dig the texture and abstract look of granite, here is a modern look that you should go for.

The dominance of white and occasional streaks of gray, and beige truly complement this sleek, iron, free-standing gas, and wood fireplace for this corner fireplace in a compact living room. 

16 corner fireplace designs ideas

Living room with corner fireplace and tv decorating ideas

In many respects, the TV and fireplace combo is another underrated mix that needs more attention when it comes to corner fireplaces for compact living rooms. 

For one, this crafty wood cabinet and fireplace surround already has it all. You get a TV stand with that wood top, and side shelving for your favorite DVDs and other minimalist decorations.

At the center of it all would be an old-fashioned gas and wood fireplace to cozy up the look of this compact living room. 

17 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you want to give the fireplace individual emphasis but with a cohesive look, the right decorations matter.

In here, the paradox is beautiful with those floating bookshelves accenting the mosaic tile enclosed gas and wood fireplace and the in-wall TV decorated on top of a glass mesh display cabinet. The white concrete hearth and surround give it a cohesive look altogether. 

18 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner electric fireplace ideas

Electric fireplaces bring the eclectic, modern look of the current era. But just because they exude modernity would not mean that they just evoke that design scheme. You can easily bring out other styles with a corner electric fireplace.

For instance, you can go regal and vintage with this low maintenance electric fireplace here, mimicking the warmth of crackling wood.

The concrete surround with a top mantel using minimal decorations give it a clean, symmetrical look. The iron fireplace casing also adds modernity to that vintage look. 

819RgU5e8AL. AC SL1500

The good thing about modern style, electric fireplaces is the fact that they do not need a lot of space to be standout focal points.

This below glass, corner electric fireplace, enclosed in polish concrete enclosure is everything you need for a cozy downtime. The asymmetrical and angled look of this glass-lined living room on a backdrop of snow is everything. 

19 corner fireplace designs ideas

Outdoor corner fireplace ideas

Ultimately, fireplaces are made for the outdoors. Even a small corner fireplace could give an extraordinary vibe if the proper materials and furniture are used. 

Setting up an outdoor corner fireplace against a lattice wall in a raised platform hearth is all the warm surround that you need.

The warm gas and wood fireplace and the accent lighting on all corners is the best thing you can have for a chilly autumn night. The stone flooring and the stacked stone surround are just beautiful. 

20 corner fireplace designs ideas

In many ways, an outdoor corner fireplace should not even take a lot of space even in an outdoor context.

This traditional chimney look is strategically placed on a side corner and yet it makes the courtyard more inviting and moodier. With the steak of stone benches and lush greens, it is the perfect outdoor cornerstone fireplace for an intimate gathering with family and friends. 

21 corner fireplace designs ideas

And for a Midwest appeal, you can always enclose your outdoor corner fireplace in this open-sided, chimney style enclosure. You do not even need a whole fireplace case for that. Just an old-fashioned stove fireplace to warm the place. 

22 corner fireplace designs ideas

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Rustic corner fireplace ideas

You can describe a rustic style in one word and that would be timeless. Nothing beats the warmth and intimacy this style naturally exudes. Whether you are in a country setting or not, it is just an unparalleled classic style for the ages. 

This one here gives off the ultimate lodge vibes screaming coziness all over. The rich, caramel tones of this living room, from the ceiling beams to window and wood frames, up to the flooring, furniture, and mantel, give a homey appeal that is hard to forget.

And the stacked river stones for the iron encased gas fireplace? That is the cherry on top. 

23 corner fireplace designs ideas

Speaking of exposed beams and stacked stones that are staples in a rustic design, here is another wood cabin look for you. Instead of river stones, irregular cut, interlocking granite with distressed wood mantel are used.

The stuffed moose on top instead of the usual antique trinkets complete the woodsy appeal of this Colorado living room. 

24 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner fireplace Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas and a fireplace are the ultimate holidays vibe. The season is already all moody, warm, and intimate. Add a literal crackling fire in there around family and close friends and you are in for a winter treat like no other. 

The traditional holiday wreath is the centerpiece of this side corner fireplace. The use of traditional distressed brick for the wall and hearth and warm wood central corner and mantel are just the perfect combo.

Those miniature Christmas trees, potted poinsettia and small candles complete the holidays vibe. 

25 corner fireplace designs ideas

For a shabby chic appeal with some contemporary rustic vibes, this faux stone, corner fireplace wall is the intersection of all the pastel corners of this living room.

To complete the Christmas vibe, we have some traditional Christmas decorations starting with this tall, lighted Christmas tree. 

The corner fireplace is stacked with Christmas wall art, a pine needle sheet by the mantel serving as cushion for the Christmas candles and miniature trees. Hanging by the same mantel would be personalized Christmas socks for the family. 

26 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner fireplace ideas with shiplap

Shiplap is usually made of vinyl or PVC, arranged in a narrow, interlocking, vertical line, evoking more of a rustic, raw vibe. Using one for a fireplace wall is cost-effective and is certainly stunning to look at given the best complementing decors and furniture. 

If you have a lot of antique lying around in the storage room, might as well line them around a corner fireplace with a shiplap wall to bring out a vintage, rustic look in your living room.

With the wood details of this room, the gold iron casing of the fireplace, and the curved fireplace alcove make this a corner haven, anytime. 

27 corner fireplace designs ideas

For a modern, minimalist look, this shiplap corner fireplace wall gives the right broody vibes for this compact living room. It makes use of charcoal gray-black, thin, interlocking shiplap vinyl and the fireplace surround is made of polished marble.

The edgy position of the gas fireplace and its iron casing complete this vibe in a very sleek manner. 

28 corner fireplace designs ideas

Corner fireplace hearth ideas

If you are going for a country, rustic, and a vintage appeal, a corner fireplace hearth is one of the best choices to upscale a corner. Stonework, mantel, and extended hearth give it a complete, traditional look. Here are some ideas to work on. 

For a chunky, rustic feel, this one here adds a lot of balance and depth to this compact living room.

The wow factor comes from the use of stacked stones, white grout in between to emphasize that interlocking pattern and the thick, walnut colored oak wood. Give that a polished stone hearth and some antique trinkets and you are all good to go. 

29 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you want the sleekest, contemporary man cave out there, sporting a platform hearth not just for the fireplace but for the display cabinets even, you can literally put your corner fireplace in a literal pedestal with this look here.

The mesh glass and the stone flooring give it an air of warm sophistication, fit for an intimate enclosure.

30 corner fireplace designs ideas

Basement corner fireplace ideas

One could really benefit from having a basement fireplace to balance the dampness and moisture down there without using the diffuser every now and then.

With these ideas, you would find how great the fireplace potential of basement rooms is. 

This might be an unconventional take now but this traditional gas fireplace with stacks of wood on the side gives you a farmhouse vibe like no other.

This shabby chic family den benefits from the aged look of the whitewashed brick wall and the built-in wood stove. Speaking of a corner fireplace fit for a focal point, this one is the look to go for.

31 corner fireplace designs ideas

For a rustic, European feel for your transition basement dining room and cellar room, this traditional brick oven look is one of the best designs to follow.

You have that wood ceiling with a couple of exposed beams, a matching, rustic candelabra chandelier and a wood dining set that are all packed in an intimate enclosure. 

32 corner fireplace designs ideas

Bedroom corner fireplace ideas

Aside from the living room and the outdoors, the best possible space for a corner fireplace. Think about romance and intimacy or just a warm corner during long winters and you would understand why a bedroom corner fireplace makes a very good idea. 

Incorporating warmth and entertainment in this bedroom corner fireplace is a strategic way to give a plus to your bedroom.

Against a large, paned window and those fog from the winter frost, we now get where the lazy days, curled up in bed slogan is all about. 

33 corner fireplace designs ideas

And who says a free-standing corner fireplace is not a good choice for a bedroom? This stacked stone wall with a simple electric fireplace in between the stacks is such a breathtaking addition to this open floor bedroom. 

34 corner fireplace designs ideas

Brick corner fireplace ideas

Be it old school distressed brick, concrete brick mold, faux brick, using a brick material is pure warmth, period. This one here is made from distressed European brick that brings a lot of old town vibes to this living room.

The exposed beams in the ceiling, the wood mantel and neutral colored couch set offer a neat and cohesive look. 

35 corner fireplace designs ideas

For some whitewashed brick appeal, here is a corner kitchen fireplace that would best fit your white wall, suburban home.

If you have never imagined having a receiving corner right there in your kitchen, it might be best to consider one now because the small talks could lead to a party once everyone is gathered in this transition space with all the aroma of food and burnt wood in there. 

36 corner fireplace designs ideas

Contemporary corner fireplace ideas

When we talk about contemporary design schemes, expect materials such as exposed beams, raw, poured concrete, metal, and wood. It is another style that exudes a lot of minimalism. Its simplicity is off the charts and these ideas prove that. 

Just look at this all-concrete home with raw, textured concrete walls and flooring for the living room. It sports a free-standing corner fireplace that transitions to a stair wall on the opposite side.

The vastness and openness of the area give it a well-toned minimalist look. The glass enclosure and the small trinkets placed in strategic corners completes the seamless look. 

37 corner fireplace designs ideas

Here is another sleek fireplace wall that really matches the raw, concrete walls of this cape style home in Maine.

The addition of wood trims in those windows and the living room opening to a lake view is simply breathtaking. Using a traditional gas and wood fireplace gives it a down to earth style. 

38 corner fireplace designs ideas

And if you think stone cannot be incorporated well in a contemporary appeal, you are wrong because the brighter toned stacked stones could fare well in a contemporary design scheme.

The metal mentality in there strikes a lot of industrial tone and the monochrome splurge in furniture and decorative accents are just on fleek. 

39 corner fireplace designs ideas


Can you put a gas fireplace in the corner?

Yes. If you are worried about the smoke, note that there are now ventless models of gas fireplaces. And if you do not appreciate the smoke at all, especially with kids around, might as well invest in modern electric fireplaces. 

How much space do you need for a corner fireplace?

The standard space needed for a corner fireplace would be 36-48-inches. Just a word of caution too, if you have a combustible wall around, you need to install the fireplace 3-ft away from it. If the wall has protection, a foot away is fine. 

How much does it cost to build a corner fireplace?

Corner fireplaces are way smaller compared to central fireplaces. Nonetheless, the overall cost of installing a corner fireplace still depends on the materials used and the type of fireplace to be installed.

In this case, the average range for a corner fireplace would be in between $1000-6000. This includes materials and labor costs. 

Does a corner fireplace add value to your home?

Overall, whatever the type of fireplace you are installing in your home, you can expect a 100% ROI for the upfront cost and 6-12% resell value for your home. As is the case, we can say that a corner fireplace just like all other types of fireplaces, are worth the shot.

Curtains and drapes matter. A corner fireplace evokes a more intimate and rustic atmosphere if there are thick drapes that go all the way to the floor. Once you pull the drapes to the side in the morning, there is a fresh and light ambiance to start your day right.

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White brick fireplace with a dark wooden mantel


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Corner fireplace mantel makeover



Having a corner fireplace is one of the most practical ways to update the vibe of your home. From wood to more upscale looks, there is a design scheme that is applicable to your home aesthetics.

When installed right, a corner fireplace could also add value to your home. Most of all, there is no limit to what you can incorporate in it; from shape, to color, to accent furniture and decoration, sky’s the limit for corner fireplaces. 

Now that you have a lot of visual reference to what to go for when it comes to this, there should be no problem with your personal pursuit of setting one up in your home.

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