35+ Best Brown Living Room Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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Brown is a versatile color but is often overlooked. It may not be as trendy as white or navy blue but it offers a sense of comfort, calm, and an elegant room in any living room. It is a warm, relaxing, and rich color. 

Brown is a color that can be used in combination with any color making it an ideal design idea for your living room or any room in your home. 

While you want your living room to be functional, you also want it to be beautiful, as well as showcase your style, personality. Brown is a color that can help you achieve all these in your living room. 

If you want to use brown in your living room but are not sure how to create an aesthetic look, here are some living room ideas to help you get started. 

Grey and brown living room ideas 

1 brown living room ideas

It is not difficult to combine grey and brown in your living room. Both are neutral colors so it will not be a problem placing them in one room. 

You can mimic the look of a tropical warm climate in your living room with this grey wallpaper with palm tree motifs, macramé, and hanging plants. 

Brass features and a brown-upholstered sofa set create an earthy and warm atmosphere that is perfect for a chic and glam look. 

Blue and brown living room ideas 

2 brown living room ideas

Blues and browns symbolize the world around us. Blue represents the sky and brown stands for nature making it a color combination seen everywhere whether you are conscious of it or not. 

A living room that combines blue and brown offers so much warmth and calmness. It is a rich combination achieved by only a few other color combinations. 

The key when using a combination of blue and brown in your living room is finding tones that complement each other. 

This stylish seating area combines a brown sofa with a blue wall, cushions, and accents. 

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Red and brown living room ideas 

3 brown living room ideas

Many consider brown as a dull color and is often overlooked for other shades. Brown is now a new trend in living rooms because of its warmth and richness.

The color you combine with brown is the secret to bringing your living room to life. 

Red and brown in your living room create a cool ambiance. The pairing of red sectional sofa and brown ottoman looks bold but exudes a warm and soft feel. Brown offers more tone in the walling, flooring, and furnace. 

Teal and brown living room ideas 

4 brown living room ideas

Teal is medium to somewhat deep green-blue. A blue and green mixture is mixed with a white base to create the teal color. Teal blends the relaxing stability of blue and the brightness of green creating a calming balance. 

The serenity of teal blends well with the richness of brown. Teal offers a lot of color and interest without being too vibrant. 

In this cozy and small contemporary living room, the combination of a teal sofa and brown furniture fits beautifully with the dark brown floor and the lighter teal-colored wall. 

Brown and yellow living room ideas

5 brown living room ideas

Yellow is a warm, bright, and happy color that energizes and fascinates a living room. Yellow makes your living room beautiful, stylish, and comfortable. 

Bright yellow is perfect for accent pieces such as pillows, curtains, lampshades, wallpaper, wall paint, or vases. 

Light and dark brown shades create cozy and comfortable decorating schemes when combined with yellow hues. Brown and yellow look inviting and warm. The colors connote joy, happiness, comfort, and joy. 

This brown and yellow living room features yellow curtains and a brown velvet sofa accentuated with yellow pillows. The brown and yellow color scheme is supported by modern furniture pieces. 

Cream and brown living room ideas

6 brown living room ideas

The combination of earth hues such as cream and brown have inviting and warm qualities. They are subtle and soothing colors that appear extremely versatile in living room styles and designs. 

It is easy to include a variety of accent pieces in any color into a cream and brown-designed living room. You can also use bold or subdued hues in combination with bright hues. The options are endless in a cream and brown living room. 

This living room is flooded with natural lighting making it appear bright, fresh, and welcoming. The cream wall and ceiling along with the jute rug and complement the exposed brown beams on the ceiling and wooden side table.  

Brown and orange living room ideas

7 brown living room ideas

Brown, either in bold or bright tones, implies stability. Orange, many say, promotes happiness. 

Your living room with a brown and orange color scheme can add to its warm, rich, and cozy feel. A brown and orange combo in your living room offers a pleasing atmosphere inside and out. 

The color blocking in this living room is amazing. It includes mostly plain earthy colors with the brown wall and orange sofa. There are fewer prints except in the area carpet which coordinates well with the brown and orange color scheme. 

Turquoise and brown living room ideas

8 brown living room ideas

Turquoise is a combination of a small amount of yellow and blue. It falls under the color spectrum between blue and green.

Turquoise has the best qualities of blue and green. The rich tone of brown is an ideal contrast to the power of turquoise. 

This modern living room gives out a wall in brown and turquoise. The darker hue of turquoise in the armchairs creates a strong ambiance.

The basket, table, and flooring in different shades of brown adds to the clever pairing of brown and turquoise. 

Black and brown living room ideas 

9 brown living room ideas

Using black and brown as a color scheme for your living room may seem like an odd choice. Both are usually dark colors and may appear like a man’s room. 

Using the right shades of black and brown can deliver a modern and sleek living room that is cozy, brightly colored, and warm. Black and brown are actually modern color trends for living rooms offering character, luxury, and a bit of rigor. 

The charcoal black sofa compliments the glass tables with brown legs and light brown rug. Lighter shades of black, brown, and black decors provide natural lighting giving this small living room an inviting ambiance. 

Brown and gold living room ideas

10 brown living room ideas

Brown is the new neutral for home interiors. Using gold-colored decors or accents to pair with brown offers something completely different. 

Gold or similar metals such as copper or bronze perfectly matches brown to provide your living room with an upscale and modern look. 

Brown and white living room ideas 

11 brown living room ideas

Decorating your living room with brown and white is a popular choice. They are neutral earth tones that blend in many combinations and shades. 

Brown and white may be commonly associated with nature-inspired and traditional living rooms, they can be a superb choice for contemporary living rooms as well. 

This dark brown-upholstered leather sofa pairs well with white curtains and lampshade, funky pillows, and abstract art to create a unified contemporary and classic look. 

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Purple and brown living room ideas

12 brown living room ideas

Purple and brown suggest power and warmth. Purple is the color of nobility and wealth. When purple is paired with brown in your living room, the color scheme symbolizes noble consistency and longevity because purple fits any decor style. 

This purple chair in a corner of your living room paired with light brown floor, coffee table, and shelves make your space cozy and larger in a way most brighter colors cannot achieve. 

If you want to add a third color, brown and purple work well with yellow accents. 

Brown and beige living room ideas 

13 brown living room ideas

A brown and beige living room looks calm, peaceful, inviting, and comfortable. It is an impressive combination that is stylish and magnificent.  

A brown and beige combination is a timeless classic. It is ideal for any interior design style. Brown is a neutral and natural color with a wide range of shades making your living room have a feeling of stability. 

A brown and beige living room always creates an amazing final result. Be careful not to use too many of the dark shades or your living room may have a grim look. 

Brown and burgundy living room ideas 

14 brown living room ideas

Burgundy is a dark shade of red and there is no way to make it light up. Brown, on the other hand, is available in almost all shades on the spectrum.  

Brown and burgundy pair well as long as you are using the right shade of brown and burgundy. They, however, create a formal and stately feel. 

Going with the darker shades will make your living room completely dark. You can balance the color scheme by using pale shades of reddish-brown furniture and decor. 

This brown leather couch paired with velvet burgundy curtains and wall decor will stand out against the light brown walls and floor. 

Brown and tan living room ideas

15 brown living room ideas

Decorating your living room in brown and tan suggests earth colors creating a peaceful environment. Mixing brown and tan with a dash of black creates a chic contemporary living room. 

These intimate seating pieces provide a cozy space to entertain in your living room. The neutral colors of brown and tan are soothing and easy on the eyes when you want to relax after a hard day at work. 

Combining brown and tan in your living room decor can make you and your guests feel comfortable and warm. 

Green and brown living room ideas

16 brown living room ideas

Green and brown naturally work well together because they are always seen in nature. 

Almost all shades of brown come with warm undertones so you can easily pair them with cool-colored accents such as green. 

You can pair the green wall panels in your living with a brown leather sofa accentuated with blue throws and  pillows to highlight the rich brown leather upholstery. The green plant and wall decor also successfully contrast the brown sofa. 

Brown and aqua living room ideas 

17 brown living room ideas

Brown and aqua are the colors of sand and sea. Aqua, in its truest color, is a greenish-blue color that exudes the refreshing energy of the sea. 

You can liven up a neutral living room with brown sofas and a light brown floor with aqua pillows and drapes. A rug with light brown accents lightens the dark aqua center table and glass vase. 

Brown gold and cream living room ideas 

18 brown living room ideas

Brown gold and cream create a contemporary living room.  

The brown gold sectional sofas, wall trimmings, and decors create a lavish atmosphere. Gold accent pieces keep the living room from being monotonous. 

The mirrored rectangular table helps develop a sophisticated look. The cream floor and walls create a high visual contrast to the brown gold sofa and side tables. 

Chocolate brown living room decorating ideas 

19 brown living room ideas

Chocolate brown is a neutral and natural color that exudes stability and wholesomeness. It is the natural color of wood and the earth. Pairing chocolate brown with green suggests nurturing and growth. 

A chocolate brown sectional sofa feels good and looks rich. Adding in some gold decors, in this case, a gold center table and multi-set set table, and cream lampshade and curtains lighten up the living room. 

Red tan and brown living room ideas 

20 brown living room ideas

Red, tan, and brown are warm colors. Mixing these colors in your living room design allows you to use textures and patterns that highlight your overall design. The colors blend together to create a welcoming and warm living room. 

This airy living room includes matching red sofas and a single chair complimented with a center table with a dark brown table top and light brown wicker baskets underneath. 

If you opt to go this bold, make sure your living room has a high ceiling and a subdued wall color to bring in some natural light and tone down the bold red hue. 

Silver and brown living room ideas 

21 brown living room ideas

You will be surprised to know that there are many colors you can use for curtains to match your brown sofa.

Your curtain color depends on the color of your living room wall, as well as other furniture and decors. The color also depends on the overall feel you want to create. 

Metallic silver curtains can pair well with your brown couch. This combination offers a cool feel and adds variety and texture to your living room. 

Brown green and blue living room ideas 

22 brown living room ideas

A combination of warm brown, natural green, and cool blue brings to mind the earth, nature, and sky. When these colors are correctly combined, they are extremely lovely and special. 

Brown and blue perfectly complement each other. Add in a touch of green and you can immediately transform your living room. 

This light brown couch is accentuated with blues. The green plant adds the much-needed contrast. 

Brown pink living room ideas

23 brown living room ideas

A pink nursery or a pink bedroom is common. But, a pink living room? Pink is a romantic color for your living room and many designers have given it a prominent spot in living room designs. 

A more sensible approach in using pink for your living room is to go for the browner shades, more commonly in the walls. You can also use pink for your accent pieces. 

This well-appointed cottage home has a brown and pink living room. It combines an ottoman coffee table with brown wooden legs, together with rattan accent chairs with pink pillows. 

Brown zebra living room ideas

24 brown living room ideas

Zebra prints are the most famous prints that can be seen in interior design. The black and white combination of this print design or perhaps the beautiful zebra itself contribute to its popularity. 

The zebra print is commonly used in chairs, sofas, ottomans, carpets, rugs, lampshades, wall art, drapes, pillows, vases, and other decor pieces in the living room. 

The zebra print can also be available in brown and white such as the zebra print in this ottoman with a wooden frame. The rest of the living room has a loveseat with brown and white-patterned  upholstery and a wicker armchair. 

Black brown and cream living room ideas

25 brown living room ideas

Have you always dreamed of having a black living room but do not know how to go about it? You may have noticed that black living rooms are getting popular these days. 

Use black the right way, such as combining it with brown and cream,  and you will have a living room that is filled with elegance, sophistication, and a lot of drama. It can also be a cozy living space. 

This living room has a minimalist design. It comes with a black wall and includes a brown L-shaped sofa, black pillows,  round coffee tables with black legs, a black rug with geometric design, and cream accent decors. 

Light blue and brown living room ideas 

26 brown living room ideas

Pairing light blue and brown will give you a soft and comfortable feel for your living room. 

Light blue window sills and door frames with a lighter shade of light blue wall complement the soft brown couches, center table,  and drapes of this living room. Light blue pillows provide contrast to the couches. 

Wooden furnishings can also be an option. Light blue pillows provide contrast to the couches. A floor mirror with shiny brown edges can provide a wider feel for your living room. 

Brown and silver living room ideas 

27 brown living room ideas

Silver contrasts brown. Brown is the color of wood, earth, and stone. It is a warm color that offers naturalism to any living room design. 

Silver complements brown and makes the living room look brighter and more spacious. 

Beige brown and gold living room ideas 

28 brown living room ideas

Beige carries patterns that are beautifully found in nature. The color seamlessly blends with shades found in stone, leather, and wood. 

Combining beige furniture, a brown center table, and curtains with gold accessories create an aesthetic that is complex and elegant. In this large living room. chandelier sets provide glamorous lighting. 

Peach and brown living room ideas 

29 brown living room ideas

Peach has long been a popular color for living rooms. It is pleasant, soothing, feminine , and soft. Peach pairs well with many different shades and colors. It is easy to use for home decoration. 

The peach ottoman is a perfect match for the brown sectional sofa. Peach pillows with geometric designs add to the overall look of the living room. 

Sage green and brown living room ideas 

30 brown living room ideas

Sage green and brown are earth tones. They are also neutral colors. Sage green goes well with brown, light or dark shades. 

Sage green creates a relaxing ambiance. This brown couch perfectly blends with the sage green wall. Black curtains and a black rimmed center table complete the look of this comfortable living room. 

White brown living room ideas 

31 brown living room ideas

White goes with any color. Any shade of brown paired with crisp white offers a clean contrast that works well for your living room. Vary the shades of brown and white to keep your living room interesting. 

White is the main color in this living room. The wood couch upholstered in brown and wood accents provides the contrast to the almost all-white living room. 

Brown and maroon living room ideas 

32 brown living room ideas

Maroon is a dark brown-red hue. This color is stimulating and strong. Maroon is often used in living rooms but only in small doses such as on the accent wall. 

You can also have maroon furniture against dark brown-painted walls and floor to create a sophisticated and elegant living room. 

The accent wall is in dark maroon which brings a lot of drama to your living room. The brown leather sofa and brown floor make the living room feel homey. 

White chairs and pillows are used to soften the look of the living. The textured round hanging decor in light maroon is the focal point of the living room. 

Brown and taupe living room ideas 

33 brown living room ideas

Taupe is a challenging shade to use in your living room. This beige-brown hue is between gray and brown. There are darker and lighter shades of taupe. 

It may be difficult to define taupe but it is a great neutral color that creates a chic and cozy living room. 

This lovely brown and taupe living room includes taupe sofas, a metal and glass coffee table, a brown rug, and a stunning chandelier. 



When it comes to designing your living room, your choice of colors can make or break its overall look and feel. Certain shades of brown create a cool feel. Other shades are inviting and warm. 

Brown is a neutral color but choosing the right shade to use with other colors will help create the ambiance you want for your living room.