53+ Best Fireplace Tile Ideas and Designs

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If you want to make your fireplace the focal point of any room, you should consider wrapping it with fireplace tiles to make it a standout piece. The aesthetic appeal of fireplace tiles is really beyond words and tiles being a fireproof material adds to this.

Most importantly, fireplace tiles evoke a specific vibe and a stylish and warm accent for family and friends to enjoy. 

If this caught your attention and you are thinking of what possible idea options you have when it comes to fireplace tiles, you are in for a treat because this post narrows that down for you. Hence, without much fuss, sift through this list and see what fireplace tile idea is in store for you.  

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best fireplace tile ideas designs

53+ Best fireplace tile ideas  

When it comes to fireplace tile ideas, the options are unlimited, to say the very least. If you have decided to have one in your home, here are some notable fireplace tile ideas that you can consider. 

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Modern fireplace tile ideas

Modern styles are always about minimalism, bold contrasts, and the design scheme that less is more. It sticks with symmetry, clean lines and mostly, monochromatic when it comes to color palettes. 

1 fireplace tile ideas

For a modern fireplace tile, you can go for this black chevron mosaic tile white standout white grout in between. 

The bright tones of the high ceiling living room and the monochrome of baby pink, beige, tan, and gray blue carpet make the fireplace a standout piece in a bright room. 

2 fireplace tile ideas

You can also stick with a sophisticated feel with the symmetry and clean lines of this glass mosaic tile enclosing this equally modern style, electric fireplace. The minimalist pieces and the monochrome add to the neat look of this fireplace tile here. 

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3 fireplace tile ideas

And if you want the flair of large slabs of natural stone, you can do so with a modern, rustic feel. This one made use of polished bluestones with white grout in between. 

It encases a large, rectangular electric fireplace which serves as the centerpiece of this modern chic living room. 

Tile fireplace surround ideas

To create a unique column for the fireplace, you can opt for a tile fireplace surround to further accentuate the fireplace as the central feature of the room.

Using a different tile contrast, pattern, or design to enclose the fireplace from floor to ceiling is beneficial for this purpose. 

4 fireplace tile ideas

This study room and receiving area in this Toronto home features a polished limestone style in tan, beige, and white monochrome.

The warm, brown tones of wooden furniture and black wood flooring add a beautiful contrast to this polished, glossy fireplace surround tile. 

5 fireplace tile ideas

For a glamorous, upscale dining hall in a rustic, contemporary chic design, you can consider the angled and textured appeal of a herringbone patterned ceramic tile for your tile fireplace surround. 

Again, the rich, warm tones of wood and the natural light from the white walls emphasize the black contrast of the fireplace surround. It offers a balanced look, and every element is equally emphasized. 

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White fireplace tile ideas

There is something very classy and homey about white fireplaces. If there is one monochrome color that really emphasizes the subtle crackling of fireplace coals, it would be the color white. Here are some ideas to consider for a white fireplace tile. 

6 fireplace tile ideas

This one here features polished white marble tiles for a surround fireplace tile design. The customized shelves and cabinetry sporting the same coral white color offers a uniform look and a subtle contrast to the tan bedroom walls. 

7 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a glossy, contemporary look, this family room made use of white ceramic tiles again with a surround fireplace tile style. 

It encloses an industrial design, electric fireplace nestled on a trendy looking den with earthy tones. Overall, it offers a cool, trendy, and welcoming look with the balancing color of the white fireplace tiles. 

Fireplace wall tile ideas

Full fireplace wall tiles are like tile surround fireplace, but it extends up to the ceiling. As such, it highlights the fireplace as a different section of the wall but still seamlessly a part of the entire room.

From natural stone tiles, decorative ceramic, and cement tiles, you can accentuate a fireplace wall with any tile design. 

8 fireplace tile ideas

For one, this country hearth design features textured stone tiles. It does not just run on one panel but incorporates the electric, LED fireplace in the stone tiled wall itself. 

If you want a grand, uniform look, you can consider this style for your fireplace wall tile. 

9 fireplace tile ideas 1

But if you intend to upscale a corner fireplace, you can opt for polished, natural stones like marble tiles. This corner fireplace here sets a cool tone for a receiving room and a home bar. 

The dark contrast of mahogany brown, the electric fireplace, and the chic and luxurious appeal of this patterned wall fireplace tile make the overall look an elegant and timeless space. 

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Brick tile fireplace ideas

For a raw, industrial, and rustic appeal, we turn to traditional brick tile fireplace. Think about European cottage homes and the warm Southern vibe.

These are the feelings that a brick tile fireplace evokes. If you are on to some authentic fireplace design, here are some ideas that you can follow. 

10 fireplace tile ideas 1

This southern living room here follows a classic rustic design with the warm tones of beige furniture, white walls, and warm brown wood flooring. The focal point of the design is this distressed brick fireplace which is made more authentic by thick white mortar in between. 

11 fireplace tile ideas

And if you want to go all out and have a chimney shape, brick tile fireplace wall, you can look at this one for reference. 

The cement shelf which segments the fireplace block, and the accent brick wall is a functional way to add more warmth to the fireplace. 

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Fireplace stone tile ideas

Another way to bring in a rustic side to your fireplace would be using stone tiles. They can be polished like marble or limestone or smooth surfaces like natural stones but either way, there is something bold and timeless about fireplace stone tiles. 

12 fireplace tile ideas

For instance, this well-curated fireplace here for a compact living room features a beautiful contrast between wood and large bluestones for the fireplace. 

The all-wood flooring, cabinetry and shelving along with the white walls soften the room but the use of stone tile for a surround fireplace gives it an emboldened, cool appeal. 

13 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a raw, low maintenance and rugged look, this dark gray, granite stone tile here is a good idea to draw inspiration from especially if you are looking for a built-in corner fireplace for your compact living room. It is classic looking, unpretentious, and goes well with contemporary or shabby chic interiors like this one here. 

14 fireplace tile ideas 1

And speaking of a rugged, warm, and rustic appeal, you can also use jagged cobblestone for a contrast of different natural colors. 

It gives an earthy and organic feel to the living room which is astonishing. Being high heat resistant, you can use it to enclose a traditional fire and wood fireplace like this one here. 

Mosaic tile ideas for fireplace

Perhaps, mosaic tiles would be the most popular design choice for fireplace tiles. Their embossed appeal and colorful designs are good for modern, coastal, and industrial room styles. You would never fall short of fireplace tile ideas involving mosaic tiles. 

15 fireplace tile ideas

If you are eyeing for a coastal, Mediterranean look, you can draw inspiration from this sapphire blue mosaic tile fireplace here. Complete with white trims and bright yellow walls, the cheerful vibe of this living room would never disappoint. 

16 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a mix and match style but with a modern flair, you can go for the combo of marble tiles for the glossy accent and of glass mosaic tiles for more color and dynamics. 

This one here brings out the minimalism in this doored fireplace especially in a backdrop of coral white walls and wall frame. 

17 fireplace tile ideas 1

And if you think that mosaic tiles are just about trendy colors, you will have to think again if you see this vintage looking fireplace featuring natural colored mosaic tiles. 

The embossed look of the mosaic tiles made the room fuller and more earthy and Hispanic in appeal. 

Linear fireplace tile ideas

Linear fireplaces offer a more upscale and luxurious appeal because they are recessed in the wall itself, making it pop as a central feature of a living space. If you love these large, rectangular fireplaces that are seamlessly built into the wall, here are ideas to refer to. 

18 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a contemporary rustic, basement fireplace, this built-in electric fireplace here is enclosed in brick style cement tile with a top wood grained vinyl wall. 

It is screaming masculine, but the warm, rustic tones also make it a cozy nook for the family at the same time. 

19 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a black and white, minimalist contrast, you can go for marble black tiles. Keep it angled and symmetrical like this one here, to complete an astonishing compact living room with a view. The orange glow of the electric fireplace provides enough balance in a monochrome room vibe like this one. 

20 fireplace tile ideas 1

But if you want to go over the top and add a more colorful, cooler tone, you might want to go for a customized tile design like this customized blue granite surround fireplace tile here. It is edgy, chic, and sophisticated, all at the same time. 

Victorian fireplace hearth tile ideas

With a vintage fireplace, antique pieces, and periodic style furniture, all you need to transform your fireplace into a Victorian haven would be ornate style hearth tiles. 

21 fireplace tile ideas 1

If you already have an existing brick fireplace enclosure, all you need to add would be monochrome mosaic or ceramic tiles that would bring some vintage look to your already antique looking fireplace like this one here. 

22 fireplace tile ideas 1

You can also use patterned tiles for the fireplace trim and use a navy-blue ceramic tile to serve as hearth tiles like this one.  

23 fireplace tile ideas

Or, for a bolder, darker appeal on a contrast of warm wood Victorian vibe, you can use natural stone tiles like this one. 

Wood tile fireplace ideas

Wood is not fire resistant; we get that. But that does not mean that you cannot use wood grain style porcelain or ceramic tiles to accentuate your fireplace. 

24 fireplace tile ideas 1

This lumber grain style porcelain tile here sets a subtle yet highly rustic tone to a fireplace wall tile. With its distressed appeal, it looks a lot like reclaimed wood from afar. 

With the warm beige and brown tones of this fireplace corner, this wood tile fireplace is simply in character. 

25 fireplace tile ideas

If you want a darker toned lumber like porcelain tiles, you can consider this idea here. It makes use of plank porcelain tiles to mimic wood planks, but its polished, somewhat glossy look gives it away. Nonetheless, it still gives off a hardwood appeal and a lodge house vibe to your fireplace area. 

26 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a wood grained fireplace with a jagged, more textured surface for a real rustic appeal, you can also consider one using a Calacatta porcelain tile like this one here. It is a whole wall fireplace tile which matches the dark brown contrast of the hardwood flooring of this living room. 

Moroccan tile fireplace

Moroccan style is all about whimsical and colorful patterns in all ranges of color palettes available. If you are more into the oriental, colorful, and patterned flair, you should opt for Moroccan tiles for your fireplace. 

27 fireplace tile ideas 1

This transition living room reminds us of chill Sundays in our grandparents’ homes with this dainty, hand painted, cement tiles. 

The wood bar accent and its curved top shape give an oriental vibe that is hard to forget. The mix and match of cool and warm tones also give it a touch of boho style. 

28 fireplace tile ideas 1

If you are going for more neutral tones but still decorative and patterned at best, you can opt for stenciled ceramic or cement tiles like this one here. 

With its intricate details, hardwood case, and electric fireplace focal point, you can easily bring out a Moroccan feel with plush carpets and printed throw pillows. 

Craftsman fireplace tile ideas

The main idea behind a Craftsman fireplace is having an open wood fireplace. As such, it comes with a surround tile trim and hearth styles to harbor coals and embers. 

29 fireplace tile ideas

For a rugged, outback look, reminiscent of ranches or English cottages, you can go for natural colored stone tiles like this one. For the hearth, it made use of granite mosaic tile which takes on the color of bricks, giving off a raw, warm look. 

30 fireplace tile ideas 1

For a more modern Craftsman look, you can have a more vibrant natural stone look along with ornate designed mosaic tile to add more decorative accent to the fireplace enclosure. 

Porcelain tile fireplace ideas

We are all accustomed to the posh, glossy, and patterned appeal of porcelain tiles. For a flashy, polished looking fireplace, porcelain tiles surely would not disappoint. 

31 fireplace tile ideas

For this modern, linear, living room fireplace, cream colored porcelain tiles in a slab style were used to create a continuous, contemporary vibe to this upscale living room. The subtle contrast of black and beige porcelain tiles also added a crafty layer to this space. 

32 fireplace tile ideas

And if you want an eye-catching fireplace wall that would set the tone of the living space, you can go for darker colored porcelain tiles with grained patterns like this one. 

Marble tile fireplaces

Another popular fireplace tile with the same glossy and polished look as porcelain would be marble tiles. While it is more expensive than most tile types, its definitive, sophisticated look makes it a worth it choice for standout fireplaces. 

33 fireplace tile ideas

To add more geometric details and a contemporary chic look to a classic suburban living room, this one here features a Carrara marble tile surround for a modern, electric fireplace. It seamlessly blends with the white walls and shelves of this living room. 

34 fireplace tile ideas

Here is another Carrara marble design to consider featuring octagon patterns. 

35 fireplace tile ideas

But if you want the more traditional marble tile for your fireplace, you can draw inspiration from this design. It is neat and versatile, matching any interior design with its monochrome grain patterns. 

Transitional fireplace tile

A transitional tile is used to incorporate two tile covered areas into one seamless space. If you wish to add more layers and colors to your fireplace area, going for a transitional fireplace tile is a good idea. 

36 fireplace tile ideas

For instance, this gray and white chevron mosaic fireplace tile here blends in the white walls and cabinetry surrounding the fireplace and the gray flooring of this living room. It is a decorative touch to a delicate looking living room like this one. 

37 fireplace tile ideas

Another one would be this hand painted cement tile which upscales the boho look of this living room. The geometric patterns that stretch around the enclosure up to the hearth tiles offer a seamless look to the living room. 

Herringbone fireplace tile ideas

Whatever tile type it is made of, the herringbone style never goes out of style because it offers a more dynamic, textured, and angled look to anything including the fireplace. 

38 fireplace tile ideas

For a standout, sensational fireplace wall tile, this one here features gray, white, and brown, large herringbone prints on a porcelain tile. It does not only add a seamless contrast with the major colors of the room, but it is also an excellent wall divider to this transitional bedroom. 

39 fireplace tile ideas

For a classy, rustic appeal, this one here on the other hand sports an interlocking, herringbone pattern of white porcelain tiles with dark gray grout in between. With the wood mantle backdrop, the herringbone patter of this fireplace tile enclosure is a real standout. 

Black fireplace tile ideas

Modern, industrial, and minimalist interiors dig black fireplace tiles a lot. Its dark tone is useful in covering up irregularities and dirt. Also, it offers an eccentric appeal to any living space, giving it a regal, vintage, and mysterious charm all at the same time. 

40 fireplace tile ideas

If you are going for maximum impact, considering a fireplace wall with all black tiles would be a fine choice. This one here makes a compelling statement to the role of the fireplace as the focal point of this light and airy room. The display of colors should not be a problem too because anything goes well with black. 

41 fireplace tile ideas

For a luxurious and decorative appeal, the use of patterned or grained marble or porcelain tiles could also be helpful. This one here features a modern Japanese living room featuring a gold trimmed, electric fireplace on a backdrop of stained, marble tiles. 

Decorative fireplace tile ideas

This fireplace tile design is where the playful, funky, trendy, chic, boho or geometric style tiles are found. Going for decorative fireplace tiles is a good choice if you want your fireplace area to pop with colors or to have a more layered and textured look. 

42 fireplace tile ideas

If you want more texture in monochrome colors, you can install a customized glass style with a wavy, textured pattern like this one here. It features a small, built-in, electric fireplace which is good for a transitional corner fireplace. 

43 fireplace tile ideas

Or what about adding a subtle, chic vibrance to the room using these hand painted cement tiles featuring vintage patterns on a gray and white color palette. 

This one is a remodeled, chic living room fireplace incorporating decorative cement tiles. 

44 fireplace tile ideas

Here is another hand painted cement style with ornate, flower patterns in a black and white monochrome to consider. For a Victorian, goth fireplace corner, this one would be a fine choice. 

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Mexican tile fireplace ideas

Think of Moroccan tiles but five times more colorful and you would have a view of what Mexican tile fireplace style would look like. A lot of southern and California homes dig Mexican tiles a lot and it is aesthetically understandable. 

45 fireplace tile ideas

This Southern California living room for instance, made use of different colored mosaic tiles to come up with a flashy, colorful fireplace surrounded in a contrast of white, mosaic hearth tiles. It offers a lively corner fireplace with a timeless, decorative flair. 

46 fireplace tile ideas

For a rustic, Mexican touch, this one here on the other hand features warmer toned peel and stick Mexican backsplash tiles. 

Mid-century fireplace tile ideas

When it comes to tile design schemes, a mid-century flair means that you must look for sculpted, embossed glass and ceramic tiles to accentuate or surround your fireplace. 

47 fireplace tile ideas

For this one, a fireplace wall is set up using polished, heath tiles. To add more dynamics, the tiles used come in different sizes and thickness. A line of stained heath tiles of a golden yellow tone is also featured. 

48 fireplace tile ideas

Speaking of fireplace wall tile, here is another modern mid-century sculpted wall using glass tiles for your fireplace. The coral white color and beveled texture of the fireplace tile wall is refreshing to this multi-colored family room. 

Travertine tile fireplace ideas

Travertine tiles always offer a vintage appeal to any room be it for the flooring, the walls or for the fireplace enclosure. It transports one back to Greek walls and Roman infrastructures. 

49 fireplace tile ideas

This travertine fireplace wall tile does not only scream vintage, but also a shabby chic style which can go well even for rustic style interiors. The natural tones of this travertine tile give off warm vibes which is good for family rooms. 

50 fireplace tile ideas

For a transitional, corner fireplace wall, you can also use polished travertine panel tiles like this one. Its warm tones and glossy appeal would convince you that it is marble when in fact, it is made of travertine stones. 

And the matching travertine fireplace and flooring offer an upscale look. For a compact home with a posh appeal, this is a travertine fireplace wall idea which you can consider. 

Arabesque tile fireplace

Arabesque tiles is one of the most conventional design schemes used for fireplaces across the world. As the term implies, it offers an oriental pattern which you would mostly see in Muslim temples. It features lines and curves on an interlocking and colorful arrangement. 

51 fireplace tile ideas

For an elegant and timeless look, you can opt for marble, arabesque tiles like this one. The dainty, white color of the marble tile makes the fireplace enclosure seem to fade in the background. As such, the sleek, black, electric fireplace is highlighted in the room. 

52 fireplace tile ideas

There is no limit to the color patterns of arabesque tiles so you can also consider this blue peel and stick backsplash tile to add more life and color to your chic, coastal toned fireplace corner like this one here. 

53 fireplace tile ideas

And if you want to make a bold yet decorative statement, you can go for a fireplace surround sporting an arabesque monochrome. This one here made use of an arabesque porcelain tile in black and white. It adds layer and texture to this neat and minimalist transitional mancave. 


Aside from the list featured here, there is also some important information about choosing and building one which you should be aware of. As such, here are some useful FAQs about fireplace tiles that could come in handy once you come up with a final idea of what to have in your home. 

Can you paint fireplace tile?

Yes. It is an underrated fact, but tiles, bricks, and concrete can be painted for greater aesthetic appeal. If you intend to upscale a fireplace tile, you should use an indoor, latex and heat resistant paint (for both the primer and the final color of the fireplace tile). Make sure that the paint has a heat resistant rating of 200F. 

Can you tile over a brick fireplace?

Yes. As a matter of fact, you can even directly tile an old brick fireplace and you can do it DIY. When refurbishing a brick fireplace with tile, the most laborious work is preparing the brick surface. If you are a first timer in this work, might as well consult a trusted contractor before making a change on anything. 

How to clean fireplace tiles

The good thing about tiles is that they are low maintenance in general. But to have specifics about how to clean fireplace tiles, here are some maintenance tips that you should follow. 

  • Vacuum the debris and dirt off from the tiles and spray the surface with others for it not to absorb the cleaner immediately. 
  • Dilute the all-purpose tile cleaner on a gallon of water. Get a scrub and dip it in the solution. 
  • Scrub each tile gently. For tough to scrub dirt, use a wet sponge to clean it. Bleach hardened dirt or soot using bleach and water. Leave it for 20 mins for the dirt to be softened. 
  • Rinse the whole thing with a wet sponge and then with a dry one after. 

What kind of tile should be used in a fireplace? 

The best type of tile that must be used for a fireplace would still be ceramic tiles. They particularly exhibit a high resistance to heat and are extremely durable. Historically, ceramic tiles on fireplaces have been used since the 19th century to enclose hearths and fireplaces of nobilities. 

How much does it cost to tile a fireplace? 

On an average, fireplace tiles would cost $5-15 per square foot. For the average cost including other installation materials and labor costs, a homeowner can expect to spend from $900-4000 if ceramic tiles are used as material. This range could vary depending on the design and the type of tile used in the fireplace.  


If you are keen into refurbishing your fireplace area or the living room, having a fireplace tile would be an upscale idea. It is worth the cost because it really makes a room more visually appealing, and it could also add value to the home’s interior.

With all things considered, a fireplace tile enclosure accentuates the warmth, glow, and vibe of a fireplace. Deciding to have one is always worth it. 

With all that we have covered here, it should not be hard for you to come up with a final style for your home. The most important thing to consider is that the tile should match the design of your home.