Decorating Home with Yellow Color: Feng Shui Tips on Bagua Areas and Color Combinations for Yellow

Last Updated on November 28, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

The following Feng Shui tips will advise on which Bagua areas and in combination with what colors yellow should be used in order for home décor to bring joy and luck.

Associated with the sun and gold, in Feng Shui, yellow color is believed to be a representation of joy, happiness, luck, and wealth. However, not all the Bagua areas and rooms of the house are good to be decorated with this bright color. Therefore, follow the below Feng Shui tips and apply yellow in home décor wisely and thoroughly.

Decorating Home with Yellow Color

There are several reasons why a person might choose to apply yellow color in house décor. Among them:

  • to reinforce hopes
  • to energize the workplace
  • to attach a person to the dwelling
  • to make the place look warm and cozy
  • to enhance the feeling of joy and vivacity
  • to speed up work, energize research and entrepreneurship
  • to make the room seem lighter and brighter in the evening, when the daylight is weak

At the same time, yellow is not the best color to be used

  • in nightclubs
  • for illuminating faces of people
  • inside wardrobes and drawers
  • in bathrooms

Bagua Areas for Yellow

Yellow is also the color of fun and luck. It symbolizes positive energy, stimulates, amuses, energizes even the dullest premises, and makes everyone smile, enjoy life and think only about the good. Therefore, the stimulating qualities of yellow can be successfully used in Bagua areas of fame and luck.

Luck is the reward for optimism, vigor, and philanthropy. So, use the color of luck for attracting happiness, raising mood, and activating positive thinking.

Yellow is a wonderful color to be used in living room décor. Living room is the place where the family gathers and communicates – it is the spiritual center of the house. Therefore, Feng Shui recommends to use yellow in this room in order to create an atmosphere of joy and vigor, to strengthen faith in good, and to create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness (especially with golden, yellow-green, and honey shades).

Combining Yellow with Red and Green

A color combination of light red, yellow and green may fill a room with new fresh energy. This combination of colors represents Feng Shui elements of wood, fire, and earth. With its warm shades, this set of colors is ideal for a dining room, a kitchen or a working area.

The desired effect may reached by means of using more elements of one color, and fewer – of the other. In the study, for example, green should not dominate, because it has significant influence on people with Yin energy, so may lead to the loss of desires and motivation.

Therefore, green in this combination should be used very carefully. If it gets energetic advantage, green may influence people negatively. At the same time, it might a wonderful accent in any interior. Light green with light red and yellow might become an ideal color combination for children’s room.

Feng Shui considers yellow to be the color of happiness, joy, luck, and prosperity. Consequently, it is a very good color for decorating Bagua areas of fame and luck. Combined with light red and green, yellow might become a great choice for a dining room, a kitchen, children’s room, or a study.