5 Tips for Designing the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Last Updated on July 18, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in our home, and making sure that yours is set up to meet your needs is vital to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep deprivation can cause a number of problems, including higher stress levels and reduced concentration.

If you’re preparing to embark on a home renovation or even a small redecorating project, then we’ve put together five fantastic tips to help you design the bedroom that you’ve always dreamed of.

1)     Choose Colors Carefully

Colors can have a big impact on our mood – and of course the look and feel of a space. That’s why you should pick your bedroom color scheme carefully.

If you’re looking to create a relaxing environment that will allow you to drift off easier, then consider implementing soft pastel shades.

Paint experts such as Dulux offer a wide selection of colors, so finding the perfect paint for your walls has never been easier.

2)     Decide on Your Aesthetic

dream bedroom

Finding the ideal aesthetic for your room is essential – decide if you want to match the rest of your house or go for something a little different in your own personal sanctuary.

From sleek and modern to cottage core, vintage to maximalist, finding your style is the first step in any renovation project.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider browsing platforms such as Pinterest, or play it old school and pick up some interior design magazines.

3)     Invest in a Comfortable Mattress

If you find that you’re not getting the good night’s sleep that you deserve, the first thing to look at is the age and quality of your mattress.

Over time, our mattresses wear down, making them uncomfortable. You should replace a mattress every six to eight years, so if you think that yours is on the way out, consider consulting with Archers Sleep Centre. These expert mattress stockists can help you find the ideal product to suit your sleeping needs.

4)     Block Out Light Pollution

While the long summer days are great for evening socializing in the garden, they also come hand in hand with earlier sunrises.

While embarking on the commute to work in the daylight is more cheerful than the cold and dark, it can make it harder to sleep in on the weekends.

If you find that the morning sunlight is waking you up before you’re ready, consider investing in blackout blinds or curtains for your bedroom. That way you can have the uninterrupted weekend lie in that you deserve! 

5)     Keep it Clutter Free

Having a messy bedroom might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause us to feel stressed and anxious.

If you find that the clutter is starting to build up, devote a weekend to having a thorough sort out – that way you can donate or tip any items that you no longer use.

It’s also a good idea to invest in more storage space for your bedroom, that way you can make sure you have the room to put away anything that you’re not using.

Have you created the bedroom of your dreams? Share your interior design tips and tricks in the comments below!


What is the first step in designing the bedroom of my dreams?

The first step is understanding your personal style and what you want your dream bedroom to look like. This involves researching different designs, styles, and layouts that appeal to you.

How can I choose a color scheme for my dream bedroom?

The color scheme of your bedroom should reflect your personality and create the mood you want in the room. You can choose a color based on your favorite colors, the current trends, or the effect you want the color to have on the room’s atmosphere.

What type of furniture should I include in my dream bedroom design?

The furniture in your dream bedroom should be both functional and reflect your personal style. This typically includes a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe, and possibly a desk or chair. However, the specific pieces and their styles will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

How can I incorporate lighting into my dream bedroom design?

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere in your dream bedroom. You can use a combination of natural light, overhead lights, and lamps to create a warm and inviting space. Consider using dimmable lights to adjust the level of brightness as needed.

How do I choose the right decor for my dream bedroom?

When choosing decor for your dream bedroom, consider items that add to the overall aesthetic of the room and make it feel more personal. This could include artwork, photographs, plants, rugs, pillows, and other decorative items that align with your chosen style.

How much should I budget for designing my dream bedroom?

The budget for designing your dream bedroom can vary greatly depending on the extent of the changes you plan to make and the cost of the materials and furnishings you choose. It’s best to determine a budget early in the process and try to stick to it as closely as possible.

Can I design my dream bedroom myself, or should I hire a professional?

Whether you should design your dream bedroom yourself or hire a professional depends on your comfort level with interior design and the complexity of the project. If you enjoy DIY projects and have a clear vision for the space, you may be able to handle the project yourself. However, if the project is complex or you’re unsure where to start, it may be beneficial to hire a professional.