35+ Clever DIY Blanket Storage Ideas For Small Spaces and Closets

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One of those items that you tend to gather without knowing it over time are blankets. Before you realize it, you’re surrounded on all sides by fabric and facing an organizational disaster.

Everyone wants to make the most of their space, so you must first consider what sort of storage you require. Are you searching for a solution to move blankets out of your way as the weather gets warmer? 

Hidden storage, such as storage ottomans or under-the-bed bins, is ideal for this. If you want your blankets to be accessible at all times, hang them at the backside of a door or store them in a rack or a glass cabinet, if that’s more of your style. Check out these 35 blanket storage ideas for more inspiration.

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35 Blanket Storage Ideas For Small Spaces and Closets

1. Blanket Storage Box on Wheels

1 diy blanket storage ideas

Are you searching for a strategy to organize your bedroom or living room’s mountain of pillows and blankets? Or perhaps you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to put things away at the end of the day? This movable storage container is just what you need!

The best part is that you can create this duvet box or toy chest out of bifold doors that are old which you may have lying around the garage or basement.

The ornamental panels are a terrific way to add decoration to this storage box while also giving those old doors a new lease of life.

The majority of chests for blanket storage are large, cumbersome pieces of furniture that take up much a lot of space in a tiny bedroom. Here is the step-by-step guide to make it. 

2. Storage Bench 

2 diy blanket storage ideas
Source: Nick and Dalicia

This blanket storage is multifunctional. If you are looking for an organizational piece of furniture in your home that is both practical and can be aesthetically pleasing then this is for you.

A storage bench can both be a storage for your blankets if you want to keep them away and a bench for you and your family to sit on. 

Strategically placing this storage bench in the living room or bedroom can be visually appealing if its colors complement the shade of your walls.

Make sure that when you make this storage bench that it’s sturdy and can hold the weight of people sitting on it to avoid danger. Check out the steps to make it here

2 diy blanket storage ideas 1

3. Chest for Storage

3 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Looking for a fun storage idea that looks rustic and vintage? A chest storage is perfect for you. The clean and simple lines of this storage chest is something you will love for its simplicity and elegance.

You could either stain it or paint it; depending on what is more preferable for you. 

This storage chest will provide a spacious room for your blankets if you want them stashed away out of people’s view. Here is the guide to do it. 

3 diy blanket storage ideas 2

4. Basket dipped in paint

4 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Simple, stylish, and sweet– this DIY is everything you’ll ever want in a basket storage.

If you have a basket around that is just laying at your house, have it painted with your absolute favorite color after a little painter’s tape is slapped on it, then call it finish! This is an easy and quick project that is simple to do.

Giving an old basket another chance by making it look more stylish with paint will freshen up your living room and provide storage for blankets when they are not used instead of having it scattered on the couch and sofas. 

This basket storage will only take less than an hour to makeover with supplies that are not too demanding or hard to find. Here is a complete step of how to do it. 

5. Coffee bag burlap ottoman

5 diy blanket storage ideas 1

The rustic elegance of a coffee bag burlap is truly enchanting for some people. This storage is an ingenious idea due to its multifunctional use.

It can be used as a blanket storage, a bean bag chair, and a side table all at once. This coffee bag burlap ottoman that is up-cycled only requires a single bag, a little stitching, and can be finished in no time.

If you are a fan of sustainability and want to help reduce the planet’s waste, this project is awesome for you.

Not only is this storage environmentally-friendly, it is also highly beautiful and inspired by a Nomad-Bohemian style; it’s easy to store, pack, and it’s got aesthetically pleasing tassels too. Check out how it’s made here.

6. Storage basket rag rug

6 diy blanket storage ideas 1

These storage basket rag rugs are cute, stylish, and are just the perfect way to maintain being organized this year.

Storage baskets made of rag rugs are awesome because they will not hurt your pockets and get in the way of your budget. And on the plus side, they are chic and the variety of colors to choose from are endless. 

You can opt for soft, pastel shades if you like chic, or you can go for dark, dramatic colors if you want to make a statement. These inexpensive storage ideas are functional as they are pretty.

It will provide lots of room for your blankets or other whatnots laying around whenever they are not in use. Click here to learn more.

7. Comfy blanket basket

7 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Simply pull out a blanket if the chance arises, curl it up, and throw it aside when you’re finished; it’s that easy. This huge metal basket is perfect for keeping blankets since it allows them to dry out after being used.

You may also change the look of your basket by using a piece of cardboard rather than a wire one and wrapping it with rope to make something distinctive. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to do it.

7 diy blanket storage ideas 2

8. Blanket Rack on the Wall

8 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Then, without busting the wallet, here’s an easy method to update your blanket organization. Rather than overloading your floor area with more furniture, mount it on the wall by utilizing this attractive rack.

Many people like this design because it’s so adaptable; you can change the look of the rack while keeping the same purpose. You may also create it yourself using 12 lumber if you want to save cash (here).

9. Ladder Storage in Rose Gold

9 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Although the ladder storage method is most suited for bathrooms, it may also be used in the lounge room. You should bump it up a notch! I propose sprucing up an old ladder with some paint.

For instance, spray this ladder with rose gold spray paint to make it look like this. Add a layer of clear acrylic varnish for longevity, and you’ve got yourself a space-saving storage system that also looks terrific.

10. Chest with a Cozy Blanket

10 diy blanket storage ideas 1

If you’re planning to increase a piece of furnishings to the lounge room, it should be comfy, according to this theory. Fortunately, this blanket trunk is perfect for the job! Conceal your blankets inside and relax on the plush surface.

If you want to practice your upholstery talents, you may make your own version with a conventional chest and yardage of velvet (here). Gather your furniture stapler and stuffing, as well as a day to devote to the process.

11. Blanket Crate in a Farmhouse Style

11 diy blanket storage ideas 1

With a gorgeous, weathered crate to keep your different blankets and pillows, this next concept embraces farmhouse design with vigor. These blankets appear as if they’re the décor when they’re stacked in this wooden basin!

You can easily acquire a crate like this online, but you can also make one out of salvaged wood (for instance, this one). This is also a great way to keep towels organized in your hall closet.

11 diy blanket storage ideas 2

12. Coffee Table with Hollow Wicker

12 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Because it’s so ingenious, this is a lot of people’s personal favorite blanket storing solution. The base of this rattan end table doubles as a table and provides airy storage for your blankets to minimize mustiness.

A rattan or wicker table like this would look great in a boho, rustic, or seaside setting. If this is your living area’s décor style, or if you’re seeking for something different, this may be the item that ties everything together. This is how to do it yourself. 

12 diy blanket storage ideas 2

13. Tallboy for Storing Blankets in Charming Cottage Style

13 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Next, here is another quick and easy technique to significantly enhance your blanket storage. These are addressed to fans of the rustic chic style (which includes a large number of individuals).

Find an antique display case in need of some tender loving care at your local thrift shop or in your garage; they’re everywhere. Now comes the fun part: distress it using sandpaper and chalk paint (here).

14. Geometric Blanket Hamper for Art Décor

14 diy blanket storage ideas 1

The Classic Twenties may have slipped us by, however the art deco art’s echoes will live on! This lovely gold basket is a simple and inexpensive way to spice up your duvet storage.

A geometrical gold hamper like this may be found online or at nearly any home furnishings store. Alternatively, a basic wire hamper as well as some gold spray cans may be used to build one (doing this will not break your wallet).

15. Blanket Basket with a Scandinavian Influence

15 diy blanket storage ideas 1

IKEA is the home renovation homeland, and this basket for blanket is not an exception. This concept would work great for your end or coffee table if you have a few thin blankets that you use on a daily basis.

Take an IKEA basket for blankets and roll up your lightweight blankets inside. While the hamper is in use, it appears to be warm and welcoming, but when it isn’t, it preserves the basic beauty for something we all like IKEA products.

16. Make Your Own Wall Rack

16 diy blanket storage ideas 1

This list has a DIY wall rack for number 16 that takes less than twenty four hours to put up but will last a lifetime. This rack occupies such little floor area, allowing you to keep blankets without taking up too much space.

Make a basic frame the length of your wall, and place wooden dowel rods (here) at frequent intervals around the edge. This is also a wonderful idea for your craft room if you’re using a lot of fabric!

17. Closet with Velvet Hanger

17 diy blanket storage ideas 1

If you have many throw blankets in your house, keeping them well-aired, wrinkle-free, and clean may be a problem. Fortunately, this velvet hanging concept works for all of these.

Install a robust tension rod such as this in your linen cupboard, then purchase some velvety hangers to hold your blankets in place. It’s simple to pull out and placed back in its position, which makes it ideal for storing. Click here for more details. 

18. Farmhouse Industrial Coffee Table

18 diy blanket storage ideas 1

When you have a raised console table in your lounge room, you can store stuff below it, and what better to keep than blankets? Rattan baskets are great for the work and contribute to the overall aesthetic.

You may easily get an industrial-style coffee table if you don’t have one already. Get one here, or spruce up an old coffee table with some pewter spray paint and black spray paint such as this.

19. Industrial Blanket Ladder with Wall Mount

19 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Another reference to industrial style may be seen at number 19 the pipe blanket ladder. Pipe assemblies are all the rage among DIY lovers right now since they’re simple to create.

Create a large amount of storage capacity in a little location. To assemble together a staircase, all you need is either copper (here) or PVC pipe (here). If you don’t really like manufacturing them yourself, you may easily find them online.

20. Quilt Stand Made of Copper

20 diy blanket storage ideas 1

For compact areas, this lovely quilt rack is a need to. It easily fits between your couch and your wall, allowing you to grab a blanket off it on a cold night in.

Even further, this stand will not really look bad when it’s not in use; it just appears like a work of beauty. Utilize it to hang your Holiday stockings, your beach towels, or your raincoat when it rains. Here is how to do it. 

20 diy blanket storage ideas 2

21. Wire Basket Side Table in a Subtle Style

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The following hack is ideal for a beginning carpenter. There are few cuts and connections, and the finished product looks like something from a newspaper, so you’ll gain a lot of confidence in your carpentry abilities.

This sofa table’s base is a huge wire basket, with a detachable countertop serving as a cover. Put your blankets in this basket for a modest storage option that will leave your guests speechless. Click here to find out how to do it.

22 diy blanket storage ideas 2

22. Repurpose an Old Cabinet

23 diy blanket storage ideas 1

This other concept is for you if you happen to have an old beat up cabinet in desperate need of some care and attention. Convert it into a gorgeous cabinet that can not only store but also exhibit your blankets in all their beauty.

This job might be as basic as a fresh coat of paint, based on the situation of your cabinet. Replace the centre panels of your wardrobe’s wooden doors with panes of glass for a more sophisticated look. 

23. Repurpose a Barrel or Basket

24 diy blanket storage ideas 1

This outdated basket or barrel, talking of upcycling outmoded objects, would make a lovely decoration to your living area… with a few tweaks. The earthy and lovely contrast of soft blankets and hardwood is stunning.

If you’re going to utilize an old item for this, experts recommend using a clear glossy spray lacquer (here).

24 diy blanket storage ideas 2

24. Using a Magazine Rack for a New Purpose

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Just because something was made for a specific reason doesn’t imply you can’t utilize it for anything else. Unless you can find a huge enough display case, these gems make excellent blanket holders.

This artisan chose white wicker for this shelf (here), however there’s a lot of different types to choose from.

25. Simply said, keep it simple or go home.

25 diy blanket storage ideas 1

As previously said, there are a plethora of book holders, shelves, and hampers to pick from. This wide selection of options allows you to completely personalize your look.

This simple approach to duvet storage brings back memories of days that were spent at the shore when you were younger, which is exactly what it does.

26. Handles on an Industrial Basket Table

26 diy blanket storage ideas 1

This is a variation on the basket side table from previously, but it is kind of different. There are no table bases visible, and hooks emerge from the edges of the surface for convenient mobility.

27. Ladder for Plants and Blankets

27 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Greenery is an easy way to liven up a basic shelf, and similarly can be said for a blanket climber.

Reduce a traditional wooden ladder using chalky white paint, some elbow work, and sandpaper.  Now add your blankets as well as some lovely plants to complete the look.

28. Blanket Basket in Monochrome

28 diy blanket storage ideas 1

If you create anything monochrome, it instantly elevates it, much as in the luxury industry. The living room is no exception! If you’re going to renovate, choose a color that you like and stay with it.

Transitions in shade and tone create depth, but the goal is to keep each piece of furniture, cushion, and rug the same hue.

29. Stylish Storage Trunk

29 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Consider keeping your blankets in a bigger storage container, such as a container trunk, if you have a lot of ones or if the quilts you wish to store are heavier.

Vintage embellishments, such as leather buckles, antique handles, and weathered typographic motifs, may be found on many storage trunks.

30. Wall Hooks that are good and old-fashioned

30 diy blanket storage ideas 1

Wall hooks are a tried-and-true method of storing textiles such as sheets and blankets. Single wall hangers may not offer the most storage capacity, but since they’re so little, you can fit a lot of them in a short space.

31. Storage Bins for Under the Bed

31 diy blanket storage ideas 1

If the storage units of your bedroom aren’t large enough to accommodate all of your bedding, invest in some storage containers that fit neatly beneath your bed.

These cabinets are great for storing your bedroom neat without taking up too much space on the floor.

32. Warming Blanket

32 diy blanket storage ideas 1

If you enjoy having soft, toasty blankets straight from the dryer, consider investing in a blanket warmer. It will preserve your comforters out of the sight while also ensuring that they are prepared to use.

33. Bookcase with a New Life

33 diy blanket storage ideas 1

There are antique bookcases all over Online Store, Amazon, and other internet marketplaces where you can buy them for cheap and either remove or build shelves to keep your bedding out of the way.

34. Closet for linens

34 diy blanket storage ideas 1

The linen cabinet is another place where you might store your blankets when you aren’t using them. Isn’t that why the linen closet exists in the first place?

Store your covers and blankets in the same place so you don’t have to look for them when it’s time to switch your bedding.

35. Blanket Totes

35 diy blanket storage ideas 1

There’s many blanket totes that you may store your quilts in if you haven’t had any extra spaces in your house and aren’t searching for anything extravagant.

It’s small enough to crush down and tuck beneath your bed. Just mind where you put them so you can get to them without having to look for it when you have overnight visitors.


Why do blankets smell after storage?

If you’re worried about the bedding getting filthy in its storage location, you might be tempted to put the comforters and blankets in bags to avoid the dirt and mites off their surfaces. Plastic containers, on the other hand, retain moisture within, making your beloved blanket mouldy or stale over time.

How do I keep my blankets from smelling in storage?

If at all feasible, use wire racks instead of hardwood for blanket storage. The perforations allow for airflow, which reduces odor. Every few weeks, uncover cabinets or storage bins to let them air out. 

Are blanket ladders tacky?

If you’re opting  for a rustic vibe in your living room, don’t make things appear as though you’re trying too hard. That implies there will be no blanket ladder! It’s both predictable and obnoxious.


While possessing several blankets is OK, keeping too many on show might make your house appear cluttered. The rest of the world only sees clutter. As a result, it’s important to locate a place to store your excess blankets till you need it again.