23+ Best Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice to enter a house where you always feel relaxed, surrounded by comfort and serenity? Coastal Farmhouse decor allows you to feel this peace all year long. This may be the reason why this is one of the fastest growing decorating styles.

What is coastal farmhouse style?

Coastal farmhouse style is defined by relaxation and comfort and has become one of the most popular styles.

This wonderful style usually incorporates natural materials and fabrics, using modern and traditional accents such as natural teak and other woods and cultural and nautical decor.

The natural light with bright is a must-have, and you can add tropical patterns, warm whites and ocean hues, soft furnishings, heavy woods, black iron or metals and even carved detailing. You get to decide what relaxes you the most and use those elements to create your sanctuary of peace.

This style choice allows you to combine modern and traditional accents and crisp and clean designs.

23 best Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

1- Use of wood and metal

This airy living room is the perfect representation of coastal farmhouse style. Notice the use of wood and metal, and the beach details on the chairs, pillows and jars.

2- The beach details


This table was prepared with love – you can notice it in the cute starfish, in beach wood, rope balls, and woven fabrics. An excellent example of a beautiful table that you can do it yourself.

3- Rustic décor


Your front door will be astounding with this rustic décor. You are free to use seashells, stained pine wood or/and sand along with white lettering to remind you of days on the beach. It will welcome your friends and family.

4- Vintage Glass Bottles


These bottles are beautiful on their own, but you can add to them with flowers for a natural décor. If you prefer beach details, you can embellish them with string and/or seashells. Use your imagination for a unique décor.

5 – Neutral colors


A living room with neutral colors evokes purity and creates a minimalist aesthetic. It can be very simple, clean and modern.

Feel free to use neutrals like white, beige and grey. The fewer colors you combine and the simpler and more pared back a design is, the more calming it will feel.

6 – Blue sky, blue sea, and a white beach


Find inspiration for your living room in your home with beach cottage decor. You’ll feel romantic in this cozy bright couch and blue ocean décor.

7- More sea breeze


Another great idea. This bookshelf is stunning. A perfect mixture of coral and shells, driftwood, glass bottles and books.

8- Outdoor space décor: Blue Porch

The Gullah Geechee people painted their porch ceilings blue as a means of protection. But if you’re not one for believing in this and have good taste, you may still want to paint your porch a nice light blue for a more practical reason: the color is beautiful and prevents wasps from building nests.

9 – House Clock Made with Rope


You will always be on time with this clock. This rustic clock utilizes vintage lettering and rope for the perfect twist of coastal style. This piece will look perfect in your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

10 Rustic Moldings

If you are passionate about crown moldings, consider adding real or faux wood elements to your dream area. The greatest Coastal Farmhouse touch you need.

11- Bedroom in the sea

Create a sea-themed bedroom using decorative sea pillows and coral decor in the lightning. Gorgeous, right?

12. Coastal kitchen

If you want to bring the beach to your kitchen, you can use blue chairs in a neutral color surrounding.

13 – Giant Clam Shell Bathroom Sink


If can have bathroom sink that no one will forget. This piece of art painted in white and bronze will put your décor into another level.

14- Lovely Kids Bedroom

We didn’t forget about your kid’s bedroom. Add some splash of nautical blue and whites, and you’ll have a relaxing sleeping area.

15- X-mas Suggestion

Can you picture yourself spending your Christmas on the beach? This magnificently eye-catching Christmas shell tree will be a treasure in your décor.

16. Sea glass vase


17. Driftwood mirrorwood wall art beach


18. Vintage bottles


19. Farmhouse table and bench with coastal things


20. Summer time


21. Driftwood wreath


22. Coastal living room

23. Farmhouse mason jar



Are you ready to start decorating your home? Remember that using a neutral color will give you long-term flexibility. Mix and match your ideas and don’t forget to have fun!


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