25+ Fall Yard Decorations: Make Outdoor Displays with Pumpkins and More

Decorating outside for fall is easy using pumpkins, mums and leaves all in rich colors.

Decorating the yard for fall is full of possibilities. Pumpkins and other gourds come in many shapes and colors, and they are quintessential to creating inviting seasonal looks around the front yard.

Mix in mums in vibrant fall colors and leaves for natural texture. From the mailbox to the front door, these elements of the season are all that is needed to decorate a yard for fall. The following is a list of ideas for using pumpkins, mums and leaves to decorate mailboxes, window boxes, planting beds and front doors.

Outdoor Pumpkin Displays

One of the first places to look for fall yard decorations is the pumpkin patch. With many different shapes and sizes, pumpkins are also easy to decorate with. In addition, they come in a variety of colors, so if standard orange seems too expected, green, yellow, white or even black offer beautiful and unique options.

Create a mini pumpkin patch around the mailbox using smaller, but varying sized pumpkins. Since this is a small area, it is the place to be creative with colors. A mix of unexpected shades will make a big impact.

Make a whimsical outdoor fall display by creating a family of pumpkin people. Follow directions for making faces out of small pumpkins (similar to jack-o-lanterns using paint and other embellishments) and stack them on top of larger pumpkins in snowman fashion.

Decorate the front door for fall with a pumpkin wreath. Wrap a foam wreath form in orange ribbon and hot glue small (real or faux) pumpkins on top.


#2. The sick pumpkins

#3. Skull pumpkin


#4. Pumpkin snake

#5. Trump pumpkin

#6. Dry ice display





#9. Pumpkin zombies




Ideas for Decorating with Mums Outside

Mums are the most popular flower for outside fall decorating. With full, leafy blooms in a range of colors from sunny yellow to dramatic reds, it is easy to fit them into any landscape design. Try one of these three tips for fall yard displays with mums.

  • Mix different types of mums – button, decorative and spider – in individual planters.
  • Plant same color mums in flowerbeds with larger plants in the back. Top with mulch in a contrasting color.
  • Fill window boxes with favorite mums and add hay for additional texture.




#3. Mums and pumpkins

#4. Mums in wheelbarrow



Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas Using Leaves

For an inexpensive way to decorate the yard for fall, use leaves. They are readily available in most places and usually just raked up and bagged away, so why not take advantage of the decorating possibilities they offer. While decorating with leaves outside may not provide the most elegant outdoor displays, they are simple, fun and perfect for the season.

  • Rake leaves into piles artfully placed around the yard.
  • Use leaves as filler in planters, window boxes and front door wreaths.
  • Make a real leaf garland by stringing together leaves collected from the yard, and hang it around the front door.

#1. Fall foliage umbrella


#2. Fall mailbox garland

#3. Outdoor lantern





#6. Halloween Wedding


#7. large crock fall


#9. Cotton fall leaf wreath


Decorating outside with pumpkins mums and leaves calls for incorporating other seasonal elements. If fall yard displays need more embellishments, consider gourds, corn stalks or scarecrows.



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