101+ Stunning Farmhouse Living Room Decor Designs & Ideas

A farmhouse design is essentially timeless. It offers the best of both worlds because it gives a nod to a warm and vintage past but can thread a contemporary and modern flair in any space. This is perhaps the main reason as to why farmhouse living rooms are much coveted when it comes to interior design. 

If you are looking for ways to transform your living room into a farmhouse design, here are some notable arrangements to consider. So, give this post a read and find out the best farmhouse living room ideas that could work for you.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a snug and comfortable living room after a long day. It’s where you spend most of your time at home, so it should be a room that you’re proud of. Farmhouse living room decor is stylish and built to last.

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What is Farmhouse Living Room Decor?

Farmhouse living room decor is fashionable and all about utility. It’s defined by heavy wooden furniture, muted color palettes and beautiful decorations and touches that will help you transform your house into a home.

Imagine a warm fire, the smell of varnished wood, all while surrounded by your loved ones. That’s exactly what farmhouse living room decor is all about.

What color to paint a farmhouse living room?

A farmhouse living room is anchored on earthy, neutral vibes to evoke a natural, warm and rustic look. Hence, the best neutral tones to choose would be brown, tan, beige, and white.

If you want to give it a more modern edge, black and grey are the best colors to incorporate. And for a more color popping look, moderate use of orange, yellow, green, and light blue would be the most appropriate. 

101+ Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Another superb point about going for a farmhouse living room design scheme is that you would never run out of ideas to choose from. Here are some of the most remarkable farmhouse living room ideas that you can draw inspiration from for your living room. 

Modern farmhouse living room

You might think that rustic and modern do not make sense but really, they are a match made in heaven if you put up the right decorative elements.

This simple, tonal living room took a modern farmhouse turn with those rustic and industrial details. It throws in industrial stools and modern leather furniture. 

The clean lines of the benches and patterned throw pillows give it more texture. The wide windows reflect a modern, open feel and the exposed fireplace stove, cowhide rug, and teak flooring give it all the farmhouse feel. 

Grey and white modern farmhouse living room

If you think that black and white is the ultimate color balance, think again because grey and white in a modern farmhouse living room is such an underrated mix.

The cool and edgy tones of grey and white set this subtle, modern farmhouse living room into motion.

This one here sports dark grey sectional, a reclaimed wood coffee table with grey legs, and heirloom pieces all around. The gray, wicker basket, with that plant and books there are the cherries on top. 

And if you are eyeing for a more industrial, geometric look, here is a minimalist grey and white, modern, farmhouse living room is an idea that you should definitely draw inspiration from.

The sectional, and plaid throw pillows are a modern touch, but the lighting and other industrial fixtures complete the look. Let us just let this grey and white living room speak for itself. 

Boho farmhouse living room

Farmhouse style is very workable. As has been said, you can incorporate different colors to make it rustic but popping with hues.

This one can be said with this boho farmhouse living room here. The Chesterfield sofa set is dashed with pastel and patterned throw pillows and then further softened by the wicker seat and the oriental rug.

The deco mirror is also major boho and the shiplap wall wood flooring give it a classic farmhouse look. 


Industrial farmhouse living room

An industrial farmhouse is another out of the box look that really works if you really put an effort into using the right details.

You might not believe it but the mix and match in this look is all based on reclaimed materials.

The barn door, wicker basket and jute rug give the fine balance of a farmhouse. But the butterfly chairs and concrete details of this living room give it its industrial look. 

Coastal farmhouse living room

The crisp lines of white, blue, and distressed wood have a central place in coastal farmhouse living rooms and this arrangement here proves it to the core.

The thick metal chains of this coffee table evoke a nautical vibe and the play of white and blue in the furniture, rug and throw pillow elevate that coastal flair.

The metal window trims, exposed distressed wood, the ceiling fan and the repurposed vase all give it a coastal drama to this farmhouse living room. 

This farmhouse living room might be situated in a woody environment but that did not stop the homeowner from going into a coastal look.

The narrow wood planks in the ceiling, the ceiling fan that is typical of a beach house, the wicker furniture, repurposed wood lounge chairs and wheeled coffee table all conjure a contemporary coastal living room with a lot of farmhouse elements. 

Farmhouse living room wall décor

A farmhouse style is associated with the countryside and one way to liven it up would be to adopt a jazzy and blues appeal through the right living room wall décor.

In this look, you would easily get that the owner is a music lover with these jazz and cello look guitars.

Incorporating this vintage Daude wall art is also a good touch to give this small farmhouse living room a classic touch. 

For a more vintage yet modern take, you can turn your small, farmhouse style living room into an artsy, personal museum of your photography collection.

By filling it with rows of framed BW pictures, you can create an eclectic look for your farmhouse living room. 

And if you want minimal wall decorations for a farmhouse living room, the use of old-fashioned hanging wreaths is very versatile. Using a lush green hanging wreath is a good way to spruce up a farmhouse living room during spring and summer.

Using dried wreaths for autumn and winter gives you a moody and holiday feel in a farmhouse living room. 

Farmhouse living room rug

When it comes to farmhouse style, you should look beyond just jute rugs and cowhide rugs. You can really incorporate anything from oriental rugs to Persian or Moroccan styles as long as the typical farmhouse style hallmarks are still maintained.

For one, this textured rug here gives this farmhouse living room an upscale and modern look with all those geometrically woven shapes along the rug. 

This overdyed, Persian rug on the other hand gives this chic style farmhouse living room a rustic appeal that is hard to resist.

And since the predominant color of this one is white with hints of wood and other neutrals, the rug becomes the color anchor where all of these neutrals are seen. 

Farmhouse living room curtains

Window treatments are also essential in any design but especially for a living room.

Sheer curtains give it a typical farmhouse appeal but using this plaid curtain here with the addition of the wood blinds, you get a raw, rustic look for your farmhouse living room. 

And speaking of sheer curtain, look at how airier this already open floor plan farmhouse living room gets with these minimal window treatments lined up in between these large, multi-paned glass windows. 

Source: Must Have Mom

Farmhouse chic living room

Chic designs rely heavily on the fusion of different textures and color-coordinated elements. You can easily transform your living room into a farmhouse chic vibe by incorporating tonal accent decors and furniture.

Combine that with farmhouse elements like wood, jute rugs, shiplap walls, and exposed wood beams, and you get this retro looking farmhouse chic living room.

It is so crisp and leveled that you would not even notice that all neutral colors are there. 

For a more upscale, chic farmhouse living room, this one is designed with a very organic tone. Anchoring on natural tones gives this a very earthy vibe which is apt for a farmhouse living room appeal.

No view is obstructed here thanks to the proper arrangement of the seating, these chic chesterfields, the plush throw pillows, and these foldable window walls.

For the rustic side, the exposed beams are a staple as well as the shiplap wall and the wood flooring. 

Source: Joseph Farrell Architecture

Farmhouse lamps for living room

Again, when it comes to accent pieces for farmhouse designs should have an air of antiquity or rusticity to it.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you cannot give it a hint of industrial vibe or even a touch of modernity to your farmhouse lamp.

For one, this 4-light chandelier here makes this farmhouse living room sophisticated. The addition of extra LED candle lights by the mantel are also a good touch. 

A more staple look for a farmhouse living room would be industrial looking pendant lights. It is very versatile but of all farmhouse design schemes, it would go well with styles that rely heavily on wood to give you a cozier, warmer feeling. 

Here is an alternative lamp placement which improves the look of pendant lights. Combining it with a series of standing lamps could also be a good touch to a farmhouse living room. 

Farmhouse signs for living room

Since the trick here is to come up with a rugged, earthy, and homey look, being close to nature is one thing to incorporate in a farmhouse.

In here, everything is consistently organic in vibe with those gardening tools, framed flower photos, and then made more solid by farmhouse signs enumerating names of plants. 

For a distressed, modern look, you can also use stenciled signs to give it a farmhouse look and to make it more personal and intimate, you can have it customized like these farmhouse signs here. 



Small farmhouse living room

If we really look at traditional farmhouse living rooms, modesty and compactness is the name of the game.

To keep looking full and cozy, a lot of decorations and other decorative elements are arranged.

The use of traditional farmhouse furniture like chesterfields and sectionals, among others are also essential in keeping a small farmhouse cozy looking. In this one, the chalkboard instead of an aesthetic wall art gave it a more personal feel. 

As long as there is an array of farmhouse elements in a room, it does not need to be upscale or luxurious.

For instance, this one here makes use of a repurposed wood coffee table, that sliding barn door at one corner and the mix of futon and chesterfields are there to keep it compact. 

Rustic farmhouse living room décor

Incorporating different decorative pieces that give an aura of history and family story are the reasons why this farmhouse living room is screaming rustic.

It has a lot of antique embellishments including that corner dresser, transformed into a countertop, those ornate candelabra, deco mirrors, barn style sliding enclosures for the window, antique pendant lights, repurposed milk box, stone fireplace, and traditional cabinetry and mesh shelving are all elements of a rustic design. 

For an airier, lighter appeal that invokes both a tropical and farmhouse vibe, the use of rattan, wood, and wicker décor here in this white and brown living room are such phenomenal choices.

Lots of natural light is a notable hallmark of farmhouse style but the addition of wicker decorative accents and a flush of lush greens create a balanced, and warm feel. 

French farmhouse living room

You have always heard how beautiful the south of France is or how French farmhouses are the real cottage retreat.

If you are going for this in your living room, make sure that the florals are there: be it in the living room wallpaper, in the curtains or in the sofa cover or throw pillows.

The use of vintage lounge chairs and couches also resonate a French farmhouse style. 

This one here takes a vintage chic turn with the use of mixed textures from leather, to velvet and the mix and match of different seating types. The patterned curtains also give it an eclectic, French look. 

Farmhouse living room with brown couch

A couch or any seating type for that matter, is a central piece in any living room. But adding a brown couch in a farmhouse living room could be that one accent piece to accentuate the warm and rustic feel of a space.

For instance, this leather couch here gives this rugged living room the tonal accent it needs to qualify as a farmhouse living room.

But if you want a more contemporary vibe, ditch the bricks, stone and exposed beams and go for a more beach cottage look like this one here.

The white walls accentuate the brown, leather couch in a sophisticated manner. The complementing coffee table with the same color gives it a refined, cohesive touch.

The wood accent décor and the personalized throw pillows give it its cozy look. 

Farmhouse shelves living room

Shelving is essential for farmhouse living rooms because of the many wall decors, antiques, and heirloom pieces that must be lined for it to look like a proper farmhouse living room. 

For this one, floating shelves are mounted. This is installed for a farmhouse dining room but having one in the living room is also a unique choice since it is rare for you to see one like this in there.

Most often than not, built-in shelves are predominant in farmhouse living rooms. 

But if you feel like a built-in shelving is still the best one to use to exhaust the living room space properly, you could always build on it as the focal point of your farmhouse living just like this one here. 

Navy blue farmhouse living room

There is something very royal and vintage about navy blue and this 18th century style farmhouse living room gives you a feel of the past while chilling in the present.

The overdyed rug, this vintage, navy blue couches, the distressed bluish cabinet, the heirloom pieces laid on the side and this wall art just brings the beauty in antiquity. 

Sometimes, painting a farmhouse living room in navy blue could give you a feel of Victorian drawing rooms.

Couple that up with the right rug, wall art, and maybe a flush of leather in the sofa and chaise chairs and you would have a grand, southern farmhouse living room that looks like this one here. It is so modern yet also vintage looking all at once. 

White farmhouse living room

There is a reason why farmhouse styles rely a lot on the white color. It is the ultimate intersection of simplicity, crisp lines, relaxation, and organic feel.

These are all the major reasons why a white farmhouse living room is a place you would want to lounge in for hours. Here is a modern chic white farmhouse living room to refer to. 

For a more tonal, organic feel, this farmhouse living room here uses the earthy tones of green and a stronger brown hue for the decorative pieces and the flooring.

On a backdrop of bright white walls and furniture, you get a cool lounging space in this idea. 

Black and white farmhouse living room

And if you want a balanced contrast in your farmhouse living room, the black and white combo is an ethereal look to build on.

This one here carefully plotted where the blacks would be and decided that white be the dominant color to give in a lot of natural light.

The minimal use of black worked well too because it gives a neat yet dramatic flair to this traditional looking farmhouse living room. 

This small farmhouse living room on the other hand, is truly spruced up by the balance of black and white lines and then improved by the browns, concentrated at the center. 

Brown farmhouse living room

Using a lot of brown in the living room could make you associate it immediately to either rustic, farmhouse, country, or even industrial style living room.

This modern farmhouse living room seems to exude all these decorative styles with this setup. Featuring brown, leather couches, brick wall, and industrial pendant lights to name a few. 

Contemporary farmhouse living room

There is a fine line among contemporary, modern and industrial designs.

A contemporary flair does not just settle for the neutral and crisp lines of modern and industrial designs but also accommodate more color pops and eccentric patterns like the use of raw wood tones in a pool of grays and whites.

The sandy tone of those chic throw pillows also gives it a lot of contemporary flair while the wood planks give it its farmhouse look. 

Mid-century modern farmhouse living room

The hallmarks of a mid-century modern farmhouse would be the combo of organic, earthy vibes, minimalism, functionality, and clean symmetries.

In here, modernity is encompassed in the sleek, central fireplace, and the symmetry of the shiplap wall and the side windows.

The crisp, white walls and the jute rug give it a farmhouse appeal, but the industrial style coffee table and colorful seating strikes mid-century modern in the purest sense of this design scheme. 

Farmhouse living room shelf decor ideas

As have been mentioned, the magic of farmhouse style is its warmth, personal touch, and intimacy.

To bring this out in shelf decors, using framed family photos in between traditional farmhouse decors like mason jars, ceramic vases, wood and antique. This is a polished look for a traditional farmhouse living room. 

Farmhouse living room with fireplace

The exposed beams on the ceiling, warm colored floors and thick window trims, and a central fireplace make the traditional farmhouse living room setup.

If you want to bask in the clean yet cozy feel of such a design scheme, opting for stone fireplace surround and wood mantel would never disappoint.

The play of neutral colors in this farmhouse living room and the placement of vintage furniture is topnotch. 

You can also take advantage of the traditional, rich, warm tones of wood and glass to come up with this lodge style, farmhouse living room idea.

The conventional tongue-and-groove style ceiling is a standard farmhouse element.

The rustic jute rug, the rich brown tones of the wood flooring and the incorporation of insulated glass and different shades of tan and brown make the fireplace the focal point of this farmhouse living room. 

Minimalist farmhouse living room

The place of minimalism in design schemes is to ditch ‘unnecessary’ decorative elements to keep the intended functionality of a room.

This farmhouse living room gets that with those wooden chairs, coffee table, and the neutral contrast on the corner thanks to the shiplap wall, the countertop table and the black and white lamps and decors. 

Scandinavian farmhouse living room

In many ways, we could say that the Scandinavian design scheme in general is a strand of the modern chic wave as it is also described as one that uses minimalism, clean lines and functional aesthetics.

On top of that, it also invokes a lot of sophisticated coastal look. By giving this one a wood cabinet for the fireplace and wood elements on the other side, you offer a farmhouse vibe to this Scandinavian living room. 

For a warmer, cozier look, you can infuse more compelling browner tones and some splashes of gray. With the minimal arrangement, the farmhouse appeal is stronger than the Scandinavian feel, but it works beautifully. 

Farmhouse living room with tv

What better way is there to complete a living room than to incorporate entertainment, right? For a clean, minimal design, this small farmhouse living room here went with the modern look of the TV as the focal point instead of a fireplace.

The rustic corner countertop and shelving where the entertainment is placed give it a contemporary look. 

And if it is a corner entertainment area you are eyeing for, this is a very clean and well-balanced use of white and darker brown tones for a traditional farmhouse living room with TV to draw inspiration from. The organization and overall flow of this look is just phenomenal. 

White and gray farmhouse living room 

If you love the simplicity yet unforgettable coziness of a farmhouse living room, the striking balance of white and gray should be on your list.

This Mediterranean style farmhouse living room might be compact, but it just makes that white and gray combo phenomenal.

The natural touch of white and gray stones, the grayish hue of this reclaimed wood ceiling and the thoughtful balance of different gray tones and white patterns give it the real ‘past and present’ in one setup. 

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


1. Green boxwood wreath

Green boxwood wreath | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


2. Beautiful Beams

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3. Modern black and white decor

Modern black and white decor | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


4. Summer Refresh

Summer Refresh | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


5. Home wreath

Home wreath | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas

6. Wooden Shelf Planters

Wooden Shelf Planters | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


7. Wooden Ladder Photo Frames

Wooden Ladder Photo Frames | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


8. Coffee table

Coffee table | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


9. Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason Jar Centerpiece | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


10. The vase holdings the mini pumpkins

The vase holdings the mini pumpkins | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


11. Spring Table Chairs

Spring Table Chairs | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


12. Living room with clock

Living room with clock | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


13. Blanket Ladder and TV stand

Blanket Ladder and TV stand | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


14. Wooden Coffee Table with Hot cocoa Stencil 

Wooden Coffee Table with Hot cocoa Stencil | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


15. Framed Photo with barrel table in the corner

Framed Photo with barrel table in the corner | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


16. Wooden Love Sign and Mirror

Wooden Love Sign and Mirror | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


17. Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


18. Antique farmhouse with wooden planters

Antique farmhouse with wooden planters | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


19. Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


20. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows


21. Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table

Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


22. Rustic Accent Wall

Rustic Accent Wall | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


23. Neutral Farmhouse

Neutral Farmhouse | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas

24. DIY Milk Can Coffee Table

DIY Milk Can Coffee Table | Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 1
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 3
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 4
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 5
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 6
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 7
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 8
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 9
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 10
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 11
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 12
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 13
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 14
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 15
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 16
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 17
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 18
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 19
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Idea 20
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 21
Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas 22


From old coffee table


46. Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

Dependable features like this rustic wooden coffee table are great for any farmhouse living room.


47. Large Fireplace

Warm, crackling fires are a comfort in winter. Make a large fireplace the center of your farmhouse living room designs.


48. Milk Can Coffee Table

Milk cans are the perfect size for make-shift coffee tables. Add an upcycled can to your farmhouse living room for a touch of distinction.

Source: above, below

49. Rustic TV Cabinet

TVs dominate most living rooms. Make sure yours is housed in a rustic tv cabinet that matches your farmhouse living room’s aesthetic.


50. Buffalo-check armchairs

Buffalo check is an enduring textile pattern, synonymous with the great outdoors. More importantly, it really suits this arm chair.

51. Flea Market Furniture

Furnishing your farmhouse living room shouldn’t break the bank. Flea market furniture is cheap and adds to your living room’s rustic flavor.


52. Antique Trunk Table

Trunks can be tables too, and this one’s no exception. This solid antique trunk is a great way to keep your belongings stored discreetly.


53. Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

Every farmhouse living room needs a centerpiece. Painted mason jars are an elegant way to display flowers whether they’re real, or plastic.


54. Neutral Farmhouse Colors

Pick the perfect neutral color palette to bring your farmhouse living room to life.


55. Homespun Quilt Displays

This shots in the bedroom, but there’s nothing to stop you adding character to your farmhouse living room by hanging up a bold quilt display.


56. Exposed Brick

If you’ve got bricks, show them off. You can create a great rustic contrasting effect with a mixture of painted walls and exposed brick.

57. Reclaimed Wooden Walls

Wood panelling on walls can really make you feel like you’re in a real farmhouse cabin.

58. Captivating Farmhouse Wall Accessories

Farmhouse living rooms are beautiful when they’re eclectic. It’s your room so don’t hold back on injecting some character.

59. Shabby Chic Country Feeling Designs

Distressed wooden furniture and objects give your farmhouse living room real authenticity.

60. Eclectic Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse living rooms don’t need to be neat. Show off your style and character with some eclectic arrangements.

61. Repurposed Farming Tools

Be inspired by real farming tools. This light pendant used to be a chicken feeder. It’s definitely not something to cluck at.


62. Brilliant Barn Doors

Barn doors are authentically rustic and will give your farmhouse living room the gift of space, because they don’t open, they slide.


63. Add A Harvest Table

If your farmhouse living room is big enough, why not add a harvest table as a feature. This one is beautiful, adding hints of color to the room.


64. Slip-covered Furniture

When redesigning, don’t rush out to buy new furniture. Save money and cover your current chairs with throws or new slips to match your new farmhouse living room decor.

65. Stone Mantels

Stone mantels frame fireplaces perfectly, giving your living room an even more rugged feel.


Fantastic Farmhouse Living Room Decor

You spend so much time in the living room, you really owe it to yourself to design and create the perfect farmhouse design.

Just remember to stay creative and put your heart into your designs. If you do, you’ll have a fantastic farmhouse living room in no time.

Is a farmhouse living room still in for 2021?

Given the breadth of what we have covered here for farmhouse living rooms, we can say that it is not going away for 2021 and beyond. However, it is now gaining more modern and minimalistic decors and finishes instead of its traditional distressed, rustic look. 


Farmhouse living rooms are hard to miss because they have a standout, timeless appeal with just the proper match of neutrals and farmhouse elements.

The key trick here is not to veer away from wood, and to balance everything with typical farmhouse decorations such as antique or distressed accent pieces, matching wall art, lighting, as well as furniture. 

With everything considered, you know by now that there is no limit to what you can incorporate in your farmhouse living room. You just must make it as earthy, organic, warm, and cozy, all at the same time to seal the deal.

Best Farmhouse Living Room Decor & Design Ideas


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