10+ Beautiful Farmhouse Winter Decor Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

With winter comes the festive season and many people opt to go for the farmhouse look with their décor. During winter, there is minimal light, and you mainly stay indoors to avoid the cold.

Since you will be spending a lot of time here, you will need to decorate your home into a fun place to hang out. In this article, we explore some ideas you can use to get that farmhouse ready for winter:

Living Room

1 farmhouse winter decor ideas living room

It is important to use bright colors when decorating your living room for winter. These help light up the room and create an upbeat mood.

You can use contrasting color pillows for your couches and also add a few lamps to provide much needed extra lighting. You can also add some picture frames on the mantle. Use flower wreaths on your doors to add that Christmassy look.


2 farmhouse winter decor ideas kitchen


For this area, you can use some old signs to decorate the space. To get that country feel, use wooden signs. You can also place some flowers on your countertops.

Repurposed wooden crates make good containers holders and still maintain the country feel.

Winter Table Decorations

3 farmhouse winter decor ideas table

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Candle Centerpiece

4 farmhouse winter decor ideas table


Dining room

5 farmhouse winter decor ideas dinning room


You can never go wrong with a fruit basket. It works exceptionally well when paired with a table cloth. Stick with bold checked patterns for the tablecloth to get that country vibe.

Place some aromatic candles around as well to remind you of time without electricity. They make great additions to the entire décor.


6 farmhouse winter decor ideas bathroom


Often ignored when decorating for winter. Replace your modern shower curtain with ones that have lace patterns. These resemble those seen in western movies.

An isolated metallic pail by the corner is also not a bad idea. For the bathroom sink, you can have a metallic vase with flowers to further add that country feel.


7 farmhouse winter decor ideas bedroom

There is much you can do to your bedroom to make it achieve the country feel. Place a few knitted items as part of the décor. A knitted blanket atop the bed is a great way to start.

Replace your digital alarm clock with an older model available at your local antique shop. As a final touch, you can have a wicker chair with a vintage pillow placed at a corner. An old bed lamp is also a great addition to the furniture.

Front Doors

8 farmhouse winter decor ideas front door


9 farmhouse winter decor ideas entryway



10 farmhouse winter decor ideas fireplace



Redecorating for the winter need not be a hassle. All you need is some functional, rustic-looking pieces and you are all set.

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