35+ Beautiful Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas and Designs

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When it comes to updating brick fireplaces, the cheapest and easiest method to do so would be directly coating the whole thing with a fresh dash of paint. Yes, you read that right, you can directly paint on a brick fireplace to give it a refurbished look.

Your color choice is quite important though. The right color palette provides the right vibe when it matches well with your home’s interior. 

If you are looking for ways to paint your brick fireplace, here are some painted brick fireplace ideas to consider.

We managed to search for some notable styles for a brick fireplace, so sift through and find the best painted brick fireplace idea for your home. 

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How to paint brick fireplace

how to paint brick fireplace

The good thing about painting a brick fireplace is that it is the most inexpensive way to remodel one.

Most of all, you can swat the labor costs altogether because you can do it DIY. If you intend to go down that remodeling route, here are the steps in painting a brick fireplace. 

  • Clean the brick fireplace’s surface thoroughly. Scrub the entire surface using a heavy-duty cleaner. Make sure that you wear gloves and goggles when using this type of cleaner. 
  • Rinse the surface of the brick fireplace. Dry it and then set up the drop cloth and then tape all the areas that you do not want to be stained with paint blotches. 
  • Prime the brick fireplace using an oil base, stain blocking primer to prevent soot in staining your fireplace. Cover all crevices using a stiff bristle paint brush. 
  • Let the fireplace dry and then apply a heat resistant, latex paint. Only use a paint brush made for textured surfaces. Use a small paint brush for backup especially for those hard-to-reach spots.  
  • Dash a second or third coating point if necessary. 

It is plain easy to paint a brick fireplace because you can directly dab it with color. To visualize these steps, here is a tutorial which you can check out.

35 painted brick fireplace before and after ideas

best painted brick fireplace ideas

White painted brick fireplace

Painting a brick fireplace with white offers a versatile yet dainty look for any type of interior design.

The brightness of white gives the room a lot of natural light and crisp lines that can match anything. Along with black, it is one of the go-to paints used directly on brick fireplaces. 

For a bright white look and a minimal black contrast, this one is something to consider. Glossy, white, latex paint now covers a previously distressed-looking brick fireplace.

The white wood mantle is refurbished to a black coat. Beyond the change in decorations in the mantel and of course the white color, everything is essentially the same. 

1 painted brick fireplace ideas

This is another glossy makeover to upscale a conventional maroon and white grout brick fireplace into a play of cream and bright white.

The white mantel is changed into mahogany brown color and the casing of the fireplace screen is changed into a sleeker design instead of this old and ornate firebox. 

For the total minimalist look, here is a latex painted brick fireplace that makes the room crisp and very inviting.

The traditional brick fireplace with white mantel is transformed into a bright, modern look with the warm tones of stained wood mantel.

The cohesive look is owed to the white walls and very minimal accent decors including these two potted plants here. 

3 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Katie Lamp

White on white? You can make it work. This one here just made the surface look newer with a fresh coat of white paint.

It was given a more updated coastal look by changing the room’s colors into a contrast of white and baby blue.

The mantel is dropped and incorporates a black trim for the brick fireplace surround. From that warm, colonial revival look, it became a coastal boho vibe. 

4 painted brick fireplace ideas

This stacked, European brick, corner fireplace wall got a thick and heavy chalk painting and now it offers a shabby chic look for the living room.

The mantel and firebox look are maintained, and even then, it still gets a revamped look like no other. 

12 fireplace remodel ideas
Source: DIY Beautify

And if you are down with that grandmother look for your old brick fireplace, here is another white, chalk painted brick fireplace to spruce up your living room.

Adding that shiplap wall is a fine incorporation. And doing it in time for winter is just the best deal that you could ever go for and this one proves that. 

Here is another simple red to white makeover for your brick fireplace. The previous look is already a posh and standout, but it might not be versatile in the long run.

A white, more balanced decoration to adorn your fireplace keeps the design flexibility of your brick fireplace down the stretch. 

Modern painted brick fireplace

Who says that brick cannot be transformed into a modern aesthetic?

By using the principles of modern design which includes symmetry, monochromes, and clean lines, you can transform a dark and conventional brick fireplace into a modern looking one with the same bricks. 

Here, the reddish and orange tones of this corner fireplace is changed into a tapioca beige tone. This makeover just cost the homeowner around $145 since nothing changed.

A good old scrubbing and thorough cleaning and two layers of paint, and voila, you have this modern corner, gas fireplace. 

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8 painted brick fireplace ideas

This corner fireplace here on the other hand, had a total overhaul by painting not only the brick fireplace but also three corners of the entire living room white glossy, white paint.

The mantel and hearth’s color are maintained as well as the side cabinets and carpeting, but the furniture set is also given a whole new, modern, mid-century look. 

If you wish to change your cottage vibe living room into a modern, shabby chic design, you can ditch the rich, brown tones and go for this white, minimalist look with the brick in-lay painted with a new coat of blue-gray paint and white mortar.

The top half is now modern paneled instead of its previous bare wood backdrop. 

10 painted brick fireplace ideas

The effect of gray, white, and ivory tones in this upgraded, brick fireplace bedroom matches the balanced monochrome of this overhauled room.

From a raw and rugged bedroom retreat, it is transformed into a seemingly, floating painted brick fireplace and updated the furniture, cabinet, and even added a newer TV model. The modern flair to this transformation is truly uncanny. 

11 painted brick fireplace ideas

Black painted brick fireplace

For a modern, sleek flush in your brick fireplace, painting it with black is a good move. Having black undertones in the home has an underrated, extravagant appeal.

Depending on the style and location of the fireplace, a black paint gives it a standout look. 

Speaking of being a standout, this asymmetrical, corner fireplace is transformed from rustic to modern Victorian.

Nothing major is changed, including the open brick firebox, the wall art, and the metal stand. Sprucing up this small living room is an unlocked achievement for this black painted brick fireplace. 

12 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: DIY Inspired

Preparing the brick fireplace for some moody, autumn vibe? Try painting it with a light layer of black paint and white mortar in between.

The white mantel and frame are also repainted with a new coat of coral white paint as well as the accent decors. From distressed to contemporary, you would not believe that recoloring it was the only thing done here. 

13 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Jennifer Allwood Home

If you are dealing with a floor to ceiling fireplace with concrete walls and brick in-lays, might as well paint it with an all black look to transform it from something conventional to a more vintage look.

More than that, you are also accentuating the wall fireplace in a standout corner like this one here. 

14 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Made in a day

Gray painted brick fireplace

Another minimalist take on brick fireplaces would be retouching an old one with a splash of gray paint.

It is a softer hue to dark brown or black and an edgy, moody tone for light brown, beige, and white brick fireplace colors. Here are some ideas to consider. 

This living room followed a major overhaul, transitioning the place from old, brown bricks and full-on carpeting to an all-gray floor to ceiling gray brick fireplace on a contrast of warm, stained wood flooring.

The mantel revamp paved way for some color splashes from the accent decors and the old-fashioned chrome firebox is upscaled to sleek black. 

15 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: schneidermans

Here is another contemporary take on vintage brick fireplaces. Aside from the color, the minimalist mantel is retained. The bronze firebox is updated to olive green.

To make everything look cohesive, the pastel-colored walls are changed to a more neutral look of beige and moss green. This floor to ceiling, refurbished brick fireplace speaks for itself. 

16 painted brick fireplace ideas

Speaking of a more balanced tone, here is how you make a standout, corner fireplace with an all-gray tone.

The uniform look of the light gray walls, dull brown, wood flooring and darker gray tone for the floor to ceiling fireplace offer this one a subtle boho look.

The mantel is painted with the same gray color and the thoughtful placement of family pictures make it more intimate. 

17 painted brick fireplace ideas

For a charming, misty look, this asymmetrical, floor to ceiling, rustic brick fireplace is spruced up into a modern suburban look with this light gray brick fireplace revamp.

The mantel is changed into a darker wood tone and the firebox is changed from chrome to black. The accent decors are on point, and it made the room look brighter yet maintained the moody vibe of the previous one. 

18 painted brick fireplace ideas

Sometimes, it is all in the detail. If you want to exert time and effort in making sure that all the gray tones are there, you can draw inspiration from this previously burnt umber brick fireplace which was transformed into hand painted tones of various gray tones.

It is minimalist, very modern, and offers an edgy, cool tone to this asymmetrical living room. 

19 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: This Old House

Rustic painted brick fireplace

Rustic design schemes are always timeless. When we talk about hearth and home, this style is a go-to vibe.

Distressed brick and the rich, brown, and red tones of brick give us a rustic feel that is hard to miss. 

You have heard of whitewashing, but mortar washing is also an underrated method to give a brick fireplace its rustic, distressed tone.

For this one, the brick is softened with the mortar wash and the gold firebox enclosure is changed to an all-black case. 

20 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Dimples and Tangles

Preparing for a rustic themed holiday with family? Might as well refurbish your old-school reddish-brown fireplace into something lighter and more updated.

With the use of carefully chosen trinkets to line the mantel and hearth, you can keep the holiday mood burning and your spirits warm and alive. 

21 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Postcards from the ridge

If you think that lightening up a brown toned brick fireplace would not make it rustic, here is a sandy colored repainting that would prove you otherwise.

Transitioning from an encased fireplace to an open hearth, and keeping these built-in, rustic look floating shelves give it a balanced, and contemporary tone. 

22 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Jennifer Allwood Home

For an edgy, rustic mood for the fireplace, this ordinary looking, red brick fireplace is painted with a fresh coat of teal and framed the entire thing with this bold and thick, wood mantle.

The firebox is changed into a black colored one, dropping the formerly bronze firebox. To make it more earthy, a wood rack is placed on the corner. 

23 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Lovely etc

Whitewash painted brick fireplace

Another inexpensive and go-to remodeling scheme is whitewashing brick. It is done by applying a dash of watered-down paint giving the brick a light layer of paint and a washed, translucent look. 

For one, this floor to ceiling brick fireplace was upscaled using simple whitewashing and adding minimal accent pieces such as this wood mantel from reclaimed cedar wood and five-point, rustic star center piece to complete the look.

From distressed, farmhouse vibe to a chic farmhouse look, you can see how a small splash of paint could do so much. 

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24 painted brick fireplace ideas

From the warm tones of an old Craftsman home and simple side shelving and cabinetry, this is another proof how plain whitewashing is a convenient idea.

For the shelving and mantel, dull, army green paint is used as a complementing color. The fireplace enclosure is also updated to sleek black from the previous glass and gold trims. 

25 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Infarrantly Creative

And if you want an old-fashioned whitewash without changing anything from the previous look, this is a prime example of a thin coat of white paint on this old, brick fireplace.

Let us just allow this transformation to speak for itself. 

26 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Facebook

This barn house, chimney style, gas, and wood fireplace, is undeniably covered in soot.

The reddish-brown brick exposes them and the best way to clean them up and make sure that they do not appear again is painting it down with a translucent, grayish-white effect.

The addition of this central accent piece and the plant at the corner completes the look. 

27 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Brick anew

Dark grey painted brick fireplace

Using dark grey paint for your brick fireplace is another modern, industrial, and minimalist take on any brick fireplace.

It makes the room brooding and moody, keeping it warm, cozy and at the same time sophisticated. Proving these would be these ideas here. 

Speaking of modern yet moody, this charcoal grey transformation of a previously whitewashed brick fireplace wall and surround is everything you need for this bright walled living room.

The white hearth tiles are maintained to give it a polished look. What a way to make the room balanced and comfy at the same time. 

28 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Dans le lakehouse

If you have the time and money to splurge on a major brick fireplace makeover, you can invest in a two-toned gray brick fireplace and go for a more ornate firebox like this one.

From this old looking, pastel walled color which really does not strike an aesthetic sense, it is changed into a shabby chic look that you would not want to miss. 

29 painted brick fireplace ideas
Source: Shabby paints

For a more textured look, this conventional looking central fireplace for a small living room is turned to matte gray. To balance the tone, playful and colorful accent decors are lined in the mantel and in the raised hearth.

The contrast of that stained wood flooring and this dark grey brick fireplace gave it a contemporary splash.

Just to give you a transition image of the effect of dark grey paint to a wall fireplace, this makeover here makes a solid reference.

The only plan here is to change the paint color into two layers of cement gray paint. It is a low maintenance fireplace remodeling but even in a half-painted photo, you could already see that it is the right decision. 

31 painted brick fireplace ideas

Bright painted brick fireplace

If you want a trendier, more colorful brick fireplace, there is no limit to the colors that you can refurbish it with.

Choosing alternative, bright paints for the brick fireplace is thinking outside the box and none of them really disappoint. 

This conventional, very outdated brick fireplace and grandma furniture really need some serious refurbishing.

Giving it a blue green take, potted plants by the raised hearth, improved the effect of the stained wood mantle. Throwing in a new set of modern looking furniture sealed the deal for this one. 

32 painted brick fireplace ideas

Ever seen a green fireplace bloc? If you have not seen one yet, bring it to your living room for some color splash that would really make a bold statement in your living room.

The previous look was already chic and popping with color but overhauling it into this green color bloc is just phenomenal. And that black wood flooring? Extravagant. 

And if you dig the sandy tones of beige and old towns, here is something that you could refer to. From the reddish brown tones of traditional brick, the whole thing is changed to a sandy, more limestone color on a contrast of white mortar. 

34 painted brick fireplace ideas


Aside from the list of painted brick fireplace ideas, there are also important pointers and information that would help you in choosing the right paint for your brick fireplace and how to do it DIY. Hence, here are some FAQs about painted brick fireplaces to put in mind. 

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What color to paint a brick fireplace?

Brick fireplaces range from red, reddish-brown, maroon, to beige and burnt umber. The good news is that there is no limit to the colors used to paint brick fireplaces as we have already emphasized in this list here.

But if you want more versatile choices and easy to work with colors, choosing from different tones of neutrals is still the best choice. 

What color to paint the fireplace surround?

As per rule of thumb, the recommended colors to paint the fireplace surround would still be neutral colors. Since they do not sport a rigid warm or cool tone, they can essentially complement any color scheme.

Crispy white tones are a good choice to brighten the space but gray, off-white, beige and brown could help in softening the look of the brick fireplace. 

Can you paint tile around a fireplace?

Yes. But unlike painting a brick fireplace, it is not done directly. Aside from the basics of thorough cleaning, priming, and painting, dabbing a paint around a tile fireplace includes sanding until it is polished enough for the paint to adhere to the surface.

If you do not see yourself sanding the tile anytime, you can use a special bonding primer for the tiles. 

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What is a good finish for a brick fireplace’s mantel?

Oil based paint finishes are still the best choice for brick fireplace’s mantel.

You might have heard of intumescent coating for fireplace mantels but just to give illumination on that, while it is highly resistant, it puffs up when it is exposed to heat for a long time. So, while it is recommended, best be advised that it is not really a good option. 

Is a painted brick fireplace high maintenance?

Naked brick is essentially low maintenance so, compared to a painted brick, you could say that it is a tad high maintenance.

Nonetheless, if you paint the surface well and if you have chosen a good paint to dab it with, there is really no difference between maintaining a painted brick fireplace and a naked brick fireplace. 

Does painting brick ruin the material in the long run?

This one depends on what factor alone: good painting. When bricks are not painted well, they tend to absorb more moisture compared to naked bricks. But if the painting job is done at an expert level, it lasts for a hundred years and would just need regular repainting over time. 

Paint colors that go with a red brick fireplace

You might not believe it, but a red brick fireplace is more versatile than how you think it is. Some of the best colors that go with it would be the following:

  • Orange, blue, sage green, turquoise, and mint
  • Warm gray, white, tan

Which is better: To stain or paint on a brick fireplace?

There are two ways to approach this question about brick fireplaces. If by better you mean easier, staining is better than painting the brick fireplace.

Aesthetically, painting gives you more liberty to pop up the brick fireplace and give it a major overhaul. But staining also has its decorative perks because it brings out the natural color of bricks and in a warm and glossy way. 

Are red brick fireplaces already outdated? 

There are different arguments surrounding this but from a home development standpoint, as long as the red brick fireplace is maintained well, it still adds value to the home.

However, recent home improvement methods such as whitewashing, mortar washing and brick painting set the gap on the reselling value of homes with red brick fireplaces and those that are remodeled so, that is one thing to consider. 

How much does it cost to paint brick fireplaces?

Painted brick fireplaces have been emphasized here as a low-cost fireplace remodeling tip if not the cheapest of them all. On average, painting brick fireplaces are pegged at $4 per square foot. The most expensive range for painting brick fireplaces would be $200-800. 

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What kind of paint should be used in brick fireplaces?

We have mentioned this somewhere here but to answer this, the recommended paint to be used in painting brick fireplaces should be indoor, high-resistant, latex paints (flat, semi-gloss, or gloss).

Especially, choose a latex point with a 200F temperature grade. Note that paints are only good for the exterior and never on the firebox’s interior. 


To conclude, painted brick fireplaces are some of the most low-cost ways to improve the look of outdated brick fireplaces.

With the wide range of options that you can choose from and the different painting techniques that you can employ, there is a vast design scheme that you can approach for your brick fireplace. 

Most importantly, painted brick fireplaces can be done DIY and since it is inexpensive, you can change the vibe around your brick fireplace anytime. With this list here, you have a lot of upstart ideas to draw inspiration from.