36+ Best Stone Fireplace Ideas and Designs

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Just because they are only meant to offer extra warmth would not mean that fireplaces should be left with low aesthetics. The material used in fireplaces, like all other focal point accent pieces in a home, are essential in evoking the right vibe that you are going for.

Stone fireplaces for instance, are one of the most elegant, compelling views that you can add to your home. They are sturdy looking, rustic, warm, and intimate. 

If you are looking for some stone fireplace ideas that you could draw inspiration from, you have come to the right post because we shall run them down in a list here. We feature some notable ideas in different categories so without much ado, read on. 

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best stone fireplace ideas

Types of stone for fireplace

In a pool of natural stones, you might think it is easy to just choose one and stack it for a stone fireplace surround. Although stones are very flexible and durable materials, the following stones are the go-to choices for stone fireplaces. 

  • Limestone: one of the most inexpensive stones for fireplaces; used only for electric or gas fireplaces because they can crack due to heat intensity of traditional wood fireplaces. 
  • Slate: very durable and exhibits very high heat resistance; multi-colored; like limestone, only used for electric and gas fireplaces. 
  • Granite: mid-tier priced stone material for fireplaces; good to use for any type of fireplace; extremely durable; comes with many colors, patterns, and finishes.
  • Marble: softer than granite but equally durable and high heat resistant; can be used for different types of fireplaces; can be polished, unpolished and comes in many colors and patterns; expensive.
  • Soapstone: this one is loved for its soapy texture and gray green tones; volcanic stone made from high heat and pressure, so it is durable and good to use for any type of fireplace; more expensive than limestone and granite. 

36 stone fireplace ideas

Nothing lights up a home than a beautiful and cozy fireplace. To help you in narrowing down your choice when it comes to stone fireplaces, here are some of the most notable stone fireplace ideas across different design categories for you to draw ideas from. 

Stacked stone fireplace ideas

The raw beauty and elegance of stacked stone is unmatched even for fireplaces. They offer a compelling view but at the same time, their strong and hard contrast in a backdrop of crackling fire can also soften any outdoor or interior vibe. 

This one here is a fireplace wall made of stacked fieldstones. It has a very earthy, and outdoorsy look but it gives high aesthetic value to this transition room because it offers separation.

Carefully trimmed and stacked without patterns, it is indeed a raw beauty, fit for a focal point in any living room. 

1 stone fireplace ideas

It is not a conventional choice, but you can also have a stacked river stone fireplace like this one here. If you want to go for a modern farmhouse appeal, this is a good idea to draw inspiration from.

The curation of these white, gray, and beige river stones is a stunner in this white walled, compact living room. The cohesiveness of the colors and tones give it a clean look and the brick hearth of the fireplace define the farmhouse touch.  

2 stone fireplace ideas

Outdoor stone fireplace ideas

Setting a stone fireplace outdoors might be the coziest nook in the home. The traditional look of wood and fire, surrounded by intimate seating, is enough to upscale a home. 

This one here is very dreamy and in a backdrop of the winter frost, looks very dramatic at best.

The carefully shaped, stacked flagstones enclosing the wood and fire fireplace may seem enough for you to get a warm feel but the addition of the warm glow of the string lights, the wooden pergola and minimal seating, offer a luxurious, old town look. 

3 stone fireplace ideas

And speaking of warmth and intimacy, this all-stone fireplace enclosure in a large estate is a separate, standalone nook located in the middle of lush greens. This contrast brings a lot of natural tones and earthy contrast.

The use of stacked cobblestones for the pillars and fireplace and the polished stone for the flooring radiate luxury and timelessness. 

4 stone fireplace ideas

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Stone fireplace ideas with TV

A built-in or mounted TV in a stone fireplace wall or above a stone fireplace surround adds a lot of modernity in a living room. It is also a great way to convene the family around, either for entertainment or down time chilling and stories around the fireplace. 

If you want to have that lodge type living room, complete with large river stones, stacked in gapped lines using concrete, this is one way to incorporate a TV above the fireplace.

It works even for compact living rooms like this as it gives a relaxed, snuggly feeling to the entire room. The contrast of natural tones also proves to be a good touch. 

5 stone fireplace ideas

This is another farmhouse, rustic look but with the modern flair of a mounted TV. This brick stone fireplace wall gives that distressed look that is popular in Southern styles.

The wood mantle along with rustic accent decors provide separation for the electric fireplace and the TV. The warm tones of the living room also add to that rustic touch. The TV and the fireplace are the focal points of this room, and their placement is on point. 

6 stone fireplace ideas

Stone fireplace surround ideas

Encasing your fireplace in a stone surround makes it a real eye catcher. Whatever vibe you want to get out of it, you can have an array of options to choose from. From polished stone to stacked jagged stones, you can transform any living room with stone fireplace surround.  

You would think at first glance that this marble stone fireplace surround is prefab with those fine stripes and flush of color patterns. The truth is, it is all natural, sourced specifically from Turkey and Greece where these marble stripes and patterns are found.

With the fine balance of light and dark contrast, this stone fireplace surround gives you the best of both worlds. 

7 stone fireplace ideas

To strike a long-lasting look and the right balance between contemporary and rustic, this sandstone plank fireplace surround is a good choice for you.

The sandstone planks are very versatile, giving just enough country look without overpowering the contemporary, chic appeal of this glassed living room. Stylish and rugged, you have everything in place. 

8 stone fireplace ideas

Stone fireplace wall ideas

Fireplace walls are exemplary. They can give a design separation to the home, adding texture and color to the room, and giving a dreamy effect to the fireplace because it accentuates it firmly as the focal point of the living room. 

This one is a prime example of the combo between old school stonework with the clean lines of interlocking but jagged edge limestones and the sophistication of modern design.

Built along the stair wall, nothing gets posher than seeing a clear view of the room by the stair landing and an unobtrusive view of the second floor with the warmth of the electric fireplace. 

9 stone fireplace ideas

If you happen to have a high ceiling living room, it is straight majestic to have a floor to ceiling stone fireplace wall beaming on a balanced contrast of neutral tones.

The light gray walls and white window trims are the perfect tones for this floor to ceiling dark gray fireplace wall with a classy wood mantle. The symmetry of the TV and the electric fireplace adds to the neat look of this stacked stone fireplace wall. 

10 stone fireplace ideas

Stone veneer fireplace ideas

Just because veneers are made from cement and stone aggregates would not mean that they cannot look stunning when used for fireplaces. They still have the raw, jagged edges of natural stone and their natural colors also are unmatched.  

This stone fireplace surround features charcoal gray and black ledge veneers stacked through a stone glue in an interlocking form.

It is perfect for this compact living room since the dark contrast makes it a standout focal point which keeps the room feel more spacious and airier. The wood mantle is also a great touch along with the retro artwork lined on top. 

11 stone fireplace ideas

This next one here sports a travertine stacked stone veneer to give a warm, rustic twist to a small living room. The use of earthy colors like beige, tan, and cream in a backdrop of white walls, polished stone flooring and large carpet, give it a full and cozy look which is hard to miss. 

12 stone fireplace ideas

Modern stone fireplace ideas

We all love the clean lines, symmetries, and out of the box design schemes of modern stone fireplaces. They can be crafty, elegant, and straight eccentric in tone on a stack of polished or rough textured stones. 

Speaking of eccentric yet clean lines with an air of luxury and high sophistication, this urban, modern stone fireplace wall is something that is worth recreating.

With an all-glass wall, a city view, and minimalist décor, this in-wall, gas stone fireplace, using stacked, interlocking granite, is everything you need for a relaxing retreat. 

13 stone fireplace ideas

For a modern, functional stone fireplace, this seaside home makes use of polished marble countertop as the enclosure or surround for its central, electric fireplace.

The minimalism of the fireplace itself makes it a handy focal point which you can place anywhere every time you clean and reposition the furniture. This one provides a cozy look in a backdrop of rolling waves. 

14 stone fireplace ideas

Fireplace hearth stone ideas

When it comes to fireplace hearths, the best design scheme must be continuity. Hence, using the same stone material for the enclosure and the extended hearth is essential in keeping a warm tone for the fireplace. 

This one here is a clean combo for wood and stained, cut flagstones. The white, wooden mantle that extends into an outer enclosure softens the look of the stained flagstone surround and the accompanying hearth. And because it is a bit elevated, the fireplace as the focal point is greatly emphasized. 

15 stone fireplace ideas

For a contemporary, chalet style living room fireplace, this one here features rugged cuts of flagstone stacks up to the hearth. The black, wooden mantle gives it a bolder edge as well as the ornate iron screen of the gas fireplace.

The addition of this colorful wall art and task light, in an area surrounded by warm and rich brown tones give you the idea that fireplace hearths need not be very wide and very large. 

16 stone fireplace ideas

Stone fireplace mantel ideas

Adding a mantel to a fireplace is not just for decorative purposes. Most of the time, it lies on the more functional side as it looks like a floating shelf for decorations and other accent pieces. It also gives separation to the decors and the fireplace itself. 

If you want a complete look for a corner stone fireplace wall, the best balancing feature for this granite stone fireplace wall would be a simple wooden mantel. It is directly mounted on the stone wall where minimal accent decors are cleanly lined.

The same mahogany color is used for the wooden mantle which goes uniformly with the color of the exposed beam. 

17 stone fireplace ideas

If you want the traditional wood and stone fireplace combo, you can use a classy, wooden mantel style to act as outer enclosure and mantel for this polished granite stone fireplace surround. The stone style extends to the hearth, so everything looks clean and cohesive. 

18 stone fireplace ideas

This polished marble tile, interlocked like old school brick stones offer a clean and rustic look that is enhanced by this reclaimed wood mantel on top of the fireplace surround.

The darker color schemes of the stone fireplace and the reclaimed wood make the room warmer and evokes a suburban chic style around this white piece and beige jute rug. 

19 stone fireplace ideas

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Painted stone fireplace ideas

To match any stone material and stone color to your living room, know that you can directly paint the stones in your fireplace. Just make sure that you use a high heat resistant latex paint to craft your painted stone fireplace the way you want it to be. 

This refurbished corner fireplace was once raw gray but with a new coat of black latex paint, it now has a glossy yet textured, modern coat which matches those white, industrial style candelabras on those separately mounted, stone sort of mantels. 

20 stone fireplace ideas

For a luxurious tone, you can add a very thin spray of white, latex paint over your granite stone fireplace wall.

It provides a beautiful and luxurious floor to ceiling stone fireplace wall that you can adorn with simply anything and the central fireplace would still be standout. Simplicity is beauty? This look gets it perfectly. 

21 stone fireplace ideas

If you just cannot get enough of the old school look of brick stone fireplaces, you could modernize it a bit by directly painting it with dark mahogany tones and just apply bright, white grout in between.

The mix of herringbone and interlocking patterns offer a glamorous look to this traditional fireplace. 

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22 stone fireplace ideas

Stone and shiplap fireplace ideas

Shiplap walls are very trendy in interior designs nowadays. They are made of tightly, interlocked wooden boards in narrow, vertical lines. The combo of stone and wood is unparalleled, so a stone and shiplap fireplace is just phenomenal. 

If you are going for a neutral stone and shiplap fireplace, this white shiplap wall and dark gray granite fireplace surround is such a polished design for a central fireplace.

The combination of lighter gray walls and white window trims evoke such a relaxed and rustic mood. Using the right tone of furniture makes all these cohesive. 

23 stone fireplace ideas

On the other hand, you can make a fusion of a shiplap wall and painted limestone fireplace like this one.

The smooth texture of the shiplap wall, and the glossy, bumpy surface of the rugged limestone fireplace offer a very neat look which is apt for any type of living room design. This one is a prime example of how dainty and classy an all-white stone fireplace would look like. 

24 stone fireplace ideas

Natural stone fireplace ideas

Nothing beats the authentic beauty of natural stone fireplaces. With their raw, jagged look, textured surfaces, and mix of natural colors, they look elegant on their own.

The good part, there are limitless mix and matches as well as designs that you could go for when it comes to natural stone fireplaces. 

If you are looking for a sensational natural stone fireplace for a compact living room, staining stacked stones to create a natural stone wall infused with side cabinets and white wood mantel, this is a look to draw inspiration from. This lodge style central fireplace is a haven that is hard to forget. 

25 stone fireplace ideas

And for a more contemporary flair, that really makes a bold statement in an upscale living room, this natural stone, fireplace wall, with wood segments, and rectangular electric fireplace is a remodeling gem to take idea from.

It is elegant and the multi-colored granite stone offers a cool corner to this warm toned living room. 

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26 stone fireplace ideas

Corner stone fireplace ideas

Having a corner stone fireplace is good for asymmetrical living rooms, compact spaces, or just to have an angled look for your fireplace.

The use of stones for a corner fireplace is an aesthetic gesture that never runs out of style because it gives a standout space in a dry looking room. 

For one, this cabin style living room throws in a rustic, irregular shaped corner fireplace made of irregularly trimmed stone slabs.

The brick stone mantel and hearth, alongside the iron casing of the fireplace offer a balanced look to these rich brown tones of all-wood. This one is the epitome of a warm, cozy, and intimate corner fireplace. 

27 stone fireplace ideas

For a more sophisticated, out of the box corner fireplace that can be enjoyed at all angles, you can adopt this open, electric, corner fireplace made of manufactured herringbone style, faux stones.

It offers a modern ambiance and acts as a transition between the living room and the dining area. 

28 stone fireplace ideas

If you are eyeing a stone fireplace for your bedroom, angling it at the corner is a good placement to maximize the room and give it more depth and texture.

This one here makes use of stacked flagstones with a thick, reclaimed wood mantle to give the same warmth as the fire from this gas fireplace. The mix and match of materials here offer a Mediterranean look like no other. 

29 stone fireplace ideas

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Contemporary stone fireplace ideas

As in modern designs, contemporary designs are heavy on neutrals like gray, white, and beige, among others. For stone fireplaces, you can make a more contemporary statement from stone fireplace walls or surrounds. 

For instance, this one features cool tones of interlocking blue, white, gray, and yellow limestones for the stone fireplace wall.

The central electric fireplace is a sight to behold but with the addition of side stone mantels and elevated hearth give it a standout appeal. The dark brown wood mantel on top which separates the fireplace, and the TV is also simple yet phenomenal. 

30 stone fireplace ideas

The use of glass walls has always been regarded as a contemporary and industrial design scheme, giving a lot of natural light, illusion of space and an airy look.

This contemporary style living room is filled by this thick painted, granite fireplace wall with a central, traditional fire and wood fireplace. The addition of warm toned neutrals gives it an overall polished look. 

31 stone fireplace ideas

Following the same idea from the previous design, this one overextends the stone fireplace wall to occupy the whole stretch of one of the living room’s corners.

With thick, multi paned windows, gray flooring, and chic style furniture, you get this sleek, contemporary looking central electric fireplace. It is homey, cool, and intimate at the same time. 

32 stone fireplace ideas

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Traditional stone fireplace ideas

When we talk about traditional fireplaces, we are referring to the curved base and columnar top which channels the smoke to the chimneys. They are usually made of bricks and natural stone slabs but nowadays, they can be upscaled through staining. 

This one here follows the template of the curved base and chimney column but with the use of stained natural stones, with bright white, grout.

Stacked in an interlocking manner, with an extended hearth, it gives you a rustic, coastal look like no other. 

33 stone fireplace ideas

For a lodge style stone fireplace, this stone slab, stacked fireplace is an old school touch. It offers a compelling view to buffer the soft look of the rich, warm tones of this all-wood cabin living room. The iron casing of the traditional fire and wood fireplace is also a delight to see. 

34 stone fireplace ideas

Cultured stone fireplace ideas

Cultured stone, as the term implies, are not natural stones. They are engineered stones made of aggregate and concrete cladding that were especially designed to be the lightweight versions of natural stones. Here are some ideas to consider if you want a cultured stone for your fireplace. 

This hearth fireplace is made of multicolored cultured stones that look like large, stacked river stones. It makes a trendy statement for a central fireplace wall with a reclaimed wood mantle that gives it a rustic, low-key tone. 

35 stone fireplace ideas

This other one here features cultured, jagged, granite interlocking stones. The wooden wall creates a perfect contrast for this look and the vertical wooden siding for the stone fireplace wall offers a phenomenal accent to this hearth fireplace.

The wooden mantel gives a balanced segment to the look and the iron casing of the fireplace is an elegant touch. 

36 stone fireplace ideas


How much does it cost to put up a stone fireplace? 

The answer to this depends on the type of stone used and the design and dimension of the stone fireplace to be constructed. For one, a stone veneer fireplace costs $60-80 per square foot.

Natural stones are more expensive at $100-300 per square foot. A whole masonry fireplace, including materials and labor cost would cost you $3000-6000. 

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Does a stone fireplace add value to your home?

Yes. As a matter of fact, any fireplace would give you a 100% ROI for their total cost. But when it comes to the value that stone fireplaces add to your home, contractors and real estate brokers alike would say that you get 110-130% of ROI for stone fireplaces, specifically full masonry fireplaces.

Overall, the National Association of Realtors designates a 12% guaranteed additional value to a home with a stone fireplace. 


As we have covered here, there is no limit to what you can do to a stone fireplace. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of stone options to choose from, the designs for how you can stack or frame them are also limitless.

Having a stone fireplace is extraordinary because the look alone already exudes warmth. It is rustic, low-key elegant, and inviting, all at once. 

With all of these, we could say straightforwardly that having a stone fireplace is worth the shot. Practicality wise, it adds to the selling points of a property should you decide to sell it in the future. Other than that, it really pays to have a cozy, standout nook where family and friends could get together.