64+ Creative DIY Bookshelf Ideas and Plans

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A house without books will not really remain true to all of the word’s implications for many people, so bookshelf designs that allow space for both old and modern volumes are a must-have in any architectural design plan.

Books, as well as a variety of other objects, maybe a genuinely attractive decorative element in any space, so it’s critical that either the bookshelves on which they’re placed and how they’re displayed on those shelves maximize their display possibilities.

Fortunately, these ideas will give you the courage you really ought to make your bookcases pop out in your living area. Here are some of our favorite living room bookshelf design ideas.

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64+ Best DIY Bookshelf Ideas

best diy bookshelf ideas

1. Keep it simple in appearance.

1 bookshelf ideas designs

In a modern lounge room, bookshelves should be as basic and discreet as the rest of the decor, and in this one designed with Interiors of House of Jade, the white shelving complements the space’s clean walls.

While the discussion about rotating books such that the contents instead of the spines are visible is a contentious one, it’s a great way to keep a room like this clean and moderate palette of walls, floors, and furniture from being disrupted by a slew of various colors.

2. Lines of Contrast

2 bookshelf ideas designs

For a lovely bookshelf, think about the proportions of the things on display. For a delightful contrast, the alignments of the textbooks are contrasted against the curving shapes of the ornamental elements and the contour of the flora throughout this Emily June Designs space. The standalone bookshelf’s decor notion adds to the milder organic shapes.

If all you have on your bookshelves are books? To create a difference between straight lines and vertical shelves, consider arranging some books vertically and horizontally to generate a contrast.

3. Make room for a showcase.

3 bookshelf ideas designs

Minimalist home storage for objects other than beloved volumes is added by a base cabinet underneath a bookshelf, as well as the literature themselves are easily accessible without having to stoop down. A bookcase such as this in Sara Cosgrove Studio’s design, however, has another advantage.

When compared to the shelves, this cabinet’s level allows for more display space without obstructing the area allocated to books, which is especially useful if a room’s floor space for furniture is restricted.

4. Return to the kitchen with it.

4 bookshelf ideas designs

When you’re designing a home, think about adding bookcases to your kitchen’s space. Louise Wicksteed adds, “Kitchens are generally disregarded when it comes to bookshelves, yet they are really beneficial for keeping cookbooks beyond easy reach when making a meal.”

The kitchen shelf might be hidden away behind an island or hung on the walls. Just like choosing an accent color for a range or placing an area rug in the dining, shelves are a terrific way to bring a burst of color to that same space.

5. Pay close attention to the shelves’ backs.

5 bookshelf ideas designs

In terms of aesthetics, it’s not simply what’s on a shelf that matters, and one approach to make shelving more appealing is to give the goods on display some intriguing backdrop.

Sims Hilditch, a London-based interior design firm located in Gloucestershire, used a spot pattern to cover the backs of the bookcases in this room. ‘A joyful and whimsical vibe is created by neutrally colored bedroom bookshelves featuring a wallpapered background behind,’ says lead designer Louise Wicksteed.

6. A doorway should be worked around.

6 bookshelf ideas designs

Be motivated by this approach if you need to make room for more books while also showcasing beautiful items in your house. The living room shelf is created over the double doors as well as surrounding the entryway from one area to the next.

These shelves are wide enough to hold baskets, along with books and china, so they may be used to store objects that wouldn’t look good on show. You’ll feel opulent and your home will be a hundred times more sophisticated as a result of its gorgeous design.

7. Make a bedroom out of bookshelves.

7 bookshelf ideas designs

Incorporating book storage solutions at the base of the bed into a bedroom — a popular reading place for many people – is one of our preferred bookshelf design ideas. The major feature is a bookcase that channels the mood, since the occupant of this area wanted the principal bedroom to feel intimate.

This design was created in collaboration with Kelly Cusimano, an architect, to create a space that is packed with awe and warmth, which is frequently the sense you get while reading a fantastic book. Farrow & Ball’s paint hues are uncommon and provide a touch of heat to the room, adding to its overall friendliness.

8. Add a personal touch

8 bookshelf ideas designs

Once it comes to what’s on display, it’s quite personal to create a functional home library. Elizabeth Krueger from Elizabeth Krueger Design adds, “Bookcases are one of those gorgeous touches in a residence that is equal parts utility and aesthetic.” ‘They’re a great way to personalize any place with a little personality.’

You’ll be left with a room that seems completed and fascinating whether you load them with bright coffee table books, attractive accessories, significant family pictures, or engaging art.  Alternatively, to create dimension, depth, and a particular flare, place paintings across the base of the shelf.

9. Room Divider with Wooden Crate Bookshelf

9 bookshelf ideas designs

With these creative wooden boxes, you can add some aesthetic appeal while also organizing chaos. Allow yourself plenty of space to store trinkets, books, and potted plants while maintaining the other end of the room from out of sight by arranging them as you see fit. 

Your attention will be pulled to the unique exhibits you construct in these hardwood cubbies as you walk into the room, while also giving your living space a sense of purpose.

10. Assume the Risk

10 bookshelf ideas designs

We fault it on a few too many “Beauty and the Beast” previews as children, but something about a moving library-style staircase that’s quite magical.

If you have higher shelves with books that are out of reach, it provides a certain elegance and works nicely. To give your shelves an antique feel, pick up a salvaged item.

You’ll want to grab a blanket, a good book, and get lost in a different world as soon as you walk inside this lovely area. It’s just beautiful in every aspect!

11. Landing on a stairway

11 bookshelf ideas designs

The level region midway among floors, or the area directly after the stairway finishes, might be referred to as a stair platform. These are the regions which are most prone to be squandered since not many individuals are informed of how to make the most of them. This room, on the other hand, may be transformed with a little imagination. 

To make it contemporary, the very first step you have to do is install some simple bookshelves and paint them white. The low shelves in the picture above may also be used as a handrail, a photo display space, or a study light.

12. Steps to the top of the stairs

12 bookshelf ideas designs

For those who aren’t aware, narrow sidewalks may also be used as a bookshelf area without sacrificing too much room. Because we don’t know how to utilize most tight areas at home, they may be pretty difficult.

You may also turn it into a bookshelf section with just a little work. By employing sleek, wall-mounted, and fashionable storage for your property, they also create wonderful shelves for your houseplants.

13. Seats in the bay window

13 bookshelf ideas designs

You may enjoy while perusing your favorite genre of literature while sitting on this innovative bookshelf featuring a window seat. It also allows you more space to place the books at the bottom of the shelf.

If you don’t fill up the space around the bay window with chairs, it becomes a useless space. You’ll simply need cushions, white built-in cabinet, and a cushion seat to make this style of bookshelf.

Another alternative is to create a curving bookcase by the large window which you can use as a focal point. It’s a pretty pleasant place with a lot of natural daylight. As a result, don’t be concerned since you may make the most of your bay window by adding bookshelves.

14. In the study room, a low bookshelf

14 bookshelf ideas designs

By installing low shelves in your office, you’ll be more productive and have more innovative ideas. When the youngsters are studying in the room, they may also use it to keep their favorite books.

Your study will also be well-organized thanks to the low bookshelf. No matter how big or little your study area is, you can still make it pleasant by shopping for this low bookcase at locations like IKEA or somewhere else online.

15. Bookshelves on the kitchen island

15 bookshelf ideas designs

A kitchen island with seating is a popular choice for many homeowners who want to use it as a place to entertain. You may, however, turn your center island into a bookcase. It’s not only attractive, but it’s also a novel solution to increase storage capacity!

The kitchen counter will become an expansion of this wood paneling countertop featuring white divisions. It does, however, appear to be a lovely library on the exterior of the kitchen.

16. Headboard for bedroom

16 bookshelf ideas designs

Depending on your desired style, you may turn a bed frame into a bookcase with a variety of inventive solutions. Construct a long bookcase spanning wall to wall in your room to store and show your books.

Because white is a clean, bright color that blends in well with any furnishings, you may make the space appear larger by coloring it white. For the nerds who read all night in their bed, this is a terrific idea!

17. Play with symmetry and color

There are a multitude of methods to display your book collection. Dabbling with symmetry and color is a simple method to keep your bookshelves neat and tidy while without completely removing what you’re wanting to demonstrate.

The blue bookshelves are already a powerful central focus in the living area displayed here.

Nonetheless, the meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the bookshelves and how they’re arranged on each one creates a well-balanced and elegant look.

18. Try something new and different.

18 bookshelf ideas designs

While there’s nothing wrong with filling every inch of an area with books, there are times when you’d rather go for a more minimalist approach.

If you want to show off a collection of books that you’ve carefully selected, consider putting simply one maybe two on every shelf to make them stand out.

Because you’ll have more space, you can also put them lengthwise and pile them one in front of the other—the unusual positioning will undoubtedly draw the attention of the people.

19. Reverse the order of your books

19 bookshelf ideas designs

Look no farther if you want to make a one-of-a-kind impression. Instead of showing your books’ spines, flip them around and exhibit the reverse.

Because of the combination of the paler pages with the furnishings, this works much better if your partitions and bookshelf are a dark hue. Who doesn’t enjoy a little mystery?

Bring people together with this really attractive bookcase that will only get great feedback from the people who see it.

20. Make bold decisions

20 bookshelf ideas designs

Who thought built-ins could make such a difference? These shelves are transformed into something absolutely remarkable with a touch of royal and on-trend purple paint.

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the colorful bookshelf mixed with the orange couch, which creates a pleasant setting in which to debate your preferred chapters with the others.

With this one-of-a-kind bookshelf concept, you can make a statement and showcase your ingenuity. You’ll fall in love with its brilliant hues, which will go well with the rest of your furniture!

21. Keep It Small

21 bookshelf ideas designs

It might be difficult to deal with the positioning of windows and bookcases, but it is not unattainable. Smaller bookshelves give a lovely image while without obstructing any of your good lighting.

Smaller bookcases may also give a streamlined aesthetic that looks attractive and coherent if you own a fireplace, as demonstrated in this living area.

22. Go against the grain.

22 bookshelf ideas designs

Don’t be put off by the standard shelf alternatives if you want a more diverse look. Floating shelves which are fully hidden by your books create a lovely floating look and may also be used to exhibit other decorative things.

Take it one step beyond using unusual objects to display your books—we love how this wall uses old-fashioned tables to display books.

With this magnificent and unique bookcase that is unlike any other, you will undoubtedly be the talk of the town.

23. DIY Bookshelf in Rectangular Shaped Reclaimed Wood

23 bookshelf ideas designs

To make this beautiful geometric bookcase, think beyond the box. In the style you prefer, it’s a quick and easy DIY project that provides you all the storage space you’ll need.

The rectangular forms emit line segments from every aspect, echoing from corner to corner and up and down. 

This fascinating geometric bookcase, which is the bold look you’ve been looking for, will increase your display space as well as book-shelving opportunities.

24. Mid-Century Modern Bookcase with Easy Access

24 bookshelf ideas designs

It might be difficult to find a bookshelf that is easy enough for little children to use, but with this modern DIY bookcase, your children will have no trouble putting their hands on books.

There’s enough space on two shelves to arrange your literature and even showcase a few favorite trinkets. To maximize the most out of your area, place them underneath an eave.

25. Bookshelves for the Playroom with Painted Spice Racks

25 bookshelf ideas designs

When it relates to frugally introducing practical and enjoyable elements to your house, reimagining is possibly the best way to live. The size of such spice racks makes them ideal for use as bookcases in a child’s playroom. 

To organize books by subject, author, or color, a group of four works well. Adding a new coat of paint not just to make them seem nicer, but it also helps them transfer from the galley to the playroom.

26. Wooden Shelves and an Industrial Bookshelf

26 bookshelf ideas designs

With this contemporary bookshelf, you may create unique furnishings for your house. It will come to life as a new steel bookcase suitable for your living area with a thick layer of smooth black paint.

To create a fresh appearance, flip this over and then use the low ledges to house some colored wooden planks. For a little investment, you already have tons of additional storage.

27. Bedside Bookshelf Crate Trio Tower

27 bookshelf ideas designs

Here’s a bookcase that’s just the correct size to sit next to the bed. This fantastic bookcase is made by horizontally stacking three wooden crates.

To offer the shelves an even more finished look and feel, some craft paper or wallpaper has been put to the back to finish the project. 

A handy dandy skyscraper bookcase that’s suitable for any kid’s room or spare bedroom is finished with a layer of white paint.

28. Wall-mounted child’s bookshelf with four levels

28 bookshelf ideas designs

Maintain your child’s personal library organized and displayed just on the wall to keep the space nice and tidy. It’s simple to locate the correct book when he or she has all of her or his favorite novels in front of him or her.

The four big wooden bookshelves make a great wall art display while also providing lots of storage space. 

This is a great way to use a little area in a playroom, a bedroom, or at the end of a corridor.

29. Laminate Bookcase with a Really Red Paint Job

29 bookshelf ideas designs

Check out this fast and affordable upgrade for your bookshelf if you’re on a tight budget but would like to give it a fresh appearance. An old, low-budget bookshelf such as this one constructed of laminate featuring a compressed board base is a fantastic partner for a coat of blackboard paint. 

Your house will be a welcome fresh breath of air with the vivid hue of red, which really expresses an opinion and gives it a totally new look.

30. Industrial Pipe Bookshelf on a Tabletop that is Small and Unique

30 bookshelf ideas designs

This unusual and distinctive bookcase will add extra space and beauty to the base of your small table. It’s exactly the right size to fit on the pinnacle of your desk, and it’s big enough to contain all of your favorite novels.

Keep your number of books easily accessible while also adding a touch of elegance to your space. The transformation of industrial tubes into this compact bookcase adds a unique element to your house.

31. Established Home Library Wall from ceiling to floor

31 bookshelf ideas designs

Every bookworm has a right to her or his own unique collection of books. Even if you’re not a big reader, everyone may benefit from more space.

Just what you’d expect from a huge and capable built-in. The bottom panel of cabinets has lots of space for storage, whereas the top section of open shelves gives you more space to arrange and show your valuables.

Make the most of empty wall space in your house by turning it into a stunning floor-to-ceiling book collection.

32. Natural and Shabby Chic Rustic

32 bookshelf ideas designs

With the installation of these easy DIY wooden shelves, you can double your storage space. Your blonde natural wood will undoubtedly keep its part of the deal if it is attached to the panel with basic white brackets.

These hardwood shelves, which are long and slim, are strong enough to accommodate your whole collection of books as well as some colorful decorations.

33. Wooden and White Tiered Nook Bookshelf

33 bookshelf ideas designs

Install this six-tiered oak shelf in an unused area of your home to make the most of your room. It has a lot of storage yet doesn’t take up a lot of room on the floor.

To make locating your favorite book a snap, stack your selection of classics or recent mysteries on the shelves.

34. Bookcase made of scrap wood and rustic pipe

34 bookshelf ideas designs

Include this modern bookshelf into the mix if you want to give your house a purposeful look. This unit is built with metal pipes to give a stable basis for most of your personal favorites and ornaments, as well as some stunning salvaged wood shelves. Everyone of your literature will adore their new home.

35. Bookshelf with Wooden Decorative Wall Tree

35 bookshelf ideas designs

With this oak tree shelf, you can make a striking statement. Your personal library will continue to increase as the vines stretch out.

The varied heights provide lots of book-shelving capacity, while the exquisite and imaginative positioning of the twigs enraptured the eye. It’s a beautiful appearance

36. DIY Spine Bookshelf

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37. DIY tree bookshelf

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38. DIY Crate Bookshelf

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39. Big box store bookshelf

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40. Reading room bookcase

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41. DIY Pallet Bookcase

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42. Easy Crate Bookshelf

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43. Entryway bookshelf

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44. DIY Brick Bookshelf

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45. DIY Crates and Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf

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46. DIY Ladder Shelves

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47. Strong tie bookshelf

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48. DIY Skateboard Shelf

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49. Wooden plywood boxes

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50. DIY Industrial Piping Shelves

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51. DIY leather strap shelf

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52. Floating bookshelf

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53. Free standing bookshelf

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54. Horizontal Ladder Bookshelf

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55. Metal Basket Bookshelf

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56. Galvanised Steel Pipe Shelf

Galvanised Steel Pipe Shelf Easy DIY Bookshelf Ideas and Plans

57. Modern DIY Bookshelf

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58. DIY Wood Bookshelf

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59. Toscana bookshelf

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60-63. More DIY Bookshelf Ideas

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Easy DIY Bookshelf Ideas and Plans
Easy DIY Bookshelf Ideas and Plans

64. Starburst bookshelf

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How much does it cost to make a bookshelf?

When we say make your own bookshelf, we mean building a bookshelf from scratch. This is more than just assembling IKEA furniture or putting in DIY shelving for a ready-made bookcase.

Readily made bookshelf prices range from $25 to $150 or more depending on the height, weight, and material used for them. You can even get them cheaper if you have them installed as a fixture of sorts as part of your home. When making your own bookshelf, it typically takes you $60 to make a decent-sized 7-foot one.

What kind of wood should I use for a bookshelf?

Many homeowners might opt to buy a bookshelf instead of make one because the materials for such a project tend to cost more. The stain or paint of the bookshelf alone will triple the cost.

At any rate, you should use A/C-grade or cabinet-grade plywood because that’s good for construction purposes. The A-side of the wood will typically be exposed or be the front-facing part of the furniture you’re trying to build.

The wood’s C-side, on the other hand, will need to be sanded to remove imperfections before it’s painted or varnished for good measure.

How thick should wood be for shelves?

You should use ¾-inch thick wood when making the bookcase structure and the shelves themselves. This will help you ensure that the whole thing won’t sag when push comes to shove.

You want a solid foundation for your bookshelf that could hold a host of books without looking like it’s about to implode or collapse on itself, after all.

If you’re using hardwood solids instead of cabinet-grade plywood for your shelf, it’s okay to boost the thickness to 1¼-inches for greater support. This shelf type is expensive and will look more like a mantle, but it’s worth it for the craftsmanship.

What is the standard size of a bookcase?

A four-shelf bookcase can be as small as 54 inches or 4½ feet. It can be as big as 84 inches or 7 feet. As for standard, narrow bookshelves with four shelves, they have a width of 24 inches or 2 feet.

A wide four-shelf bookcase, meanwhile, has a width of 45 inches or 3¼ feet. The depth of the book case can range from 12 inches to 14⅝ inches. You’ll also need power tools such as a ⅜-inch non-corded drill, a jigsaw, a dual-action sander, chisel set, sandpaper, screws, wood glue, and so forth.

How do you fill a bookshelf without books?

There are a few different ways to fill a bookshelf without books. One way is to use decorative items to fill the space. This could include vases, sculptures, ornaments, and so on. Another option is to use baskets or bins to store items on the shelf.

This can be a great way to keep things organized and hidden away. You could also use plants to fill the shelf. This can be a great way to add some life to the space and to make it feel more homey.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that the items you use are in proportion to the size of the bookshelf. You don’t want it to look cluttered or messy.

How do you make a bookshelf look good?

There are a few things you can do to make a bookshelf look good. First, make sure that you use the right type of bookshelf for your space. Second, choose the right color and style for your home. Third, decorate the shelf with accessories. And finally, arrange the books on the shelf in a visually appealing way. By following these tips, you can create a bookshelf that is both functional and stylish.

Are bookcases out of style?

Bookcases are not out of style, but they are becoming less popular. This is because many people are choosing to store their books electronically instead of in physical form. However, there are still many people who prefer to have a physical bookcase in their home.

If you are one of these people, there are a few things you can do to make your bookcase look modern and stylish. First, choose a sleek, minimalist style for your bookcase. Second, use bright colors or interesting patterns to add visual interest. Third, accessorize with objects that reflect your personal style. And fourth, arrange the books on the shelf in an interesting way.

What do you put on the bottom of bookshelves?

The bottom of bookshelves can be filled with a variety of things, depending on what you want to use them for. Some people put fabric or carpeting down to protect the shelf and the books from being scratched, while others put down vinyl tiles or wood planks to create a solid surface.

You could also put down a layer of insulation to keep your books warm in the winter, or a layer of plastic to keep them dry in the rain. Whatever you choose to put down, make sure it is secure and will not move around.


Buying a bookshelf is typically cheaper than building one. You might wish to order one on Amazon.com or find one you fancy at a hardware store for delivery to your home.

Doing this project is intimidating enough to either make you bite the bullet and buy a bookshelf or hire a carpenter to make your own bookshelf design at a specified height and width. However, a true DIY homeowner will see all these requirements, shrug, and get to work immediately.