Wall Color For A Double Room: 8 Tips To Choose Yours

Last Updated on December 16, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Wall color for the master bedroom; after all, who doesn’t want a special place to sleep well, recover energy and enjoy the company of a loved one? Composing a cozy and stylish space is possible if you choose each decorative element carefully.

Among accessories, furniture models, and types of lighting, a detail that cannot be overlooked is the wall color for a double room. But is there a perfect hue? How to find the right option to compose a shared environment? 

To help you with this choice, we the team of Silver city islamabad have brought you 5 practical and easy-to-apply tips. Follow up!

tips for choosing wall color for double room

1. Study about Color Psychology

1 wall color for double room

In an architectural or interior project, the function of colors goes beyond decoration, as each hue can convey specific feelings and values. So, based on choosing a particular nuance, you get different effects: enlarging or reducing the space visually, stimulating creative thinking, making everything cozier, and much more.

In fact, a study known as color psychology shows that while people identify different shades, they tend to turn them into sensations including:

  • Red — motion, force, power, energy, heat
  • Blue—trust, tranquility, order, loyalty, faith
  • Yellow — joy, optimism, balance, creativity, focus
  • Green — calm, renewal, hope, vitality, vigor
  • Orange — humor, extravagance, vibrancy, inspiration
  • Pink — charm, happiness, delicacy, sensitivity
  • Purple — spirituality, wisdom, mystery, nobility
  • Brown — coziness, comfort, confidence, stability
  • Black — boldness, depth, elegance, boldness
  • White — harmony, peace, simplicity, purity

Knowing the power of each color in transmitting feelings and values ​​is very useful, as it allows you to define the options according to the desired look in the environment. To enhance the sensations, you could use it in a pure and very saturated way.

On the other hand, if the objective is to use the effects discreetly, the tip is to use less saturated colors in the wall color for a double room. Good options are the light versions, also called pastel shades — aqua green, turquoise, lilac, and salmon.

2. Determine a Decorative Style

2 wall color for double room

A good starting point when choosing a wall color for a bedroom is to evaluate different decor styles. 

Search for references on the internet and observe the characteristics present in the modern, vintage, classic, and other options theme. Ask whoever shares the space with you to participate in the process and determine the alternative that most pleases you.

A couple who identify with minimalism, for example, will undoubtedly prefer to keep large surfaces in neutral colors. 

In this way, they can paint the walls of a double room in white, cream, or light gray to create a simple, unobtrusive background. The details, in this case, are due to the textures and small accessories that don’t attract much attention.

Two people who like a contemporary look, on the other hand, tend to be more open to experimentation. For them, it’s okay to be bold with flashy colors or to combine different shades

As long as they agree, they might as well color a wall with vibrant red, lime green, or any other hue that conveys personality. At kingdom valley, you have the opportunity to design and decorate your house to your own liking. 

3. Consider The Size of the Room

3 wall color for double room

Each residence has its distinct configuration. Therefore, the dimensions and shapes of the rooms vary a lot. It explains why a decorative solution does not always work in different rooms.

For example, dark walls hardly change a large room, but they can detract from the look of a small room. In the first environment, the perception is of a sophisticated place. In the second, the viewer will likely feel suffocated, feeling that everything has shrunk.

Different effects occur due to the power of colors. While light nuances lighten, enlarge, and seem to optimize the space, the intense hues give the impression that the surfaces are closer together, making the room feel tight, compact.

Based on that, use the effects to your advantage. If you have a small double room, bet in white or pastel shades. You can invest in more saturated colors without fear if you have plenty of room.

You don’t need to give up the ideas you searched for in blogs and magazines or that reference you picked up at an acquaintance’s house to define a wall color for a master bedroom. These images and memories should serve as inspiration for you to be able to adapt them to reality itself.

4. Evaluate The Furniture and Accessories

4 wall color for double room

Furniture is the protagonist in the composition of any environment, such as the wall color for the double bedroom. Therefore, the design of a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, or nightstand is expected to interfere with the style of a bedroom. 

Have you ever stopped to reflect on the message these pieces convey? Do they have similar designs, or do they not match each other?

Looking at furniture styles is an excellent way to guide your color choice. If the models are inspired by the Scandinavian theme, with a predominance of light wood and straight lines, it may be interesting to use white as the primary wall color for a double room.

Accessories should also be considered so that the composition is balanced. If you have a beautiful chandelier, large rugs, and Provencal style pieces, you can add a touch of refinement with details on the walls in gold, silver, or rosé finish.

5. Select A Palette

For those who don’t give up on combining different colors, the tip is to select a palette and focus on the shades that make it up. 

There are a number of tools available to assist with this process, including applications. Adobe Color CC, Checkmycolours, and Colorcombos are good examples, but there are plenty of options for you to explore.

The objective of creating palettes is to obtain sets of tones that harmonize so that you know which options to use on the walls, fabrics, objects, and other elements of the master bedroom. In most apps, the working principle is the same: choose one or more favorite colors for the tool to indicate other related tones.

5 wall color for double room

Some also offer several types of palettes so that you can find the wall color for a master bedroom that most closely matches the expected result. Therefore, our final tip is to take advantage of the technology’s features and functionality to find a solution that pleases and makes the environment even more beautiful.

6. Neutral Colors Can Be Wild to Compose the Color Palette

6 wall color for double room

Regardless of the color palette you choose or the style you want to bring; you can be sure that neutral tones can be your greatest allies. After all, many types bring solid colors to the composition, and it cannot be easy to match the colors of the walls with them.

For example, if you choose a rustic or retro style, which uses more vivid colors in furniture and decorations, the wall can generate an information conflict and charge the environment. Okay, that, in other settings, working this can give a more stimulating effect. But in the bedroom, where it’s essential to have a more peaceful environment, this may not work very well.

So, bet on neutral tones! They don’t generate this kind of conflict, and even if you opt for a darker color (like the burnt cement effect), it won’t cause as many adverse effects as intense color overlays.

7. Choose Colors That Convey Tranquility:

As you saw at the beginning of this article, color psychology dramatically influences how we relate to environments. For example, have you noticed that most food chains use vibrant colors in their settings, such as red and intense blue?

If you’re active and agitated, chances are you’ll want to eat there. As you have seen, red reflects energy, heat, action; it motivates you to buy, consume, and eat. Blue, for example, even though it may be pegged calmly and calmly, is also aligned with confident, assertive decision-making.

7 wall color for double room

But after all, what then would be the best colors and tones for the bedroom? Here are some interesting ones:

  • Shades of light blue
  • Nude tones (light pink, beige, among others)
  • Neutral tones (light gray, ice, among others)

The important thing is, precisely, to minimize the stimuli generated by vibrant colors, bringing a calmer tone to the environment. Even if you choose a wall with more intense techniques, it is essential to balance it with the others, opting for colors that convey more tranquility.

8. Harmonize The Furniture with The Chosen Colors

8 wall color for double room

Think that the set of furniture with the wall will form the style of the room. Therefore, they must be in harmony according to the type chosen for the place.

For example, if the choice was the Scandinavian style for the double room, they usually prioritize shades of gray and other more neutral ones. So you need to balance the colors and focus on the characteristic colors of the style.

That’s why it’s essential to analyze which style was chosen. For example, if you’re opting for a more retro style, your furniture will have a more colorful feel. So, to harmonize, the wall can have lighter or neutral tones. With this, you create a more harmonious space that will bring greater comfort to your daily life.

Other examples are:

  • Combination of blue with the earthy tones of the rustic style 
  • Combination with gray for soberer furniture
  • Combination with warm tones for furniture in neutral tones
  • Combination with light tones for more sophisticated decor styles
  • Earth tone combination with off-white furniture 
  • Combination with cool tones and furniture that also use these colors (for example, working blue and white tones)
  • Neutral walls with warm-toned furniture
  • Walls with neutral tones to highlight a specific detail in the room (such as the color of a bedspread or specific colored furniture)

Were we able to show you some ways to define the best wall color for a double room? Keep in mind that many of the tips can be applied simultaneously to ensure a composition that has the face of space owners.

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Enjoy and learn more about how to delimit spaces with colors and use this to your advantage in the composition of the master bedroom. For more ideas visit Sky Marketing, where a team of professionals will be there to help you.