30 Best Gifts For Law Students (Buying Guide)

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Law professors often tell their law students that law is a jealous wife. It takes all of your time and never leaves some for yourself. Schedule is tight and hectic and leisure time shall become a thing of the past.

To say the very least, law students need every inch of inspiration and thoughtful gesture along the way to survive. 

One way of expressing that would be through gifts. It is not everyday that law students receive gifts for no reason so it would be a big energy booster to receive one. So, if you have a family member, a friend or a loved one who is at law school, here is a list of gifts for law students for you. 

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best gifts for law students buying guide

30 Gifts for Law Students

Diving right in, here are some of the most notable gifts to be given to law students. They range from affordable to high-end ones, but none of them shall disappoint.

You might have even considered one of the following and if you are looking for that green light to give them, consider stumbling on this list as that sign.  

1. Personalized lawyer gavel

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Gavels are very symbolic for lawyers. Tapping one in the future to give that prized judgment over a case is every law student’s dream.

Positively pre-empting that dream by giving your law student friend a personalized gavel is everything that they need to continue fighting for the dream. This is just thoughtful. 

2. Leather briefcase

Another symbolic gift to give your law student loved one would be a leather briefcase. This is a perfect gift especially for those who are already in their internship year.

They have to feel the full experience of being a lawyer, starting with a briefcase is a good idea. All papers and law stuff in one place would just be a straight fix in their busy lives. 

3. Custom Lawyer Lapel Pins

custom lapel pins

The figure of lawyers in our mind is usually serious and stands for justice. Choose some custom lawyer lapel pins for them to wear on the formal uniforms, which will express their identity and belief more clearly. The pins can be designed with unique symbols or texts which are meaningful to the students when they are on the way to being real lawyers. Lawyer custom lapel pins are always good gifts for law students.

3. Funny law student shirt

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Law students are not necessarily the most serious students in the world. They can be funny if they want to and if they stumble upon law puns that really cracks. To this end, look for funny law student shirts. 

Aside from being really affordable and well, funny at best if you know your friend well, they are also very accessible in the market. This one here says, “I can’t, I am a law student,” which basically alludes to their very busy academic life. 

4. Personalized Tumbler Mug

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Coffee is a law student’s best friend. They stay up almost every night reading and studying. So, when thinking about the best gift you could give, it is probably a tumbler mug, specifically one which could contain the heat for a long period.

Having it personalized or engraving a quote are also big upsides. The effort in the gift should be tantamount to their everyday struggle. Plus, they always need to be hydrated.

5. Custom Engrave Attorney Clock

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Time is important. For a law student, every minute of reading is important so it is a sweet gesture to give them a custom lawyer clock.

Engraving a statement there is one thing but putting in a justice scale in the middle is everything. This one is such a fine choice to give to your law student friend. 

6. Suitjamas

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If you have watched How I Met Your Mother, you would already know what suitjamas look like. Getting your lawyer friends to come over for pajama parties would be super fun once they wear their suit pajamas during small soirees.

They can still look so formal in their pajamas like the lawyers they are supposed to be. It is comfy and super fun to look at and this gift idea should be on top of your priority list. 

7. Lawyer’s tie

A law student, during their formal internship, shall wear a coat and tie all the time. They will always remember you in the courtroom if you give them a lawyer’s tie.

Make it a point that when you give these things, they are in a unique style of printing so for more confidence in courtrooms. 

8. Highlighters

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This one is another lawyer’s best friend. If you have seen the bulk of their books, you would easily understand why. They come in many colors, which is helpful in outlining the concepts, theories, and important articles and codes that they have to master.

Details are key when it comes to law school and giving them a highlighter set coming with different colors would be a breeze for them. 

9. Gel Pens

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Law students do not just use any ballpen. Gel pens and sign pens are their close buddies too especially when they write those case digests and of course for their exams.

Gel pens do not smudge, they are smooth against any type of paper, and unlike other sign pens, they are cost-efficient when it comes to ink and longevity. 

So, when you have the chance to buy a gift for your friend, keep in mind that pens are so important to them so it is better to be one in the list of your friends’ bucket list gift this year.

10. Reading Lamp

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If you are still deciding on the best gift you could give to your law student friend, better not think out of the box and just think of the thing he or she needs during his or her sleepless night studying.

A reading lamp is one of the coolest gifts he or she could probably receive. This is the best way to pull in an all-nighter so better give them one of these. 

11. Foldable Page Holder

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Books are inevitable when taking up law so they get so worked up when given gifts that can give them convenience like that of a simple foldable page holder.

It is very simple and does not cost that much but it would be really functional for them anywhere. All the small tricks they are gifted with that bring comfort amazes them. A cool gift for law students, indeed. 

12. Book Stand

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It need not be bought or new, just the thought of giving them a sturdy book stand is a gift for them already. Everything that works out for them that a friend gives them considers a total rocker.

Plus, imagine them in a coffee shop or in a library, the mess of the books on the table clutters their mind. For a more organized and convenient reading, even in public places, a book stand is a good gift for any law student. 


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Giving as simple as different bookmarks are a perfect gift for a lawyer friend. Marking the pages where they stopped and should begin with are essential in their all-nighter reading.

Bookmarks are very affordable but they can use them for a very long time. This one is something that you should give them right away. 

14. Laptop Stand

If there is a book stand, there should also be a laptop stand for when your law student friend reads cases to be digested. This maintains the laptop height at an eye level which is good for your posture when maintained.

Laptop stands are portable and foldable that is why this is a perfect gift where they can bring wherever they plan to study. 

15. External Keyboard

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For those law students who want to be working far from their laptop screens, an external keyboard is a better gift for them. This way, we can prevent eye strain and strained body positions.

They are required to sit for extended hours to read, digest, and memorize. It is always best to keep a healthy lifestyle even if law takes up most of your friend’s time and life.

16. Headset or Earphone

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This is another law school essential. Law students must learn to decenter and zone out from the noise when needed. As such, they need to be comfortable with their own sound, listening to their own music vibe. 

In this case, they need a dependable earphone set so that they could listen to music or online discussions and reviews anytime, anywhere. This is also a form of giving them a solid escape from the rigors of law school even for a short while. 

17. Phone Stand

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This is as useful as the laptop stand used for reading and online class. Phones are easier to access and handier than the laptop so law students often use this for their readings.

Thus, giving a phone stand is a plus for them. A friend that knows your needs, even the smallest ones is a friend to keep. 

18. Paper Supplies

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May it be bond paper that is meant for printing reviewers, sticky notes, and yellow pads and more, a paper supply is a need for a law student and handing them a gift that is something they are most thankful for.

Law students also spend their time shopping for all sorts of paper, which is why they consider themselves lucky when received with a lot of papers they can use in writing their assignments and taking down notes.

19. Back Pillow

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While all the readings, books, reviewers, gadgets play an important role in their law life, back pillows exceed comfortability beyond measure. It can help you be in your proper posture while sitting, reviewing all day. 

It supports your body so you can experience a comforting sensation even for long hours of sitting in your room or anywhere you choose to be at. A back pillow gift is one that can be worn out fast but provides all the comfort needed before that.

20. White Board

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There is always a need for the presence of a white board in a law students’ study area. It is where reminders are written, special events, assignments and everything you want to highlight about.

Stick it to a place where you can always see so that there will be an easy take away of the things that matter. A white board as a gift can be a little heavy but is very useful to your lawyer friend.

21. Desk Organizer

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When studying law, you will need a lot of pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, pins, staples, and other studying materials, hence the need of a Desk Organizer.

When receiving one, make it a habit to put it in the right place for a better learning experience. More than the best books and the complete set of reviewers is a clean and organized desk that will give you a comfortable feeling. 

22. Pen Capsule

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Having a lot of pens is just right when studying law and having pen capsules to organize and classify different kinds of pens is a must. Giving importance to these small things is a plus for your law student friend. 

23. Notebook Sleeve

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This gift is one of the best gifts a law student friend could ever receive. A personalized notebook cover where your name lies and all sorts of motivational quotes you can find on the insides which is perfect for a lawyer student friend who lacks motivation at times.

Giving this one as a gift is probably a very simple one but it can give the person you are giving a whole sense of meaning so that they can go back with their work. 

24. Cork Board


Cork board works for those law students who love writing in their sticky notes for the things they accomplished or the things that they are yet to do.

Seeing colorful papers being tucked in the cork board means many things so when you give a cork board as a gift, make it personalized or put your pictures together or mark important dates and events for them to see. 

25. Planners

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It is always a good thing to give out planners for law students because their time is just so hard to juggle.

It is where they can fill in important occasions, write on their monthly studying schedule and the times he or she can go out with some friends. It is always cool to have a good balance in studying while coping up with your social life. 

26. Journal Notebook


While you have so many writings to finish every day, it is a better idea to keep a journal notebook with you to keep stories only yourself knows about. It gives you the chance to open up about stress and pressure all the law thing gives.

Not speaking to people in times of anxiety can be dangerous to their mental health. Having a safe space to write down stuff is always therapeutic for law students.  

27. Pandemic Kit

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Prevention is better than cure they say and with all the things going on brought about by Covid19, it is better to have the pandemic kit where alcohol, disposable mask, vitamin c, sanitizers, disposable gloves, and face shields are present.

It may sound a little cliché now that it has been on for about years but it is still a reality we have to live with and we still need protection, thus this pandemic kit we want to carry anywhere we are going.

28. Air purifier necklace

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This is another essential nowadays, especially for law students who are required to go to the library, go to court rooms and who just cannot help going outside to find a convenient space where they can read and review.

Giving them air purifier necklaces is a thoughtful gesture to remind them to always be safe and to be guarded while they are in public places. 

29. Foldable or Collapsible Cups

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A very unique gift that can be given to any person who loves drinking but most importantly to law students who have been going out seeking different kinds of beverages to keep them awake and kicking for an everyday all-nighter.

A foldable or a collapsible cup is a better gift a friend could give to his or her lawyer friend because it is so little when brought around and so big and useful when used. 

30. Data or Load Credits

Law students rely basically on their gadgets and the WiFi. Without it, some important questions remain questions so a data card can also be one of the best gifts you could ever give. A prepaid load is something that is very useful nowadays in the absence of WiFi. 

How to choose a gift to your lawyer friend

Sure, relying on a gift list for your lawyer friend is everything. But to make it really outstanding, here are some tips which will help you in choosing a gift for your lawyer friend. 

  1. Play Close Attention: Pay attention to the needs and wants of your friend. The simplest thing might be the one that he or she needs the most. Hence, make it a point that you know all the little details about your friend so you can give the things that you can.
  2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask: The best gift is always something the other person needs so when you give, ask. They might need something that you can give them as a gift rather than giving them things that are not needed. Always stick with the things that are usable.
  3. Buy Ahead (or not): Gift giving always depends on the scenario. When you want to surprise your friend, it is okay to buy ahead but if you want to have something worthy for him or her, you might opt to buy later while asking about the things needed. 
  4. Do not buy at the last minute: Make sure to have time buying a gift for a loved one. The thought of giving still holds the most meaning so make it a point to have time rather than having no time at all. A well-prepared gift is still better than shopping at the last minute. 
  5. Avoid giving fake gifts: Rather than the fake ones, it is better to hand in gifts that are handmade or personalized. Even when having no budget, it is a big no-no to give gifts that are fake. Hence, opt to give something simple but useful. 
  6. Do not buy something over and over again: Keep track of the gifts you are giving every now and then and do not give the same thing. If you buy a pen today, you give him paper next. Even if it is your friend, paying attention to such tiny details is also a must. Again, do not buy something that has already been given. 
  7. Avoid Gift Certificates: Law students already have no time for themselves, what more for shopping, right? Thus, it is not advisable to be purchasing gift certificates for a gift especially for busy law students. When giving them a gift, it must always be something of use or something that is already ready. They love instants because every second is so precious to them. 
  8. Spend Appropriately: Giving a gift does not rely on the price. A gift that is cheap but usable is better than those ones that are expensive but has no use at all. Choose gifts that represent themselves, their way of being, and according to the things they need most. If you want to buy more, buy more that is needed. 
  9. Gifts do not have to be purchased: When you have plenty of time, make your gifts hand made through recycling old materials. Law students need organizers and containers and it is so easy to make one when you want to. 
  10. Wrap gifts like an adult: It does not matter the price of the gift as long as it is properly wrapped when handed over. It is time to wrap your gifts like a real adult. 

Other gift ideas:


Law students are not very picky when it comes to gifts. Years of reading bulky books, full cases and juggling time for themselves and their academics make law students some of the most appreciative people on the planet. As a matter of fact, being remembered, being given time to, and receiving unexpected gifts that relate to what they do are already enough to brighten up their day. Just pay attention.