DIY Front Door Halloween Wreath Tutorial: Attention Grabber

DIY Front Door Halloween Wreaths Tutorial: Attention Grabber

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

A coat of metallic paint gives plastic skeleton hands, this photo, some spunk. They’ve got a good grasp on doling out Halloween greetings when mounted to a chalkboard base.



Spray the skeleton hands with several coats of metallic silver spray paint; let dry between coats.

Enlarge the Happy Halloween pattern; cut out.

Happy Halloween Pattern
Happy Halloween Pattern

Trace the pattern onto white transfer paper, and transfer it to the center of the chalkboard.

Draw over the design with a chalkboard marker.

Referring to photo, page 23, use hot glue liberally to adhere the hands to the chalkboard in a wreath shape.

DIY Front Door Halloween Wreaths: Attention Grabber