11 Best Sofas For Back Support and Buying Guide

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Sofas are not generic furniture. They differ in styles and designs, in height, width and seating depth, as well as in function. Some are more specialized than others like sofas for back support. They do not just exist for a more comfortable seating, but they are also marketed to support posture and correct posture-related conditions. 

If you are currently looking for the best sofas for back support for some reasons, you have come to the right post because this features some of the best sofas for that function. So, sift through the list to get a head start of what to expect and what to consider buying. 

  1. Best Choice (Modern folding futon sofa)
  2. ZINUS Josh (Loveseat sofa)
  3. Ashley Larkinhurst
  4. Divano Roma Recliner
  5. Magic Union Recliner and Massager
  6. Stone and Beam Dalton Sectional Sofa
  7. Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Loveseat
  8. Novogratz Brittany Futon
  9. Honbay Reversible Sectional Sofa
  10. Serta Copenhagen
  11. Casa Andrea Milano Chesterfield

11 best sofas for back support 

Let us dive right into the best sofas for back support. Knowing that you have a handful of options for this type of sofa is essential for you to get a hold of the one that is most appropriate not only for your aesthetic preference but also for your back support needs.

1. Best Choice (Modern folding futon sofa)

This one is a 4.5 recliner sofa for back pains. It has a chrome metal frame and a black faux leather upholstery which blends well with any type of home design. The cushion is dense and firm.

Function wise, it could be converted into a bed as it could be reclined fully, and the armrests can be removed. Some of its most notable upsides would be having compartments and cup holders, a full recline feature and compact size.  

2. ZINUS Josh (Loveseat sofa)

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This one features a hardwood frame, with dense and firm, fiber cushions enclosed in durable polyester material. The back cushion is detachable so it can be converted to a small bed anytime.

The seat cushions are secure, at the right density, and firm for seating. Aesthetic wise, its beige color is a good choice for any type of home vibe. 

3. Ashley Larkinhurst

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This classic design chesterfield sofa has consistently been in the list of best sofas for back support and with good reasons. The height is commendable at 38-inches and the price is reasonable.

It comes with a reversible, firm cushion that holds shape for a significant span of time. The spring system is well-rated, with spacious seating and comfy rolled arms. 

It also comes with a detachable footrest, and a non-detachable backrest for more comfort. The cushion is enclosed in polyester fabric but looks like faux leather so overall, it deserves its 5 out of 5 rating. 

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4. Divano Roma Recliner

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Aside from its durable bonded leather cover, it is also a good run for your money when it comes to sofas for back support because of its many upscale features. It features three seats (two end seats are recliners while the middle seat is stationary).

It works on a lever reclining mechanism too for easy adjustment. As per construction, it is made of high-density foam and the backrest and arms are overstuffed with cushion to offer maximum back support and comfortability.  

5. Magic Union Recliner and Massager

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If you are looking for a versatile single sofa for you to rest your back and be massaged, this one is such a good find. Its major plus would be its powerlift function for tilting it at your preferred angle. It comes with an additional back support cushion for recurring back pains. 

As a massage chair, it comes with four massage modes for most common ache points such as the lumbar area and the entire back, the thighs, and legs. This has been a consistent prime choice especially for older people.  

6. Stone and Beam Dalton Sectional Sofa


This one is a famous low-maintenance sofa, but it is also a recommended choice for back support. First, it has a sinuous spring system which is one of the identifiers of a good sofa for back support. It also has high density, reversible cushions that are enclosed in polyester material. 

You can also count on it for its sturdiness and high weight capacity because it is framed using laminate wood and hardwood. The arms also add to the comfort of this sofa because it is extra padded with foam filling. 

7. Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Loveseat

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When it comes to aesthetic value, this sofa would work well with modern, contemporary, and minimalist interior home designs. It is also a well-rated sofa for back support because of its 22-inches seating depth which is perfect in attaining a seating angle of 90 degrees. 

As for the construction, it is made with a hardwood frame, high density cushion with sinuous spring system, and covered with a low-maintenance and easy to clean rugged polyester. 

8. Novogratz Brittany Futon

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For a sleek, sophisticated sofa for back support, this can be your go-to choice. Its linen upholstery and high-density polyester cushioning are tested and proven.

It has a rectangular arm rest and soft cushioned backrest for maximum comfortability. As for the frame, it is made of hardwood so you can expect it to last long. Most importantly, you can easily convert it into a sofa bed for relaxation or for an extra bed.  

9. Honbay Reversible Sectional Sofa

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Perhaps, the main plus of this sofa is that the cushions never sink in. This means that it has a high-quality spring system for back support and the upholstery is made of good and durable materials.

The backrest is tufted and the rolled arms have extra cushion paddings. It is also sleek looking, with side compartments and an additional ottoman which can be used as storage. 

10. Serta Copenhagen

This one is truly made for back support with cushions that are made of high-density foam that never sinks in, its armrests are coiled to comfort, and it meets the 21-inches height standard for sofas.

The frame is made of wood, and it comes with 15 different color choices. Compared to some of its counterparts, it is also an inexpensive choice so there is that to highly consider. 

11. Casa Andrea Milano Chesterfield

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Chesterfield sofas are one of the four recommended back support sofa types out there. This one is especially impeccable not only for its elegant, classic look but also with its other features that are good for back support. One, it has a wooden frame with 500lbs weight capacity. 

The cushion is made of high-density foam that does not sink in. The backrest and scroll arms are also packed with a softer cushion for more comfortability. Plus, the tufted design of this chesterfield sofa adds to its natural relaxing ability. 

Other sofas:

How to buy a sofa for back support

sofas for back support buying guide

Buying a sofa with specific requirements also calls for additional specifications that you should consider. As such, here are some of the most important features to look for when buying a sofa for back support. 

1. Spring system

A good sofa for back support should inhibit you from sinking deep into the cushion. The best spring system range for this type of sofa would be an eight-way, hand-tied sofa spring system or look for one with a sinuous spring system. 

2. Cushioning

Without a doubt, sofas for back support should be firm and dense. Test the sofa you are buying by sitting on it and observing how fast you can get up. If it takes long enough, do not buy that for back support. Specifically, look for high-density foams that are at least 4-6-inches in depth. 

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3. Height

Of course, seat height still matters. Start looking for sofas with a 21-inch seat height at maximum because it offers more trunk weight support than the average 17-18-inches seat height. 

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4. Seat depth

To avoid slouching, the recommended seat depth of a sofa should be in between 14-19-inches. With this range, you can enjoy the coverage of the backrest and the seat cushion at the same time. 

5. Armrest

You will always have your preferred armrest style but make sure that they pad-style or are stuffed with additional padding. Armrests are essential in keeping good posture too because they help in lessening back load. 

6. Durable and sturdy frame

At the end of the day, a good sofa for back support boils down to how durable and sturdy the frame that gets all the weight. Hardwood frames are still the most commendable choice. If you are not sure if the material is legitimate steel alloy and other quality materials, choose quality wooden frames. 

7. Slouch-free design

A part of the aesthetics that you are looking for in a sofa for back support would be having a slouch-free design. You should be able to freely move and have a bending angle of 90 degrees. A too high or too short sofa causes slouching so test it in person. 

For this tip, you must find a sofa that seamlessly aligns your shoulders, heads, and hips vertically. At the same time, this sofa should offer your feet to rest flat on the floor and to lean your back comfortably against the backrest. Having reclining options are also a must find. 

8. Plus features

When everything is said and done, having plus features also affect the convincing power of a sofa for back rest. When it comes to this, you would want those that come with extra compartments either in the ottoman for sectionals or in the armrest sides. 

When it comes to recliners, you can also choose those that can be operated through just buttons, can connect to WiFi, has a built-in massaging capacity, and many more. But keep in mind too that these are inconsequential because surely, they would add to the upfront cost of the sofa. 

9. Overall comfort

You can never get the most out of your sofa for back support if you do not achieve your desired comfort level. A prime factor to consider here would be the cushion cover. While the most recommended would be leather, some people are allergic to it so you can resort to microfiber or polyester. Again, it is essential that you try the sofa first before buying to ensure this. 

10. Cost

This is quite tricky when it comes to sofas because there really are good yet cheap finds with commendable features that would be commendable for back support. Other than being a wise shopper and cross-checking some options, you also must consider the maintenance cost of your sofa. As such, you need to be wary of some high-maintenance sofa covers and other cleaning costs before making the choice. 

Of course, we are not discounting style, and brand when it comes to buying sofas for back support, but we think that they are already given when it comes to shopping.  Nonetheless, it is important to cross-check sofa brands for back support in terms of these factors. It is also important that you test them in person. 



Are soft sofas good for your back?

As comfy and cozy as they may seem, 5% of all reported back problems in the world is caused by plush, soft sofas, according to the Center for Spine and Ortho.

The most common strains caused by this type of sofa would be shoulder strains and lower backache. The reason for this is that you get deep seating out of these soft sofas, causing you to slouch and encourage bad seating positions. 

Can a bad sofa cause back pain?

Any bad furniture that is meant for sitting like sofas can cause back pain in the long run. They do not have the right seating angle, seating depth, and are only good for seating and comfort but not for vertebrae support. As a matter of fact, too much pressure from a bad sofa is the ultimate cause of back pain. 

Is lying on the sofa bad for your back?

When you have been lying there for hours and in a slumping, abnormal lying and then seating position, yes, it is bad for your back. Laying slumped there actually adds a lot of back pressure. Scientifically, when this happens, the spinal ligaments are overstretched and in turn, pressures your vertebral discs. 

Are reclining sofas bad for the back?

No. In a study by Web MD, reclining the sofa to at least 135 degrees releases stress and pressure from the spine, hence, reducing experiences of back pain. It has also been found out that seating for a considerable time in this angle can correct posture problems and helps in easing concerns in the lumbar area.

How are sofas for back support and regular sofas different? 

The main difference between a sofa for back support and regular sofas would be their level of firmness and comfort. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of a regular sofa that can be categorized as sofa for back support: 

  • They are usually recliners and massagers. 
  • They have a dense cushion not down, extremely soft ones. 
  • They almost always never come with legs designed in a curled position. 
  • Keeps you in an upright position. 

What are the most common sofas for back support? 

As has been said, regular sofas can be considered as sofas for back support if they meet the necessary requirements to be called as one. But most of the time, you would find good sofas for back rest from the following sofa types: 

  • Chesterfield sofas
  • Modular/sectional sofas
  • Recliners
  • Massage sofa

How should I sit on the sofa to avoid back pain?

There are a lot of reasons why one would experience back pain. Having the wrong furniture is one and not sitting in the right position is another. So, how should you sit on the sofa to avoid back pain? 

  • Sit upright and lean on the back. This ensures that you maintain the S-posture that is good for the spine. You can also use cushion pillows for you to reach your desired level of comfort. 
  • Ensure that your knees are parallel to the floor and that your body is not overly leaning forward or backward. 
  • Sitting on the edge tilts your body forward so avoid sitting on the sofa’s edge. 
  • Try to support your back so never hump down on the sofa for a long time.
  • The knees should always be lower than your hips when sitting. For those that cannot maintain this, a sofa with footrest is recommended. 

Do all sofas come with a back support cushion? 

No. As a matter of fact, some do not even have a back support cushion. And those that have this feature sometimes are just there to complement the design of the sofa, but they are not quite good in offering back support. This is the reason why looking for the best sofa for back support is imperative. 

Can you reupholster an old sofa to make it a sofa for back support? 

Interestingly, yes. But to do so, you need to have a wide range of knowledge of what cushion types should be incorporated, ergonomic designs for the sofa to function as lumbar support, and the other characteristics of what makes a good sofa for back support. 


At the outset, choosing the best sofa for back support might feel like a walk in the park. But really, there is more to it than just the exterior look. You must be knowledgeable about what to consider when it comes to these special sofas but most of all, you should feel at ease and extreme comfort whenever you are seated on them. 

Note that just because it is softer means that a sofa is better. So, when it comes to back support, you must be a meticulous buyer and you should know where to start looking. And along with these, start practicing the art of good sitting position too so that you get the most out of the sofa that you will buy.