35+ Best Deck Skirting Ideas and Designs

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Deck skirting is more than just aesthetics. They say that when you decide to elevate your deck, there is no way that you should forego deck skirting. The main purpose of deck skirting is to have a coordinated structure to cover the empty space between the ground and the deck trim. It can also be an extra storage space or a protective layer for unwanted animals. 

The good news is that there are many creative ways to skirt a deck. In this post, we provide some of the best deck skirting ideas across different categories and preferences. This can help you in finalizing your design choice for your deck skirts and of course, for you to weigh which one is a better fit for your deck design. 

best deck skirting ideas

Deck skirting materials

Before anything else, you must first know the materials used in deck skirting. You should be aware of this so that you can easily mix and match the best ones to complement your decks. Of course, going for the same material as the deck is highly encouraged but then again, there is nothing wrong in exploring other deck skirting materials. 

The most common deck skirting materials are the following: 

  • Solid wood 
  • Wood lattice
  • Faux stone
  • Composite materials
  • Bricks
  • Metal
  • Plants and shrubs

Deck skirting however, does not end with knowing what materials to use. To come up with a design, you also must decide the main purpose for having one. Is it for storage? Is it to keep animals out? Is it just for aesthetic purposes? Aside from these, you also need to be prepared for deck skirt maintenance. 

Inexpensive deck skirting ideas

If you are going towards the inexpensive deck skirting road, you would find yourself considering wood slats, vinyl materials or scrap wood. Here are some inexpensive deck skirting for your home. 

1 deck skirting ideas

Instead of going for wide wood slats, narrower boards give a modern hint to the deck. Aside from that, you would need thinner wood slats here which means that one thick wood plank can make at least five or six narrow boards. 

2 deck skirting ideas

If you have a small deck and you do not want to go all out for budgetary reasons, you can create standard skirt boards for your deck. In this one, composite materials were used for the decking to recreate the grains and finish of wood without spending too much. It still gives off a contemporary look with its muted gray color. 

Under deck skirting ideas

The purpose of having an under deck is to have an additional room where you could put outdoor items that need to be concealed. A pool pump is one and water lines are another. Here are some under deck skirting ideas that deliver fully when it comes to storage. 

3 deck skirting ideas

This high deck skirt here is purposefully made to serve as an extra access point for the homeowners to navigate around the perimeter. The wood lattice design and the white color gives off a ranch vibe in a suburban location. 

4 deck skirting ideas

This side deck skirt here was already a storage for this home but with the addition of the back patio, the doors were changed into wood for it to complement the solid wood railing and metal accents of the added patio deck. 

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Lattice deck skirting ideas

There is a reason why we cannot get enough of the crisscross or grid patterns of lattice. It works well with a lot of home designs including rustic vibe, English cottage designs, and traditional or colonial style homes. Wood lattice is still the best choice but for long term maintenance and upkeep, vinyl has become more popular. 

5 deck skirting ideas

This hardwood lattice deck skirting pops out the classic and delicate beauty of this backyard deck and the entire home as it creates contrast between the upper deck and the space at the bottom. The minimal landscaping also adds contrast to the look.

6 deck skirting ideas

This lattice deck skirt is a beautiful way to transform the empty space as an extra storage space for the home. And since it is in the backyard deck, it is where outdoor materials like the grill, portable seating and other outdoor stuff could be stored. The wood finish, like the first one, also gives contrast and texture to the whole deck. 

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Modern deck skirting ideas

The common themes of modern deck skirting would be horizontal lines, clean symmetries, and edgy color palettes. The best materials to come up with a modern deck skirt would be wood, concrete, and composite materials. 

7 deck skirting ideas

This first idea here incorporated an array of construction elements but the horizontal deck skirting that it incorporated jugged them all in a cohesive, clean look. The interplay of brick stones, wood, and metal in a well-arranged back patio with pergola is stunning. 

8 deck skirting ideas

And if you want to go beyond horizontal deck skirting and pursue a more decorative skirting, check out this ornate engraving in the skirt panels of this idea. The railings are made of metal and industrial wire and the wooden stairs are brightened by LED step lights. 

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Stone deck skirting ideas

For a bold, well-grounded, and solid look, you can always benefit from using stone or stone and brick deck skirting. It does not only add character and texture to your deck, but its colors also give it a sturdy and sophisticated vibe.

9 deck skirting ideas

This backyard patio deck owes it solid and upscale appeal from its stone deck base, railing, and hardwood stairs. The balance of elements to this look also give it a seamless look but the stone deck really gives it a natural vibe. 

10 deck skirting ideas

This one on the other hand pursued clean lines and angled symmetry. But just the same, it is made more sophisticated looking by its brick stone base which is complemented well by its composite and metal railing. 

Metal deck skirting ideas

The good thing about metal is that it is durable, low maintenance and is a dependable material for railings as well as deck skirts. And if you are looking for a weatherproof material for a skirting that can be used as storage, this would be it. 

11 deck skirting ideas

This home in New Haven particularly chose a metal deck skirting to protect the empty space from scavenging animals. The idea is that metal is sturdy enough to avoid these intrusions. Beyond that, it is also aesthetically appealing with that black and cream contrast. 

12 deck skirting ideas

If you want a contemporary, industrial feel for your deck skirt without denting your wallet, this corrugated metal deck skirting here should be a prime choice for many reasons. It does not fall short when it comes to appeal, the design has good ventilation, and it is low maintenance. 

Wood deck skirting ideas

If you have scrap wood planks out there, gather them all and create beautiful wood deck skirts out of them. Wood is always a go-to choice when it comes to home improvements because of their classic touch and because they are easy to work with. Here are some of the standout wood deck skirting ideas for you. 

13 deck skirting ideas

You can go with the traditional wood stair deck skirting. You can give the deck an angled and elevated glamour. Surround it with wood and metal railing and you are all set. 

14 deck skirting ideas

But if you want the traditional box type wood deck skirting with 2-3-step stairs and the same wood and metal rails, you can go for this. 

15 deck skirting ideas

And if you have a more elevated space and you are thinking of transforming a part of it into a storage space, then you can give a rustic touch to your deck by considering this idea. 

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PVC deck skirting ideas

PVC or vinyl are good substitutes to wood materials especially in locations where moisture could be an issue. They are weatherproof, come in many colors, and are very workable. If you are considering using PVC for your deck skirting, here are some ideas that you can consider. 

16 deck skirting ideas

This one follows narrow, horizontal slats for its overall design. Ventilation wise, it is a good style. Aesthetic wise, it matches the wood tones of the deck and the metal railings provide a fine contrast to everything. You would not even suspect that it is not wood. 

17 deck skirting ideas

This is another PVC deck skirting idea imbibing that classic lattice look. It has thick borders, with the crisscross pattern functioning as an added source of ventilation. The wood floors and the traditional porch railings add a more delicate touch to this PVC lattice skirt. 

Composite deck skirting ideas

Composite materials usually combine two or more construction materials to create a more durable structure. In deck skirting, composite materials are made using the combination of concrete and various finishes to resemble wood or vinyl. Here are some composite deck skirting ideas for you to refer to.  

18 deck skirting ideas

This deck skirting here follows the traditional box type design. The deck and the skirt is made of the same composite material so it has a continuous visual appeal. The thick railing also complements the thick box type design of this deck skirt. 

19 deck skirting ideas

This second idea is deck skirting for added storage. It follows a crisscross design like a wood lattice. The deck and the skirt are both made of composite materials and the color contrast blends well with the entire façade of the home.

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Pallet deck skirting ideas

Pallet deck skirting is another way to put wood into good use. Remember those cabin vibes, or that barn style or farmhouse design homes and that is what you would expect from pallet deck skirting. On the plus side, it can be done DIY and it is not that expensive. 

20 deck skirting ideas

Talk about warm glow, and the beautiful, rustic contrast of this pallet deck skirt with the concrete, brown tones of this home. The open stairs that connect to the wide slatted skirt also give a lot of ventilated feels for this deck skirting. 

21 deck skirting ideas

If you want a more contemporary feel, complete with warm accent lights on a contrast of warm brown palette, here is an idea to consider. The wide, horizontal pallets expanded the perimeter of the deck space, and the fiberglass enclosure gives it an edgy look. The metal railings on the side and by the stairs are also a fine touch as they put the traditional look in this pallet deck skirt. 

Tall deck skirting ideas

The purpose of tall deck skirts is to secure the backyard patio from encroaching wild animals if you live in a woody location or forested areas.

22 deck skirting ideas

The reason could also be that your home is on an uneven yet elevated terrain. It can also be beneficial for those flood prone areas and generally to give another high wall of security to the home from theft or burglary. 

This one here needed a tall deck skirting because it rests on an elevated yet sloping ground. Having the deck skirts up high gives it a look of conformity and an illusion of evenness. 

23 deck skirting ideas

This tall decking on the other hand, gives off a townhouse look. Made of wood pallets, concrete and metal railing and wooden stairs, and a fiberglass enclosure, it offers a modern Asian flair to any elevated home. 

Craftsman style deck skirting ideas

Craftsman deck skirting means that you must remain true to the common elements of this design. This means that you must build around stone or brick but mostly stained wood and a lot of natural colors.

24 deck skirting ideas

Craftsman style homes always have a decked porched but if you want to add a back porch, make sure that the deck skirt style in front is the same as at the back. 

Speaking of true Craftsman style, this deck skirting in the front porch features stained wood pallets on a horizontal design. It used one color tone for the pillars, the stairs, and railings. The contrast of beige to mahogany brown is just stellar. 

Concrete deck skirting ideas

This is perhaps the most durable and most weatherproof material for any type of home improvement. The use of natural stones, pavers, and concrete slabs is timeless, and it would blend well with any type of home design. Here are some ideas to consider for a concrete deck skirting. 

25 deck skirting ideas

This one here features a wood finish, free-standing deck. The skirt is made of gray-white cobble stone and extended to a side stair. It has very small boxes to trap unwanted small animals. Overall, it brings an Asian flair to the floating deck

26 deck skirting ideas

On the other hand, no one would know that this is made of cement because of its fine lines that make it look like it is made of wood from afar. It follows the traditional box design of small but a bit elevated deck skirt. It is also thoughtfully painted in the same hue as the house, hence, giving everything a cohesive look. 

Underground pool deck skirting ideas

Deck skirting in-ground pools is becoming a trend because you can now incorporate storage and shade in one. Aside from that, it just gives a different feel when the pool is enclosed in a stunning deck like these two here. 

27 deck skirting ideas

This in-ground pool here extends from the backdoor of the home to the patio. From there, the wooden pool deck starts. The skirting of the deck is low-ground wood lattice but at the edge, you would see a separate deck skirt for the pool itself. It is a wooden storage, serving as base for the pool too and where the pergola’s poles are attached. 

This zen vibe pool area here features an above ground pool enclosed in an all wood, mahogany brown color deck and deck skirt. It is quite elevated, with an extension deck that serves as its stairs.

28 deck skirting ideas

Its railings are made of metal and industrial wire. At the bottom part, you can see the wooden lattice deck skirt. Its black tone complements well with the whimsical forest-feel vibe of the pool. The rope lights surrounding the pool and the step lights by the stairs also add to the warmth of this pool side. 

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Faux stone deck skirting idea

As the term implies, faux stones are not real stones. They are made of veneers or polyurethane foams and they come in panels. They are cheap and workable. Plus, they give a colorful edge to your simple deck board skirt like this one here. 

29 deck skirting ideas

This other one here definitely proves why faux stones are the best of both worlds. Using faux stones as wall accents is vibrant enough but extending it to the deck skirt just makes everything seamless and cohesive. The uniformity of the look has a delicate appeal, making the faux stone a focal point for this one. 

30 deck skirting ideas

Floating deck skirting ideas

Floating decks mean that you have a free-standing deck without any railings or the traditional structural support whatsoever. It is entirely a deck board functioning as a platform, patio, or lanai. If you want this look, all you need is a solid deck skirting board like the ones here. 

31 deck skirting ideas

This is one fine example of a floating deck skirting. The flat deck offers a spacious area for people to mingle and get what they need around. Not having a full deck enclosure also offers enough ventilation for a free-standing deck. Everything is made of wood, so it adds to its warm glow. 

32 deck skirting ideas

This one is totally a floating deck with just floating deck skirts that serve as a two-step stair for the whole deck. Instead of railings, the deck is accented with bright LED lights to make a warm contrast with the grey monochrome color of the deck. 

Cedar deck skirting ideas

For cabins and farmhouse style homes, cedar deck skirting is the prime choice to give off that ultimate rustic look. Its high-end wood finish, known durability and workability make it one of the best wood materials for home improvements like deck skirting. 

33 deck skirting ideas

The entire cabin style home is made of cedar but you would notice that the deck skirt base is newly installed because of the shinier finish. It has vents made of industrial equipment to make sure that no animals could enter the home. Appeal wise, the wire added more interest to the overall look of this skirt. 

34 deck skirting ideas

This modern rustic home in a large estate features a standout cedar deck of slatted design. The strong, warm hue of the cedar wood makes it breathtaking and the inclusion of fiberglass enclosure and wood posts. There is nothing more posh than this vibe. 

Deck skirting ideas for uneven ground

When it comes to uneven grounds, incorporating high stairs on the deck skirt is a must. A solid deck skirt board or a lattice one is also the go-to choice for this type of terrain because they give it a balanced angle. 

35 deck skirting ideas

For instance, this sloping backyard is transformed to an inviting place to hangout in with that high wood lattice deck skirt. The unsightly slope gained a more formal look and the access point on the side is an added function for storage. 

And if you have the budget for a large estate, never be afraid to mix and match components so that the focus would veer away from the sloped terrain. Use the unevenness of your ground to an aesthetic advantage like this one.

36 deck skirting ideas

The elegant deck skirt is made of concrete and with the added element of mesh metal. The monochrome lines of gray, white, and black added to its majestic appeal. 


To conclude, there are a lot of reasons why one would want to consider deck skirting. Aside from really giving the deck a more seamless and cleaner look, it serves a lot of purpose.

One of its upfront functions would be the aesthetic value that it adds to the home. But beyond that, it can also serve as a storage area, an additional access point, or to keep out harmful animals from scavenging around the home. 

You can choose from many styles and designs when it comes to deck skirting. You just have to put in mind that everything should look cohesive and that you gain the benefit of having a deck skirt in the first place.