23+ Beautiful Living Room Curtain Ideas

Curtains are a great fashion accessory for the windows in your house. They not only prevent unnecessary light and offer you privacy but also work as ideal décor pieces for the room that they are put in.

You have different varieties that you can choose from depending on your interior design. In this article, we look at some curtain ideas for your living room.

Which curtain is best for the living room?

The type of curtains you choose depends on several factors. The climate of your area, the size of your living room, and the window design play a part when selecting curtains.

If you live in a cold area, you will need curtains made of heavy materials such as cotton. The cotton helps keep the warmth in the room. For warmer regions, use materials such as silk or linen. They are much lighter and regulate the temperature in the room nicely.

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How do you choose curtains for the living room?

The choice of living room curtains depends on the décor of the house. Curtains supplement the overall décor, and you must be consistent with the theme.

Use ceiling to floor-length curtains for Victorian themed homes. Make sure that the color and pattern scheme fits well with your overall décor. Too much contrast in color can be a put-off and ruin the overall design.

What is the best window treatment for the living room?

Blinds are excellent for window treatment. They come in various styles and colors that blend in with any décor. Another way you can treat your windows is by using shades or drapes. They help in regulating the amount of natural light that comes into the room, reducing glare and unnecessary heat.

What color of curtains makes a room look bigger?

Curtains that feature bold patterns appear to overpopulate the room. Huge flowers or writings on curtains add unnecessary graphics, making the whole room an uncomfortable place. You can also use a color combination that incorporates vertical lines. It will help make your room look taller.

How long should living room curtains be?

The standard size for curtains is an inch above the window and an inch above the floor. Different decorating themes feature varying curtain lengths.

What is the best fabric for living room curtains?

Silk and velvet are for more formal settings, whereas linen gives off a casual vibe. If you often hold parties and entertain guests, go for more formal fabrics such as silk. If you leave by the beach, linen is best. The type of material you choose for your curtains depends on how you intend to use your living room.

Should curtains match the sofa?

Not necessarily. You can use a different color for your curtains that complements your sofas. If you have dark colors for your sofa, go for curtains that are light in color.

Living room curtain decor ideas

#1. Handcrafted block printed curtains


#2. White curtain


#3. Custom window treatments


#4. Silver curtain


#5. Crushed velvet curtain


#6. Curtains in farmhouse living room


#7. Small living room


#8. Roller shades


#9. Smart living room


#10. Natural pastel color combinations

#11. Blue and white farmhouse


#12. Another roller shades

#13. Blue lotus white curtains watercolor drapes

#14. Bamboo patterned curtains


#15. White linen curtain with crochet trim


#16. Pink flower ivory curtains


#17. Yellow curtains in modern living room


#18. Neautral living room


#19. Two Story Seamed Curtains


#20. Gingham fabric


#21. Gray stripes curtains


#22. No sew window treatment


#23. Monochrome



Curtains do serve an important function other than just being decorative pieces. Keep this in mind next time you go curtain shopping.


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