58+ Beautiful Living Room Curtain Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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Whatever you think of window treatments, curtains have the power to create or break a room’s appearance.

Draperies have the magical capacity to change an interior, whether it’s giving the appearance of a taller ceiling, leading the eye along with a room, or enclosing views to a magnificent landscape just outside.

It’s no wonder that choosing curtains for the living room is one of the most difficult aspects of the designing process.

Style, fabric, pattern, length, and so forth are all important considerations. To make this selection a little bit easier, we’ve gathered some terrific curtain designs for each kind of living room.

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Which curtain is best for the living room?

The type of curtains you choose depends on several factors. The climate of your area, the size of your living room, and the window design play a part when selecting curtains.

If you live in a cold area, you will need curtains made of heavy materials such as cotton. The cotton helps keep the warmth in the room. For warmer regions, use materials such as silk or linen. They are much lighter and regulate the temperature in the room nicely.

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How do you choose curtains for the living room?

The choice of living room curtains depends on the décor of the house. Curtains supplement the overall décor, and you must be consistent with the theme.

Use ceiling to floor-length curtains for Victorian themed homes. Make sure that the color and pattern scheme fits well with your overall décor. Too much contrast in color can be a put-off and ruin the overall design.

What is the best window treatment for the living room?

Blinds are excellent for window treatment. They come in various styles and colors that blend in with any décor. Another way you can treat your windows is by using shades or drapes. They help in regulating the amount of natural light that comes into the room, reducing glare and unnecessary heat.

What color of curtains makes a room look bigger?

Curtains that feature bold patterns appear to overpopulate the room. Huge flowers or writings on curtains add unnecessary graphics, making the whole room an uncomfortable place. You can also use a color combination that incorporates vertical lines. It will help make your room look taller.

How long should living room curtains be?

The standard size for curtains is an inch above the window and an inch above the floor. Different decorating themes feature varying curtain lengths.

What is the best fabric for living room curtains?

Silk and velvet are for more formal settings, whereas linen gives off a casual vibe. If you often hold parties and entertain guests, go for more formal fabrics such as silk. If you leave by the beach, linen is best. The type of material you choose for your curtains depends on how you intend to use your living room.

Should curtains match the sofa?

Not necessarily. You can use a different color for your curtains that complements your sofas. If you have dark colors for your sofa, go for curtains that are light in color.

Living room curtain decor ideas

1. Curtains in the living room that blend in

1 living room curtain ideas designs

Curtains round off a living room, and a contemporary method is to match them to the walls in color.

For a truly unified and engulfing look, choose a fabric that complements your existing living room color palette. The navy blue fabric in this azure living room unifies the space.

A rich and opulent effect may be achieved by choosing a cloth that is only a couple of colors darker than the painting. Matchy-matchy works every now and again.

Living room curtain options that mirror the wallpaper are also possible, as seen here with drapes dip-dyed at the very same level as the shade strip on the walls.

2. A pelmet can be used to create a fun aesthetic.

2 living room curtain ideas designs

A pelmet is an ornamental, usually upholstered board that is placed over a window to conceal the curtain rod as well as other accessories.

It frames the blush pink draperies in this elegant grey living room, giving them contrast and structure. When it comes to pelmets, we attempt to make them as current as possible by employing basic forms with lighthearted creative trims.

A statement cloth was utilized to provide color and pattern to this otherwise neutral living room, as well as to harmonize the yellow and blue tones.

3. Texture is important.

3 living room curtain ideas designs
Source: John Lewis

Adding a  pattern or a decorative trim to full-length drapes or a material roman blind may make all the difference in making a plain window treatment into the focal point in your living room.

This is especially useful when dealing with a limited color palette, like in this blue loungeroom. The space will be more interesting because of the textures and minor touches.

Braids are a popular way for designers to add intrigue to curtains, and differences in fabrics on the leading edges may also create a wonderful statement. This gives an attractive and sophisticated depth appearance.

4. Layering

4 living room curtain ideas designs

Double up on the lounge room window curtains for a wonderfully cozy vibe. In the evenings, a linen Roman blind provides privacy, with full-length drapes on either side framing the window.

Adding a pelmet to the summit will give it a sleek and tidy appearance. My favorite trick is to layer window coverings and curtains.

Don’t be scared to cover your windows with blinds before overlaying them with floor-length drapes. This adds another dimension and curiosity to the space!

Some designers are a massive admirer of layering window covering kinds – for instance possessing a window with a weave roman (patterned, if that’s your style) and strong drapery panels accenting it.

5. To add texture to the walls, use living room curtains.

5 living room curtain ideas designs

In more aspects than one, these opulent satin curtains are awe-inspiring. To begin with, they are employed to create a permanent pattern in this area by dangling across from walls instead of windows. Furthermore, we don’t see the goblet pleats very often.

Goblet pleats are indeed a precise heading design in which the cloth is pleated and folded to create a ‘wineglass’ or ‘goblet’ opening at the top.

The goblet pleats must be sculpted with decorative stitching to keep them looking wide and rounded. They can be suspended from a tree branch or a pole.

Finally, we adore the layered effect created by placing a painting behind the cloth. All of these daring living room curtain designs have been well-received.

6. Allow the curtains to blend with the space.

6 living room curtain ideas designs

Choose something unfussy and basic for drapes that blend into the backdrop and then let the accessories and furniture do the talking. Once it comes to drapes and curtains, designers tend to favor solids and textures.

You’ll appreciate how basic the curtains are, framing and softening the edges of the frames without detracting from the entire room.

Keep things simple and stylish by avoiding fanciful pleats, trimmings, and tassels. Place a blackout cover underneath a silk curtain if you want extra options. They obtain the simplicity and informal appearance of a linen curtain in this way.

7. When working with narrow windows, establish the illusion of more space.

7 living room curtain ideas designs

Mid-length curtains are a pet peeve of some interior designers. They just do not function in any place and make an area appear antiquated in their opinion. If you can’t afford floor-skimming drapes, a blind will suffice.

Install a curtain rod that is broader than the window which extends further on either side to make high, narrow windows appear bigger.

This will enable you to pull the curtains all the way to the window frame’s very edge, giving the sense of breadth and letting the most light into the space.

8. A lovely bay is highlighted.

8 living room curtain ideas designs

If you want curtains but don’t want to have to draw it around your bay window each day, integrating them with just an easy-to-operate custom blind could be the perfect solution. As a result, you can choose a draped fabric for a much more decorative look as dress curtains.

Combine vivid floral drapes with simple Roman shades to highlight an attractive bay window design in a vintage property. Individual curtains enhance the angles of the bay, and the dark grey coloring brings out the colors in the flower.

9. Colors on the wall and curtains should complement each other.

9 living room curtain ideas designs

Curtains that match the wall color offer a sense of spaciousness and homogeneity, making it an excellent choice for smaller areas.

However, use contrasts to create a dramatic impact and a focal point in the space. An excellent way to make a tiny living area feel larger.

Bring in accent items in opulent brass and gold to make a beautiful peacock blue palette shine.

Hang luxurious velvet drapes on a gold drape pole to bring attention to the window and emphasize its height. Gold beveled mirrors, table lights, and decorations complete the look.

10. Dusky colors add warmth.

10 living room curtain ideas designs

Window treatments can either help to push pattern and color in your interior design concept, or they can simply complement it. Curtains can also be used to add texture, color, and interest to a room’s design.

A bold curtain print may transform a traditional setting into something more modern. A neutral window treatment will serve to temper and provide some reprieve if pattern is dominating in other elements in the space, including a patterned couch or patterned rug.

11. Lined window coverings keep the cold away.

11 living room curtain ideas designs

The environment, privacy, and room darkening all influence whether or not curtains should be lined. Lining adds a luxury touch to curtains and blinds while also limiting the immensity of light that enters the space.

Unlined textiles, on the other hand, are a really fashionable way to let natural light gradually permeate into the space.

Choose the appropriate lining weight. Nothing is more annoying than a Roman shutter with inadequate lining, allowing light to get through and altering the appearance of the cloth when the shutter is closed.

12. Use extravagant designs with caution.

12 living room curtain ideas designs

People often mistakenly believe that pure and simple indicates long-term. However, in our world, plain equals uninteresting, which may quickly age a window treatment.

There are a plethora of colors, textures, and patterns that will give you a timeless, classic style, everybody should be receptive to them and more adventurous with their selections. 

Don’t play it safe… be unique. If you choose a dramatic curtain fabric, be sure it complements the remainder of the living room decor.

Choose a color scheme that goes well with a couch, recliner, or even a carpet. Then, intoning colors and patterns that mimic the curtain design, add pillows.

13. Display a vibrant design.

13 living room curtain ideas designs

Consider how the drapes will seem both closed and open. When pulled, curtains with a vivid color or a complex design becomes a significant highlight if such a window is large. When the drapes are closed, a design that is covered when they are up will be clearly seen.

Curtains are an excellent method to add texture and color to a room’s design while also keeping things intriguing.

If you enjoy color, choose a complimentary or matched color from your current décor, such as a footstool, armchair, or rug, and reflect it in your curtain color and accent pieces.

14. Rich jewel tones add opulence.

14 living room curtain ideas designs

Heavy curtains in sumptuous materials like damask or velvet not only look opulent, but also make rooms cozy and warm. If draughty windows need to be insulated, go for a thermal liner.

Instead of going for pastel tones, enhance a dark wall color in a contemporary interior concept by choosing drapes in a similar tone.

When paired with velvet furniture and velvety soft furnishings, jewel-colored drapes will flare against a rich wall and seem luxurious. For a clean look, go with a basic pleated heading.

15. For a contemporary look, mix & match.

15 living room curtain ideas designs

If you can manage it, custom-made blinds or curtains are the way to go. Consider them an expenditure and have them created by a reputable curtain manufacturer.

Nothing beats a set of custom-made drapes that have been hand-finished or hand-sewn to fit the exact measurements of your window.

To create a tranquil, harmonious aesthetic in your living area, choose complementing colors. Pair a decorative Roman blind with simple floor length drapes in a matching hue for a high lounge room window.

For a cohesive aesthetic, edge drapes in a darker plain, selecting one out of the darker colors from your pattern.

16. Pair drapes with patterned curtains for a unique look.

16 living room curtain ideas designs

Many windows need some form of permanent cover to prevent passers-by from peering in. Sheer drapes and blinds are ideal for this. Sheers are usually stacked behind a heavier window decoration to provide seclusion by shielding the window on the outside.

To provide seclusion during the day, treat each part of a corner large window separately with a sheer rolling blind.

To add color and design, hang heavyweight drapes in a historical floral fabric. They may be drawn over at night and fully pulled back throughout the day to allow sunlight through.

17. Maintain a smooth curtain operation.

17 living room curtain ideas designs

A typical curtain pole might restrict how much fabric can flow around a bay window since it projects outside from the remainder of the place.

Instead, go for a curtain track, which allows the cloth to move over each curve without snagging or becoming caught.

‘Another advantage of using a drape track is that the fabric will remain more consistent as it is moved across the window.’

Sets of pleats may be connected onto the track in equal locations without the use of curtain hooks, enabling it to hang gracefully either directly tied or fully pulled.

18. Curtains with valances

18 living room curtain ideas designs

If your house is decorated in a traditional manner and you want drapes that shine out and take center stage in the living room, valances are the perfect option.

In truth, valence sofa curtains are distinguished by a piece of cloth put horizontally across the head of the drape.

This layout guarantees that any visually unappealing pieces, such as the roller shutter storage, are best hidden, but rather that the lounge room curtain takes on a different significance and becomes a true furnishing accent.

19. Protect your privacy.

19 living room curtain ideas designs

Curtains serve as a screen to prevent direct sunlight from entering the home, but its primary purpose is to preserve the privacy of household voters.

All actions in the home will be hidden from view from the outside when the curtains are closed.

Your mind will feel protected, particularly at night, once the window drapes are closed and no one can see in from the outside.

Throughout the day, sheer drapes will give natural light without requiring the curtains to be opened completely. So that family privacy is protected at all times of the day and night.

20. As a deterrent

20 living room curtain ideas designs

The curtain can also be used as an option to insulate the space. One large space will be more appealing if it is divided into two separate rooms by a curtain.

The space is made even more gorgeous by selecting an appealing curtain design. If you wish to effectively insulate a room, these are some useful hints.

To make it seem cohesive as a decorating piece, choose a design that complements the room’s concept.

21. Decorative

21 living room curtain ideas designs

Without drapes, windows would appear plain and even uninteresting. The curtain’s purpose is to provide beauty to the window by serving as a decorative element.

Following the installation of curtains, your formerly regular window will take on a new appearance.

As a result, you must select an appealing curtain style that complements the room’s concept. As a result, a space that appears to be normal becomes considerably more lovely. You know, it’s not uncommon for the curtain to become the focal point of a room’s décor!

22. White sheer curtains

22 living room curtain ideas designs

Sheer white curtains are ideal for living rooms with a limited number of windows. To fool the eye into perceiving much more illumination than the window produces, take a look that extends past the window until all the way to the ceiling. 

Minimalists also choose white lace curtains to create white blocks in the living room, which are contrasted with modern furnishings. These design ideas may instantly change a space with a little ingenuity and patience.

23. Tropical Designs

23 living room curtain ideas designs

Boho is still popular as a lounge room curtain style, but with a focus on tropical motifs like hibiscus and palm leaves in brilliant teal green and blue tones.

These machine-washable drapes work nicely with the room’s stunning gold accessories to maintain the appearance stylish rather than messy and crowded. 

This curtain idea is fresh and cozy. It will complement your interior nicely if your walls are painted white or any neutral color. 

24. Fabrics of the highest quality

24 living room curtain ideas designs

Simple curtains and white lights have been popular on Pinterest for a while, however dark and opulent is making a comeback. Walls and drapes in jewel shades are becoming increasingly trendy. 

Luxurious textiles like silk, velvet, and wool provide a rich aesthetic but modern furniture keep the space light and airy. Begin with a color you already like if you don’t want to totally commit to the gloomy side of the equation.

25. Drapes with Ripplefolds

25 living room curtain ideas designs

Ripplefold drapes are an excellent choice for a contemporary living room. Ripplefold drapery is a fantastic match for a very well, contemporary living room when pinch pleats are too formal or an eyelet top is too casual.

Ripplefold drapes have consistent, precisely spaced pleats that give them a fitted aesthetic with clean, uncomplicated lines that work well in a modern context.

More impressive, ripplefold drapes wonderfully hold designs. Because of the uniformity of the folds, design distortion is minimized, enabling the print to stay constant even when collected.

These drapes take up very little space and stack nicely when completely opened, adding to the sleek appeal.

 This enables the most amount of light into the area while retaining a streamlined, uncluttered appearance.

26. Neutrals with Texture

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In a modern context, neutral color palettes like whites, grays, and beiges don’t go out of style. Consider experimenting with the material of your drapes to give some interest to these muted hues.

Textured neutrals are a subtle, polished approach to add individuality to your drapes along with your entire living space.

Tabiiy is a well-balanced mix of densely weaved cream and beige yarns. The fabric is at once casual and natural, as well as stylish, and it blends in seamlessly with modern decor. Tabiiy is the ideal drapery fabric for achieving opulent simplicity.

27. Prints with Geometry

27 living room curtain ideas designs

Geometric designs are another popular style in modern living room drapes. Simply select your patterns with care, bearing in mind the basic tenets of contemporary design.

Modern designs benefit from refined patterns in neutral shades, such as Spiffy Spool’s Murano themed drapes. Grey diamonds with a chevron design are featured on these drapes. 

The print pops against the white background, but the pattern itself is simple, preserving the clean, polished aesthetic that current fashions demand.

28. Florals in the Modern Era

26 living room curtain ideas designs

Floral patterns and designs have made a significant resurgence in recent years, particularly in large-scale, contemporary residential homes. Floral prints are sometimes linked with classic styles, but with the correct scale, design aesthetic, and density, they can function nicely in a modern house.

Medium-scale designs (not too strong, not too little), a stylised style (not organic and delicate), and loose density (allowing more of the backdrop visible) are recommended by stylists. Gedrukt has a beautiful floral motif. 

The lovely white backdrop is adorned with exquisite indigo blue and hazelwood beige vines, flowers, tendrils, and leaves. The style is delicate and modest enough to fit into any modern environment.

29. Linens in Solid Colors

29 living room curtain ideas designs

Linen drapes are another adaptable choice for adding modern flare to your living room via texture and color. When it comes to picking the right color for your living room, the entire vibe of your home should be your reference.

Marble Linen Drapes are an excellent choice for bright and airy rooms. This traditional white fabric will elegantly surround your windows and assist to illuminate your living area. This is the pinnacle of minimalist design.

30. Colors that are neutral

30 living room curtain ideas designs

In the year 2021, neutrals will rule supreme in terms of color. Tan and brown shades, as well as other earthy colors, have swiftly supplanted bright colors, and drapes are no exception. Mustard, sage, dusty pink, and cobalt blue are other popular options among homeowners.

Decorators don’t have to stress about harmonizing curtains to furnishings or wallpaper because these colors work nicely with a variety of palettes. Monochrome drapes are also a preferable choice than patterned curtains if the wallpaper has a busy print.

31. Curtains that are light and airy

31 living room curtain ideas designs

An airy or bright ambience is one of the primary curtain themes for 2021. Curtains that are too heavy and thick can make a space appear and feel narrower.

Some visitors may feel cramped in a room with heavy drapes, particularly if the space isn’t extremely spacious to begin with!

Still, because thick materials absorb moisture, this is great news for everyone attempting to tolerate the humidity and heat in some regions.

If buyers want to stay up with curtain patterns, they should utilize layers, frills, and other embellishments that make up much space sparingly.

32. Curtains made of silk

32 living room curtain ideas designs

Silk is another organic curtain material option. In 2021, drape designers will use this material more than in past years. Silk is always refined and opulent, so it fits well in a home’s more formal areas. There’s no need to forgo function in the name of style.

Curtains made of silk are just as good at shielding temperature as drapes made of other materials. Furthermore, unlike cotton curtains, silky curtains will not absorb moisture and will not acquire water stains as a result of the humid atmosphere.

33. Curtains that block off the light

33 living room curtain ideas designs

Naturally, when living in a hot climate, this form of curtain is required to screen the harsh sunshine. The lined curtain keeps sunshine out of the room and keeps it cool. Blackout curtains lessen the demand for air conditioning by blocking heat.

As a result, these drapes are sometimes referred to as thermal drapes. They also have an added benefit of reducing roadway noise.

34. Curtains with pom pom tassels

34 living room curtain ideas designs

Drapes featuring pom tassels are still in trend in 2021, and homeowners don’t have to go far to see! These ornaments give a touch of whimsy without adding a huge amount of weight. Plus, tassels go perfectly with the linen curtains described before! They’re flirtatious and feminine, making them ideal for the bedroom.

Tasselled curtains, on the other hand, look great in nurseries and any area with a Bohemian motif. Contemplate lambrequins or tiebacks with simply a single or a couple of pom tassels for a hint of Bohemian charm.

36. Japanese inspired curtains

35 living room curtain ideas designs

Japanese drapes have been popular among decorators, designers, and residents for some years. It doesn’t appear that this will change in 2021. Rather, in the coming year, shoppers may anticipate to see these thin, narrow panels adorning windows.

Curtains in the Japanese style are made of lighter fabric – commonly bamboo – and do not have ruching, and they follow several of the 2021 drape trends already described in this article. Use them in the bedroom or in the living room.

36. Handcrafted block printed curtains

1 living room curtain ideas


37. White curtain

2 living room curtain ideas


38. Custom window treatments

3 living room curtain ideas


39. Silver curtain

4 living room curtain ideas


40. Crushed velvet curtain

5 living room curtain ideas


41. Curtains in farmhouse living room

6 living room curtain ideas


42. Small living room

7 living room curtain ideas


43. Roller shades

8 living room curtain ideas


44. Smart living room

9 living room curtain ideas


45. Natural pastel color combinations

10 living room curtain ideas

46. Blue and white farmhouse

11 living room curtain ideas


47. Another roller shades

12 living room curtain ideas

48. Blue lotus white curtains watercolor drapes

13 living room curtain ideas

49. Bamboo patterned curtains

14 living room curtain ideas


50. White linen curtain with crochet trim

15 living room curtain ideas


51. Pink flower ivory curtains

16 living room curtain ideas


52. Yellow curtains in modern living room

17 living room curtain ideas


53. Neautral living room

18 living room curtain ideas


54. Two Story Seamed Curtains

19 living room curtain ideas


55. Gingham fabric

20 living room curtain ideas


56. Gray stripes curtains

21 living room curtain ideas


57. No sew window treatment

22 living room curtain ideas


58. Monochrome

23 living room curtain ideas



First and foremost, think about the aesthetic of your living space and the vibe you want to achieve. Whether it’s a cozy, country elegant, classic period style, or a sleek, contemporary atmosphere, there’s something for everyone. Then consider fabric and color selections that will complement each other.

Then think about more practical factors like the amount of windows, issue locations, and if the space is overshadowed or lacks natural light. Another consideration is insulation, particularly during the cooler winter months. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below!