36+ Beautiful Blue Couch Living Room Decorating Ideas and Designs

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Be it light, dark, or textured, the color blue always carries a tranquil and cool charm. Best know that even if blue is considered as a primary color, its tonal versatility is beyond compare.

It can blend well with lighter neutrals but also imposes a colorful effect to bolder ones. Styling a blue couch living room is fun because the designs available are limitless.  

If you are looking for ways to arrange a blue couch living room, this post lists some of the easiest and most notable looks to set up. If you are in a blue couch living room state of mind, read on. 

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best blue couch living room ideas

36 blue couch living room ideas 

From coastal, chic, minimalist, rustic, boho and more, there is a blue couch living room idea that you can work on. As such, here are some of the best blue couch living room ideas for you to take inspiration from. 

Compact and monochromatic

A small living room featuring layers of blue can look intimate and at the same time intimidating but to a good end.

From the midnight blue walls, ocean blue rug, navy-blue modern couch and blue-grey lounge chair and ottoman, nothing gets cozier than this monochromatic cocoon.

The careful use of brass and wood details, among others, add to that warmth. 

1 blue couch living room ideas

And if you want to bring in more natural light to a blue monochrome living room, these glossy cobalt blue walls and trims along with this contemporary, tufted sectional are all it took to give this extended living room and study a brushed-up look with lots of natural illumination. 

2 blue couch living room ideas

Gallery lounge style blue couch living room

If you want to go plush and artsy, anchoring your gallery lounge style living room on a royal blue couch is a fine choice.

The black ceiling and white walls along with the brass, glass, and soft accents of the throw pillow and couch cover make this living room an eccentric and sophisticated nook for those with high-end tastes. 

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3 blue couch living room ideas

Speaking of artsy, here is a more vibrant, contemporary tone to give your take on that design scheme.

The visual impact of this San Francisco living room is very strong thanks to this azure blue, contemporary sofa and the softer balance of that lilac couch.

Completed by walls of modern art, this one is a flush of artistic vibrancy that is hard to miss. 

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4 blue couch living room ideas

Calming blue couch living room with fireplace

If you want the comfort of your childhood living room, this traditional look featuring beige walls, baby blue sofa, textured powder blue couches, complementing blue and white curtains and a central fireplace is enough to activate the nostalgia of yesteryears.

What a cozy vibe for cold tea and cookies. 

5 blue couch living room ideas

But if you want a cooler, more contemporary flair, this moody living room in Detroit gives you an idea to take after.

Midnight blue, dark brown and black give this the darker balance but the white and cream hues from the walls, the lounge chair and the rug offer a crisp and pristine theme to this living room overall. 

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6 blue couch living room ideas

Bold blue sectionals

Nothing gets bolder than this compelling contrast of royal blue velvet sectionals streamlined as the focal point of this apartment living room.

Everything around it was placed to embolden the dark tone of the sectional with that all-white backdrop, off-white rug, and happy wall arts. 

7 blue couch living room ideas

And if you prefer an eclectic style for your blue couch living room, mixing and matching different textures and patterns for the seating is one way to do it.

This midnight blue sectional here offers a tonal balance to an otherwise uncoordinated play of lighter toned and patterned furniture. The neat setup of the decorative details helps in giving it a more cohesive style. 

8 blue couch living room ideas

Cheerful blue couch living room

As has been said, no matter the hue, blue has a way of seamlessly incorporating its cool and dramatic effect to a living room.

This one is definitely giving off a lot of cheerful vibes with those colorful prints and patterns from the throw pillows to the couch, ottoman and rug. But the bold hue of this modern royal blue couch anchors everything in an organized look. 

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9 blue couch living room ideas

At a glance, the autumn yellow tones and its cheery bright yellow counterpart seem to be the focal point of the room. But the elegant look of this velvet sectional compels you to think otherwise.

Fancy, colorful and eclectic, all at once, this blue couch living room is something to draw inspiration from if you are working on an urban style home. 

10 blue couch living room ideas

Coastal blue couch living room

What better theme is there to go for when it comes to blue couches than to evoke a coastal style living room.

This one here has a simple and delicate appeal but choosing the right furniture and accent pieces such as the treasure chest, fish wall art and lighthouse painting helped in giving it a comfy beach house effect.

The rattan seats, white couch and blue chesterfield sofa complement each other well. 

11 blue couch living room ideas

Angles and patterns

An angled and patterned symmetry is an underrated style that could make a blue couch living room very spruced up and modern.

The lapis lazuli color of this modern couch and the bright orange ottoman/coffee table in this arrangement is a combination that is made in heaven.

On a backdrop of cube accented side lamps and geometric wall art, the color combo in here is so polished. 

12 blue couch living room ideas

Sometimes all it takes is a patterned, decorative wallpaper to give your living room an angled look.

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This idea here took on the challenge and opted for a darker balance to create a dramatic, and moody look.

The faux velvet, blue couch is very laid back and dreamy. It is enhanced aesthetically by that furry blanket and patterned throw pillows. It is very low-key, simple, and just homey overall. 

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Cottage style blue couch living room

White and green tones are cool already. Add that to the tranquil effect of deep blue and the moody effect of dull green, bright, shiplap walls, and the organic look of the wall art in this living room give this a turn of the century vibe, fit for a low-key, cottage style. 

14 blue couch living room ideas

For a more sophisticated, cottage look, this is a whimsical design that you could go for. The textured, jute rug and the ‘police strobe’ blue sofa give the solid tone of this room.

The traditional cottage flair is owed to the striped, cozy couches. The deeper beige walls and the glow of orange accents are also superb in giving this a whimsical vibe. 

15 blue couch living room ideas

Scandinavian blue couch living room

The layers of blue and white combo in this living room brings out the stylishness and functionalism of Scandinavian design.

We especially love the velvet undertones of this Prussian blue couch and tufted ottoman, yale blue printed throw pillows and coffee table at the center.

For the flush of natural light, the vintage blue and white rug and the coastal look window treatments are muted but well-incorporated. 

16 blue couch living room ideas

Denim blue is made for minimalism and this is what this textured denim blue sofa and couch offer in this neat, Scandinavian style living room.

The all-white tones and minimal brown details of the room make it a warm and well-lit four-season space. The stripes, fabric play and woven details for the decorative trinkets complete the look of this space. 

17 blue couch living room ideas

Textured blue couch living room

There is something so tonal and memorable about this textured blue couch living room thanks to its curvy velvet blue couch.

Not only does it soften the edgy and bold surfaces of the brown and unpolished concrete, it also offers a silhouette effect to the entire room.

If you have a compact living room, there are a lot of visual displays here that would keep the eyes stimulated while being comfy at the same time. 

18 blue couch living room ideas

Here is another curved and textured navy-blue couch in a compact living room that is perfect if you want a scenic change in your space.

The grayish-white jute rug gives this one the lighter balance that it needs. The powder blue walls, on the other hand, offer this space a more serene contrast. Overall, this is a bastion of blue that offers coziness and a lot of tranquility. 

19 blue couch living room ideas

Blush of baby blue

Keeping it minimal but tonal, this one here offers a very organic and delicate look to a rustic style living room.

The sandy beige hue of the wall, the wood flooring and the blush of baby blue, tufted sofa as the focal point of this spacious living room is phenomenal. The brass details of this room are also a plus. 

20 blue couch living room ideas

If you dig the dainty sight of baby blue and other pastels are such a powerful combination and are truly eye-candies for a compact room.

The chicness of this space is very unique and the matte gold accents for the decorative pieces give it an elegant look. Feminine and classy, this is a prime arrangement for a light and airy living room. 

21 blue couch living room ideas

Powder blue magic

At some point, powder blue was our favorite blue hue and all for good reasons. The Victorian opulence of this living room is off the charts.

The beige and white tones plus the vintage design of the sofa and adjacent chairs are on point.

The gold mirror trim, the layered carpeting and floral accents give this a light and very comfy vibe. 

22 blue couch living room ideas
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Rustic blue couch living room

Whoever said that blue pastels are not made for rustic stones have been missing out on this idea here.

The fun, geometric lines of this blue and white sofa and couch set offer this beige and white monochromatic living room with a very casual and laid back look.

It softens the stacked stones and the exposed beams and plays well with the bright red and green color splashes found in this space. 

23 blue couch living room ideas

And speaking of rustic, here is a more compact arrangement for the living room.

The shiplap ceiling, the rich, brown color of the exposed beams and the white walls give this room the brightness it needs to properly accentuate the midnight blue sofa/couch and the wood details of the accent furniture and decorative pieces. 

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24 blue couch living room ideas

The minimalism in this contemporary, rustic theme is very much on point. The ornate, cathedral style door, the polished wood living room cabinet, the mounted chrome, faux animal décor, and the glass and brass details of this space are all very warm and striking.

Coupled with the texture of this velvet blue sofa, this is the warm space that you can hangout in all day long. 

25 blue couch living room ideas

Industrial blue couch living room

Tufted sofas and couches are often found in more luxurious, upscale designs but incorporating it in an industrial style living room can be added to enhance the rawness of burnt orange bricks.

We also love the spruced-up effect of the bright yellow side lamps. The brown details from the wood furniture and the rug give it an organic theme. 

26 blue couch living room ideas

If you have a high preference for the traditional industrial look, what warmer place there is than this New York loft’s living room.

Featuring just a velvety, midnight blue lounge couch, the burnt orange and maroon brick walls and the distressed decorative pieces around this seating is screaming urban and industrial in one look. 

27 blue couch living room ideas 1

Color coordinated backdrop

This is not about being OC but the drama of having a color coordinated backdrop gives more interest to this tufted, faux leather, midnight blue sofa with rolled up arms.

The rustic style wood shelving with books arranged in terms of color and the sofa are the focal points of this living room without a doubt. 

28 blue couch living room ideas

Mediterranean space

Channeling a Mediterranean look in your living room is easy with lots of blue tones. The white and blue, decorative wallpaper is a staple in many Mediterranean towns.

Giving a swipe at different hues of blue pays homage to the deep blue sea.

The dark florals and other geometric patterns in this blue layering plus the plush curtain all reflect the rich cultural intersection of the Mediterranean. 

29 blue couch living room ideas

Minimalist blue couch living room

We all love the clean lines of minimalism. The structured and edgy look of this living room is perfect for this streamlined, sectional which by the way is the focal point of this comfy and intimate space.

The play of wood, marble, and metal details around the couch and the rawness of the flooring and accent wall are unmatched. 

30 blue couch living room ideas

Sophistication is also one word to describe minimalism and this idea here lives up to that design expectation.

The velvet, royal blue, contemporary sectional in this textured living room brings it a lot of modern, mid-century style.

The gold details and the gradient walls indeed, glammed up this living room in very minimal tweaks. 

31 blue couch living room ideas

Here is another very minimalist take on blue couch living rooms that offer a serene retreat for anyone. This yale armchair and couch are the real head turners of this space.

The faux brick wall, the patterned throw pillows and the lush green indoor plant give it a more balanced and at the same time playful look. 

32 blue couch living room ideas

Boho blue couch living room

The boho theme is always an associated design to blue and this idea here shows why.

The eclectic, bohemian vibe in this living room is very strong with that play of different colors, textures, and styles. But the bold and solid effect of the navy-blue couch gives it a harmonious look that is beyond compare. 

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33 blue couch living room ideas

If a boho chic is what you are going for, a cleaner, more contemporary look is the name of the game.

This very neutral living room featuring a yale blue, cushioned couch and sofa takes the focal point while the minimalist Aztec panel arts and this blue and white rug give it a flushed, bohemian look. 

34 blue couch living room ideas

Teal and blush pink

Technically, teal is the fusion of green and blue found in both lists of green and blue colors.

Blush pink and blue have always been a dream team but going lighter with teal instead of the traditional navy blue gives this living room a lot of romantic and at the same time stylish look.

The other teal elements and the brass details are also perfect in this vibe.

35 blue couch living room ideas

Aqua blue opulence

If you want a vibrant look that would break all the monochromes and neutrals in a living room, an aqua blue, streamlined sectional like this one here can work wonders.

Extending the aqua blue as an accent seating in the adjacent dining room and kitchen offer texture in this very polished living room. 

36 blue couch living room ideas

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As we have said time and again, anchoring a living room idea around blue couches is not that daunting a task. It has a standout and versatile charm which separates it from other colors.

Whatever design you have in mind, there is a blue couch on the corner that you can throw in effortlessly.

The key here is to achieve the right contrast and to complement the look with the right decorative details. If you can do that, you can easily spruce up a blue couch living room.