21+ Best Nursery Decor Ideas and Designs

best nursery decor ideas

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Decorating a nursery comes with many options and decisions so knowing ideas will help you whittle these down.

Decorating the room in primary colors is a great way to create a vibrant, gender-neutral atmosphere for your baby.

best nursery decor ideas

Primary Color Nurseries

Primary colors are typically red, yellow, and blue; however, you can use the color green as well. Some wall decorating ideas with these colors are to either paint one color on the walls, or to paint blocks.

The blocks can be between one and two square feet, and the colors should be staggered so the same color never touches itself. Also, you can use shades of each color to add more variety. Use these colors for the bedding, curtains, rug, and other furniture you put in the nursery.

Contemporary Nurseries

contemporary, modern look is also gender neutral, however, when used with colors like red, it can sometimes be masculine. This involves using lots of black and white. The furniture is very important in this style. Use cribs that are black and sharp, smooth lines. While black is used a lot in contemporary styles, it should not overpower the room. A contemporary room should also be very organized as these rooms are meant to be clutter free.

Classic Nurseries

classic look encompasses rooms that use things like canopies and chandeliers. These rooms tend to give off a French vibe. To have a canopy, put the head of the crib against the wall and have the canopy lightly flow down around it.

Be advised that as the child grows older he may tug at the canopy, so design it accordingly. To put a chandelier in the room, you can hang a small one in the center as the light fixture, or paint the silhouette of one above the headboard. Window fixtures should also be long and flowing to create an elegant look in the room.

Gender Specific Nurseries

To create gender specific rooms, you first need to choose a theme. Good themes for boys rooms are cars and trucks, safaris, and the outdoors. Themes for girls include royalty and gardens. When creating these rooms, keep in mind that you will probably not fully redecorate until the child is a teenager.

When doing theme rooms, a fun idea is to paint the walls with a mural. For example, if it is a safari themed room, paint wild animals and plants on the walls. Also, make sure there is ample storage for everything so that you can easily keep the room clean and it does not get cluttered.

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21+ Nursery decor ideas

#1. Beautiful space for baby girl

1 nursery decor ideas


#2. Bunny on the wall

2 nursery decor ideas

#3. Make it mobile

3 nursery decor ideas


#4. All white bedding

4 nursery decor ideas


#5. Soft and neutral nursery

5 nursery decor ideas


#6. Coral, mint, and gold

6 nursery decor ideas


#7. A place to play with a woodland-themed playroom

7 nursery decor ideas


#8. Bright, airy room with white wall

8 nursery decor ideas


#9. Pink rug and bedding

9 nursery decor ideas


#10. Neutral play room

10 nursery decor ideas


#11. Modern outdoor nursery

11 nursery decor ideas

#12. Soft and feminine garden

12 nursery decor ideas


#13. Pink and gray crib bedding

13 nursery decor ideas


#14. Whimsical nursery

14 nursery decor ideas


#15. White and gray

15 nursery decor ideas

#16. Bowen’s Woodland Nursery

16 nursery decor ideas


#17. Pretty pink girl’s rooms

17 nursery decor ideas


#18. Starry bed canopy

18 nursery decor ideas


#19. Monochrome Zoo Nursery

19 nursery decor ideas


#20. Dainty, Soft and Sweet

20 nursery decor ideas


#21. Floral wallpaper

21 nursery decor ideas