30 Best Patio Awning Ideas and Designs

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Patio awning is one vital reason why homeowners can extend their living space to the patio. Awning a patio means that you are installing a roof like cover to offer shade or cover the sides of the patio.

Through this, we get to enjoy the best of what our patio could offer without fear of UV light exposure or being soaked in the rain.

If you are looking for patio awning ideas that would best suit your patio area, here are some remarkable ones to consider. 

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Types of awnings

When it comes to awnings, you can choose from at least 15 types and more. However, in the contracting context, the following would be the main types of awnings acknowledged for decks and patios. 

1. Retractable awning

retractable awning

This one is the most popular choice for the last five years because of the convenience and ease of operation it offers as well as its function as a protective shell for the awning itself.

It works manually or automatically through a motor system. There are also sensor-triggered awnings now that would extend shade or remove shade depending on the weather. 

2. Wall-mounted awning

They are also called fixed awning and they are the more permanent awning types as they are cast in durable frames and poles. If you are in a location where permanent shade is needed for your patio, this one is the best choice for you. 

3. Portable awning

portable awning

This once is a collective term for many free-standing awning types. This includes umbrella awning, canopy awning and sail awning. They are the easiest to install, to pack-up and the most inexpensive to install. 

Benefits of patio awning

It might not be as permanent as patio enclosures, but patio awning has its own set of valuable functions too. 

  • Provides shade, insulation, and better air circulation.
  • Protects outdoor furniture and accent decorations. 
  • Lessens insulation costs for the home. 
  • Extends outdoor living space. 
  • Cost effective way to enjoy extended hours outdoors. 

30 patio awning ideas 

best diy patio awning ideas

Now that we have covered some basic knowledge about patio awnings, let us dive right into some patio awning ideas across different categories.

This shall help you in sorting out the best patio awning design that would best fit your home aesthetics and coverage of your patio. 

Patio shade sail ideas

Sail shades are basically the easiest to install and an affordable patio awning material to use. From sheer fabric to bistro style sail shades, you can have a lot of options for patio shade sails.

If you have an irregular shaped backyard, using an irregular cut sail shade is a terrific way to incorporate a corner patio in there just like this one here.

It uses a monochrome, canvas fabric tied to the roof shingles and a tree. It has enough coverage for a dreamy dining experience and the string lights truly add to that vibe. 

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1 patio awning ideas 1

Another way to upscale an al fresco dining is by transforming your backyard space into a sail shaded patio.

Using a double shade sail is a thoughtful way to expand the space to accommodate more people at once since the dining table and the adjacent seating could be used at the same time. To give it a bistro vibe, using bigger string bulbs is also a fine touch. 

2 patio awning ideas

Fabric awning

If you want a more stable look compared to sail shades, you can use fabric awnings incorporated in a pergola or a large one that covers the entire patio and then mounted on a wall or roof shingles. 

This one is familiar especially in sunny locations such as California, Arizona, and Florida. With its orange and yellow stripe design, you are hitting a retro vibe like no other.

If not in use, you can easily roll it up to soak up in the outdoors. This is a killer deck patio that is hard to miss with all the color popping seating in this compact outdoor space. 

3 patio awning ideas

If you want to have a more updated, urban look, this sunny yellow, canvas cover is the best complement to this wood floored patio.

Installed in a roll of metal rods, it has a cool and breezy, floating look. When it is shady and breezy, you can manually retract the fabric awnings and turn on the string lights. 

4 patio awning ideas

RV patio awning

Ever seen those rows of food carts on a summer day at the beach? If you do not have an idea over what RV awnings look like, just go back to that image to have a visual of what to look for. 

RV awnings are usually retractable, motor-operated and built-in. This one here is just parked along the home’s driveway once the awning is rolled out, it offers a good excuse to set up the picnic table, the benches and light the fireplace for some smores with the family. 

5 patio awning ideas

This one is still a retractable RV awning but with accompanying stand-in poles. They just must be attached on the two opposing sides for it to become stable.

It is good for camping and road trips. Here is how this one should look like. The hombre effect of this canvas awning also offers a spruced-up look. 

6 patio awning ideas

Awning for a small patio

Just because you have a compact space would mean that you cannot install patio awnings.

For this one, a retractable or simple fabric shade can be a good awning type to use. Those that do not need additional poles are also functional for these small spaces. 

For one, this converted garage is transformed into an enclosed patio with an extension that is setup for an al fresco dining and wine time.

The gray-blue and white fabric retractable awning complement the home’s exterior so well. The furniture and boho patterned throw pillows and beverage cart on the side give it a beautiful coastal chic style. 

7 patio awning ideas

Here is another corner patio using screen style rolling shades. They are attached over a recycled metal poster and newly welded beams to make it look like a metal pergola. And those corner benches? It makes the perfect space for some intimate lounging. 

8 patio awning ideas

Retractable patio awning ideas

This type of awning is the most expensive of them all but once you install them, and maintain them well, you can depend on them to cover your patio for a long time.

The good part is that you can have an array of options if you wish to have one and here are just some to choose from. 

If you want a lighter, retractable material, you can find retractable fabric patio awnings which you can control through a central track system, through remote controls or through manual rolling.

This one here is made of tough synthetic fabric, with a good area coverage and is waterproof. 

9 patio awning ideas

For manual retracting, you can always opt for wood or vinyl pergolas with customized shade track for your awning material of choice.

This one here used an industrial grade fabric to get a more durable shade for this modern style patio. It matches well with the tones of the seating and central gas fireplace. 

10 patio awning ideas


Aluminum patio awnings

When it comes to shades and covers, aluminum is a durable, affordable, and lightweight choice. When installed well and weatherproofed, a patio awning is one of the best investments you would make. 

This long, decked patio here sports a vintage look thanks to these metal pole and frame awnings with industrial aluminum steel cover.

With a looming industrial style pendant light and the combo of wood flooring, furniture, and steel home exterior, you get a light and sturdy looking patio and a look that resonates the south in the 80s. 

11 patio awning ideas

Source: Rising Build

If you want to veer away from standard aluminum patio awnings, here is a customized metal pole where this ribbed aluminum cover is placed. It features a decked style which makes it sleek looking and very contemporary. 

12 patio awning ideas

Wood pergola patio awning

The use of wood pergola patio awning is perhaps, by far the most conventional way of installing one aside from the sail shades and attaching solar fabrics.

Aesthetically, wood is very versatile so there is no worry about it ever matching your home’s exteriors whatever the design you are going for. 

One of the best ways to make a standout patio awning is adopting a roof extension style.

This one here does not give you the traditional wood pergola look but its crisp, warm tone and minimal gaps in between as the concrete roofing transitions to wood is just spectacular. 

13 patio awning ideas

And if you want a more traditional look, you can still go for that four-poster, free standing wood pergola awning but giving it a fresh coat of paint other than the browns and stained wood would be a good choice in accentuating even a small patio space. This one would simply suffice. 

14 patio awning ideas

Source: JPM Landscape

If an out of the box idea is what you need for a wood pergola awning, this slanted design might be the best one out there especially for a suburban vibe like this one.

Given this woodsy courtyard patio and concrete floors, you get a charming, al fresco patio dining anytime. It does not get any warmer than this for sure. 

15 patio awning ideas

Free standing patio awning

A free-standing patio awning can give you an air of separation in your backyard or just give you a standout space that transitions from the main house.

Free-standing patio awnings can be relegated as fixed patio awnings, equally with a vast option to choose from. 

This barn house style free standing patio is a luxurious addition to add in your backyard. Set on a long, polished stone floor space, it is the perfect combo of stone, wood, and insulated metal roofing.

The lounging space is on the open space while the cook station and extended dining is covered. 

16 patio awning ideas

For a simpler, more industrial look, this one here makes use of sleek, metal posters and aluminum sheets for the cover.

It might just be a small patio, but the intimacy of the seating would surely facilitate a good talk with your closest friends.

Coming with a side metal screen, you can use it if you want to have string lights over or vertical screens. 

17 patio awning ideas

Fixed patio awning

If you are thinking of adding a more permanent shade structure for your patio, you need to have a fixed design in mind to work it out.

Canopy patio awnings are the most popular fixed patio awnings but of course, there is so much more to explore. 

This glass and metal roof extension awning is the best weatherproof fixed patio awning for your home.

The sleek, black metal finish for the frame and poles and the insulated glass for the cover allows natural light during darker, colder seasons and traps UV light during the sun’s peak. Modern and regal are understatement descriptions for this. 

18 patio awning ideas

A long and compact patio does not need an over-the-top look. For one, this Utah home thoughtfully used cedar wood beams, attached directly to the home’s walls.

For the cover, rolled, stainless steel is installed to avoid corrosion. Overall, it is sturdy, would not rust, and give you a warm, farmhouse feel at any given time. 

19 patio awning ideas

Metal patio awning ideas

If you are into hard patio awnings that would last for a very long time, you need a timeless look and durable materials for it. Metal is a prime choice for this one and here are some ideas to consider. 

This industrial grade metal iron awning is a simple roof extension cover for a den that transitions into a second living room and dining area.

It is attached to a metal track and its thick build does not only exude durability but also a high, modern, industrial vibe which matches the sophistication of this home. 

20 patio awning ideas

This is another metal patio awning roof extension made of titanium metal. It is lightweight, sleek, and contemporary looking. The narrow gaps in between give it a light and airy feel which is good for this compact patio. 

21 patio awning ideas


Patio awning lighting ideas

In building the right al fresco vibe for your patio, choosing the right type of lighting and arrangement could give you a charmed, dreamy, and cozy feeling fit for intimate meals in the patio with family and friends. 

For a full bistro effect right there in your backyard, using string lights has always been the go-to light type.

A vertical arrangement along the beams while the yellow lights glow gives all the romantic vibes that you would want to look forward to every now and then.

22 patio awning ideas

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This free-standing patio awning here veers away from the traditional yellow rope lights and went for a more modern style with those can lights for the ceiling and task lights in the raised deck.

The minimal illumination and white lights are perfect in giving it a standout nook even at night. This clean look here proves just that. 

23 patio awning ideas

Vertical patio awning

The trend for vertical patio awning is a practical way to enclose a patio without fully enclosing it with permanent walls. It could be fabric or aluminum, but the idea is that the side screens should glide vertically on some side cables. 

This wood pergola patio awning here might not have the fabric top cover but if you feel like it is too sunny, this vertical fabric awning can catch all that excess heat in a heartbeat.

Roll them down during the sun’s peak, harsh winds, or downpour anytime. They are retractable roll blinds so they are very convenient to use. 

24 patio awning ideas

For manual vertical patio awnings, here is an outdoor shade cloth that can be manually rolled down and tied to the wood posters to give you a gazebo look.

When it is not in use, you can just manually tuck it up again for some fabric accents on the side of this wood, free-standing pergola patio awning. 

25 patio awning ideas

How much does a patio awning cost?

Notwithstanding the installation cost and the materials used for a patio awning, the average cost of building one would be $300-5000.

The price of retractable patio awnings would be in between $1300-6000. Getting the help of a professional to install the awning means adding $150-400 to these ranges. 

How to build an awning over a patio 

Of all types of patio awning, retractable awnings are the only type that are not recommended for DIY installation.

The cheapest patio awning to install would be using canvass. If you want to embark on a DIY job, click here to find a step-by-step guide on how to build one. For a video demo, check this one out. 


Patio awnings are a great investment if you are one who really spends a lot of time outdoors. As such, it is important for you to choose the best awning style and material for you to get the most out of it.

For a more weather flexible awning with less maintenance, you can install portable or retractable patio awning. If you need the awning year-round, a good old-fashioned fixed awning will do. 

The good thing about patio awnings is that you can do them DIY. And if you want to get a more upscale one, you can have a retractable type installed by professionals. With all things considered, we can say that a patio awning is a good investment for the home.