25+ Best Enclosed Patio Ideas and Designs

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Enclosing the patio is a practical way to enjoy this space year-round. You can literally enjoy it at the peak of summer for some cool breeze outside and have some coffee or tea during the fall and winter without having to freeze in the cold.

Hence, we could say that an enclosed patio gives us the best of all worlds as long as you incorporate the right design scheme. 

If you are looking for some ideas to draw inspiration from, here are some enclosed patio ideas for you to check out and probably consider.

Different notable enclosed patio ideas from various design categories are listed so sift through and choose the best one for you. 

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best enclosed patio ideas

What is an enclosed patio?

There are a lot of definitions used to qualify an enclosed patio. Conventionally, an enclosed patio is characterized as an area with lots of windows, a ceiling, and four walls.

As time progressed, this definition accommodated other styles. For one, even a space with partial walls or those that only use accordion doors or even blackout curtains could be considered an enclosed patio. 

Furthermore, some unroofed patios, as long as they have side enclosures, could still be considered as one.

Today, even if you are not enclosing an actual patio, any house extension like a gazebo, porch or garage could be called an enclosed patio if it has wall enclosures. 

Benefits of an enclosed patio

enclosed back deck porch with furniture

You might ask, what makes an enclosed patio a more standout nook and a better investment compared to regular, open patios? To offer clarity on that question, here are the benefits of an enclosed patio. 

1. Privacy and security

Enclosures for outdoor living spaces offer a layer of security to the home because some designs are endowed with bolts and locks.

Those that do not have this feature or those that come with a more open design are still functional in giving you privacy as you indulge in some fun moments with family and friends thanks to screens and privacy walls. 

2. Extra space

Most times, an enclosed patio is used to extend living spaces. With the right furniture and accent decors, you can transform it into a second living room, a sunroom, an outdoor kitchen, or a multi-section space where you get to enjoy all the mentioned spaces and more. 

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3. Extra storage

Anent to what we have mentioned in the previous point, you no longer need to keep old but still good to use lounge chairs and furniture because you can easily arrange them in your enclosed patio. 

4. Increase in property value

Whatever the design you are aiming for or the type of material that you would splurge on to build an enclosed patio, note that you will have that back in a 100% ROI.

Aside from that, you are also upscaling the reselling value of your home with this home improvement should you choose to sell it in the long haul. 

25 wonderful enclosed patio ideas 

Let us dive right into the different enclosed patio ideas that we have in store here. From compact, to mid-tier, to upscale splurge, you can have a visual fanfare of what to expect out of enclosed patios. 

Small and snuggly

If you have a small household, it would be impractical to build a large, enclosed patio. For this one, a formerly open, exterior space reserved for a backyard deck is transformed into this compact, enclosed patio.

Lounge chairs are around and the look is just straight warm and inviting. 

1 enclosed patio ideas


Although small, you can offer your patio an illusion of space and a dramatic view of changing seasons by installing an all-glass enclosure walls and glass ceiling.

If the space is compact, you can have an illusion of space and if you want more natural light and some summer breeze, you can decide to open or not open it. Make it a dining room? Sure. Task lights? It makes sense. 

2 enclosed patio ideas

And since we are covering a sunroom style enclosed patio, here is a more upscale version that you would be inspired to see.

The barn style roof and thick wood framed glass wall enclosure and glass door provide the symmetry that is fit for this look.

The Victorian furniture and vintage looking pendant light are on fleek and the stainless-steel grill gives it a complete, versatile look. 

3 enclosed patio ideas

Converted garage

As we have said earlier, you can convert your old garage into an enclosed patio anytime if you have the motivation and some bucks to spend.

Accordion doors are installed, and an additional layer of blackout curtains are hung.

While the space may seem limited, this intimate seating arrangement and the warm color palette used keep it homey and a cozy space. 

4 enclosed patio ideas 1

Large stone patio

Stone is timeless and rustic but enclosing it too much can be overbearing and might let you feel claustrophobic.

Having minimal beams and partial walls give it an airy and open floor plan for parties and summer cookouts.

Its size is also very convenient for more people to gather. This patio can be a multi-sectional space for entertainment, outdoor kitchen, and for casual lounging. 

5 enclosed patio ideas

Speaking of vast, stone patios, this is another upscale enclosed patio using reclaimed bricks for the flooring and stacks of Texas limestone for the pillars.

The exposed wood beams made of cedar and the recessed lighting as well as the rattan furniture over a view of this Mediterranean style pool all make sense and give this enclosed patio a luxurious and old town view. 

6 enclosed patio ideas

Attached enclosed patio

Most of the time, patios are separated from the main house, but you can always make an attached enclosed patio like this one here.

Made of cedar strips for the ceiling and cedar wood for the columns, wall frames and the grills.

The glass walls are strategic for this elevated view and the all-corner seating is a fine touch for an extended living room made for coffee and boardgames. 

7 enclosed patio ideas

Simple screen walls

If you are considering an enclosed patio because you want to have a space at home where you can just chill without being bothered by mosquitoes and for the home to have an extra layer of protection against insects, you can always install good old-fashioned wood frames and mesh screens.

The cherry on top? You can have an unfiltered moment with the sun and the breeze.

8 enclosed patio ideas

Curtains instead of walls

For an open cabana style, you can use large, blackout or industrial curtains instead of installing wood or concrete walls or track style doors.

If you have a garden view to open to, this gives you a more flexible way to open and close the patio to make way for the scenic view.

It is also more low maintenance compared to a full patio enclosure. Using the appropriate furniture should also be considered for a cohesive style. 

9 enclosed patio ideas

Enclosed patio with a pool

If you want to have an enclosed patio that can multi-function into a pool shade, here is an idea that you should consider.

This one here made use of metal and glass for a total weatherproof look. Lounge chairs are arranged minimally, an extended dining is in place, and a poolside grill and stone fireplace are also strategically placed for a cozy patio chilling. 

10 enclosed patio ideas

Modern flair

The crisp whites, lighting, and symmetry of modern design can also be carried out in enclosed patios.

This one is a low budget enclosure making use of composite polystyrene ceiling and hardwood beams. The roof is further sheathed and then attached to the extended flashing for it to become weatherproof.

The stone slab flooring, the wicker seating, and wood dining are all set in their right, symmetrical places. 

11 enclosed patio ideas

Desert look

This industrial style home in Phoenix did not make use of a lot of design elements to make this patio enclosure work.

It is an open floor design with corrugated steel beams, shade-sail anchors, and treated concrete for an elevated flooring.

Just add a few lounge chairs around during chill time and you are all set to go. The whole thing is light, airy, and apt for a desert look. 

A picture containing building, porch, walkwayDescription automatically generated

Industrial style

If you want a simple, industrial style that makes use of stainless steel and solar fabrics, here is one thing to consider.

Made for strong winds and bright, sunny peaks, this open patio plan is a strategic design for a simple enclosed patio.

The stainless-steel frame is reminiscent of a highly industrial look but the addition of these neutral colored solar fabrics give it a contemporary flush. 

13 enclosed patio ideas

Wood pergola enclosure

Bluestone and wood has always been a power combo, aesthetic wise. If you are going for an enclosed patio with a pool view, this contemporary wood pergola patio enclosure is an upscale touch.

Industrial design wood and metal lounge chairs with wheels along with a small dining set give it a functional look. The use of cedar wood also matches with this South Hampton home’s wood exterior. 

14 enclosed patio ideas

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If you insist on a wood pergola, this Mexican inspired patio for this Louisiana home is just popping with colors that the family would surely love.

The green and sky-blue combo as well as patterned throw pillows give it a rugged look. The white pendant lamp and rattan chairs also give it a tropical and airy vibe. This one looks warm and full of space and a breezy fee apt for a patio. 

15 enclosed patio ideas

To maximize the living space out of a patio, a simple wood pergola also does a lot of wonders for an outdoor patio like this one.

This pergola shade here seems to have been pre-existing as the limestone columns suggest. So, arranging a seating area with a boho pop was all it took to make it into a beautiful, enclosed patio. 

16 enclosed patio ideas

And if you want your pergola enclosed patio to have a Tuscan, countryside charm, fill it with vines and climbers, from the ceiling to the columns.

This one here is covered by roses and wisteria. The classic beauty of semi-polished marble flooring and the contemporary flair of this woven seating give is reminiscent of the simple yet classic beauty of royal, English gardens. 

17 enclosed patio ideas

Mid-century ranch house style

This enclosed patio here opens to an extended living room. For the shade, a raised wood roofline along with a few panels of clerestory windows give this one a timeless ranch flair that is hard to forget.

The limestone pillars, polished marble floors, open gas fireplace and wicker furniture complement each other. The industrial ceiling lights are also on point. 

18 enclosed patio ideas

Thatch roof enclosed patio

For an ultimate coastal, European look, this large, enclosed patio in Arizona has all the elements needed for a warm and intimate outdoor area.

It is complete with a small cook station, a stone wall with a small water feature, brick oven, and a wicker dining set. The cherry on top that sets all the right tones would be this thatch style roof, attached to a metal frame. 

19 enclosed patio ideas

If a tropical, boho style is what you are wielding, the idea of thatched roof is still the primary material to be used. This one here also used corrugated metal but for enclosure grills.

Instead of an entirely open space, it incorporates white, industrial curtains to add privacy if needed. The prints and patterns for the seating and the coastal effect of the dining area give it an unmatched tropical, boho look. 

20 enclosed patio ideas

Gabled roof

This Craftsman home in Colorado is the epitome of conventional enclosed patio looks. Attached to the main house and adapting the same material and roofing of the home, this gabled roof enclosed patio reflects a cozy, rustic, and chic family outdoor space.

It is a complete retreat as it offers an extended living room, a cook station and dining room plus an adjacent pool, garden, and spa. 

21 enclosed patio ideas

Covered patio path

Some homes do not have the luxury of having the conventional square area for a patio, a deck, or a porch. This does not mean that you cannot make an enclosed patio for your home.

This one here maximized the length of their home by building a covered patio path made with oakwood. The large, flagstone flooring and the scattered benches and chairs give it a cabin feel and an unconventional look. 

22 enclosed patio ideas

Courtyard patio

Thinking of ways to make an enclosed patio for an urban setting? This one here from Perth, Australia set up a concrete wall where the exposed wood beams for a makeshift patio ceiling would be attached.

The slatted, wood bench adds to the airy vibe of this courtyard patio and the use of black flagstone flooring accentuates separation from the back porch. 

23 enclosed patio ideas

Fence enclosure

The versatility of wood is truly unparalleled. In this idea, the patio is enclosed with slatted wood pallets to make a fence enclosure along with a wood frame for the ceiling and topped with acrylic roofing sheet.

The raw wood flooring which is uniform with the customized wooden benches give it a clean, symmetrical, neutral look. But the gaps in between the fence enclosure radiate the breeziness of this patio and the natural light it receives. 

24 enclosed patio ideas

Pod style enclosed patio

If you have budget to spend and an attraction to modern, and somewhat futuristic look, here is a pod style enclosure that you could add to your patio.

This look is no longer novel as it is most often found for upscale pool enclosures. It works in the same way as sunrooms but this one here is more compact looking.

Being attached to the house, it gives you a best of two worlds tone especially that it does not match the exterior of the home. 

25 enclosed patio ideas


Are patios always located at the back? 

Normally, yes. Where they are located would be the prime difference between a patio and a porch since porches are usually located in front.

However, as architecture styles progress, there have been less delineation between the two. As a matter of fact, the hard and fast rules about porches and patios were left in the 1960s. 

What is the difference between an enclosed patio and a lanai?

If we are looking at the built and style of a lanai and an enclosed patio, there is no difference at all.

Lanai is the term used for an outdoor space (be it in a home or condominium) where the homeowner could relax in a shaded structure, basking in the surroundings. If we refer to our definition of an enclosed patio, these two are one and the same. 

How do I enclose my patio for winter?

If you already have an existing structure meant for a patio, all you must do is set up a wall enclosure. The best material for long winters would be clear vinyl. It is weatherproof, affordable, and is highly dependable for harsh snowy weeks or even months. 

What is the best glass type to use in an enclosed patio? 

If you are thinking of the sunroom patio style, the best rated glass to use for the walls and ceiling would still be insulated glass. Because it is specifically designed to improve cooling and heating in an even manner inside the room, it makes your enclosed patio a four-season outdoor space. 

What cheap alternatives are available to enclose a patio?

If you are still looking for cheaper alternatives to provide an enclosure for your patio, here are some crafty ways to consider:

  • Wood or concrete side enclosures
  • Trellises and planter boxes
  • Screened room kits
  • Overhanging blinds
  • Reclaimed materials

How do you decorate an enclosed patio?

The purpose of an enclosed patio is to have an airy space where the family can have a down time to chill. Hence, decorate your enclosed patio with minimal but useful furniture and accent pieces.

The use of woven, wicker or rattan furniture is always a good idea. Throw pillows are also a thing. You can also make customized benches or just be crafty when it comes to the seating and other accent pieces. 

How much does it cost to enclose a patio?

Depending on specific factors such as coverage, weather, materials, and level of customization, enclosing a patio can range from $5000-40000 including labor costs and materials. The average range for a DIY enclosed patio would be $3000-16000. 

Do I need a permit to enclose my patio?

There is still a lot of debate over this, but the prevailing argument is that yes, there is a need to secure a permit for enclosing patios. The reason for this is that the enclosed patio is considered as an extension of the home’s designated living spaces.

However, different states and countries have different mandates when it comes to structures like this. As such, it is best to consult your district, municipalities or housing associations about this before building one. 

Does a covered patio increase home value?

Yes. According to a feature by Today, an extended dining area, an above-ground deck, and a patio (enclosed or not), are some of the most notable backyard improvements that generate high selling points.

For instance, a patio is said to raise the selling value of a home by 12.4%. Of the different types of patio enclosures, glass enclosures that make it to a sunroom offer the highest value for a home. 


Having an extended living space in a patio is one thing but getting to enjoy it through all seasons is something that only an enclosed patio can offer.

With this main function, you are given liberty to design and make it a homier space for people to enjoy and you can install indoor furniture and décor that you could not otherwise do if it was not enclosed. 

The main trick here again is to be aware of how much space you have and what design to go for. You can always use materials that are uniform to the aesthetic of the house or go out of the box to make it a standout piece. Whatever it is you have in mind, we know that in one way or another, you got something from this list.