45+ Best Screened In Porch Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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If you want a seamless way to enjoy the indoors and outdoors in your porch, screened in porch is a home improvement trend that you should consider. It is imperative to have a space for cool breeze in the hot seasons and to have a place to stay and watch the rain or snow in a protected area and have coffee or tea as the cold sweeps in. 

As an ongoing trend, perhaps you are curious about what screened in porch idea you could go for. If you are considering having one in your home, here are some ideas that you could decide for your own porch. 

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beautiful screened in porch ideas

45 screened in porch ideas 

Moving right into what you are here for, let us look at the options that you have when it comes to screened in porches. With the range of possible designs that you can choose from, it should not be hard for you to score the best one for you so here goes. 

Small screened in porch ideas

Even if you have a cramped-up space, you can still transform a small porch into a cozy area, year-round. Most small screened in porches are elevated ones or decks that were transformed into porches with enclosures. 

1 screened in porch ideas 1

For instance, you can enclose your raised deck with vinyl trims and high visibility fiberglass like this one. It feels like an open space, allows a lot of natural light and is perfect for breakfasts and intimate dinners. It is made warmer by its trex flooring and bright carpet. 

2 screened in porch ideas 1

To give an illusion of space, you can also go for floor-to-ceiling drapery panels for your small screened in porch. This one makes use of high fiberglass, with thick drapery.

It is good for screening the sunlight and in making a fully private space for nosy neighbors. The well-curated furniture also adds to a modern flair to the room. 

Screened in back porch ideas

There is nothing more relaxing than having a back porch where you could unlimitedly see the best views at home. It is the ultimate relaxing spot especially if you have water features or a garden to die for. 

3 screened in porch ideas 1

This one here is the perfect place to entertain adult guests while keeping an eye on the kids who are out there dipping in the pool.

The wood flooring and the fiberglass enclosure also give the porch a brighter feel. It is the perfect space to contemplate and be in the mood with music or a book. 

4 screened in porch ideas 1

If you prefer a wide seating arrangement for your screened back porch, long couches and side tables could do the trick. Again, fiberglass is the best screen for this one, along with draperies and curtains to block the light when it gets too distracting. The openness of this design is indeed, one for the books. 

5 screened in porch ideas 1

If a chic bohemian design is what you are eyeing for, just throw in those colorful pillows, multi-patterned fabric, different wood, and metal seating.

This one here features trimmed fiberglass with a vintage chandelier on a contrast of dark walls. It is so delicate and chic, all at the same time. 

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Screened in front porch ideas

A well-arranged screened in front porch is one of the focal points of an entire property. So, if you want a standout curb that would really add aesthetic value and real broker’s value to your home, you should arrange a stunning screened in front porch. 

6 screened in porch ideas 1

For one, you can invest in a durable deck. This one is made of composite flooring out of wood fiber. The stone walls offer a warm and rustic contrast to the flooring and the lattice enclosure just makes everything chic and modern. What a way to welcome family and guests, right? 

7 screened in porch ideas 1

To make it posher, here is a good use for smart screens that you can automatically open and down if you want to allow more breeze, more natural light or to be protected from them during strong winds, rains, and frost.

You can also totally open it up to add more seating. Overall, it is a fine way for hanging out and just chilling with family and friends. 

8 screened in porch ideas 1

For a homey, low-key appeal to your front porch, you can arrange a bright screened porch using solar screen fabric. With the wood frame and trims, along with simple wood furniture and modern style, metal fixtures, you can fill a usually empty porch in no time. It is relaxing and down to earth. Simplicity and beauty is enforced in this one. 

Screened in porch furniture ideas

The furniture that you add to your screened in porch determines the vibe that you would want to have chill moments to have. When the right furniture is set, you can go for almost anything. The following designs prove that. 

9 screened in porch ideas 1

In here, you can have a Victorian style porch with that wicker furniture, the wood lattice trims, the modernity of the fiberglass screen, and the oriental rug in the middle just make it a sophisticated feel with a periodic vibe. The color combinations are also so on point. 

10 screened in porch ideas 1

A lot would think that lighting should not be a problem when it comes to porches, but it should be a fixture to add to the warm and cozy vibe. 

This one here features standing lights, rattan seating, clean patterns on the cushion and throw pillows and a seamlessly connected kitchen. The blending of color and good allocation of space is the key in this back porch design. 

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Screened in porch ideas with deck

It is time for raised porches to get the spotlight. You might think of some reservations when it comes to what should be done to a decked screened porch because of the elevation, but really the options are limitless. 

11 screened in porch ideas

For instance, you can add a modern rustic, cabin touch to your decked screen porch using wood roofing and concrete flooring.

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The high visibility fiberglass gives you an all-angle view and a seamless transition to the deck itself. With the string lights and minimalistic, wood furniture, you would not want to leave this porch anymore. 

12 screened in porch ideas 1

Following the same modern rustic vibe and feel, this is a larger decked porch complete with stone walls and porch partitions which the whole family can enjoy. Everything just exudes warmth on a clean, uniform, and polished look. 

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13 screened in porch ideas 1

Here is a suburban, colonial style screened deck porch for you. It has all the cabin look, the right contrast for the frame, trims, and walls. The subtle glow of this ornate chandelier here brings in all the sophistication and the rattan seating on a tan jute rug make it so minimalist yet stunning. 

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Modern screened in porch ideas

The thing about modern designs is that, you can have different design schemes and still they seem to work out in a cohesive design. From rustic to industrial, to postmodern chic with full fiberglass and filled spaces with furniture, modern screened in porches are the easiest to arrange. 

14 screened in porch ideas

This California screened in porch just screams modern. You get an all-fiberglass screen, white colonial wooden trims, geometric style, full carpeting and low-key wicker and wood furniture and you get a warm design with beige and brown as the focal point. It is the perfect year-round porch for a sunny location, indeed. 

15 screened in porch ideas 1

This one here is upscale modern. It features concrete slabs for the flooring, which you would not get a lot when it comes to porches. It also has a linear, open floor plan, with thick wood columns, contrasted on an all-black wood ceiling. 

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The natural light is taken care of by the high visibility fiberglass screen, the minimal furniture (just a central seating arrangement) and a few potted plants make it work. 

16 screened in porch ideas 1

If you want to feel an artsy vibe or have a writer’s retreat nook of some sort, here is a compact screened in porch for you to consider. It features wicker furniture, a bright carpet in the middle, clean, white walls, and lush potted plants. It just looks so serene and also modern chic. 

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Screened in porch floor ideas

At best, the porch flooring should be in consonance with the flooring of the home but again, there should be no limit to what you can transform your screened in porch floor. Here are some ideas that you can consider for your porch flooring. 

17 screened in porch ideas

For a low maintenance and rustic appeal, you can go for brick flooring. This is usually found in southern style porches, and it never really disappoints. This one here greatly complements the half grill enclosure of this screened in porch. 

18 screened in porch ideas 1

Another low maintenance flooring would be vinyl wood. It comes in an array of colors so there should be no limitation to what you can go for here. This narrow vinyl wood flooring makes the room full and gives a cool tone to a modern style porch like this one here. 

19 screened in porch ideas 1

Flagstones and concrete pavers are for the pavement and driveway, sure, but if you want a rustic appeal on a four-season style screened in porch, the use of natural stones is a great choice for a flooring. Just look at the effect of this one on this high ceiling screened in porch. 

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Screened in porch with hot tub ideas

If you are one who lives in regions where winters are long and autumns are too cold to handle, having a hot tub in place is a cool idea. But having that hot tub in an enclosed porch with an intimate seating, that is all the right feels. 

20 screened in porch ideas

This one here is a Victorian, stone-lined porch with a sunken hot tub in the middle. Think about Roman baths but add some individual seating and even a fireplace in as the focal point, with high visibility fiberglass or a frosted one, and voila, you have this. 

21 screened in porch ideas 1

And if you are thinking of just a small, low-key hot tub and spa that you can install in a corner of your screened in porch, know that you can make it work aesthetically like this idea here. It is perfect for some summer chilling. 

The hot tub does not take up all the space and the natural light from the fiberglass screen makes you feel the sun at its peak without burning you. 

22 screened in porch ideas 1

For a zen appeal, this raised, screened in porch here is one for the books. It features a sliding, slatted enclosure for air and natural light to seep in. Its focal point would be this small hot tub, nothing else but it makes it look full yet peaceful, all at the same time.

Screened in porch stain ideas

By stained porch we usually mean those with stamped or stained porch flooring or the use of stained, treated wood. Here are some ideas that you can consider when it comes to stained screen in porches. 

23 screened in porch ideas 1

For a relaxing, low ground, screened in porch, this one here made use of stained concrete slabs for its flooring. It complements well and adds brightness to a contrast of treated wood ceilings. A modern, central fireplace completes the look of this one. 

24 screened in porch ideas 1

On the other hand, this Craftsman style porch is glaring with a rustic and warm view. It features mesh screen fabric, a track style door, hardwood trims, and wood rails all around. It is installed in a deck so it is elevated. 

The stained wood gives in all the outback charm of this screened in patio. It is perfect for cabins and lake houses. 

25 screened in porch ideas 1

Speaking of stained wood, here is another low-key, screened in front porch which you can consider. All you need are reclaimed wood furniture and fabric screens and you are good to go. 

Screened in porch ideas with fireplace

Installing a fireplace in your screened in porch is always a good idea to add a focal point in the space and to give it a warmer and more edgy look. It is also beneficial in making the porch a seating space during winters or just to chill straight up during spring. 

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26 screened in porch ideas

For one, you can use the fireplace as the anchor to which the seating arrangement revolves on. Choose a solar screen fabric like this one, have the coziest couch set you can get, and add trim treatments like customized fabric to make it a standout space. 

27 screened in porch ideas 1

If you have an overly enclosed porch with stone walls, choosing a floor to ceiling fiberglass screen with metal railing, and a fireplace centerpiece is the best choice for a four-season porch. Added with warm lights and the right, minimalist furniture, you can create the best winter spot for the years to come.  

Cottage screened in porch ideas

Nothing beats the originality and style of English countryside styles. The warmth of cottage style homes or porches, for that matter, are timeless. Here are some cottages screened in porches are notable to consider. 

28 screened in porch ideas

This one here is a southern cottage style featuring a screened in, sleeping porch. It is compact, featuring a cushioned swing for the seating instead of the usual couch. Reading here with your favorite book and coffee or tea are enough to pass the time during the summer heat. 

29 screened in porch ideas

If you want a more ornate and classier looking cottage style screened in porch, this one here featuring colonial white columns and decorative cushions, an oriental rug and sophisticated seating in a contrast of all white walls and mesh screen fabric are everything you need to keep that cottage inspired look standout. 

Farmhouse screened in porch ideas

Old, worn out style, barn or farmhouse styles never disappoint. They are perfect for vacation homes by the lake or in forest or woodland locations. With the addition of old school gambrel or cupolas, all types of screen fabrics should go well with it. 

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30 screened in porch ideas

For one, this small, barn house features a decked, screened in porch set as an extra dining space for friends and family. It comes in clean, farmhouse style, with half railing enclosure and fiberglass screens. This reclaimed wood table also adds to the overall farmhouse style of this idea.  

31 screened in porch ideas

To get a more coastal farmhouse appeal, you can add more teal or blue colors instead of the traditional white or wood colors. 

This one here is floored with stained wood, blue green rails, a fiberglass door, and mesh screen fabric. The wicker furniture and coastal design rug give it both a barn style and coastal vibe. 

Country screened in porch ideas

When we talk about country, we talk about ranch homes, rustic decorations, bricks, and warm wood tones. If you dig this type of design for your screened in porch, here are some ideas that you can consider. 

32 screened in porch ideas 1

For an upscale ranch design with an existing stone wall for the patio, you can add fiberglass with vinyl trims and enclose it further in bricks or concrete stones. For the flooring, cobblestone slabs are used. This porch is the ultimate hanging out spot complete with TV and a fireplace. 

33 screened in porch ideas 1

This Louisiana screened in porch is a modern country style porch featuring seamless transition rooms. It contains three elbow rooms in the porch since you already have a porch with a large seating area, a dining room, and a kitchen.

If you want a cozy space for intimate family events during the warmer seasons, you can draw inspiration from this country porch design. 

Ideas for winterizing a screened in porch

If you are particularly looking for a winterized screened in porch, you should look for thicker fiberglass screens and stone flooring to prevent overmoisture and slipping. Here are some ideas that you can consider. 

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34 screened in porch ideas

This one here made use of white vinyl columns and narrow vinyl wood slats for the ceiling. Using white as the main color of the porch is strategic in getting natural light especially during the winter. Choosing a herringbone style flooring is also useful in adding friction to prevent slipping. 

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35 screened in porch ideas 1

You can also make the perfect winterized screen in porch by adding window and door treatments. They tend to filter the cooler air when the snowy breeze permeates through the fiberglass. The use of stained wood is also a good choice in making the vibe warmer especially during the winter. 

Wood screened in porch

For wooden trims and fiberglass that create a notable four-season screened in porch, you can refer to the following ideas here. 

36 screened in porch ideas

This one is a low ground, decked, screened in porch using wood trims, a wooden porch frame and dark colored mesh screen fabric. It also features half screen metal railings and a three-step chair which is reminiscent of conventional deck and porch styles of the south. 

37 screened in porch ideas

If you want the idea of separate porch design which extends through the deck, this is a version of an apothecary or greenhouse style screened in porch design. Again, it is made of hardwood frames, trims, and a tinted fiberglass to give it a sense of privacy. It also works well as both a back porch and a front porch at once. 

Cedar screened in porch

Cedar is not just a popular construction material because of its durability and resistance to insects and other pests but its natural warm tone is all you need to get that stained style that we all love about wood constructions. 

38 screened in porch ideas 1

Speaking of the warmth and natural tones of cedar wood, this screened in front porch here no longer needs stained vinyl woods because you can already have the lake house or cabin vibe in front of your house. It is made into a house like build with tinted fiberglass and a circular step and landing space for added aesthetics. 

39 screened in porch ideas 1

On the other hand, this one is made from the combination of cedar wood and timber on a concrete base. If you want a more suburban, modern style out of cedarwood, this idea here is a simple way to get an ordinary wood screened in porch to look extraordinary. 

Free standing screened in porch ideas

Now, if you want to have a screened in porch that is totally away from the main house, you can opt for a free standing one. It functions more like a pergola or gazebo in the middle of the property or in the backyard. 

40 screened in porch ideas

This stone and vinyl design free standing screened in porch is installed near the garage. The look and style of this screened in porch is uniform with the house so it is like a miniature extension of the main house. It is packed with amenities and a minimalist seating arrangement and is a standout on its own. 

41 screened in porch ideas 1

For a more compact, screened in porch with the sophistication of fiberglass, this one is something to consider. It looks whimsical with the bold tones of wood and black. 

With the warm glow of lighting features and an intimate seating inside, you can easily mistake it for a woodland coffee bistro or an artist’s nook. It looks quite different from the main house but the whole look does not disappoint. 


Aside from these screened in porch ideas, there are also other essential information that you must take heed of before settling for one. As such, here are some of the FAQs about screened porches that you must be aware of. 

How much does it cost to build a screened in porch?

At an average, it is said that a 200sq.ft. porch would cost $450 to screened in. This includes screen panels, screws, screen fabric, and paint finish. If you intend to tap professional help for this, expect an additional $300-600 for materials and installation cost. But if you have to build the screened in porch from scratch, expect more costs for you.  

Is adding a screened in porch worth the cost?

Yes. Contractors and real estate brokers alike state that a screened in porch adds 15-25% to the home’s total value when sold. Other than this, it keeps your porch safe from insects swarming during summer and spring, in fencing pets in, and in providing a shady, cool space where you could relax and entertain guests so yes, it is worth the cost. 

What is the best floor for screened in porch?

When it comes to screened porches, the following flooring are hailed as the best choices. 

  • Carpet: The good thing about having an indoor/outdoor because it absorbs noise, and they are soft to the feet. Choose carpets that can resist UV rays and can hold more moisture. 
  • Porcelain tile: For a durable, customized look and at an average range, porcelain tile is a good flooring choice for screened in porch. It can absorb moisture and it would not easily break even in harsh weather conditions. 
  • Wooden deck tiles: These slats of wood are often held together by a plastic track underneath. This track helps in water drainage, hence, eliminating chances of mold and rotting which regular wood flooring is susceptible of. 

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What is the best screen to use for a screened in porch?

There are five different types of screens used for a screened in porch and they have their share of pros and cons. Hence, instead of settling for what is the best, you can consider what each could offer to your porch and choose the best one for you. 

Fiberglass screen fabricMade from fiberglass; rust and corrosion free; smooth and easy to work with; prone to shredding 
High visibility screen fabricMade from finer weave of fiberglass; invisible inside the porch; structurally weaker
Aluminum screen fabricWithstands strong rains and winds; vulnerable to rust and corrosion; coating can be scraped
Pet-resistant screen fabricMade from vinyl coated polyester; withstands scratches from pets; thicker than other screen fabrics
Solar screen fabricMade from synthetic fiber; designed to block sun and bright light; reduces heat in the porch

What is a good size for a screened porch?

Of course, the size of a screened porch varies depending on the home’s floor area. But considering essentials such as an extended dining area and a sitting area, most screened porches follow the 12×14 to 14×16 ft dimensions. 

Can you build a screened in porch on the existing deck?

Yes. All you must do is construct an all-around enclosure to the deck using the material of your choice. After that, choose your screen fabric and you are all set to go. Of course, it is more complex than it sounds so you must consult a trusted contractor especially for raised decks. 

How do you winterize a screened in porch?

To make the screened in porch safe and pristine during the winter, you can refer to the following steps in winterizing your screened in porch. 

  • Thorough cleaning: To prevent trapping dirt and debris throughout winter, you must thoroughly clean your porch before the first frost. Sweep and mop the floor and change sofa and pillow covers, scrub the screen, and wipe the walls. 
  • Invest on sheeting: It is important for you to install screen trims so that the snow could not penetrate in the screened porch during winter. For this, you must take a detailed measurement of the entire porch and then proceed to buy the materials for sheeting. This includes a Velcro tape, razor knife and of course, vinyl sheets. 

Can you put a grill on a screened in porch?

Never. The coal and embers of the grill can still tear the screened porch. And even if you are using an electric grill, too much heat around the porch can still be hazardous. Nonetheless, there are still homeowners who would dare so and have reported this as safe. 

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To conclude, screened in porches are another way to increase the aesthetic value of a home. On the other end, it is also a functional way to add a seating space for friends and family. It also adds better air circulation to the home and offers a shaded area for you to entertain guests and to keep insects out especially during the swarming season. 

If you are considering having one, you just must understand how they work and what materials there are to best build one with. With the ideas that we have listed here, you would not fall short of a design to refer to.