15 Clever Pool Towel Storage Ideas to Keep Your Poolside Tidy

Last Updated on June 23, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Ever get tired of the clutter of pool towels everywhere? Keeping pool towels organized can be a real hassle, especially when you have a busy poolside. But with the right pool towel storage ideas, you can keep everything tidy and within reach.

Imagine having a spot for every towel, where you know they’ll dry quickly and be ready for the next swim. From creative hooks to stylish racks, there are plenty of solutions to fit your needs.

Let’s dive into these practical and creative ideas to find the perfect storage solution for your pool towels.

15 Space-Saving Pool Towel Storage Ideas You’ll Love

1. Towel Hooks

1 pool towel storage ideas

Wall-mounted towel hooks are a simple yet effective solution. They offer easy access to your towels and save space around the pool area. Place them near the pool or outdoor shower for convenience.

“Hooks are the most practical poolside storage solution,” says Jamie Durie, a renowned outdoor designer. They keep towels off the ground and neatly organized.

2. Towel Racks

2 pool towel storage ideas

Towel racks can be either free-standing or wall-mounted. They help keep your towels organized and ensure they dry quickly. You can find them in various materials like metal, wood, and plastic.

Choose a design that complements your poolside decor. “A well-placed towel rack can transform your pool area,” states Martha Stewart, a lifestyle expert.

3. Storage Baskets

3 pool towel storage ideas

Storage baskets are versatile and portable, making them a great choice for pool towel storage.

Whether you opt for wicker or plastic, they can be easily moved and placed near the pool entrance.

“Baskets add a touch of rustic charm while keeping towels handy,” suggests Nate Berkus, an interior designer. They also help in keeping the area tidy and organized.

4. Rolling Carts

4 pool towel storage ideas

Rolling carts are fantastic for pool towel storage. They offer mobility and are multi-functional, making it easy to move towels wherever you need them.

Perfect for poolside or patio areas, these carts can hold a variety of poolside essentials. According to Nate Berkus, a well-known interior designer, “A rolling cart can double as both storage and a stylish accent piece.”

5. Towel Cabinets

5 pool towel storage ideas

Towel cabinets are enclosed storage units that provide protection from weather and dust. Available in wood, metal, or plastic, these cabinets keep your towels clean and dry.

They are ideal for a more permanent storage solution by the pool. As Martha Stewart notes, “A good cabinet not only keeps your towels safe but also adds a touch of elegance to your poolside decor.”

6. Shelving Units

6 pool towel storage ideas

Shelving units can be either open or enclosed, offering an organized and customizable storage solution.

Perfect for a pool house or deck area, they allow you to arrange towels and other items neatly. “Shelves are essential for keeping everything within reach and in order,” says Jamie Durie, a well-known outdoor designer.

7. Ladder Racks

7 pool towel storage ideas

Ladder racks are a clever way to repurpose old ladders for towel storage. They are stylish and space-saving, making them a great addition to any pool area.

You can easily create your own ladder rack by sanding down an old wooden ladder and giving it a fresh coat of paint. “Repurposing ladders for towel storage adds a rustic charm to your outdoor space,” says Joanna Gaines, a well-known home renovation expert.

8. Outdoor Towel Trees

8 pool towel storage ideas

Outdoor towel trees are stand-alone holders that resemble trees. They are both decorative and functional, providing a unique way to hang your pool towels.

These trees come in various materials, such as metal or plastic, to suit your poolside decor. According to Sarah Richardson, a famous interior designer, “Towel trees bring a playful element to your pool area while keeping towels off the ground.”

9. Hammock-Style Holders

9 pool towel storage ideas

Hammock-style holders use fabric slings or hammocks to store towels. These holders are unique and airy, perfect for a casual poolside setting.

They keep towels off the ground and allow them to dry quickly. “Hammock-style holders add a relaxed vibe to your poolside,” says Emily Henderson, a renowned stylist and designer. These holders are easy to set up and move, making them a practical choice for any pool owner.

10. Pegboards

10 pool towel storage ideas

Pegboards are a customizable storage solution perfect for pool towels. They are incredibly versatile and help keep everything organized.

Use colorful pegs and hooks to personalize the board to your liking. As Nate Berkus points out, “A pegboard can be both functional and stylish, making it a great addition to any space.”

11. Floating Shelves

11 pool towel storage ideas

Floating shelves offer a modern, minimalistic look for towel storage. These wall-mounted shelves are space-efficient and perfect for a sleek, contemporary poolside.

Install them near the pool entrance or changing area for easy access. “Floating shelves are ideal for keeping things tidy while maintaining a clean aesthetic,” says Emily Henderson, a well-known stylist and designer.

12. Towel Valet Stands

12 pool towel storage ideas

Towel valet stands bring a touch of hotel elegance to your pool area. These hotel-style valet stands keep your towels elegant and organized.

Place them poolside or on the patio to ensure towels are always within reach. “A valet stand adds a luxurious feel to your outdoor space,” suggests Martha Stewart, a lifestyle expert known for her impeccable taste.

13. Hanging Rods

13 pool towel storage ideas

Hanging rods installed under pergolas or awnings are perfect for discreet towel storage. These rods provide efficient drying and keep towels neatly organized.

Make sure to place them in secure and accessible locations for easy reach. “Hanging rods are a practical and stylish solution for poolside organization,” notes Nate Berkus, a prominent interior designer.

14. Towel Buckets

14 pool towel storage ideas

Towel buckets are large, decorative containers that offer portable and multi-functional storage. They can be easily moved around and are great for holding multiple towels.

Coordinate the buckets with your pool decor for a cohesive look. As Emily Henderson, a well-known stylist, says, “Decorative buckets add charm and practicality to your poolside.”

15. Bench with Storage

15 pool towel storage ideas

A bench with storage combines seating and towel storage in one. These dual-purpose benches come in various designs, including wooden, plastic, and cushioned options.

They provide a convenient spot to sit while keeping towels neatly tucked away. “A storage bench is both functional and stylish, perfect for any pool area,” suggests Martha Stewart, a lifestyle expert known for her timeless advice.


Keeping your pool towels organized doesn’t have to be a chore. We’ve covered 15 pool towel storage ideas ranging from towel hooks and ladder racks to towel buckets and storage benches.

Each option offers unique benefits, whether you’re looking for something space-saving, portable, or stylish.

Choose the solution that best fits your needs and enhances your poolside experience. We’d love to hear your own storage ideas and experiences—share them in the comments below!

FAQs About Pool Towel Storage Ideas

1. What are the best space-saving pool towel storage options?

Answer: Some of the best space-saving pool towel storage options include towel hooks, ladder racks, and floating shelves. These solutions maximize vertical space and keep towels neatly organized without taking up much room.

2. How can I protect my pool towels from weather and dust?

Answer: To protect your pool towels from weather and dust, consider using towel cabinets. These enclosed storage units, available in wood, metal, or plastic, offer excellent protection while keeping towels clean and dry.

3. What are some portable pool towel storage ideas?

Answer: Rolling carts and towel buckets are great portable pool towel storage ideas. These options are easy to move around, making it convenient to keep towels close at hand wherever you are by the pool.

4. How can I make my pool towel storage more stylish?

Answer: To make your pool towel storage more stylish, try using ladder racks, outdoor towel trees, or hammock-style holders. These solutions not only keep towels organized but also add a decorative touch to your pool area.

5. Where should I place my pool towel storage solutions for easy access?

Answer: For easy access, place your pool towel storage solutions near the pool entrance, outdoor shower, or changing area. Hanging rods under pergolas or towel valet stands poolside are also excellent options to keep towels within reach.