Romantic Bedroom: Ideas to Make Fill a Bedroom with Love and Romance

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Find quick tips to add a little romantic spice to your bedroom. Ideas to suit every romantic and decorating style.

What’s better than adding a little romance to the bedroom? But how can that be accomplished in a subtle way that doesn’t seem too over the top or reminiscent of a brothel?

The important thing to remember when adding some romance to a bedroom is that romance is different for every person, lacy curtains and small printed flowers are romantic to some while red satin sheets and a fireplace appeal to others. Learn what style is most appealing and then discover ways to incorporate that in the bedroom.

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The appropriate lighting can add a lot of romance to a room and it’s an easy thing to alter.

  • Candles – To some candles are just plain romantic, adding a few to a room can instantly change the feeling. Candles also adjust the lighting in a quick, easy and temporary way.
  • Dimmers – A more permanent way to adjust the lighting in a bedroom is by adding dimmer switches to the lights, or even using light fixtures with three way bulbs. This solution provides soft light during those romantic times and functionally bright light for the rest of the time.
  • Mirrors – Don’t think mirrors on the ceiling, but using mirrors creatively to double up the lighting in the bedroom and create a visual depth of field that is more expansive.
  • Window Treatments – The lighting in a bedroom can also be affected by the window treatments and the natural light that is allowed into a room. Most romantic bedrooms allow little natural light and heavy draperies are preferred.


Obviously bedding plays an important part in creating a bedroom mood but personal preference is an important consideration when selecting bedding.

  • Fabric – The type of fabric that is selected for the bedroom should be something that makes the occupant(s) feel sexy and romantic. Many people love satin or silk for a bedroom, but others prefer the softness of cotton or chenille.
  • Pattern – Typically loud and bold patterns are not conducive to romance, solid colors or tiny prints work best in romantic bedrooms.
  • Color – Learn a little about how colors affect moods to determine which mood is right for the bedroom. Red is a traditional romantic color but shades of red are equally effective as is a clean and crisp white and a soft and gentle blue.


The big items are important but it’s often the smaller touches that mean more and make a bigger difference.

  • Fragrance – Certain smells evoke romantic thoughts and feelings and other smells can be repulsive. Know romantic partners well enough to determine what fragrances are the more romantically linked.
  • Tokens – Every couple has a little something that means more to them than the rest of the world, save these tokens, photos and other mementos and have them displayed in attractive ways so those treasured memories are always close at hand.
  • Texture – Adding different textures provides tactile excitement and energy, something that is key for a romantic bedroom. Each couple should experiment with textured pillows, bedding and accessories to find a combination that is favorable.
  • Music – A little soft music can go a long way toward setting a mood. In-wall stereo systems are wonderful but even a simple personal music player will do the trick.

Bedroom Interior Design for a Romantic Retreat

bedroom romantic ideas for romantic retreat

Creating the right setting in a bedroom can enhance the romantic mood during special days like Valentine’s Day and love anniversaries. Incorporating personal mementos, favorite bedroom accessories and fragrances establishes a getaway bedroom environment for a couple. Here are some easy ways to turn a bedroom into an inviting boudoir.

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Preparing the Love Bedroom

Decluttering a bedroom is vital in turning it into romantic retreat. Get rid of things that are not related to bedroom activities. These could include work equipment like computers, files and some forms of entertainment like video game consoles. Then dust off and clean the room to freshen it up.

Creating Ambiance with Bedroom Interior Design

Turn the bed into an enticing place for romance by using bedding that is soft and luxurious. For occasions like Valentine’s Day, using red bed linens adds sensuality and color for mood enhancement. Accessorize the bed with fluffy pillows making sure not to place too many as they end up being cumbersome.

A romantic bedroom setting should have soft lighting. Change out harsh light bulbs and replace them with softer lights. Get creative with different bulb colors to give the room a different look without having to paint the walls. Floor lamps or reading lamps are the best as these tend to throw more shadows giving the room an even dreamier look.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom ideas 1

Have a music system and play soft romantic music to soothe and uplift the soul and mind. Select songs that have special meaning to the couple as this creates sentimentality and brings sweet memories. It could be songs from a first date or wedding dance.

Use fragrant candles or incense, according to personal preference to enhance the bedroom with fragrances that relax the body. Candles also provide romantic lighting in place of light bulbs. However, care should be taken with the use of candles to avoid the risk of fire. Heart shaped color changing LED mini lamps serve the purpose of candles without the flame.

Rose petals create that extra special touch and turn the bedroom into a flowery paradise. Strew rose petals on the bed and the bedroom floor in a creative way. Silk rose petals are ideal and will not leave stains on the bed or carpet. Spray silk petals with rose water to give them a rosy fragrance.

The bedroom is anyone’s private space and sanctuary. It is a special refuge for couples most especially because it is where intimacy evolves over the years thanks to pillow talks, sleeping with and waking up to the same person everyday and more. To evoke such comfort and intimacy, the bedroom design, colors and decorations have a massive impact on the space. 

If you are looking for ways to refurbish or upscale your couple bedroom, there are a lot of designs to choose from and decorative schemes to follow. If you are wondering what these could be, sift through the list and read on.

What color is best for a couple’s bedroom? 

You might say colors do not matter when it comes to a couple’s bedroom. Psychology of colors would tell you that it is outright untrue. There are specific colors that offer different vibes and here are the six best colors for a couple’s bedroom. 

  • Red for excitement and romance. 
  • Deep blue tones for coolness and relaxation. 
  • Orange and yellow for some youthful romance, energy, and brightness. 
  • Beige, tan, and brown for warmth, connection, and intimacy. 
  • Purple for mysticism and passion. 
  • Green tones for a refreshing, connected vibe. 

37 bedroom ideas for couples

Let us now go straight to some of the best bedroom ideas for couples across notable categories. Here, we look at the best decorative components that would allow you to get the best out of your couple’s bedroom and to have some working ideas if you ever decide to refurbish them in the future. 

Small bedroom ideas for couples

It is easy to think that compact rooms are easier to design but without the right elements to fill the space or to give it an illusion of space, you cannot achieve a couple’s bedroom goals. 

1 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

No matter how small the floor space is, you can still make your bedroom a warm and cozy attic retreat. 

The neutral tones of the bed are as comfortable as it looks. The two side tables are a good touch to give each other an owned space. 

2 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

You can also mix and match bright and bold tones like this one. The unpredictable play of geometric patterns keeps it neutral for a couple’s bedroom. 

The use of unisex paintings to adorn the room is also a thoughtful addition. The monochrome walls, plaid accents, and splash of blues and yellows offer a playful tone. 

Modern bedroom ideas for couples

Just because modern styles are full of dark tones would not mean that it does not give a romantic feel. If you both love symmetries, neat lines and minimalism, a modern bedroom could create the most intimate look fit for a couple’s bedroom. 

3 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This tiny couple’s bedroom here proves that you should not be afraid of going dark. The well-curated wall art is very stylish, the white and dark gray contrast is eventful in emphasizing the blend of two different personalities. 

On top of that, the cozy bed with a wooly sheet and dark pillow tones are made for cuddling. 

4 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

The more monochromes you play with, the more modern it gets. This one here exudes warmth and comfort with the warm wood walls, lighter toned herringbone tile and beige jute rug. 

It looks spacious and dreamy because of the minimalist components; a modern painting by the headboard and a small wedding photo by the bedroom office. 

Cute bedroom ideas for couples

When speaking of a cute couple’s bedroom, we talk about well-decorated rooms with lots combining various elements that simply work. On top of that, well we can say that it is just a more decorated variation of small bedrooms. They are more shabby chic in style and flat out contemporary. 

5 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here offers a casual, chic look with that white backsplash wall and letter cuttings of ‘better together’. The room might be compact, but it is well filled with essential furniture. 

The dominance of white in the room and the French window offer a lot of natural light to brighten this cute couple’s bedroom. 

6 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

On the other hand, you can also make a personalized headboard wall and just splurge on contemporary style beddings and go minimal on furniture. 

This one here features a wallpaper containing all the places in New York; the place where they first met and wed (just a bit of a backstory here). The bedroom gives a cute look, but the story is cuter. 

Fun bedroom ideas for couples

If you are both funky and love trendy splashes of colors and mixed furniture for your room, you can go for fun bedroom designs. This style brings in a lot of personality and uniqueness so anyway you design it, expect it to be a standout and a fun place to just chill with your spouse. 

7 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

Speaking of color play, this one here is not your ordinary couple’s room. The pastel colors all around enlivens the room but also brings it a lot of trendy flair to your intimate space. 

The artsy vibe of the place is also intriguing. It is a bold move, but it sure works even for a couple’s bedroom. 

8 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a fun, coastal look, you can work on white monochromes with splashes of blue and pastel colors. Here, the wave style headboard is extended to be the backdrop of the two side tables. 

The gray wall by the headboard is splashed with bright colored abstracts and the sidewall is just fun to look at with those waves and coastal blues. 

Romantic bedroom ideas for married couples

It is not just the romantic colors that make a romantic bedroom. It should also be filled with ruffled sheets, plush shams and pillows, and an ultra-soft mattress. It should be warm and cozy at first look and the décor should exude romance too. 

9 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

A dark and brooding look is such an underrated romantic tone. This one features black, white, and ruby red tones that just screams romantic in one look. 

The warm glows from the lighting, the use of leather and modern furniture plus that velvet duvet, you would not want to leave this room for days. 

10 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

Lights are also important fixtures to elevate the mood from plain to romantic. In here, a four-poster bed is the focal point. 

The leafy wallpaper offers an organic look during the day but the casting of shadow at night, thanks to lighting, makes it a romantic backdrop. Those soft and plush pillows and boho sheets are also warm and cozy in themselves. 

Black and white bedroom ideas for couples

Black and white tones are not just straight out modern. Being one of the most popular tone contrasts, it is the perfect representation of balance, partnership, and that opposites attract, and they make a beautiful look. 

11 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here exudes a highly sophisticated look fit for an urban couple’s apartment. In the contrast of city lights, this design is a real standout. 

That high, glossy, black headboard is compelling and the plush and soft beddings soften the entire idea. The addition of varied light sources with different glows are also fancy. 

12 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

Or what about this very neutral, modern style black and white couple bedroom? It has a lot of natural light with its predominant white color, glossy marble flooring, and accent LED light for the bed. 

The polished look of this room is what makes it a standout design. Minimalist at best, but also inviting, intimate and cool. 

Grey bedroom ideas for couples

Grey is a powerful color because it could stand alone and still look calm and intimate or could be thrown against other neutrals or even pastel and still balance the scene. 

13 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

If you are working on a small bedroom for an artsy and book loving couple, this charcoal gray walled design with faux bookshelf wallpaper is a strong look to maximize the space. 

Filling the room with retro decorative pieces with gray, white and blue beddings just make it a cozy space to enjoy. 

14 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a posher style with an all-gray flush, this is a great couple’s bedroom idea to draw inspiration from. It is a whole color scheme of dark gray, silver gray to lighter gray tones, this room is anything but intimate and cozy. 

The light fixtures are well chosen and give a balanced brightness to the room. 

Bedroom decorating ideas for young couples 

Different color tones and incorporating a more free-spirited flair to a bedroom is everything for a couple’s bedroom fit for young couples.

They come in rawer, more outlandish style and decoration, and more of a coming-of-age style rather than modern and elegant. 

15 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here looks like a couple’s favorite vacation spot. The use of woven jute backboard and leaf wallpaper offer a tropical texture and vibe. 

The natural tones from the lampshades, the oriental wall art, the large jute rug, and woven wood side tables create a uniform, tropical look. 

16 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

Or what about a dreamy yet minimalist look like this cloud themed couple’s bedroom? It features a four-poster, elevated bed, hanging by the ceiling and decorated with faux vines. 

The cloud wall mural is beyond ordinary, and the white, plush rug makes the whole thing glow. This couple’s bedroom is made for lazy days and lots of snuggles. 

Elegant bedroom ideas for couples

For a more eclectic and high-end look, you can transform your couple’s bedroom into an elegant, hotel-like look using the right furniture, color palette and lighting. Here are some ideas that you can get a design scheme from for your couple’s bedroom. 

17 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here built elegance around rich warm tones of wood, beige, and gold. The cabinetry is ornate, the headboard wall is very high-end as with those built-in gold glowing lamps.  

As for the bed, it features a silver, glossy duvet, and gold lined shams. The mirror covering the sidewall is an elegant touch to get an illusion of space.  

18 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a darker, warmer contrast, here is a perfect couple’s bedroom exuding nothing but minimalism and elegance. The walls have a textured appeal and the cushioned headboard gives it a royal feel. 

The tasseled lamp shade evokes a soft and feminine side, and the combo of leather furniture and plush bedding is low-key but cozy and very elegant overall. 

Naughty and sexy bedroom ideas for couples

If you have seen Fifty Shades of Grey, you would know that a naughty bedroom style revolves around quilted cushions, velvet sheets, and leather furniture.

If you want to have the same aura for your couple’s bedroom for an intimate sexy time, here are some ideas to consider. 

19 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here is a Christian Grey naughty room incarnate. With that curved, Victorian bedroom, bloody red walls, the warm lights, and ray mirror are all on point for a sexy time. 

Add that high rise bed, velvet sheets and quilted ottoman and you get naughty, sexy, and romantic all at the same time. 

20 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

And if you want a naughty looking den slash couple’s bedroom, this all-black style gives you an opulent look that is hard to miss. The cushioned, leather wall is an upscale touch. 

The faux leather sheets, glossy, leather ottoman and warm lighted lampshades on the sides give it a sexy and intriguing look. The blackout curtains and antique looking dresser are over the charts. 

Bedroom ideas for couples with baby

A baby changes everything because a couple’s bedroom is even adjusted for our little ball of light. Rooms like this should be comfortable, with soft edges and light color schemes.

The furniture and decorations to be used should be child proof and safe. Here are some ideas to consider for your couple’s bedroom with a baby around. 

21 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

Just because you have a baby would not mean that you should forego your love for a rustic chic style. In this idea, a decorative, Victorian headboard is installed to accentuate the plain white beddings. 

A quilted sofa and a chic couch are placed on the right corners and the crib is just within reach. 

22 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

A crib in the parent’s room is a real space saver. Design wise, you can choose neutral tones to make the room still warm and intimate on the parents’ side and cheerful on the baby’s side with the addition of the crib, toy rack, and more. This is a polished look to refer to. 

Country bedroom ideas for couples

The country style is timeless. With a look that is based on rich warm tones, wood furniture, natural colors, and earthy vibe, you get the most intimate and cozy design for a couple’s bedroom like no other. 

23 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This master’s bedroom is a stunner, built from scratch by a couple who happen to be antique dealers during the day and country musicians at night. 

Their common love for a rustic, farmhouse style home shows in this right up country style bedroom. 

Those reclaimed wood for the wall and flooring, reclaimed galvanized iron sheets for the roof and antique furniture are all on point. 

24 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a neater, country style couple’s bedroom, you would love these exposed wood beams on a cedar ceiling. The beams are strategic because they encase the rustic lighting and additional string lights for a more Netflix and chill moment. 

The warm, honey colored furniture and thick wood flooring also offers warmth and the low-key, southern style, plush and soft beddings is the icing on top. 

25 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

And who would not love some old school, farmhouse style couple’s bedroom complete with plaid sheets and wood bench instead of a contemporary ottoman, right? 

The oriental rug and white wooden ceiling and walls make this idea the ultimate love nest of a couple that will surely grow old together. 

Luxury bedroom ideas for couples

For this, we are talking about spacious rooms, luxurious furniture and room décor, lighting, and a large, sophisticated bed as the focal point of the couple’s bedroom. For couples who love to splurge on the vibe of their room, here are some outstanding ideas to draw inspiration from. 

26 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For one, this penthouse couple’s bedroom is one of the most luxurious styles you could arrange for your couple’s bedroom. 

You get a circular platform for the king size bed, asymmetrical ceiling with canned lights, mirrored walls on one side and muraled walls on the other corners. The wide space around the bed is what makes it luxurious. 

27 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

If you want a more ornate look, you can customize everything to fit your eclectic taste. This idea is already screaming luxury so we will just leave it here for you to see and judge. 

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Neutral bedroom ideas for couples

If you have a strong affinity to monochromes, it is understandable that you would prefer neutral styles for a couple’s bedroom. You do not need elaborate decors, color popping tones and eccentric taste. You just need clean colors and well-arranged items and beddings. 

28 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here offers an airy, light, and chill mood for a couple. Featuring white walls, tan and beige colors, this room is as cozy as it looks. 

Also, with that fireplace, Moroccan rug, and rich warm tones from everywhere, it evokes an already warm and intimate look overall. 

29 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a neutral look with a bit of a dramatic tone, you can add over the top lighting to offer texture and dynamics to those neat, crisp lines. This is a well-organized, neutral couple’s bedroom that looks breezy and cozy at the same time. 

There is not much to say aside from it offers a tranquil vibe to a couple’s bedroom. 

Purple bedroom ideas for couples

As we have said here, purple is a color of power and passion. As a design scheme, it is the color of elegance and royalty. If you are considering a purple based couple’s bedroom, these are the designs that you should consider. 

30 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

To give the room a more his and hers look, layer it with different purple hues. This one here features a dark aubergine wall, and is decorated with ornate designed purple blackout curtains, purple duvet, and purple pillow shams. 

The warm contrast is taken from the wood accents in the bed and in the furniture. 

31 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a moody, dramatic, purple couple’s bedroom, this one is a perfect fit. It features a Japanese style platform bed, quilted cushioned headboard that looks like royalty, black accent walls, purple sheets. 

The subtle white light adds to the drama and sexy mood of this couple’s bedroom. 

Red bedroom ideas for couples

For an intense, romantic, and sexy look, red bedrooms are perfect fit for couples. Here are some fiery red ideas to look for a couple’s bedroom that would surely give a powerful statement. 

32 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This fiery, modern Victorian couple’s bedroom is nothing but elegant. Those ruby red, velvet walls give off a warm and textured look and then softened by those satin beddings and a central fireplace. 

The rich, brown tones of the wood flooring and the bright white ceilings accentuate the red very well. It is posh and bold at the same time, fitting of what red colors do. 

33 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a lighter, more subtle look, you can go for a red and white combo with red as still the predominant color in the design. The use of the right amount of red in this room gives it an oriental and very zen appeal. 

The room is medium sized but it looks elegant because of all the free space around the bed. The minimal decors also offer a clean look. 

Rustic bedroom ideas for couples

Like country style, rustic designs are equally timeless. With the combination of wood, metal, and stone, it could transport you into old, romantic towns and the peaceful vibe of the countryside all at once. 

34 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This one here is the ultimate definition of a rustic couple’s bedroom.

Built with reclaimed wood for most of the walls, ample natural light coming in from metal framed window panes, a fireplace wall made of stacked stones, mahogany wood flooring and oriental rug, metal and wood bed, and leather sofa set, you could never mistake this look for anything but rustic. 

35 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

This Oklahoma ranch house features an open master’s bedroom with exposed wood beams, white and brown concrete walls and a stacked stone wall with built-in TV case and fireplace. 

It is a warm and intimate retreat for any couple, along with those faux leather sheets, and country style, embroidered pillows. The fully carpeted flooring of tan tones also adds to the rusticity of this couple’s bedroom. 

White bedroom ideas for couples

The dainty, neat, and whimsical vibe of white bedrooms are characteristics that are hard to deny. A while couple’s bedroom is the perfect oasis for a tiring day and a restful space where they could replenish and be energized together. If you are eyeing for this, here are some designs to consider. 

36 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

For a calm retreat on a winter’s day, a white bedroom is a fine choice for lazy days and afternoon snuggles. This classy, elegant white bedroom in Colorado affirm that even with minimal non-white accent pieces, you could still have a cozy white bedroom with a view to just lay in and be warm against the cold. 

37 romantic bedroom ideas for couples

And if you want a more trendy, all-white and subtle boho style couple’s bedroom, you can use knitted beddings, inconspicuous, geometric lined pillows, white sheer curtain and all-white wall and flooring. 

To make it look more timeless, you can incorporate minimal accent decors like family pictures and some indoor plants. 


What is a good size for a couple’s bedroom? 

Any room can be a couple’s bedroom so it should not come as a surprise that it follows standard dimensions. A small sized one is at least 12ft x 14ft while a medium sized couple’s room is at 14ft x 20ft. The largest dimension which would equate to a luxurious couple’s room would be 16ft x 24ft. 

What is the ideal bed size for a couple’s bedroom? 

The ideal size for a couple would be a double bed to a full-sized king bed, whichever they feel most comfortable with. A double bed is a bit cramped up for two adults, though. So, if you want to have an intimate feel but still have enough room for personal space, a queen size to king size bed would be most ideal for a couple’s bedroom. 

At what age should the baby be separated from a couple’s bedroom?

Well, it depends on the setup and preference of a couple but usually, a toddler should have a separate room by the time he/she turns three. Nonetheless, if you think that it is too soon, you can go for a couple’s bedroom designs with creative dividers and partitions to make the baby’s room still within the couple’s bedroom but separate enough to train the toddler of independence.

Like the couple’s partnership, a good couple’s bedroom must have well-balanced elements. It should show the blending of two personalities to give it a comfortable and intimate look.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to incorporate that. You just must be unafraid to mix and match as well as explore some of the best couple bedroom design ideas that are the best fit for you. 

More bedroom ideas for couples:

#1. The nightstand with etched mirror and coveted dairy box

1 romantic bedroom ideas


#2. Lamp made with a bird cage

2 romantic bedroom ideas

#3. Gray and white flannel blanket

3 romantic bedroom ideas


#4. White and bright vintage bedroom

4 romantic bedroom ideas


#5. White draping

5 romantic bedroom ideas


#6. Vintage dressing table with triptych mirrors

6 romantic bedroom ideas


#7. A beautiful gray English bedroom

7 romantic bedroom ideas


#8. Decorating mirror with flowers

8 romantic bedroom ideas


#9. DIY Canopy Bed with Fairy Light

9 romantic bedroom ideas


#10. A fur bedroom

10 romantic bedroom ideas


#11. Accent head board and a colored bedspread

11 romantic bedroom ideas


#12. Bard Door Head Board

12 romantic bedroom ideas



Simple accessories and creative imagination can turn a bedroom into a lover’s haven not only for special occasions, but also for a daily love sanctuary. Adding personal touches brings sentimentality for a couple and ensures a bedroom atmosphere that creates a mood for love.

Play with different romantic ideas to find the right combination to create a subtly sexy bedroom full of romantic interest.