19 Luxury Masculine Bedding Sets

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Male bedrooms are typically represented as having worn-out furniture, mismatched decors, and hard, masculine colors such as gray, blue, and black.

If you are a man and you are tired of having a stigmatized, ‘chaotic’ arrangement, you have to upscale your aesthetic game by going for luxury masculine bedding sets. But how do you choose? And what styles are available to choose from? 

If you are interested in luxury masculine bedding sets and possible arrangement styles to go with it, this is the post for you.

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19 luxury masculine bedding sets 

luxury masculine bedding sets

So, what should you add or change in your bedding set to make a luxury masculine bed out of it? If you have been wondering about what bedding set to go for and what arrangement should you consider for it, here are some masculine bedding sets to consider. 

1. Eikei Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

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It is lightweight and silky at 400 thread count and sateen weave. With its charcoal gray color, it boasts a luxurious sight and perfect for a masculine bedroom. It comes in queen and king size variants and since it is made of Egyptian cotton, you can count for its warmth and comfortability. 

2. Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter Set

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This one is considered as hotel-grade made of down material (specifical goose). It is pocketed with a micro mink finish giving it a plush, velvety look that is soft against the skin.

It comes in black, gray, chocolate brown, and navy-blue colors, complementing a masculine look. It is hypoallergenic and comes with a comforter and two Oxford pillowcases. 

3. Brielle Quilted Velvet Set

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This speaks of luxury with its polyester and cotton filling, a cotton backing, and a quilted polyester shell. It comes with an alternative comforter that can be used as either a bed sheet or blanket. It also comes with two pillow shams with the same velvet gray color and texture. 

4. Nanko Duvet Cover – Geometric Pattern set

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To add dynamics and interesting angles to your masculine bedroom, it is always a good decision to go for neutrals and geometric patterns. The set is made of microfiber composed of a duvet, duvet cover, and two shams for the pillows.

Since it is microfiber, it is cozy, fade, and wrinkle resistant. It does not also easily stain so it’s perfect for the low maintenance of male life. 

5. HiEnd Accents Ashbury Rustic Tweed Bedding Set

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This includes five bedding pieces: a comforter, a bed skirt, two pillow shams, and one decorative pillow. It comes in brown, tan, and beige colors which perfectly evoke the rustic feel.

You can combine it with other neutrals in the room like the walls, rugs, and the bedsheet itself. It is warm and stylish at 80% cotton and 20% polyester filling. 

6. Eddie Bauer Shepherd Sherpa Comforter Set

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This plaid pattern comforter set creates a trendy masculine statement because well, plaid is mostly associated with males.

Aside from the neutral plaid, which is the tone of luxury masculine bedrooms, it is very cozy as one side of the comforter is made of micro-suede while the other side is filled with polyester. You can depend on it at any season and at any temperature level. 

7. Madison Park Corduroy Bedding Set

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Taupe brown color and corduroy is just so maturely masculine. It is formal, classy, and luxurious from all angles. Add that with its dark brown lines and warm corduroy texture and you are good to go. It comes in queen to California king size and that is a major upside. 

8. Victor Mill Gatlinburg Leather Comforter Set

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If you want a luxurious, rustic bedroom with a roaring masculine feel, this leather comforter set is something that can be banked on. The set is made of faux leather and it includes a bed skirt, a comforter, and two pillow shams. To unleash a luxurious country look, you can match it with plaid patterns. 

9. Perfect Home Micro-Suede Comforter Set

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This one has rich tones of chocolate brown in contrast to white lines. The color alone is already a rich, warm tone. Add its micro-suede fabric and its sherpa filling giving it a chunkier appearance. This set includes a comforter and two shams for the pillows. It also comes in queen size only so you have to consider that factor. 

10. LifeTB Cotton Comforter Set

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For a standout boy’s room, this bright yellow cotton comforter set is an attractive choice. It is made of double yarn fabric, making it a luxury hotel bedding piece.

It is very soft, and the set is composed of a matching yellow comforter and two pillow shams. It also has a navy-blue variant and they only come in king size. 

11. Vogue Market Arrow Print Duvet Cover Set

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If you are up for some graphical flair, consider the blue, white, and brown tones of this arrow print duvet cover. It is filled with 100% cotton, an accompanying duvet cover, and two arrow print pillow shams. Considering this design, it works best with bright neutrals for the walls and other decorative pieces. 

12. Chambray Quilted Duvet Set

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For a chic, contemporary design, a quilted duvet, and a neutral tone duvet cover work beautifully for a masculine bedroom. It is lightweight, ultra-soft as it is made of pure cotton and cozy with its quilted air pockets. It comes in blue and beige color palettes, so it fits rustic bedroom styles too. 

13. Hotel style 3-pieces Duvet Cover Set

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This navy-blue duvet set is well-loved because it is reversible and made of 100% Egyptian cotton, so it is soft and lightweight. It has a 300-thread count making it an all-season bedding set. It comes with two matching pillow shams with a white frame line and a duvet cover too. It only comes in queen size, however. 

14. Madison Park Faux Fur Comforter Set

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Fur is not usually a masculine material but since we are talking about luxurious bedrooms, one could say that this is an underrated bedding material for a masculine bedroom. This bedding set is composed of an overstuffed, oversized comforter made of micro-fur making it super warm and cozy, a matching decorative pillow that is also made of faux fur, and two shams for the pillows. 

15. Madison Park Paisley Jacquard Comforter set

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If you want the complete luxury bedding set, this 12-piece jacquard comforter set is warm, comfy, and elegant. It is cushioned with 100% cotton, comes with a stylish jacquard finish, and lightweight and soft at the 200-thread count. 

The blue paisley and dark brown accent of this comforter set offer a unisex touch. But with the right wall and decorative contrasts, it can become the most masculine bedroom of all. 

16. Chic Home 24-pcs Embroidered Comforter Set

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If you are thinking of a total bedroom makeover, this is the set that you should highly consider. It includes an embroidered comforter with teal, brown and black colors with white lines. It also comes with three sets of bedsheets, four decorative pillows, and six pillow shams. 

It is also very warm with a down filling and the insulation of the embroidered finish. It is also hypoallergenic, so it is good for people with sensitive skin.  

17. Rivet Washed Duvet Set

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If you are eyeing that classic, clean and elite masculine pattern, go for this washed fabric with a simple dot pattern. It is soft, warm, and elegant with a style that goes well with industrial, modern, minimalistic, modern farmhouse, rustic and mid-century bedroom designs. The set comes with a navy-blue duvet, a duvet cover, and two pillow shams. 

18. Stone and Beam Washed Duvet Set

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Stripes or plaid patterns are masculine but washed linen has a different visual appeal for masculine bedrooms. This one is an old rose in color, but its French-style stripes give it a masculine edge. 

It is made of dyed yarn and 100% cotton filling, so it is airy, comfortable, warm, and easy to wash. The set comes with a duvet and duvet cover only but pieces such as shams and duvet inserts are sold separately. 

19. Rivet Handwoven Throw Blanket

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If you are not going for anything major when it comes to your bedding tweak, maybe adding a plush and stylish throw blanket on top of the comforter or duvet can make it look luxurious. For this, you can count on this handwoven throw blanket to give that effect. With its herringbone design, tasseled ends, and black, white, and tan contrast, it weaves well with any bedding set. 

Men’s bedding guide

In pursuit of the best luxury masculine bedding sets for a male bedroom, you need to consider certain factors that could be a make or break for your masculine bedroom project.  It should be noted that a bedding set consists of blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, duvet, duvet cover, and comforter. As such, here are the pointers which you need to look out for. 


To attain maximum comfort, you must choose the right material for your bedding. They can be made of cotton, down, or with feathers, natural fibers, or microfibers. There is also the more expensive silk and the various grades of cotton.

Now, the most common would be polyester, cotton, and acrylic or the combination of these in one bedding set. Assess which one has the best feel against your skin and work with it. 

Thread count

This factor refers to the total number of threads per square inch of fabric. Of course, the higher the thread count of bedding, the heavier it is, the more durable it is and the more expensive it is too. Thread counts below 800 is lightweight but above 1200 is the start of that luxurious feel. 

Fabric finish

If you think that male bedrooms do not deserve the need for an intricate fabric finish, then you must think again. Just like how we deal with other bedding sets, you can choose from an array of fabric finishes like the simple dobby finish, honeycomb, the famously luxurious jacquard, flannel, embroidered, or simple printed finish.

All of these can have a luxurious feel depending on the design that you choose and the aesthetics of your bedroom. 


The final touch to the bedding is their weaves. You must consider the bedding’s weave because it significantly affects your experience of the fabric. The two most popular weaves for luxurious beddings would be sateen and percale.

You can go for the criss-cross weave of the percale making it lightweight and ultra-crisp. The vertical threads of the sateen are perfect for the silky feel of the sateen weave.  


For this, you can choose from the standard pillowcase, the Auro or square pillowcase, or the Oxford style pillowcase (which is the most luxurious looking thanks to its stitched edges). You can even have a mixture of the three in your bed if you want to and if it fits. 

Color palette

As you go through the factors, the color palette should already be in mind. A masculine color range is more about neutrals but an addition of a tad brighter blue, yellow and other monochromes. You can still be flashy with the other decoration details but for the beddings, stick with the power of neutrals. 


Bedding sets can be as limited as a three-piece set or as complete as a 24-pieces set complete with wall treatments and ten pieces of pillow covers and shams.

Depending on your budget, your need, and the scale of your bedroom’s design, you can opt for just a simple bedding tweak or go for a major bedroom bedding overhaul. 


Sometimes a change in bedding sets is the only tweak one needs to make the bedroom more luxurious feminine or masculine. In this case, finding the best duvet, comforter, and matching pillowcase to match with the bedroom rug and the arrangement of the room, overall define if you have successfully unlocked the luxury masculine bedroom that you have envisioned. 

Just make sure, however, that you have considered all the major considerations that must be followed to land on the best one. Of these factors, the material, weave, budget, and design should be on your priority list.