20+ Best Farmhouse Nursery Decor Ideas For Your Baby

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

If you are a parents-to-be, I know you must have tons of doubts. One of those doubts may be which is the better style to décor the nursery room. Our advice is that you do the décor before your baby’s birth.

Even if you are planning co-sleeping, remember that you might be sleep deprived and your time and patience to find the perfect room will be reduced by then.

Check our suggestions for farmhouse Nursery Decor Ideas.

best farmhouse nursery ideas

What is a Farmhouse Nursery Decor?

A Farmhouse Nursery Décor is synonym of soft surfaces, relaxing neutral colors, animal decorations and cozy faux fur, stained wooden walls, vintages or Boho pieces and layered rugs.

Check our suggestions below and be inspired by this comfy style that will create a welcoming room for your baby.

20 best Farmhouse Nursery Decor Ideas

1. Vintage and Boho together

1 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Elements like the white wooden furniture, rich textiles and the flower wreaths offer the vintage and Boho décor style to this essential corner of your baby’s bedroom.

2. Neutral and bright

2 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Don’t be afraid of using neutral colors if you want a relaxing allure in your nursery room.


3. Simple and elegant style

3 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

A very cozy and welcoming suggestion, with framed baby animals.

4. Rustic contemporary paneled accent wall

4 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

A rustic suggestion, where wood is the star, adding warmth and luxury to this enchanted nursery room.

5. Ceiling dressed

5 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Have thought about using woodprint wallpaper in your ceiling? An unusual feature that will make the difference, bringing fondness to you Farmhouse Nursery Decor.

6. Room with a view

6 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Take advantage of your nursery room with natural light, having neutral color tones on the walls. You can use some pale pink accessories to match the wallpaper, as you see in the picture.


7. Woodland Marvel

7 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

You can create a modern nature theme for your little one and still have that relaxing environment you are looking for.

8. Romantic Crib

8 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

The most romantic and stylish crib you’ll ever found for your baby girl. If you are having a boy, you may want to have blue or silver flowers to get this distinctive décor.

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9. Barn Door Headboard

9 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Antique barn doors installed behind the crib are the ultimate rustic charm.

10. Southwest accents

10 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

You can incorporate some traditional Southwest marks in your farmhouse nursery décor.

11. Modern Cactus Twist

11 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

A simple but modern solution, using cactus as the key element. A more mature décor option, if you are not into the typical newborn décor style.

12. Coziness in gender-neutral colors

12 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

If you prefer a gender-neutral décor for your nursery room, can combine beige furniture and use some color in the textiles.

13. Beach Sweet Décor

13 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

If you are into a coastal vibe, but still want to keep that rustic feel, pop some pale blues on the walls. Keep it simple and elegant.

14. Faux Farmhouse

14 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

This wallpaper mural is an easy way of having a magnificent rustic farmhouse-inspired nursery décor.

15. Modern Nursery farmhouse

15 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

A modern and sophisticated neutral nursery, with a leather sofa and grey walls.


16. Book shelves

16 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

A baby’s room is not only about the crib and the diaper-changing table. Have some floating wooden shelves and a reading corner. There are several excellent reasons why you should start to read to your baby from birth.

17. Adventure Nursery

17 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Be bold and incorporate black color into the white theme décor. It will look great.

18. Pure and white delight

18 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Whether your style is rustic or contemporary, you’ll find serenity and calmness using total white décor elements.


19. Handmade decorations

19 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

Personalize your nursery room with some handmade personalized pieces, like the wood heart on the picture.


20. Blue and Gray Passion

20 farmhouse nursery decor ideas

The color grey is one of the favorite nursery décor trends nowadays. You can use it with white, blue, pink, yellow or green.


The nursery room will be one of the most important rooms in your house. It is not only important for you, but it is also very important for your baby. Try to have it perfectly organized.

Parenthood is one of the greatest journeys in life. Relax and enjoy every single moment of that beautiful ride.