26+ Best Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, as it is where one spends his/her time for relaxing in privacy.

The lighting of a bedroom, hence, has to be in such a way that it provides positivity, and instills a pleasant feeling and mood. It has to be also ensured that the choice of lighting be cost-effective, charming, durable, and energy-efficient.

best bedroom lighting ideas

What is the best lighting for a bedroom?

bedroom lighting

Providing LED downlights in your bedroom, under your beds and side tables are an excellent way to provide ambient lighting in your bedroom.

Flush mount lights, tubes, and strip lights can also be used. Under the cabinets, LED strip lights can be placed in such a way that its operation is automated once you open or close the cabinet.

Smart lighting is also a modern way of adjusting the lighting of your bedroom according to the time of the day. 

Are recessed lights good for bedrooms?

bedroom recessed lighting

In a recessed lighting fixture, only the rim shows outside with the fixture mounted inside the ceiling. With the advent of LEDs, cans are no longer necessary, and the entire fixture is held using springs.

Recessed lighting is a good option for your bedroom as it provides indirect and reflective lighting to the room area. 

How many recessed lights do I need for bedroom?

Generally, 3 to 5 recessed lights can be placed strategically in your bedroom, without overdoing it.

How many lights should be in a bedroom?

As a rule of thumb, it is adequate to have 3 to 4 lighting sources in your bedroom for ensuring good visibility.

How can I improve my bedroom lighting?

Place one light each on either side of your master bedroom. Place a single light in the middle of your bed’s bottom side. Choose recessed lighting for this arrangement.

In this way, ambiance lighting can be instituted in your bedroom. Another arrangement can be using a strip of small lights across the length of your bed where you rest your head. Smart lighting options can also be used.

At all costs, avoid a ceiling light, which is directly placed overhead to your bed. 

How bright should your bedroom light be?

Choosing the brightness of your bedroom lighting, inherently, comes to your preference. However, there are expert guidelines issued by respective technical authorities (NEC) for residential room lighting. Technically, the ambient lighting of your bedroom shall not exceed 70 lumens per square foot. 

How do you calculate lighting for bedroom?

Lighting requirement of a bedroom is calculated based on the total area of the room in square feet. Typically, standards exist are issued by the local Government body on this aspect.

Usually measured in lux (unit), the lighting requirement can be calculated using a lux meter which uses the details of your lighting source, its power consumption, and the total area of the room. 

Can light spacing bedroom?

Bedroom ceilings generally have a height ranging between 8 and 9 feet. Considering this, one should avoid those light fixtures that have long bodies and should stick to compact ones.

Light fixtures fitting the scale of your bedroom will easily adapt and be aesthetically pleasing. One has to refrain from placing a light source over their bed to avoid direct lighting which may hinder the comfort.

Bedroom string lights ideas

1 bedroom lighting ideas

2 bedroom lighting ideas

3 bedroom lighting ideas

4 bedroom lighting ideas

Using a string of lights in your bedroom is a cool way to decorate the area. Initially, such lighting techniques were seen only in weddings and commercial situations.

Since hanging a string of lights mean happiness, calm, and joy, its appeal in a bedroom cannot be overlooked. However, the choice of lighting has to be made, keeping in mind that no bright light has to be placed directly over the bed. 

Ceiling fixtures for bedrooms

5 bedroom lighting ideas

6 bedroom lighting ideas

Task lighting fixtures, Lighting pendants, Strip lighting, Cove lighting, Camouflage lighting, ambient space lighting, and illumination lights are all innovative ways for bedroom ceiling decoration.

Pendant lighting master bedroom

7 bedroom lighting ideas

Several varieties of pendant lighting such as bubble saucer, linked suspension, ball type, Corso type, bent metal lighting strip, double suspension, sun pendant, and cirque shaped pendants.

Pendant lights do not take away the floor space and can comfortably be hung in a corner of your bedroom.

Recessed lighting in bedroom

8 bedroom lighting ideas

Not only a recessed light adds visibility, but it also adds mood and interest to the room. 

Rather than focusing the recessed light on to the floor, you can try to focus the light on the wall by placing the light fixture at a distance. 

Lights for bedroom wall

9 bedroom lighting ideas

Options such as wall sconces and flush-mounts can be fixed on your bedroom wall to provide ambient lighting as well as task lighting.

Light colors are always preferred for such lighting structures so that they can blend in with the color of your wall. Cooler colors are preferred for the lighting of your bedroom.

Farmhouse bedroom lighting ideas

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11 bedroom lighting ideas

12 bedroom lighting ideas

13 bedroom lighting ideas


14 bedroom lighting ideas

Antique and rustic themed pendants, table lamps, and wall sconces could be adopted to bring a farmhouse theme in your bedroom. 

Romantic bedroom lighting ideas

15 bedroom lighting ideas

16 bedroom lighting ideas 17 bedroom lighting ideas

Mood lighting and smart lighting are better alternatives to traditional lighting to bring an essence of romance to your bedroom.

Nowadays, smart lighting that changes the color of lighting according to the time of the day, are easily available. Flower-shaped pendant lighting can also be tried in your bedroom.


Headboard lighting ideas

18 bedroom lighting ideas

Adjustable recessed lighting, shallow housing, regressed trim, step and wall lights can be placed above your beds. 

Bedroom Lighting For Teen

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20 bedroom lighting ideas

21 bedroom lighting ideas

Industrial Bedroom Lighting

22 bedroom lighting ideas

23 bedroom lighting ideas 24 bedroom lighting ideas

Boho Style Bedroom Lighting

25 bedroom lighting ideas

Scandinavian Style Bedroom Lighting

26 bedroom lighting ideas


Typically, there are 3 types of light fittings.

  • Mounted on the surface
  • Suspended lighting
  • Recessed fittings

Depending on the spacing and lighting requirements of your bedroom, these can be adopted.  The latter among the three can be recessed in your ceiling, wall, and floor. Suspended varieties are used to throw the light in multiple directions.