20 Simple ideas to decorate your room and make it look like in your dreams

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

There are many ways in which we glimpse some aspects of our personality, and one of the most effective is through the decoration of the spaces we inhabit. Every detail is the reflection of our thinking, every choice says a lot about us.

Sometimes we pass the time and forget the plans and projects we had for our house, that’s why here we present 20 original ideas with different decoration details that will give a particular touch to your spaces.

1. A touch of color changes the whole aspect of the room

green armchair in room

2. Hanging shelves

hanging rack

3. A dry branch acquires another use

rack with dry branch

4. A base for cheap and very original armchair

armchair with cement block base

5. Give another opportunity to an old staircase

old stair rack

6. To decorate an empty wall

pendant of branches painted in colors

7. A fun coat rack

coat rack with antique faucets

8. A pipe magazine rack and a piece of cloth

copper magazine rack

9. A balanced decoration

Hanging book shelves

10. You do not have to spend a lot on frames if you have washi tape

photo frames with washi tape

11. A corner with a lot of personality

shelves in corner of the room

12. The secret is in the details


13. The versatility of pallets

headboard and bedroom ceiling made with pallets

14. Another ladder that makes a difference

old stair

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15. For very important documents

old wooden door in wall

16. A shelf alternative

shelf on wall made with pallet sticks

17. Chromatic harmony

paper flowers on the wall

18. Details that give an organic touch

jars with stones hanging on the walls

19. The ideal corner to read

decorated corner to read

20. Everything can inspire

room decorated with vintage things
simple ideas decorate your room