25+ Best Stained Concrete Patio Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Jason Nguyen

Stains have become popular in concrete. They can be used on both new and already existing concrete. The end product of stains is appealing, making it loved by many homeowners since it can blend well with the natural environment.

Some of the stains end products are subtle and earth-toned colors. They produce permanent UV color because of their ability to penetrate the concrete surface.

A stained concrete patio can completely change the look and the feeling of your exterior. If you want to try them then here are some amazing ideas to start with.

best stained concrete patio ideas

1. Try a Stained Concrete Floor

stained concrete floor

A stained concrete floor makes your home look aesthetically appealing. Your home backyard patio is able to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, and for expert concrete design services, you can visit Dallas Decorative Concrete at https://www.dallasdecorativeconcrete.com/.

You gain that earthly tone at your concrete by adding the most common color on the surface of stains. Do not bother whether the concrete has existed or is new. You can add the color hardener in case you want vibrant looking tones and shades.

2.  Consider Stamped Concrete Patio

stamped concrete patio

Give your backyard patios a great look. Stamped concrete patios are extensively suitable for walkways and steps. Your imagination is limited when it comes to balancing the correct mixture to build a matching stamped concrete slab.

The slab requires proper timing to ensure it doesn’t crack by controlling joint installation, subtle detailing, and touch-ups. The best idea is to hire an entrusted contractor to do the work.

3.  Do Polished Concrete Patio Ideas

Have you imagined having a unique polish on the pavement of your outdoors? Concrete ensures you get exactly that. A polished concrete patio is also durable. It gives you a perfect landscaping idea. What’s more, it’s among the cheapest materials for a stained concrete patio.

4. Try Colored Concrete Patio Design

colored concrete patio

Introduce some bright looking colors to the surface of your patio by using colored concrete. You will love the outcome.

Colored concrete patio design is very cheap and can last long in your outdoor compound. Stains achieved from this concrete will not be liable to any material.

5.  Take Concrete Driveway Idea

concrete driveway

You can use stone chips to harden your pavement surface after using stained concrete. After applying this, you will not only have a beautiful and smooth surface.

There will be a grip in your driveway, making your vehicle move smoothly. Additionally, you will not incur any maintenance cost because of the rugged surface.

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6.  Create an Exterior Concrete Stain Patio

Concrete Stain Patio

Build fun and creative patio place by using contrasting colors of concrete stains. By using concrete as your raw material, you will end up with two different stains.

An exterior concrete patio can be used both outdoors and indoors. That translucent appearance to the concrete surface makes them look great. Do not forget that they are also inexpensive.

7.  Talk of Concrete Deck Patio Design

Talk of Concrete Deck Patio Design

Concrete provides the required materials for any sprawling deck area. So if you haven’t found the right material for that deck in your courtyard, don’t hesitate to use a concrete patio.

To be more creative and enable your patio to be very sturdy, you can use wood inlays. It will make the best appearance on your patio.

8.  Try out Concrete Stencil Design

Try out Concrete Stencil Design

If you intend to have stunning pavement, don’t look any further. Patterns and stencil will sort you. Their concrete gives an impressive finish and texture to the installation. The look is very durable. However, any average patio activity is safe with the patterns and stencil work.

9.  Integrate Outdoor Stain Patio

Integrate Outdoor Stain Patio

Using color stains will give your patio a fabulous look. You will notice highly exotic nature in your patio platform. That rich look will go perfectly with the rugged home décor. You can go on and use wooden seats and rock pillars to integrate your home.

10. Use Imprinted Concrete Patio Idea

Use Imprinted Concrete Patio Idea

Don’t be left behind with technology. Learn to advance yourself with time. Try and use this advanced staining method. With this method, you will achieve a beautiful pattern on your concrete pavement in the exterior.

This style plays out to be the best in the concrete patio. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the gorgeous pattern it offers.

11. Turn to Gray Stained Concrete Floor Idea

Turn to Gray Stained Concrete Floor Idea

Though the gray color is associated with old and traditional rap, don’t be scared to try it out. The concrete network has not been left behind on embracing the gray color.

That natural gray look on concrete, plus the beautiful colors, blended with neutral earth tones, brings the best in the concrete floor patio.

12. Construct Modern Stained Concrete Design

Construct Modern Stained Concrete Design

With the contemporary complements illustrated by concrete floors, many homes and businesses have ideally switched to concrete patio floors to enjoy the décor.

The concrete patio has many characteristics ranging from neutral colors, smooth and polished surfaces. It also features the industrial vibe brought about by its coatings, which has made it stand out.

13. Try to Mix the Sizes

Try to Mix the Sizes

Try to create an exciting patio design by using rectangles and squares. There is no hindrance to space since the idea can work in both large and small spaces. You will have more space to relax. The prices should not worry because of the sizes since both have the same price, which is relatively low.

14. Consider colors and textures

Consider colors and textures

You can use a mixture of different colors and textures to create a stained concrete patio idea.  The idea of incorporating a different mixture of colors is to create borders in the texture. Different colors and textures bring a great look.

15. Come up with a Puzzle Piece Idea

Come up with a Puzzle Piece Idea

Coming up with a bunch of puzzles is done by putting together various sizes and shapes. This gives your stained concrete a lovely look. Nonetheless, you can create these puzzle pieces by yourself and avoid spending that much.

16. Build a Wood Plank Stamped Concrete

Build a Wood Plank Stamped Concrete

If you love the woody look on the floor, don’t look back when you come across the wood plank. The wood plank brings out the antique look on the stained concrete patio. Such a great look will positively inspire you.

17. How about Stained concrete Overlay

How about Stained concrete Overlay

Ask yourself how it would turn out when you want to pour new stained concrete into the existing concrete? This is where stained overlays will help. You don’t have to hassle a lot by demolishing the old concrete to create a new one. You can use concrete overlays to help.

18. Add Leaf Print

Add Leaf Print

You can imprint leaf design to make your patio one of a kind. It is good to come up with something that nobody else has. You can add some leaf prints to your entire patio or along the edges. So take your leaves and other objects and imprint them after installing your concrete patio.

19. Try out the European Fan

Try out the European Fan

With your stained concrete patio, you have all the opportunity to try a different variety of patterns. Make sure you design your concrete patio according to what you desire.

The most elegant and classic pattern that is widely known is the European Fan. Please don’t get stuck with your concrete slab; cover it with pavers.

20. Mix Boulders and Stones

Mix Boulders and Stones

Try a mixture of sizes and shapes in your stained concrete patio. You can take a flat and rounded stone to give you a unique and exciting look to your stained concrete patio. You can purchase already shaped stones that you desire if you cannot do the job by yourself.

21. Go with Cobblestone Twist

Go with Cobblestone Twist

Try out cobblestone with a little bit of twist. The brick sizes of the same colors are brought together to give it an old cobblestone street look. The look of the stained concrete is usually outstanding.

Try it out since you will not have to involve many materials, making it easy and cheap to put together.

22. Use Sawcuts

Use Sawcuts

Use saw cuts and stain to create a faux tile. This is done after placing your concrete and floating it with an ash-white color hardener. Sawcuts are used to bring in contraction between the mixtures. It ensures there is no resistance between the sweat finish to the color hardener.

23. Bring in Dyes

Bring in Dyes

Give your stained concrete patio an integral look. Dyes can create unique decorative effects. Dyes can also work well along with integral color. So you better get out to the dye and color dealer to give your stained concrete patio that unique look.

24. Make it Trendy

Make it Trendy

It has become a normal thing to own a concrete patio when you are a homeowner because of their popularity. So, if you happen to own one, collect a few materials so that you can come up with your own unique and trendy stained patio. But note down that stained concrete patio patterns can be recreated because they are so exclusive.

25. Try Traditional Concrete Patio Design

Try Traditional Concrete Patio Design

Sometimes it feels cool to remain traditional. The only features needed here are brick and stone elements. These two elements can make your stained concrete patio look very classic.

Despite moving with time, it is also good to preserve that traditional look on your outdoor just to come up with something desirable.

Stained concrete patio ideas – FAQS

Can you stain an existing concrete patio?

You can stain an existing concrete patio though it will not be effective since the patchwork will still show up on the stains. It’s difficult to stain an existing concrete slab with significant cracks but it’s possible. Be sure that the cracks and blemishes will remain even after staining.

Is staining concrete a good idea?

Staining concrete is a very noble idea. Who doesn’t love good looks? Stained concrete offers that aesthetic look at a significantly lower price. Think of the natural earth tones in your surroundings. Stains make your home more realistic.

How long does stain concrete last?

The durability of stain concrete is not questionable. Adding in much effort in maintaining your stain concrete can make it last for a very long time. The maintenance cost is relatively low.

Do stained concrete floors add value to your home?

Yes, it adds value.? Stained concrete brings out that smooth texture to your home floor, making your home look stunning. The surface of your floor looks appealing and everyone will love it.

Is it better to paint or stain the concrete patio?

Painting is also an excellent idea, but it is a short term solution. When it comes to the cost, painting is cheap, but staining is an ideal course. Staining gives you permanent color that can be maintained over a long time. Staining is the better idea.

Is it better to tile or stain?

Staining outshines tiling in many aspects. Staining is durable, cheap, and effective compared to tiling. Look for something long-lasting.

Can old concrete be stained?

Old concrete can be stained as long as it’s not contaminated with other agents such as glue, paint, and oil. These agents can block the stains from soaking into the concrete pores. You can detect these agents by pouring water before putting your stain.

How do you tile over a concrete patio?

You can take several steps to tile your concrete patio but before the said steps, make sure your concrete patio is clean. Make the surface ready by prepping. Let it dry before you install your tile. If your concrete patio is outdoor, consider sealing the grout after tiling.


With the cost-effective and versatile nature of the stained concrete patio, you can take care of your home indoors and outdoors. So why don’t you get yourself the required materials to feel the experience of such a great patio?