20 DIY Canopies You Need To Make For Your Bedroom

Are you in need of a DIY canopy for your bed? Are you bored with the mere sight of your ceiling before you go to sleep, and are tired with a simple bed without a canopy? Look no further. We are going to show you 20 marvellous canopies which you can make for your bedroom! Let us explore together.

The bed transformation

When you have a canopy attached to your bed, you get that privy vibe. Canopies just change the look of your bed and converts it to a cosy corner for you to weep and laugh.

How to build a DIY canopy

Building a canopy for bed is easy. No hassles, no panic, infact its fun! You can try building a variety of canopy depending upon your taste. You can use sheets, table cloth, old ladder and much. Sounds weird? We are going to help explore some these weirdly amazing ideas.

27 DIY Canopies You Need To Make For Your Bedroom

best diy canopy ideas

1. Use a hula hoop

Use a hula hoopSource

Are you an introvert who loves to spend time away from the rest of the world… or your roommate? Or do you want a simple idea that is pleasing to your taste and budget? Either way, this is the perfect choice for you.

Kids canopy bed

kids canopy

Ever wanted to provide your child with an awesome kids adventure bed? The Vuly Den is a perfect example of what a kids canopy bed can look like. Draped in canvas, and featuring a climbing ladder and platform, this awesome little kids bed is perfect for children between the ages of 4 and 10. 

A DIY kids canopy project could be modelled after the Vuly Den, made from a similar steel frame or even out of wood if you’re so inclined. Canvas in the DIY project could be sheets or tent covers.

Give your kids a private space to play and grow. A kids canopy bed will make for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, and will be sure to bring a smile of joy to your little one’s face.

2. String light accents over two hula hoops

String light accents over two hula hoopsSource

Using string lights, when combined with the variety of styles they come in, offer a wide scope of possibilities. Give your bedroom a twinkling, dreamy look with this canopy.

3. Use a curtain rod and table cloth

Use a curtain rod and table clothSource

Go for a Marie Antione vibe with this simple, but creative design. Turns out that there’s more than one use for a table-cloth!

4. Use two mini curtain rods and some cheap fabric

Use a curtain rod and table clothSource

A little charm goes a long way. Also, this is one of the most cost-effective methods if you’ve seen any.

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5. Use a copper pipe

Use a copper pipeSource

The lack of much equipment to deal with reduces stress, effort and budget but is sure to increase the aesthetic quality of your bedroom.

6. Use thumbtacks

Use thumbtacksSource

It’s super easy to do this – no need to be a handy-man or a handy-lady!

7. Add some string lights

Add some string lightsSource

You thought we were done with string lights? Far from it. Designs such as these not only please the senses but help in lighting your room.

8. Use solid curtains

Use solid curtainsSource

There’s no place like your bed, and especially a bed blocked off from the rest of the world. This design is one of the best for a person craving for privacy!

9. Use a study branch

Use a study branch

design is sure to brighten up your bedroom – 20 DIY Canopies You Need To Make For Your Bedroom”>


Return to nature… or bring nature to your bedroom! Not only is finding a branch cost-effective, but this cheap, elegant design is sure to brighten up your bedroom!

10. Use a thick patterned fabric to make a canopy so you can also use it as a headboard

Use a thick patterned fabric to make a canopy so you can also use it as a headboardSource

This is the perfect – and also the easiest – way to add patterns to your bedroom!

11. Drape a sheer pattern

Drape a sheer patternSource

Soothe your eyes before you drop off to sleep! This shear pattern is not only classy, but also extremely easy to set up.

12. Use wooden ladder and wrap linen fabric

Use wooden ladder and wrap linen fabricSource

Another cost-effective way to brighten your bed. Also, you finally have a use for that old ladder in your attic!

13. Hang tapestry at strategic areas

Hang tapestry at strategic areasSource

A classy person needs a classy bed. Return to the royal age with this beautifully adorned canopy.

14. Make a Reading Nook

Make a Reading NookSource

Made for kids and adults alike, grab a book and retreat to your own little world with this design.

15. Make a Fairy Light Canopy

Make a Fairy Light CanopySource

Ever dreamt of visiting the world of the fairies? Or even better, bring a fairy into your room? Now you can pretend one is going to visit you anytime… with this pretty fairy light canopy!

16. Use yellow stripes

Use yellow stripesSource

This saves space, and creates a beautiful contrast of colours in your bedroom.

17. A canopy for your kid is the easiest to make!

A canopy for your kid is the easiest to make!Source

Well, the little ones need some luxury too. This canopy definitely gives them what they deserve.

18. Make a camping tent

Make a camping tentSource

Spice up the imagination with this décor… your child can go camping whenever he or she wants! Now your kid will love being sent to the room.

19. Use hot glue and staple gun

Use hot glue and staple gunSource

Want a canopy, but not too much effort to spend on it? Here you go.

20. Arrange hooks in a semi-circle and hang ready-made curtains

Arrange hooks in a semi-circle and hang ready-made curtainsSource

This arrangement hardly takes up any space, but is one of the first things which will strike the eye of any visitor to your room. Make sure your choice of colours is aesthetically pleasing!

21. Gipsy bed canopy

Gipsy bed canopy

22. Vintage canopy

Vintage canopySource

23. DIY Canopy in an hour

DIY Canopy in an hourSource

24. Bohemian canopy

Bohemian canopy

25. DIY PVC pipe canopy

DIY PVC pipe canopy

26. Use old doors to hang the curtain

Use old doors to hang the curtain

27. Romantic canopy

Romantic canopy


While canopies date back to ancient times and were used by noblemen for privacy and warmth in cold countries, you can apply the same to your own bedroom in the 21st Century. Use this wide range of creative ideas, and more, to suit your own taste and ambience.

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