4 Ways To Transform Your Backyard Into A Family Recreation Area

Last Updated on December 20, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you looking to give your backyard a makeover by transforming your outdoor living space into a place where you and your loved ones can hang out? You can set up an outdoor play area if you have kids or a fancy-looking patio that’s perfect for drinking afternoon teas or dining with friends.

Doing a backyard makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cost-saving ways to do this without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Sometimes, all it takes are the right furniture, good lighting, cozy seating area to achieve the backyard of your dreams.

Maximize your backyard’s potential for recreation with these ideas:

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1. Set Up A Nook

Think about how relaxing it is to sit under a shade in your backyard and do absolutely nothing. And when summer is coming, you can enjoy sipping your cold tea in your place.

Instead of a plain space sitting outside your home, turn your backyard into a nook with a well-designed layout from helpful resources and various landscape designers. All you have to do is add one or all of the following:

Add A Hammock

Putting a hammock is an easy way to add a relaxing and romantic vibe to your backyard. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to picking a hammock. 

You can get one of those traditional ones or opt for hammock chairs if you’re short on space. This is a great relaxing place if you have kids. Adults will enjoy it, too. Just make sure you place your hammock in a shaded area for extra comfort.

Make A Breakfast Area

backyard breakfast area

If your family is fond of eating together during the weekend, then setting up a breakfast table on your patio is a great idea. 

It’s an excellent way to add a friendly bistro vibe to your meals. Just whip out a comfortable set of tables and chairs and place it in your backyard. You can also use this as a perfect spot for your morning coffee or afternoon tea while your kids are playing outside.

Add A Bed

Who said beds are only for the bedroom? You can also set up backyard beds for the ultimate lounging time. Beds like these are usually oversized cushions perfect for laying out under the sun. 

To make it even better, have your garden bed underneath a covered roof or protected area to avoid removing it when the weather is terrible. You can also add a complementary table on the side or a hanging fan for extra comfort. 

In this way, you can enjoy stargazing with your family and dining out at night.

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2. Create A Splash Pad

splash pad

A splash pad is perfect if you have kids around. You can enjoy swimming activities without the fear of accidental drowning and also avoid the risks of accidents using a splash pad. 

Both you and your kids will enjoy its cooling benefits without putting anyone in danger. Moreover, splash pad has more benefits:

  • It’s cheaper than getting an actual pool. Having a pool is nice and fancy, but it’s a big commitment. If you’re not willing to spend money on a pool yet but still want a water activity outside your house, then a splash pad is for you.
  • Splash pads require little maintenance compared to a swimming pool. You wouldn’t have to clean it as much, so you’re going to exempt yourself from the hassle of maintaining a regular pool.
  • Splash pads in the market come packed with many different features. There’s one with grottos and slides if that’s something your kids are into. Plus, even if you’re not currently using your splash pad, you’re still getting the benefit of having an excellent ambiance to your backyard.

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3. Build A Treehouse

backyard treehouse

Building a treetop can be a fun experience for your kids. They’ll get to have a playhouse above the ground as well. Apart from their playhouse, you’ll also be bringing your children closer to nature. They’re more likely to gain peace and clarity when they’re surrounded by nature. 

By having treehouse in your backyard, you also show them a different form of pastime. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy using a treehouse in your backyard.

Everyone in the family, including the adults, is also welcome to hang out in your new eco-friendly home. It can even be a spot where you and your family gather around to spend quality time together. Imagine game nights with your family inside a treetop.

4. Set Up A Fire Pit

backyard firepit

You could also opt to have a bonfire on a chilly summer night. Apart from sitting around and staying warm, you can get lots of benefits from having a fire pit in your backyard:

Use It To Cook

You can quickly grill your favorite barbecue with a fire pit. It’s a new take to your regular grilling time with the family. What’s even better is you can all hang out while cooking.

Serves As Night Light

Families tend to stay away from the garden area when nighttime hits because it’s cold and dark, but it won’t be an excuse if you have a fire pit in your backyard. You’ll be able to utilize your outdoor area even after the sunsets.

That’s because having a fire pit burning at night is an absolute game-changer in your lighting. Apart from the heat, a fire pit also gives an extra level of warm glow to your backyard.

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Extension Of Your House

Like fireplaces typically found indoors, fire pits serve as the main centerpiece of any space. If you ever find yourself needing extra space where you and your family can relax, then the backyard is a great idea. Fire pits are a great way of extending your lounge area. Just add a few comfortable chairs or benches around the fire pit, and you’re all set.


Having a cozy backyard where the entire family can relax and chill is an enjoyable feature in the house. If you’re looking for ways to have more quality time with your children without having to leave the house, then a few DIY projects can surely help you. 

Remodeling your outdoor space doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You just need a little bit of creativity and effort, and you can undoubtedly create a desirable spot for entertainment.