Top 6 Outdoor Kitchen Essentials: What Should You Get?

Last Updated on August 21, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we slowly start to move indoor activities outdoors. Hosting outdoor dinner parties is an exciting part of having a backyard.

Prepping and cooking food outdoors is fun until you have to run indoors for supplies every other minute. If you would like to spend less time running back and forth and more time entertaining your guest, keep reading.

You can find our top 6 outdoor kitchen essentials right below.

Dining Set

1 dining set outdoor kitchen

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a comfortable and inviting dining set. This is where your friends and family will hang out and eat the delicious food that you just prepared.

When choosing a new dining set for your outdoor kitchen, consider these four things:

  1. Will the dining set fit the size of your deck, patio, pavilion, or rooftop?
  2. How many seats do you need to accommodate your guests?
  3. Does the size and shape of the dining table meet your needs?
  4. Does the style and color of the dining set fit your exterior design?

Garbage Cans

gabarge cans

If you are a pro at hosting barbeques, you already know how fast the trash accumulates. Those paper plates, cups, empty soda bottles, and food scraps have to go somewhere, otherwise, they end up on the grass and other places you wouldn’t expect.

Having bins for compost, trash, and recycling nearby will give you peace of mind. You will keep your outdoor kitchen looking Instagram-worthy throughout your outdoor event.

There are many outdoor garbage can storage ideas you can try out. The trash pull-out cabinets seem to be the most discreet.

Task Lighting

outdoor kitchen lighting

Don’t forget about lighting! You want to make your outdoor living area cozy and yet functional when hosting late-night get-togethers.

Install ambient lighting over your dining area where people socialize. String lights and lanterns will create the perfect romantic ambiance for your guests.

This same ambient lighting won’t be sufficient for your outdoor kitchen area. You will need brighter task lights installed right above your kitchen counter to see the food you are chopping and prepping.

Outdoor Dishwasher

outdoor dishwasher

Once the guests leave, you will be left with a pile of dirty dishes. You can either wash them by hand or invest in an outdoor dishwasher. This may seem a little excessive for some, but for people who host dinners regularly, this may be the best option available.

Having an outdoor dishwasher is also desirable if you have dinnerware solely intended for outdoor use. You won’t have to haul all the fragile plates and glasses indoors and back outdoors once cleaned by your indoor dishwasher.

Outdoor Refrigerator

There’s nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day. You can either keep your beverages refrigerated indoors and run back and forth every time somebody gets thirsty or, you can keep your drinks within arm’s reach.

An outdoor refrigerator will keep your drinks, sides, desserts, fruits, and veggies fresh and cold for your guests to enjoy.

Pizza Oven

pizza oven

Having a pizza oven in the backyard has become a new trend. Why? Everybody loves pizza – adults and kids! A pizza oven may be just the thing you need to elevate your cooking game and take your backyard dining to a whole nother level. 

You can invest in a built-in or wood-fired pizza oven. A small outdoor countertop pizza oven will do just fine, as well. You can use it for making homemade pizza, baking cookies, bread, casseroles, roasting veggies, you name it!

Create An Oasis In Your Backyard

outdoor kitchen oasis

Upgrading your outdoor kitchen with new appliances and supplies is a process worth enjoying. Just as it took you time to complete your indoor kitchen, it will take time to turn your outdoor kitchen into a new oasis.

Even if you have a small yard, you can always try some minimalistic ideas that are perfect for any space.

Did you enjoy my top picks for outdoor kitchen essentials? Which item would you like to have in your outdoor kitchen? Let us know in the comments below, and share our list with your friends and family. They might be looking for the same outdoor kitchen ideas that you are!