30+ Simple Back Porch Ideas and Designs On A Budget (Pictures)

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We are all familiar with front porches because they are the highlight of any home, especially when decorated well. We always make an effort to make it look grand because it shows the household’s personality and gives it more character.

Back porches can do the same, extending the living room, equipped with more privacy for down times and chill moments. 

If you are thinking of ways to enliven your back porches or to create one as an extension to your living room, you have come to the right post because we shall run down some notable ideas for you.

From the simplest ones, the most practical to some high-end choices, we have listed them down for you, so, read on. 

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best back porch ideas designs

30+ Simple Back Porch Ideas and Designs On A Budget

It is always challenging to arrange an extended living space especially if there are arising concerns such as space, shape of the space, and the decorative elements that should go with the materials of your choice. Hence, without much ado, let us look into some of the best back porch ideas out there. 

1. Wooden back porch

1 back porch ideas

Just like your living rooms, this back porch serves best as a receiving area especially for those whom you want private conversations with.

This back porch idea is color popping with the natural colors of its surroundings. The blue shade, at the same time, makes it look calm, peaceful, and cool. 

This is a perfect area for those who want to chill and relax at any time of the day. When planning to have one, give it a try to have some wooden touches to elevate its natural look and try to pair it with other pastel colors. 

2. Back porch with lively colors

2 back porch ideas

Colorful tones create a fun and exciting environment, which is basically imbibed in this back porch idea.

A good mix of the neutrals and the colorful ones create a cool and vibrant ambiance plus overlooking the nature and all it presents especially during golden hours makes up the mood of this area.

When planning for one, make it simple and classy as the decorations also represent the homeowners’ character. Having just enough to sit and relax makes the whole look very cozy. 

3. Rustic screened porch

3 back porch ideas

While a large and wide area for a back porch works, this small, full of furniture, and cozy porch is ideal. Just looking at the organization and all the elements put together already brings comfort and soothes the eyes.

How much more when you go, sit, and bond with your loved ones in this area, right? Having a private place aside from your bedroom is very ideal for every homeowner. This makes this back porch idea worth the shot. 

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4. Back porch for pets

4 back porch ideas

Aside from making the usual cage for your pets like dogs, you can have a more creative way to keep them inside your homes while also enjoying the sun and the nature in one place.

A back porch that is meant for pets is not that big and grand but just enough to place a lot of necessary elements at once. 

All you need to do is pack the back porch with indoor toys and other furniture and decorative elements for their extra-curricular activities without having to worry about constantly bringing them outside for a walk, hygienic purposes and all the like.

Though they would still need to walk the grounds on the outside, this one is a perfect idea that they would surely make it as their home. 

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5. Naturalistic back porch

5 back porch ideas

While it is beautiful to look at colourful tones, a combination of all the natural colors such as brown and green also works best in building a back porch.

Although they stand one with the yard, color wise, they come in separation because it is enclosed with screens and wood material to give special guests a private space for them to enjoy all the naturalistic view this back porch provides. 

When going for this view, it is also best to have a couch contrasting the whole area like this one in order to make it look cooler and inviting.  

6. Seasonal decorative back porch

6 back porch ideas

While it is good to have decorations on your front yard, keeping the major decoration on your back yard also works best.

Aside from deviating from the usual practice, you can also give in your best decorative skills to improve the space for family and friends during intimate gatherings.

Seasonal decorations always have a way of sprucing up any space and this one here proves that ultimately. 

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7. Classy back porch

7 back porch ideas

When you want it all stylish and classy, going for dark furniture and having it accented with cool and bright tones work best.

Also, having this all-complete furniture for a back porch is also something that every homeowner would dream of – an extension of the primary living room that is all looking extra beautiful, classy and elegant while keeping all the colors the same and intact, extended in a different area. 

When choosing this kind of design, make sure that you are ready to maintain it given the variables like the changing weather where a possibility of a heavy rain might cause the furniture to be put together as this is just covered with screens. 

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8. Long and narrow porch

8 back porch ideas

Going for a long and narrow back porch looks so elegant and classy especially that it is put with elements that would make it look extra beautiful.

It gives the aura of an infinite aisle while giving it a traditional and vintage look because of the colors combined. 

Having an open space, where the sides are open, can also be a nice idea given that you can go freely outside to enjoy the sun while having a place where you can sit, listen and watch, not just the view but with the many activities happening in the area and the outside view.

This back porch idea works best for homes that have long space to create a long, narrow porch. 

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9. Back porch dining area

9 back porch ideas

Back porches are very flexible since you can make it into an extended living room, recreational area and also a dining area like this back porch idea here.

You can put any set up, simple, romantic, or any design that suits the celebration of the day. With this look, a back porch is made very creative and gives it a rustic dining area that looks scenic with the background and all the natural elements put in between. 

Making a back porch for a dining area is perfect and ideal because you will no longer have to go to fancy restaurants to make space for your loved ones but a space in the home where you can change the setting depending on your mood and want.

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10. Expensively looking back porch

10 back porch ideas

As it has been said, back porch has already been given significance that is why putting so much time, effort and money to make it elegantly looking like this back porch idea works for every homeowner.

This area has lots of dark furniture and elements but contrasts with all the accent colors put together. The whites and the beige color plus the natural lighting makes it bright and beautiful and the unique chandelier made it expensively looking.

Having a place for a living room at the back of your homes is one that is also preferred by many. Hence, when you are looking for a great idea, this one might be suitable for you.

11. A raised platform back porch

11 back porch ideas

It is not a bad idea to get creative with your homes and put up a raised platform for a back porch. When making one, it need not be extravagant and all expensive.

Just the thought of having a place to sit and relax is already reasonable. This back porch is simple but cozy and has no special features compared to the previously listed ones.

But the traditional look of this space makes all the difference and it is something that cannot be missed. 

12. Sunbathing area

12 back porch ideas

A back porch that is meant as a sunbathing area also works in a large, elegant, and expensive home like this one.

Arranging the lounge where you can enjoy yourselves over a coffee or a drink and talk about anything in between is such a perfect look.

On the other side, which is the highlight of the porch, are two expensively looking sunbathing couches that are aligned across each other making it for two people to enjoy the look of the surroundings and the rays of the sun. For something neat and phenomenal, this one is the look for you. 

13. Outdoor living room

13 back porch ideas

An outdoor living room works for homes that come with a large area and a high budget where it is in motif with the main living room area.

This outdoor living room features antique furniture and elements of an old material which complements the white colors of the house.

While it is good to have a place outside where you can have private conversations with, it can also be a place to guest your parties from breakfast dates to any other celebrations to maximize the intimacy among celebrants and chosen guests. 

14. Concrete back porch

14 back porch ideas

Making it simple with just the usual materials for a home like an aluminium ceiling and wood support plus a concrete flooring still makes up a good back porch idea.

In this picture you can see the furniture is also very simple in design and color.

Together, they match pretty well and it still serves its function while having to enjoy the fresh air brought about by the open side areas and the greenery surrounding the area.

15. Cozy back porch

15 back porch ideas

Having just a couch and a table for your back porch space still offers a great back view for the home.

In this picture, the idea of putting together all the neutral colors where they look pretty well gives a cozy and elegant vibe where you will keep wanting to go for a sit and converse over coffee or any activity.

A simple but inviting aura like this is better compared to arrangements with so many expensive elements but do not give comfort and relaxation. Going for this view is very much attractive that you would want to have one this instant.  

16. Beige and blue back porch

16 back porch ideas

While all other color combinations work, the mixing of beige and blue makes a picturesque for this back porch idea. It is looking so elegant with just the two colors and the furniture arrangement which is making it classic. 

As the beige color gives warmth, the blue shade gives a cool oceanic vibe which makes them look good together. In this back porch idea, a high level of privacy and solemnity is felt by just looking at the design presentation alone. 

17. Two-in-one back porch

17 back porch ideas

When wanting to have a multi-functional back porch, you can have a living room on one side and a dining area on the other side.

These two work perfectly together because just like the inside of the home, they go side by side; separated but together. In this design, the brick flooring intensified both the look of the furniture present on both sides.

Though simple, they still create a view to remember. A large, multi-functional space for a back porch look surely does not fail, design and function wise. 

18. A swing bed on a back porch

18 back porch ideas

Having a plain back porch with just a swing bed creates a space that is meant for relaxing and a lot of alone time.

While the home is large and looks so expensive, having just the right amount of space for the homeowner to sit, relax and see the beautiful surroundings make this back porch a phenomenal look.

Having a modern design swing bed like this is very ideal. Even for a small area as long as it makes you feel welcome and comfortable it makes it a wonderful choice.  

19. Outdoor kitchen and dining area

19 back porch ideas

An outdoor kitchen and dining area for a back porch does not disappoint. It seems like you are having a camping or outdoor adventure with a special treat with this complete dining set up.

This one is looking so simple with the color combination of beige, natural wood and cherry wood color creates dynamics that makes it good looking. 

For a back porch, it need not be so fine and elegant, just a simple and well-coordinated design makes it extra something. So when planning to have one, more than the design, go for the ones that would better serve its function. 

20. Outdoor living area with garden views

20 back porch ideas

In this back porch idea, a long and narrow space before the garden is made to make the area look more creative and have a space where you can chill, relax and enjoy the beauty of your backyard garden.

More than the refreshing features the color green provides is the decorative value it adds when combined with the wood color. 

In this outdoor living room area, what sets it apart from all others is the presence of a stair where it separates the place from the garden. Also, the stairs added an extra drama and a little art to the view. 

21. Partly covered black porch

21 back porch ideas

A partly covered black porch like this is looking so attractive and beautiful with all the furniture present inside.

While it is giving warmth and cozy feels, the partly shaded outdoors exudes coolness and is giving dynamics to the whole idea.

Having this old feel because of the colors and design put together in the shaded area gives a warm and welcoming vibes while enjoying the unshaded area and the view of nature plus the natural air that comes in together. 

22. Back porch with a fire pit

22 back porch ideas

Having a fire pit in the home is every homeowner’s dream. Having it on your back porch is ideal since you no longer need to go full outdoors to have a good old bonfire, s’mores and stories.

All you need to do is just be on the back porch and enjoy a scenic view while being in the warmth of family, friends and the crackling fire. 

Having it this way would make you feel like you want to stay in this area for hours while listening to music and enjoying the flames. 

23. Roofed back porch

23 back porch ideas

A back porch that works three in one is definitely worth every penny. Function and design wise, it works as a welcoming and super extended space for many collective activities.

The design where the dining area is separated from the outdoor living room with a roofed porch is giving the fees of creating a space for both areas to function their best.

This design, compared to the many elegant designs, looks so simple but gives a high level of function where you easily reach from one place to the other while enjoying the outdoor vibes. 

24. A white porch with greens

24 back porch ideas

Having a white base for a back porch looks so clean and elegant plus putting all the greens adds to its decorative value.

This one has a very colorful balance which perfectly goes well with the many pastel colors in this back porch arrangement.

If you want to have a simple and naturalistic view for a back porch, this idea would be best as your basis. It looks very clean, cozy and attractive as a back porch living room.

25. Neutral colored porch

25 back porch ideas

This design looks so elegant with the colors combined and the organization of the furniture put together in this small back porch area. It exudes a cozy and warm feeling while being naturally attractive.

A small area does not disappoint as long as it serves its purpose. This makes this back porch idea one of the most beautiful arrangements in this list. When you are looking for an idea that is both simple and elegant, go for this design. 

26. Vintage dining area in the back porch

26 back porch ideas

While it has been natural to have a dining area for a back porch, going for an old, timeless, and antique themed dining area would look its best on an open back porch with all the natural elements present on its surroundings.

Though old, it still exudes class and creates an intensity with the presence of the red color which somehow changes the vibe.

 An old design makes a welcoming feel plus the boldness of the other colors combined makes it a design standout. When choosing this design, the area size does not matter as long as you have the perfect idea to make things combine together. 

27. An all-wood dining area in the back porch

27 back porch ideas

An all-wood dining set with a black outline makes it the best complement for a natural wood color flooring. The effect of the stairs add the traditional and classic view, creating an impact given the simple dining area in the back porch. 

With a small area, give a space for people to easily move in and out so they can enjoy moving around when talking over breakfast, lunch or dinner. Though it is very simple and just an ordinary design, it is still one of the timeless designs every homeowner would go for.

28. Open back porch area

28 back porch ideas

In this old, and all-stone home, having a simple and open back porch is very much recommended. Having this one will make you enjoy your homes’ design while having to also enjoy the sun and nature.

Having a sit over coffee with private conversations makes it very moody and sophisticated. Going for this design enables you to feel free and bright while enjoying the many benefits the natural lighting provides. 

29. Glass enclosed back porch

29 back porch ideas

When wanting to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, these glass walls would clearly provide.

The woody colors of the inside plus the minimal furniture in the name of couches makes it very simple, classic and just enough material for relaxation, self-realization, over viewing, an escape area and a private room, in case needed.

This back porch idea looks simple and cozy that you would want to spend most of your time here. 

30. Pergola back porch idea

30 back porch ideas

Pergolas are known to function as a decorative rather than functional because it does not shade a whole. This back porch view is very interesting given the so many things happening from one side to another. 

On one side looks so simple and elegant and on the other looks so colorful, exciting and attractive.

Having this back porch would totally make you feel fresh and comfortable given the colors and the open area it provides. When choosing this one, make sure that you have just the perfect size to enjoy its function. 

How to spruce up a back porch

If you are still not settled as to how to arrange your back porch, here are some sprucing up tips for you to consider when you finally get to the arranging phase: 

  • Set up an entertainment space. 
  • Make it light and airy with woven furniture. 
  • Invest in ‘punchy’ rugs. 
  • Make sure that there is a coffee table at the center. 
  • Choose the outdoor pillows well. 
  • Consider candle chandeliers and other light fixtures. 
  • Invest in lots of potted and hanging greeneries. 
  • Seating is the key. 

Would screened back porches add to home value? 

While these structures are not included in the appraised square footage of a home, they do add real estate value. It is said that screened porches and patios offer a 15-25% return of investment to the home upon sale. This means that you just would not get back what you paid for it but also profit from it in general. 

How much does it cost to build a back porch? 

Since there are many types of back porches and equally a wide array of back porch arrangements, there is no exact figure as to the cost. Nonetheless, the national range can be pegged at $12,000-30,000. This range already includes costs for the furniture and other decorative elements as well as labor and other material costs. 

You can also do it DIY using refurbished materials and furniture. This would dramatically cut the cost of building a back porch. 


A back porch is always a good option if you want to extend your living space. It is perfect for private gatherings and conversations with friends and family.

With what we have covered, we have proven that with the right elements, you can make any design work. A back porch arrangement need not be too opulent or intricate or work. At the end of the day, purpose, function and design should all meet in one cohesive view. 

With the featured back porch ideas in this list, it would not be too hard to create one from scratch. You just need to settle the final design and arrangement that you want to go for.