35+ Best Porch Post and Column Ideas and Designs On A Budget (Photos)

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Many homeowners like spending time on their porches. Whether your front porch is used to sit and visit with neighbors or just to greet you home after a hard day, establishing the right porch setting frequently entails selecting high-quality porch posts that compliment your house’s overall design.

A porch post is essentially a column or a beam that runs from the porch’s floor or foundation to the awning.

Porch posts must be durable, trustworthy, and capable of serving as beams that can carry a substantial amount of weight because they are designed to support a bigger structure, such as a canopy or even a balcony overhead.

Consider the following factors when selecting a porch post, as well as distinctive porch post ideas that may appeal to you.

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porch column ideas designs

35 Porch Post Ideas and Designs On A Budget

1. Craftsman Style Light Brown

1 porch post ideas on a budget

Recently, the minimalistic porch post with craftsman style has become the most popular design. It will turn your house into a minimalist deck with a gorgeous pillar design. The brown color scheme is ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere on the outside of the home.

It also gives your home’s outside an appealing look. This design is also suitable for those who wish to create a minimalist atmosphere in a small space. It can still accommodate two seats and a small workstation.

The added decoration can also be layered on top of it. For the exterior of the house, you can utilize potted flower decorations or even lighting. This is a great idea for turning a little area into a welcoming porch post with a stylish design.

2. Cedar is a classic wood.

2 porch post ideas on a budget

Traditional porch post designs will help you create a welcoming atmosphere in your house. The cedar wood and the sturdy steel railing work well together to create this type of porch. It has a welcoming atmosphere with a deep cultural feel.

The steel railing, on the other hand, will give your home’s façade a modern and stylish look. It results in a house design with a lovely façade. Make an effort to obtain a lounge chair or bench. It also adds a touch of sophistication to your home.

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3. Minimalist House Facades with a Modern Porch Post

3 porch post ideas on a budget

Using metal on your post to upgrade the outer appearance of your house will give it a modern look. With its steel and concrete material mix, this porch design is magnificent. With the deep brown color scheme, it offers an exquisite look.

The porch’s twin windows provide an eye-catching outside look, enhancing your home’s contemporary look. If you want to add some extra decoration, try to keep it to a minimum. Contemporary home design is characterized by a minimalist appearance.

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4. Farmhouse Design with Stone Columns and Decorative Wood

4 porch post ideas on a budget

Returning to the classic theme, timber and stone are suitable materials for creating unique porch posts. With the tranquil color scheme, it looks lovely. The stone on the bottom side of the pillar should provide extra support for the wooden material.

It will give the property a traditional appeal that will make it look wonderful. The gray hue is ideal for these pairings. The brown highlight might be used on the pillar. This design, nevertheless, is still adaptable.

5. Grey Stone Front Porch Posts are a charming addition to any home.

5 porch post ideas on a budget
Source: Rivertown Window

This porch post is a great motif for your house façade, similar to the wood and stone porch style. The use of white as the primary paint color creates a minimalist outside appearance. It also went well with the gray wall pattern.

The gray hue is also used for the support on the porch’s lower half. For a contemporary house design like this, it creates an exquisite appearance. The door can be painted with a camel colored color. It will give the house’s exterior design a warm tone.

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6. Porch Posts in White Vinyl

6 porch post ideas on a budget

Instead of employing a complicated material, vinyl might be a wonderful option for creating a lovely outdoor environment for your home. The white hue is still the dominant motif. The gray color combination appears to be a popular home exterior concept.

It offers a modern home style with a straightforward color scheme. With the robust railing structure on its side, the porch post design looks gorgeous.

Its design also has a traditional feel about it. An excellent porch idea is to hang some lights on the wall. When the night falls, it aids in producing a gorgeous porch look with a warm color scheme.

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7. Square Fluted Aluminum Porch with a Simple Design

7 porch post ideas on a budget

It is not difficult to create a beautiful house façade. You only require a square-shaped porch. It has a straightforward look and a modern design. The new trend will be added by the metal railing surrounding the porch. It also features a simple exterior design.

If you have an L-shaped porch, use the rectangular pillar to tie it all together. It requires a bright white hue to create a powerful statement. The brown hue on the wall will tie the house’s simple exterior together.

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8. Wrapping Faux Stone Columns with White Paint

8 porch post ideas on a budget

Luxurious yet with limited room. That is the finest way to characterize the design of the artificial stone porch. With a great pillar on the front porch, it looks fantastic.

On the bottom side, the stone works as a support. It may also be used as a decorative piece on the outside of your home.

Hanging the plants between the pillars is also a good idea that you could try. Immediately eliminate the potted plants if you prefer a cleaner appearance. It’s also possible to paint it in a beige or green color scheme.

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9. Vinyl Posts in a Modern Style for a Terrace House

It is advised that you design the patio area utilizing a simple configuration. It adds a new dimension to your home.

One of the lovely porch ideas to explore is the trendy vinyl. It will create a welcoming atmosphere in the front of the property.

It also offers a trendy and basic room design, as well as a decent area for creating a beautiful house outside design. Remember to keep the amount of stuff on your porch to a minimum. The porch will get disorderly as a result.

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10. Posts made of timber

10 porch post ideas on a budget

When you return to your house, the timber column will be transformed into an inviting entryway. It appears to be in good condition, with robust material on one side.

For finishing this cozy porch post, the timber element is also a fantastic alternative. It offers a classic appearance with a simple exterior design. A matching lamp post on the wall might give the room a more contemporary feel.

Use the orange hue as a tint to create a lovely tone on your home’s exterior. If you want a conventional exterior house style, these porch post ideas are an excellent choice.

It also has a sophisticated look and a fascinating nuance. The tiny area on your porch will not be an issue in achieving this look.

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11. Traditional Front Porch with a Large Terrace

11 porch post ideas on a budget

The classic home has grown increasingly unusual in recent years. You may start with the porch pillar to create a classic design concept.

For the terrace, a hardwood floor might be a nice layer. It is necessary to employ a dark color accent to enhance the house’s sophisticated image.

The pillar’s white tint adds a new emphasis to the home. It also offers a gorgeous exterior interior decor with a wide range of options.

A vibrant potted plant is also included in the decorative arrangement. Artificial flowers are a good choice if you want your décor to be easy to maintain. It contributes to the creation of a bright atmosphere in a calm situation. Adding some seats or tables to the porch post is also a good idea.

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12. Simple Metal Porch Columns with Ornamental Accents

12 porch post ideas on a budget

It’s unusual to see an industrial vibe on a traditional dwelling. If you place this setting on your house’s exterior, it will be a one-of-a-kind decoration. Incorporating the steel component is required to finish this project. It gives your home’s exterior a solid appearance.

Furthermore, metallic materials are an excellent alternative for a long-lasting house exterior design. It combines a beautiful interior design with a relaxing place in your garden. The layout is straightforward.

13. Home Exteriors: Colonial Porch Post

13 porch post ideas on a budget

Why not use the colonial porch design to your house if you want to achieve a Holland house style? Making a gorgeous facade like this will be an intriguing idea.

With its traditional design, the colonial porch leaves a lasting impression. It has a striking appearance thanks to the gray and white color scheme. You may utilize black accents to create an exquisite tone in your home. It may be painted on your home’s wall.

14. Wrought Iron Posts Should Be Covered

14 porch post ideas on a budget

Having a tiny terrace space might make it difficult to decide where to put the porch post. Don’t be too perplexed. In this case, a wrought iron porch would be a nice option.

You may use iron to create a minimalist porch with a classic style for your home. It creates a lovely gate for your entrance door. The dark tone will complement your sophisticated outside design.

You may also complete the look by placing flower pots on the sides. It will produce a gorgeous external design with a breathtaking landscape.

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15. Aluminum Framed Porch in Dark Colors

15 porch post ideas on a budget

Returning to the modern home accent, aluminum might be an excellent material for creating this type of porch design. It will be a strong material for your porch’s support.

The porch pillar will be beautifully finished by the black railing that runs the length of the terrace. It also makes a strong statement in terms of house design.

You can place a couch or a chair there. It is truly free to use the space. It will result in a gorgeous design for a spacious room.

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16. Post Bases for Wooden Structures

16 porch post ideas on a budget
Source: Strong Tie

Quite often, the porch post requires an extra foundation for generating a rich appearance. This sentence is appropriate for this porch.

It is supported by a huge stone base. For the wooden structures, the concrete material will be ideal. Of course, it also gives the entire home façade a solid appearance.

This principle may also be used to create a basic external design. There is no need for further ornamentation because the porch area is small enough. This porch pillar is inviting enough to welcome visitors.

17. Porch Column in White Traditional Style

17 porch post ideas on a budget

Aesthetically, it’s clean and attractive. This is the most accurate description of the traditional porch design.

This porch is transformed into something attractive by the mix of the brick wall and rectangular pillar. With the neutral color scheme, it creates a soothing effect.

This porch’s little area is left unoccupied. As a result, the minimalist décor is crucial in the creation of this porch. The stone wall is similarly beige in hue. With the dark window pane, it has a soft finish.

18. Porch Posts Made of Wood

18 porch post ideas on a budget

Traditional timber porch posts have a romantic and classic feel to them, but they may be difficult to keep up with and maintain. Because timber is more susceptible to damage from humidity, sunlight, and bugs, expect to repaint, reinforce, and occasionally replace porch posts that have twisted, rotted, or grown weak on a frequent basis.

19. Porch Posts Made of Treated Wood

19 porch post ideas on a budget

Treated wood porch posts have the same classic appearance as natural wood but are more durable, stronger, and require far less care thanks to improved treatment and finishing procedures.

20. Porch Posts Made of Vinyl

20 porch post ideas on a budget

When combined with other vinyl elements on the home’s exterior, vinyl porch pillars may often create a highly coherent aesthetic.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is a difficult material to deal with since it is readily destroyed by moisture, wind, and impact.

21. Porch Posts Made of Aluminum

21 porch post ideas on a budget
Source: Superior Aluminum

While aluminum provides a metallic counterpart to other types of building materials, the quality of this material varies greatly based on the manufacturer. Thin metal is readily damaged, making it unsuitable for places prone to hail or other forms of harsh weather.

22. Vertical Beams

22 porch post ideas on a budget

Standard vertical beams create sharp lines that mix especially well with coordinating banisters, railings, and soffit elements, making them a conservative and traditional style to porch posts.

Basic vertical porch pillars are a fantastic alternative for homes with a lot of adornment in a little space.

23. Post Wrap with a Difference

23 porch post ideas on a budget
Source: Screen Tight

Porch post wrap is a terrific way to add a fun, eye-catching accent to a dull façade. Homeowners may experiment with new elements to build an appealing façade by mixing opposing elements, such as a stone wrap base with a plain white column.

24. Buttresses made of wood

24 porch post ideas on a budget

Extending design features to the porch posts by mimicking internal or external buttressing is a terrific method to do it.

Wooden buttressing offers an extra layer of structural stability to the home in addition to making an amazing decorative impact.

25. Elegant Design

25 porch post ideas on a budget

Cylindrical porch pillars, especially those in pure white, may have a majestic appearance, which is especially appealing on bigger estates. This kind of porch post, which might be called a timeless classic, looks great with red brick siding.

26. Wrap in earth tones

26 porch post ideas on a budget

Adhering to earth tones may be a terrific way to communicate a natural look. Natural wood porch pillars can display interesting wood grain patterns that complement stone siding and dark siding.

27. Porch Posts with Multiple Levels

27 porch post ideas on a budget

Lining up porch posts on double-decker porches may have a dramatic effect, stretching the beams and letting the structure look somewhat higher than it is.

28. Porch Posts with Personalization

28 porch post ideas on a budget

Porch columns could also be customized to reflect the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. Combination of styles and materials, carving, and paint may all be used in customized designs.

29. Posts in the Romanesque Style

29 porch post ideas on a budget

Squat, square columns with large bases are common. On top of that, they could have organic ornamental features. In a simpler profile, these square porch posts sometimes are seen in colonial or artisan homes.

30. Ionic Inspired Post

30 porch post ideas on a budget

Ionic columns contain scrolling forms called volutes at the summit and a rounded foot, making them another Greek type of post.

In comparison to Doric columns, the beams are often fluted and have a more delicate, feminine shape. This form of post can be seen on Greek Revival, Georgian, or Neoclassical residences, as well as ancient sites like the Colosseum in Rome.

31. Doric

31 porch post ideas on a budget

The sides of these Greek-style columns are fluted, while the top is smooth. With no base or podium at the bottom, these are broader and less ornamental than other Greek column forms. Doric columns are frequently found in Neoclassical homes.

32. Egyptian

32 porch post ideas on a budget

The tops of these columns usually taper. Leaves and horizontal bands at varying intervals are occasionally added to them. Egyptian Revival houses from the 1800s are a good example of the style.

33. Corinthian Posts 

33 porch post ideas on a budget

This elaborate column style originates in Greece and may be found on historic monuments such as the United States Capitol and the Supreme Court Building. 

Corinthian columns are shaped like overturned bells and have fluted shafts with foliage or flowers as ornamental decorations towards the top. 

Although this design is more commonly seen on public buildings, it may also be seen on grander mansions, such as those in the Greek Revival style.

34. Several Porch Posts

34 porch post ideas on a budget

Rather than two porch columns, you may roof your porch and brace it with several columns. This will provide a comfortable seating area where you may rest on a pair of grandpa chairs. This type of porch is perfect for relaxing in the summer while being shaded.

Multiple columns can give you the effect you want if you have a wide porch. These columns match the porch railings flawlessly and give an unified effect. The columns have a simple appearance yet nonetheless exude opulence.

35. Posts on the Porch with a Twist

35 porch post ideas on a budget

You would not want to settle for anything that’s all over the place. You want to do everything in style, therefore when it relates to porch posts, you want a design that is distinct and uncommon.

These intertwined front porch posts have a unique appearance and aren’t easy to create. But it’s nothing that a professional can’t manage.

The twisted pattern says loudly about the excellent masonry used here, and the raw brick texture lends it a rustic appeal. Of course, the porch must match the architecture, and porch décor becomes quite crucial when you have posts as beautiful as these.


Do porch posts need to be pressure treated?

In any case where the wood is in direct touch with anything that might provide dampness, use pressure cured wood. This clearly refers to posts that are in contact with or buried underground, but it also refers to any timber that comes into contact with masonry or concrete since it is permeable and absorbs water like a sponge. 

Pressure treating should be done as long as there’s a danger that moisture may get to the wood.

How can I make my porch posts look better?

Designing your porch post by repainting or remodeling it in its entirety can make all the difference in the world. All you have to do is consult yourself or an expert about how you want it to look and start from there. Ideas that are creative and unique are just around the corner.

Are my porch columns load bearing?

Look for a foundation that is visible. Because load-bearing porch columns are weight-bearing pillars, they should have a solid base. Take note of the region surrounding the porch column’s bottom and check if there is any form of base.

What is the difference between a post and a column?

Both of these terms refer to the same sort of construction. A column is an extended vertical structure that generally supports beams or slabs. A post is the same idea, but it’s also used for extended, non-vertical constructions. Column is more common in Europe, whereas post is more common in the United States.


Many homeowners like spending time on their porches. Whether your front porch is used to sit and visit with neighbors or just to greet you home after a hard day, establishing the right porch setting frequently entails selecting high-quality porch posts that compliment your house’s overall design.

Since there are so many other alternatives to choose from, get inventive with your own ideas. You may decorate the porch column by painting it and adding designs to it. 

Give it a new texture – perhaps grainy? Don’t care for plain? It should have vertical lines. You’re not a fan of minimalist designs? Incorporate complicated designs. There are several options available to you.