35+ Best Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas and Designs (With Photos)

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Anybody can whip a statement about the romanticism of a claw-foot tub, yet very few people can say the same way regarding a shower curtain. Shower curtains have had a poor rap over the years due to memories of flimsy plastic sheets in common dorms, shared apartments, and locker rooms. For most people, a shower drape is a necessity, not a pleasure.

What you require is a curtain that will complement your bathroom’s design and taste. It should be constructed of comfortable material and have a design that blends in with the remainder of the room’s decor. These shower drape ideas will assist you in selecting the ideal curtain for your shower, resulting in a stunning bathroom.

35 Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas and Designs

1. Boho

1 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Having a shower curtain which celebrates all of the characteristics of bohemian design, you can give your bathroom the boho transformation. This huge piece of cloth is ideal for adopting the bohemian style. You may go one of two ways with your bohemian shower curtain.

The first option is to go with a neutral color scheme, but seek for something with a knitted pattern.

It might be mostly white with a woven design in gray, black, blue, or tan. Tassels or tassels around the base or sides serve as accents. The second option is to go big in terms of color.

2. Fabric

2 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Cloth shower curtains are desirable as they’re a softer fabric that places texture to a space. It’s comparable to draping your windows in other areas of your house with draperies. The cloth is also a typical shower curtain fabric and feels better than a synthetic shower curtain.

Fabric has the disadvantage of absorbing moisture and having fibers that might contain microorganisms. It’s a good idea to have a plastic drape liner if you’re going to utilize a cloth shower curtain. 

3. Circle

3 bathroom shower curtain ideas

A claw foot bathtub in a bathroom poses a particular problem. A shower drape that wraps around each side of the bathtub is required. You won’t have to have the drape if you only want to utilize it for tubs, but you will if you intend to use it for showers.

The best solution is to get a shower curtain that is exceptionally broad and can surround both surfaces of the tub. You’ll have to deal with one opening as a result of this. This, however, might be challenging, and you may wind up purchasing two drapes, one per side.

4. Shower curtains may be used to add style to your bathroom.

4 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Recall when curtains in the shower were unfashionable and only came in a limited number of styles and colors? What used to be associated with student dormitories and modest flats is now considered trendy and appealing.

Based on your bathroom design, a ruffled material will complement your romantic bathroom, while a high contrast colorful variety would complement your sleek and contemporary bathroom. Shower curtains may be drawn back to create more visual area in your bathroom and to improve the design.

5. Shower Curtains to Expand the Size of Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t want additional bathroom space? Shower curtains surely are a wonderful alternative to glass enclosure doors in bathrooms where there isn’t enough space for the door to fling open. 

Consider hanging a colorful cloth or adding a valance to your shower area or bathtub for a more formal look. A liner can be placed below the cloth curtain to prevent water from causing damage to the valance and ornamental curtain.

6. Dramatize the situation

6 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Shower curtains may also be used to create drama and create an atmosphere for a stunning bathtub/shower facade. To incorporate lightness to a tough ceramic tile or a bland bathtub/shower space, contemplate draping cloth from the roof. 

Decorate your shower space with ornamental sheets, textiles, and even window curtain material. Hang cloth from the roof to give your bathroom more visual elevation and make it appear larger. To compliment your bathroom shower curtain, use bright wallpaper and stylish bath accessories.

7. Bring it all together.

7 bathroom shower curtain ideas

With a basic shower curtain with just a fringe of intricacy, you may match the shade of your tile.

If your bathroom already has a lot of color, this shower drape will add a personal touch while still allowing your other design decisions to shine. The vertical border is also unobtrusive in comparison to the curved tiles.

8. Extra Length Curtain from Floor to Ceiling

8 bathroom shower curtain ideas
Source: Houzz

Shower curtains that go from the floor to the ceiling are an excellent method to let your bathroom appear larger. Using an extremely long shower curtain, regardless of the pattern or print, adds character and depth to your bathroom décor.

If you’re having a single-color curtain for your shower, use light tones to avoid the room seeming claustrophobic. For a stylish effect, hang curtain rods near to the floor then pick shower curtains lengthy enough to pool on the floor.

9. For a Big Look, Use a Patchwork Shower Curtain

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Keeping prints and patterns broad on the shower curtain might help prevent your bathroom from looking cramped. Just because you want to start making the bathroom appear larger doesn’t mean it has to be white.

While using neutral colors in the bathroom might make it appear larger, it can also make it appear plain.

This do-it-yourself patched shower drape adds an unusual, boho touch to your bathroom décor. The best feature is that you can change the textiles in the pattern to fit any color palette.

10. Enhance Your Best Features

9 bathroom shower curtain ideas

This shower curtain’s detailed lines resemble leather-bound original editions and ceremonial parchment. The white curtain was given a little of shadow to assist the space flow and lead the eye from floor to drape to floor.

White is a color that would probably never go out of fashion in a bathroom. The pattern here on shower curtain functions as a border for the tiling and the stunning copper spouts since it sits somewhere above the bathtub and is a few colors darker. Keeping everything in the same color family brings everything together.

11. Coordinate the shower drape to the color scheme of the room.

11 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Coordinating the shade of your shower drape to the shade of your walls may assist to unify the aesthetic of your complete bathroom. Your bathroom will appear to be one enormous whole rather than several fragmented sections if there are no color variations to break up the area.

By retaining the shower drape the very same shade as the walls, you may incorporate a design or pattern without overcrowding the room. Using a vertical pattern might assist to highlight high ceilings.

12. Various styles

12 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Choose odd shower curtain patterns to make your bathroom more intriguing and imaginative. Look for shower curtain designs that are not only unique but also linked around the interior of the restroom.

Whether you choose scouts, aquatic animals, and even a plan of New York’s subway system, a decorative curtain will undoubtedly draw notice and curiosity.

13. Get a Little Funky

13 bathroom shower curtain ideas

If you’re coloring your bathroom a bright color, a plain shower curtain is perhaps not the best choice. It has the potential to divide the room and make it appear blocky, which you want to prevent when you have such high ceilings. Dazey Den’s bathroom, for example.

The mod print on this piece is both new and vintage. Simply take your time to find the closest color match you can. Get funky and have fun while you’re at it.

14. Shower Curtain with Gray Stripes

14 bathroom shower curtain ideas

The room is made more elegant by the wainscoting and standalone soaking tub. They create an open atmosphere with the light gray floor as well as white walls.

The bathing area is shielded from inquisitive eyes by a gray striped curtain. Both the curtain and the towel transmit unity, while the orange storage box adds a touch of warmth.

This will give your bathroom an attractive and uncomplicated environment that you will not want to leave.

15. Floral Patterns

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If you own a bathtub, this flower pattern shower drape is a perfect choice. It is composed of quality cloth and has flower motifs all over it composed of the same cloth.

The pole from which it is suspended is also spherical, allowing it to encompass the entire bathtub. This is a good option if you want to get some decorative shower curtains.

16. Shower Curtain in White on White

16 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Staying with white remains among the most common methods to make a space appear bigger than it is, and it’s also a favorite hue in bathrooms since it gives the impression of cleanliness.

White is perhaps the most reflecting hue in an interior decoration, meaning that any synthetic or organic light that falls on it will naturally bounce about the space, giving it a bright and airy atmosphere. 

Selecting a shower curtain featuring a modest accent trim, such as this one from Room for Tuesday, allows you to keep the aesthetic entirely white while providing a gentle touch to break up the room.

17. Keep Proportions in Mind

The white bottom and top of this curtain serve to make the ceiling appear higher than it is since they exactly match up featuring the tub-shower combination and virtually blend in.

In addition, the lengths and ultra-thin lines prevent it from being overly loud in comparison to the artwork and tiled floor.

When you set up your bathroom décor and it leaves you completely delighted, you will be rewarded for paying attention to these nuances.

18. To create a statement with your shower curtain, use all caps.

18 bathroom shower curtain ideas

If you really want to maintain your bathroom from looking spacious, a shower drape with a large font of a hilarious or empowering quote is a great way to make a statement. This style is kept huge and bold by using the Impact typeface.

Using a graphic typeface rather than a pattern as the focal point of your shower curtain creates a contemporary and whimsical aesthetic. No matter how tired you are in the morning, this provocative shower curtain by A Beautiful Mess may make you giggle.

19. Farmhouse

19 bathroom shower curtain ideas

From your lounge room to your kitchen to your bedroom, keep the rustic farmhouse theme going.

With the correct type of shower curtain, you may give your bathroom a fresh and straightforward rustic farmhouse atmosphere. Select one with a clean interface and a fresh white tone.

Cotton shower curtains with a weaved pattern throughout are the greatest farmhouse drapes. For a real handmade feel, tassels could be added to the bottom.

A frill or two around the top or bottom, toggles, buttons, or fringes on the sides are also nice accents.

20. Shower Curtain with Huge Horizontal Colorblock Patterns

20 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Vertical patterns will make your bathroom appear taller, while broad horizontal stripes will make it appear wider. If you would like your bathroom to appear vibrant without appearing tiny, make each color part large so it doesn’t overpower the rest of the room.

In the bathroom, bright tropical hues are also an excellent way to contrast with a white background. Shower Curtain with Wide Horizontal Colorblock Patterns.

21. Personalized

21 bathroom shower curtain ideas

You may now get a shower curtain that is completely unique to you thanks to modern technologies.

Several firms allow you to upload your own photograph to be imprinted on the curtain at a huge scale. You could also make an interesting shower curtain out of a collage of your favorite photographs.

For a stylish shower curtain effect, a monogram in an enlarged font across the curtain’s center is a simple alternative.

Don’t get carried away with the thought of personalizing your shower drape. While this is a nice idea for something unique, the quality of these curtains is typically lacking.

22. Ruffled

22 bathroom shower curtain ideas

A ruffled ornamental curtain will provide a gentle and feminine touch to your bathroom. Ruffles will be used as an accent around the top or bottom of the shower curtain in a basic design. Then there are some that go big with ruffles that cover the whole curtain.

Choose one that is composed of a lightweight substance. All of those frills will add bulk and weight to the garment.

You’ll want to double-check that your shower bar can handle the extra weight. To avoid moisture becoming trapped in the ruffles, make sure your bathroom is sufficiently ventilated.

23. Shower Curtains in Two Colors for the Bathroom

23 bathroom shower curtain ideas

This bathroom combines ash, moderate, and steely grays. Those colors have a classy vibe to them. Off-white and brown drapes add warmth to the room.

The sunburst wall design is a show-stopper, whereas the yellow carpet and upper walls bring instant joy to the space. Because it’s your bathroom, you can also choose two of your favorite colors.

24. Use a shower curtain with a see-through print.

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When you have a small bathroom, the easiest method to prevent a shower drape from looking crammed is to utilize one which is see-through.

To avoid feeling like you’re having a shower in a wrap of plastic, choose a clear shower curtain with a pleasant graphical pattern.

This is another unique design that will set your bathroom apart from the others.

25. On a pale shower curtain, a deep outline

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A white shower drape against a white wall might make a room appear larger, but it could also blur everything out and create difficulties for the sight to concentrate on any main point in the space. Pick a good white shower drape with a deep accent outline or border to avoid this.

This helps to distinguish the shower drape from all other light-colored elements in the room and provides an emphasis color that can be used elsewhere. To help combine the design into one vast coherent space, use this deep trim shade in bathroom carpets or countertop items.

26. Consider using an iridescent shower curtain.

26 bathroom shower curtain ideas

You may use reflecting surfaces in the bathroom in addition to white to assist reflect light and make it appear larger.

To bounce light about the room and give the appearance that it’s bigger than it is, use an iridescent fabric or any other reflective substance like holographic sparkles or sequels.

Iridescence is a terrific way to add a splash of color to a bathroom that is otherwise light or neutral.

27. Traditional Shower Curtains

27 bathroom shower curtain ideas

Traditional touches are the claw-foot bathtub, sconces on the wall, seat, and decoration. The warmth of the wood floor contrasts with the coldness of the blue walls.

Sheer floral roman shades block away the sun’s brightness while allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking vistas outside. The naked feet are pampered by an area rug. 

If you know your way around it, going back to basics might be a fantastic experience!

28. Shower curtain with sand and white stripes

28 bathroom shower curtain ideas

A simple bathroom with a standalone tub and table is seen here. The place is infused with vitality thanks to the potted houseplant. White and sand stripes adorn the shower curtain.

They catch the eye right away, and the hardwood floor gives a warm touch. If you enjoy basic and minimalist themes, you will enjoy this.

29. Patterns should be elevated.

29 bathroom shower curtain ideas

A shower drape with a huge pattern or scene may be amusing but yet elegant, particularly if you pick natural patterns in muted color palettes, such as these barren trees or a gray palm toile. As seen in the example, this elegant concept is effectively accomplished.

30. Bathroom Curtains in a Contemporary Style

30 bathroom shower curtain ideas

A beautiful bathroom is created with a sleek table and hovering cabinets. The room is kept from becoming dull by the use of saber wall sconces and mirrors. The magnificence of a light gray ruffled shower curtain.

Patterned towels add a splash of color to the bathroom. In every context, contemporary shower curtains are vivid and aesthetically attractive.

31. Shower Curtain in Turquoise Ombre

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The landscape is dominated by light blue and pure white. A wicker towel hamper adds a touch of the seaside. The area is instantly brightened by the big turquoise ombre drape.

It also has a calming effect. Ombres look great on walls that are painted in a neutral color. Your shower curtains will undoubtedly become the center point of your bathroom as a result.

32. Shower Curtains in a Single Color

32 bathroom shower curtain ideas

The moodiness of black wall panels is conveyed. They also provide a dramatic scene and a cozy feel. The white claw-foot tub stands out against the dark walls.

The room’s focal point is a set of patterned monochrome drapes. The region is brightened by pink flowers.

33. Curtains that block off the light

33 bathroom shower curtain ideas

The plank wall has been painted in a light yellow color. It instills a sense of anticipation in the restroom. White showers and café curtains with a butterfly motif take center stage. A potted plant and decorative objects are displayed on a white table.

34. Embroidered

34 bathroom shower curtain ideas

This lavishly embellished shower curtain is ideal for the fine arts enthusiast. The curtain is constructed of fine fabric with printed embroidery for a decorative appeal. It looks lovely in any type of bathroom. If your visitor uses your bathroom, you will be praised even more.

35. Choose the Unexpected.

35 bathroom shower curtain ideas

This shower curtain appears to be more like sofa upholstery than anything else at first glance, yet the strong pattern and weave, as well as the deep color, contrast nicely with the space and unusual lines of the tile.

In many bathrooms, the shower curtain is the most prominent element. A substantial drape might help to anchor the room.


What can I use instead of a shower curtain?

A sliding glass door is among the most unexpected shower curtain choices. This is the greatest alternative for individuals who have a little shower area in a small bathroom. Every water will be trapped within your area due to the enclosed structure of a sliding door.

If you are in a pinch and don’t have a shower curtain, you can improvise. A smooth white or light color sheet may be used in place of a shower curtain if it is hung with the long side facing the tub. If this isn’t possible, you can hang it crosswise to keep water from spraying out onto the floor. Old towels can also be used to reduce water splashing on the floor.

Can shower curtains be stylish?

We know it’s unusual, but adding window draperies to your bathroom may give it a more layered appeal. To protect the room from moisture, use a classic, water-repellent liner, and surround the shower with a drape panel on either side for a stylish look.

Do shower curtains hang inside or outside?

A shower curtain generally hangs inside the tub. The one exception is a pocket door which opens by pushing it against the wall and then into a pocket that is on the backside of the opening. In this case, the curtain would hang outside of the tub.

What is a shower curtain made from?

The most common fabric for shower curtains is vinyl. It is also possible to find ones made from fabric, usually cotton or silk Although they are more expensive, fabric curtains are easier to clean because the material can absorb moisture. They are also available in a greater variety of colors and prints.

Why do hotels use cloth shower curtains?

In hotels, shower curtains are often made from cloth because this material can be repeatedly laundered. After repeated use and exposure to water, vinyl shower curtains will develop mold and mildew which cannot be cleaned out without ruining the curtain. In addition, a wet cloth curtain doesn’t stick to you as you shower which reduces the chance of slipping on the wet surface.


Curtains are required for both privacy and aesthetic purposes. So, for your next job, grab one of these shower curtain designs. You will be blown away by the end outcome. Also, let us know which one you think is the greatest in the comments section below!