Average Bedroom Size and Dimensions in a House (in the USA, UK, and Australia)

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There are a lot of reasons as to why knowing the average bedroom size matters. For one, you need the size for your bedroom layout and in maximizing the space for other fixtures like cabinets, tables, and personal bathroom if applicable. For a comprehensive breakdown of the average bedroom sizes, read on. 

what is the average size of bedroom

Bedroom Size Table – A Quick Guide

Bed sizeStandard Bedroom Sizes
Master bedroom70sq.ft. – 132sq.ft.
Twin (single) bed70sq.ft
Twin bedroom (two beds)81sq.ft+
Apartment bedroom100-132sq.ft
King-size bed144-266sq.ft
Queen-size bed100-120sq.ft
Guest bedroom100-144sq.ft
Double bed86.4sq.ft
Bedroom size in Australia133.33sq.ft
Bedroom size in the UK75.35-118.41sq.ft

Average bedroom size in the USA

bed sizes guide

The average home floor plan in the US is between 2,000-2,500sq.ft.; a tad higher than its previous standard of 1,200-1500sq.ft. in the 1970s. Anent this, it is interesting to note that while the average size of households in the US has dramatically decreased over time, the average bedroom size in the country increased. 

In terms then, of the average bedroom size in the USA, the measurements changed from its 150sq.ft. standard size from 1970-1990, the average bedroom size has increased to 219sq.ft. since the 2000s. This measurement is large enough to fit a full-size king bed. 

Standard bedroom size

In the USA, the standard bedroom size should be enough to accommodate at least a queen-size bed. In computation, the standard bedroom size would be 70sq.ft. for homes that are below 2,500sq.ft. and 132sq.ft. for homes that are beyond 2,500sq.ft

This bedroom size is specifically designed for children’s and teen’s bedrooms. With this size, one full window and an average size closet would fit. This standard bedroom size is also a good size for small offices and crafts or drawing rooms should you decide to convert it after the kids have grown. 

Master bedroom size

master bedroom

Again, this depends on the floor area of the home. For homes with more than 2,500sq.ft., the standard master bedroom size 309sq.ft. while at least 154sq.ft. is needed for floor areas with less than 2,500sq.ft. 

The 154sq.ft. is good enough for a full-size king bed but with relatively few amenities around. Opting for at least 200 up to the 309sq.ft. surely will live up to the master bedroom name as it would be able to accommodate more furniture and amenities including a bathroom and larger bedroom decors.

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Average bedroom size for kids

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Sure, the minimum bedroom size is 70sq.ft. and the popular belief is that this measurement is really reserved for the kids’ bedroom. However, you also have to take note of the general comfort of the kid that will stay there especially when it comes to having enough clearing space for them to move around or at least have a study desk and a dresser. 

With these pointers at hand, the average bedroom size must be between 100-132sq.ft. (9.29-12.26sq.m.). With this measurement, you can either set up a queen-size bed or a twin bed per room for the kids. If you want two single beds for twins, opt for the 132sq.ft. measurement. 

Bedroom size for a twin (single) bed

The size of a single bed is 39”x75” or 20.3sq.ft. For this bed size, the standard bedroom size to accommodate it with enough dimensions for breathing space and for other fixtures, 70sq.ft. bedroom size is required

Bedroom size for a twin bedroom (two beds)

The minimum size for a twin bedroom is 81sq.ft. up. It can be increased to a maximum of 100sq.ft. for homes with larger floor plans. If you opt for the minimum, the room can only take a few bedroom furniture to provide enough clearing for movement. 

Average apartment bedroom size

The average apartment size in the US would be between 700-1200sq.ft. The largest apartments are found in Florida and the smallest ones are found in Seattle.

The standard bedroom size for an apartment, be it one, two- or three-bedroom type is between 100sq.ft. to 132sq.ft. These measurements are good enough for twin, double beds, and up to Olympic queen size beds. 

Master bedroom size for king bed

King bed size

At a minimum, a master bedroom fit for a king-size bed would be 144sq.ft. This measurement will accommodate one dresser and two nightstands on the side.

At maximum, a master bedroom should be 266sq.ft. in size. This measurement will hold in a king-size bed, an ottoman, a TV stand, a dresser, two nightstands, and a loveseat. 

What is a good size bedroom for a queen bed?

The standard queen size bed is 60x80inches and the California queen bed is a notch up at 60x84inches. The recommended bedroom size for a queen size bed would be between 100-120sq.ft. For a very spacious feel, a queen size bed could also bode well in a 144sq.ft. bedroom size. 

Guest bedroom size

guest bedroom

When it comes to guest bedrooms, the standard bed is always a queen size but you can be lavish and put it up to a king-size. As such, the standard guest bedroom size is 100sq.ft. But you can always stretch it up to 144sq.ft. to incorporate full amenities for your guests to enjoy. 

If you intend to have just a double bed or twin XL in the guest room, you can maximize the space by putting up a minimalist bathroom inside. But make sure that the basic amenities like nightstands, desks, and the like are present. 

Double bedroom size

double bedroom

Double bedrooms are usually intended for families with quite a number of children and also for couples. Double bedrooms usually have a double, queen, or a king-size bed. In the case of bedroom sharing, a double bedroom can accommodate two double-size or queen size beds or three twin beds. 

As such, the double bedroom size can range from 86.4sq.ft. (for a double bed), 100sq.ft. (for a queen-size bed) and 144.sq.ft. (for a king-size bed)

What is the smallest size for a bedroom?

The recognized minimum size for a bedroom is 70sq.ft. In residential codes, this measurement is the smallest size for a room to be considered as a bedroom. It is apt for toddlers’ bedroom. 

In the succeeding sections, you will find mentions of small size bedroom designs in measurements that are lower than the standard 70sq. ft. 

Average bedroom size in Australia

In Australia, measurement goes by square meters. Hence, the average bedroom size in Australia is 3.2m x 3m (or 133.33sq.ft.) which is more than enough for a queen-size bed. By this measurement, the average bedroom size in Aussie is spacious enough to fit in a double bed or queen size bed, a wardrobe, a dresser, and a desk. 

Average bedroom size in the UK

In the UK, a two-bedroom, three-bath house typically measures 947-1077sq.ft. or 88-100sq.m. On the other hand, a three-bedroom, the four-bath house would be at 1077-1507sq.ft or 100-140sq.m. 

With the said dimensions, proportionally, the average bedroom size in the UK is always computed in terms of single-adult and two-adult occupancy. Bedroom floor plans for single occupancy is 75.35sq.ft. (7sq.m.) while a two-adult home with a double bed would be 118.41sq.ft. (11sq.m.).  

What size bed fits in a 12×12 room?

A 12×12 room will fit any type of bed from twin size to king-size beds. However, having a full-sized king bed will look cramped up at 144sq.ft. or 12’x12’ room.

On the other hand, this room measurement will look very spacious for a twin bed (short, twin XL, full and full XL), double bed, standard, Olympic and California queen size beds as well as standard king size bed. 

Can a full-size bed fit in a 10×10 room?

Yes, a 10×10 room (100sq.ft.) will fit a full-size bed. A word of caution though, before you set-up your bed in that room. A full-size bed is measured at 53x75inches and at least 10inches or more for the bed frame.

With this, the full-size bed will surely take a lot of space in the room, leaving you with just enough room for two nightstands, a study desk, a dresser, and a wardrobe. 

How big is a 12×12 room?

A 12x12inches room is equivalent to 144sq.ft or 13.38sq.m. It is bigger than a double bedroom, a queen size bedroom, and is the standard measurement for a master’s bedroom with a standard king size bed.

As have been previously mentioned too, a 12×12 room is a spacious choice for twin beds up to king-size beds. 

What is a good size master bedroom?

A good size master bedroom that will accommodate up to a full king size bed should be in between 20-22sq.m. or 215.28-236.81sq.ft. This is more than ¼ of the average bedroom size for an apartment and a room, spacious enough for a full king size bed and full amenities including a TV stand, two nightstands, a large wardrobe, a dresser, a loveseat, an ottoman, and other room decorations. 

What is a comfortable bedroom size?

According to Forbes, while 70sq.ft. is the standard measurement for a room to be called a bedroom, it might not sit well in the category of a comfortable bed size since it is apt for a kids’ room. As such, a comfortable bedroom size should be 9×9 to 12×12 or 81sq.ft. to 144sq.ft. (7.53sq.m. to 13.38sq.m.)

It is also quite important to define what we mean by a comfortable bedroom here. Standardly, this room should have basic amenities (aside from the bed) which includes a study desk, a wardrobe or dresser, and at least one nightstand. It should also have ample clearing space for movement. 

Can a king bed fit in a 10×10 room?

Yes, but it would be too cramped up and by king bed, we only mean the standard king bed. A 10×10 room with a standard king bed on it will only be able to accommodate at least one dresser, a small wardrobe, and two nightstands. 

How small is too small for a bedroom?

As have been mentioned, the minimum measurement for a bedroom is 70sq.ft. However, in the advent of creative ways to maximize space, there are single bunk bedrooms measured at 50-63sq.ft. The most inexpensive and smallest bedroom size is the capsule bedrooms now prevalent across the US since the 2009 recession. 

Capsule bedrooms are so compact that they only measure at 1.2mx2m or roughly 26sq.ft. in size. These types of modern bedrooms are packed in rows in a standard apartment size. They feature a compact bed, drawers attached overhead, and a makeshift desk. 


By now, you might have fully understood why one must have a know-how of the average bedroom sizes. Along with it, you should be familiar with the types of beds and their respective measurements so that you can prepare well when it comes to arranging the interior of your bedroom and which types of beds are the best fit for specific room sizes. 

Note too that the average bedroom size differs across countries. While we only got to mention the US, UK, and Australia in this post, you may also want to check on other countries if there are differences when it comes to these things.

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