45+ Best Deck Lighting Ideas & Designs (With Pictures)

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It’s tougher to swim or BBQ at night, but it’s also riskier if you can’t see where you’re going. Placing backyard lighting is going to make it so much simpler to see what’s going on in the area, allowing gatherings to run longer and with less effort.

Deck lighting not just help safeguard your home and keep people safe, but it also helps to create a nice outdoor environment.

A very well external deck lighting system may boost security and extend the usage of your area at night. It can also create a pleasant and appealing environment for evening pleasure. As the sun goes down, you’ll be in the ideal location to unwind beneath the stars or enjoy entertaining your guests.

To help you decide which deck lighting is the most suitable for your style of preference, below is a list of 45 ideas that will inspire you to light your deck up.

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1. Lights for Under the Umbrella

1 deck lighting ideas designs 1

When a deck is a point of pride and delight, and socializing outside is favored, a minor inconvenience like twilight doesn’t really have to ruin the party.

A lot of decks have large umbrellas to keep the sun off during the day, but the same umbrellas may also be used to carry electric or battery-powered lights at night.

These low-cost lights may be hung within an umbrella or across the edges, as seen in this photo, to light it as well as the outdoor party.

2. Lights on a String

1 deck lighting ideas designs

String lights, sometimes known as fairy lights, are really not only for the festivities or a child’s room. String lights strung on a roof or in a garden are a simple way to make an ephemeral and intimate atmosphere.

These open air lights may be strung over a dining table, along the stretch of a fence, or across a pergola to create a soothing glow for an evening barbecue, a family dinner, or midday garden celebrations, and are available in both plug-in and battery-powered versions.

3. Lights for Solar Railings

2 deck lighting ideas designs

Lights that adhere to the terrace railing might help you provide illumination to a deck which is quietly incorporated into the design.

These Solar Deck Lighting are made of plastic and feature a constructed solar panel that gathers sunlight throughout the day and instantly turns on at dark and off at morning, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

The triple railing lighting is available in white or brown, and attaching hardware is included.

4. Hanging Lights

3 deck lighting ideas designs

Many people will turn on a chandelier light fixture when they need illumination indoors. An artificial lighting fixture might be installed to illuminate the patio if there is a place for installing on an above structure.

Whether it’s inspired by a lantern light or a sleek contemporary fixture, solar- and battery-powered pendant lights may quickly bring a strong light to a deck. Many external pendant lights include remote controls, making it much easier to brighten up a deck throughout a dinner party.

5. Deck Lighting from Above

4 deck lighting ideas designs

Adding additional battery-powered open air flush-mount lamps to the ceiling of a covered patio or deck is a perfect way to increase a bright illumination that shines above.

Some come with remote controllers to make it easy to switch on and off, while others have brightness adjustments and timers.

If hardwiring a lighting isn’t an option, there are a plethora of open air recessed lighting options to suit nearly any architectural approach.

6. Lighting for Pergolas

6 deck lighting ideas designs

A pergola is a popular choice for providing a sitting area and some shade when resting outside. The poles and grid of joists and beams in the construction may be utilized to hang lighting and illuminate the space at night.

Open air lighting alternatives, such as these Outdoor/Indoor LED String Lights (available from Home Goods) or lanterns made of paper, can be strung on a pergola. Lighting can be looped around the pillars or draped from the ceiling.

7. Star Lights

7 deck lighting ideas designs

Star lights are generally pendant or string lights that are fashioned like stars and bring atmosphere to a dinner with family or friends and special occasion.

A set of starry lights (available online) amps up the theme for a quirky, one-of-a-kind, and spectacular outdoor atmosphere.

Even if there aren’t any real stars in the sky, string these lighting across a ceiling, table, or umbrella to create the illusion of a starry night.

8. Floor Lamps for the Deck

8 deck lighting ideas designs

A floor lamp might be useful if you don’t have the option of hanging or mounting a light. Once lighted up, this floor provides whimsy and vibrancy.

The lamp may be used as a plant container and includes glowing ambient illumination that can be changed via a mobile application. 

This lamp may be adjusted to meet a variety of styles, whether the objective is all-white lighting or a mix of colours. Floor lamps will be fun to see and will add a certain uniqueness to your deck that you will surely love. 

9. Ceiling Fan with Lighting for Deck

9 deck lighting ideas designs

In addition to becoming hot, a deck may get gloomy at night. Installing a ceiling fan integrated with lighting from an above structure can assist to satisfy both of these concerns.

This ceiling fan with lighting kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and has a lantern-style lighting kit with weathered rotors. 

This modern twist on a traditional deck design is simple and elegant at the same time. For a powerful, silent cooling effect, select something with a WhisperWind motor.

10. Deck Lighting with a Twist

10 deck lighting ideas designs

If you’re outside in the evening on your sundeck, there are occasions when you don’t require much light. In fact, quite so much illumination might detract from the ambience, hence why dimmers may be used.

It’s also true in the other direction. If you can’t recognize the dish on the table, it’s difficult to eat dinner on your terrace.

One method to highlight essential elements of your outdoor area is to use spotlights above the deck. The spotlights must be carefully placed over crucial parts of your sundeck, such as the table, BBQ, and so on.

11. Hang Lights from a Tree

11 deck lighting ideas designs

Outdoor lights over your flower beds and trees may be a genuine show-stopper at any time of year.

To create your trees a main point of your landscape, you may connect various forms of lights to them. You may also utilize lights linked to the trees to light up your terrace.

To make this work, you’ll need a tree that’s growing near to your deck. However, if you already have the appropriate setting, it’s a fantastic deck lighting choice.

You may also use your decking to emphasize the elements in your landscape to create a relaxing atmosphere.

12. Use lighting beneath the table

12 deck lighting ideas designs

Your table is likely to be one of the most prominent characteristics of your deck. After all, this is  the place you sit down with your company, family, or dear ones to drink, eat, play games, and enjoy other activities.

It makes perfect sense to utilize lights to spotlight this major element if you like to create the most out of your exterior area.

When done well, under-the-table illumination not only looks wonderful, but it also serves a practical purpose by allowing people to witness what they’re doing.

13. Deck railing lighting fixtures with a unique design

13 deck lighting ideas designs

Placing custom-designed lighting on a deck’s railing is another common choice. These little yet powerful lights may be tailored to fit your deck’s appearance.

Throughout the day, they’ll mix in with the decking and go unseen. In the evening, the light beams down to brighten the region, creating a spectacular effect. 

These are typically used on bigger stair and deck railings. In this deck, you could see another illustration of this technique in action.

14. Incorporating Recessed Lighting into Your Mahogany Deck

14 deck lighting ideas designs

Embedded (or pot) illuminating isn’t only for the roof; it may also be used flat on the deck’s flooring for a unique design that catches the eye in all the correct spots.

Recessed lights are indeed a terrific addition to an authentic mahogany deck, if you like to illuminate a path or make unique mood lighting.

Adding recessed lighting is a basic approach that may be handled your way for those having a roof just above deck.

15. Deck Lighting from the Past

15 deck lighting ideas designs

Take a cue from your neighborhood coffee house and utilize vintage-style light fittings. This choice produces a trendy, character-filled aesthetic that’s perfect for outside eating with friends.

You may combine your antique lights together and dangle them for a great statement element, or you can utilize the popular choice of stringed bulbs if you go this way.

16. Lighting at the top of the post

16 deck lighting ideas designs

If you want to provide your home a luxurious look, illumination as a component of your pillar tops is a great way to go.

Post top lights are a contemporary and refined style that perfectly complements the grandeur of mahogany deck material.

This lighting technique is also a lovely way to compliment lights on the balustrades of your deck.

17. Invest in solar lighting to help the environment.

17 deck lighting ideas designs

When it comes to deck lighting, it’s crucial to think about the environment. Because some store’s real mahogany is obtained responsibly, you’ll want to make sure that your other elements, such as deck illumination, are as well.

Solar deck lights guarantee that your deck style is environmentally friendly, and they also save you cash on your power cost. The more money you have to spend on outside features, the better!

18. Make use of uplighting

18 deck lighting ideas designs

Deck light is really about setting the tone. Using an uplight to illuminate flowers or other fittings from below creates a dramatic and beautiful aesthetic.

Uplighting allows you to highlight and incorporate significant characteristics of your outdoor area into your lighting system from the bottom up. Expect to get complimented on this elegant look that places your best effort forward.

19. With step lighting, you can take your deck to the next level.

19 deck lighting ideas designs

Install lights in the stairwells surrounding your deck to brighten the route ahead. Step artificial light not only adds a touch of class to your area, but it also acts as an additional safety precaution, preventing people from slipping and falling or tripping in the dark.

For a maximum impact, use circle lights, or for something a little more subtle, use strip illumination under each stair.

20. Create a romantic ambiance

20 deck lighting ideas designs

If you want to offer your layout a magical glow, you won’t be disappointed with a strand of festoons. They’re a great addition to both tiny deck ideas and bigger places, and when hung overhead or around fences, they give off a festival vibe.

They quickly give this trendy sitting area a cozy feel. The sleek lanterns in the plot’s core only add to the romantic atmosphere – flickering candles also adds a touch of romance. 

21. Place LED lamps across the area.

21 deck lighting ideas designs

If conventional candle-lit lanterns aren’t for you, there are lots of LED options to explore instead. We adore these lights, which are evocative of vintage kerosene styles.

They look excellent scattered around the scene, and due to their handy handle, they might also be hanging from a high point, such as your roofed deck concepts.

Their soft light is the ideal complement to a cozy seating area and will wonderfully create an atmosphere for an evening get-together with friends.

22. Enhance the look of your deck’s perimeter.

22 deck lighting ideas designs

This lighting system illustrates how a few strategically placed lights can make all the difference in creating a dramatic effect.

Concealed lights have indeed been utilized to illuminate the encircling fences throughout the perimeter of the deck. The dark colors of the fence’s sophisticated slatted design is one of our favorites.

Moreover, downlights create lovely focal points by shining the limelight (literally) on stunning potted hydrangeas. Both are excellent methods to draw attention to the zone’s most appealing aspects without taking up valuable floor space.

23. Highlight essential characteristics

23 deck lighting ideas designs

In this lovely plot, a flickering flame is also a prominent element. However, in addition to the warmth of the fire, there are a number of inventive deck lighting solutions.

With carefully positioned lighting, tall expanses of green bamboo, as well as the intricately-patterned lattice, are transformed into dazzling attractions come evening. More lights buried beneath the floating bench add to the elegance of the piece.

24. Make a statement by being warm and inviting.

24 deck lighting ideas designs

If you want to keep things warm while also keeping them lit up, a deck lighting design like this could be the way to go.

The colossal light makes a bold statement and is ideal for an indoor-outdoor setting. It also functions as a heater, allowing you to sit under the stars far into the evening.

It’s the ideal combo for contemporary garden ideas, especially when paired with sleek-lined furnishings and a muted palette.

If you want to add a little more whimsy, consider placing colorful lights beneath a seat for a splash of Miami-chic elegance.

25. Lights on the walls

25 deck lighting ideas designs

Attaching wall lighting to the exterior of your home is an excellent alternative if your sundeck extends beyond your home.

Wrought iron types are sleek and minimalist, and they wonderfully frame the large entrance. However, there are a lot more conventional patterns available to go with a more traditional theme.

Spotlights are also installed in the building above for further lighting. It’s a rich aesthetic without being overbearing.

26. Adopt a nautical motif.

26 deck lighting ideas designs

The nautical motif and deck lighting options are a great complement. These lanterns with rope details are a great example.

They have a globe form and a hefty rope-netting cap, giving them a beach vibe that pairs well with the rustic character of wood.

Handles are handy for transferring them about the room to suit your needs. All you have to do now is load them with beautiful pillar candles and sit back to appreciate the brightness.

27. Lanterns that are too big

27 deck lighting ideas designs

Do you have any plans for a she shed on your deck? Then, for quick flair, take a hint from the picture above and integrate an enormous lantern.

For an antique aesthetic, galvanized patterns are ideal, while matte black is ideal for a sleek and elegant atmosphere. Surround with candles, whether real or artificial if you don’t want to risk a fire.

28. Use a parasol to its full potential.

28 deck lighting ideas designs

Make the most of any backyard parasol designs for a summertime lighting option.

A series of festoons and inexpensive, powered by solar energy lanterns have been added to this traditional design, making the landscape beneath feel snug and inviting.

People also like how the sizes are mixed for a more diverse aesthetic.

29. Glow twice as brightly

29 deck lighting ideas designs

A stunning show may be created by combining basic string lights with lit jars. Who would not want to have a seat at this picnic table outside?

If you want to create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for a dinner date with someone special, this deck lighting concept is ideal.

30. Make The Background Shine

30 deck lighting ideas designs

String lights do not really have to be the center of attention all of the time. Dangling them throughout some flowers or a wall gives your outdoor party a wonderful but discreet background accent.

A lovely lantern may be made by stacking them in a see-through pail. This elegant deck lighting idea will be adored by your guests for its warm and welcoming effect.

31. Overlooking a Fire Pit

31 deck lighting ideas designs
Source: Brooklyn Lime Stone

There’s nothing like reminiscing, drinking, and creating s’mores over a fire pit with family and friends.

Only the addition of string lights might create this occasion even more intimate. Invite your buddies over and cuddle up in this warm environment.

32. Go a little too far

32 deck lighting ideas designs

If you want to go all out for a particular summer party, hang hundreds of lights from a terrace or porch’s roof for a more lavish effect. This will light up your entire garden and turn it into a romantic movie scene.

33. Chandelier with a Stargazer

33 deck lighting ideas designs

A natural moss wreath and cascading lights work together to create an instantly romantic atmosphere in this Terrain classic.

With its sumptuous appearance, a chandelier like this will undoubtedly generate a dramatic impression and become the focal point of any room.

34. Improve the Look of Your Privacy Fence

34 deck lighting ideas designs

With a comfortable sofa and pillows, a plethora of plant pots, and a privacy barrier constructed of wooden pallets, create a relaxing backyard sitting room.

String lights transform the fencing from a dull backdrop to an eye-catching display.

35. As a base, use a large tree.

35 deck lighting ideas designs

This design demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of lighting to brighten up your garden. Simply hang lighting from a large tree to your home’s roof to make your backyard sparkle.

How do you put lights on a deck?

There are several ways in which you can put lights on your deck. First, you can choose to use the deck stair lights, string lights, under table lighting, recessed deck lighting, recessed lighting, in-floor lighting, under rail deck lighting, spotlights over the deck, under deck lighting, lanterns and even solar lights.

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How do you hide wires on a deck light?

It can be a challenge to hide wires on-deck lights. However, there are some creative ways in which you can hide the wires. You can use the wood railing systems to hide and secure the wires.

You might have to drill extra holes to allow for the passage of wires. Moreover, you can extrude the wood or aluminum systems to allow safe passage of the wires. Alternatively, you can clad a post with PVC or even wood.

Overhead deck lighting ideas

1 overhead deck lighting ideas
2 overhead deck lighting ideas
3 overhead deck lighting ideas
4 overhead deck lighting ideas
5 overhead deck lighting ideas
6 overhead deck lighting ideas
7 overhead deck lighting ideas
  • You can use the already available posts used to mark the deck to add some overhead light on your deck.
  • You can also create hanging lights using available roofing, pergola or even a tree.
  • You can as well use the fiber optic lights to create an amazing lighting look on your deck.
  • String lights are another best choice of lighting that you can use to create a canopy of large lights on your deck.
  • Stair lights are a perfect way of lighting your entrance and creating a dramatic entrance into your home.

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Covered deck lighting ideas

8 covered deck lighting ideas
9 covered deck lighting ideas
10 covered deck lighting ideas
11 covered deck lighting ideas

You can choose to cover up your deck to create a pergola or a canopy. There are so many ways in which you can use to light up your pergola.

  • A canopy of icicle lights is a great way of achieving the best lighting on your covered deck.
  • You can as well use the mason jars lights to create a rustic outdoor space.
  • Using hanging lanterns is also a perfect idea.

Low voltage deck lighting ideas

12 low voltage deck lighting ideas
13 low voltage deck lighting ideas
Deck Amp Rail Lighting Led Deck Lights Timbertech Low Voltage Deck Lighting – Shawn
14 low voltage deck lighting ideas
15 low voltage deck lighting ideas
16 low voltage deck lighting ideas
17 low voltage deck lighting ideas

Normally, deck lights are supposed to use low voltage. Therefore, the amount of voltage should be stepped down using a transformer before connecting the deck lights.

Solar deck lighting ideas

18 solar deck lighting ideas
19 solar deck lighting ideas
20 solar deck lighting ideas
21 solar deck lighting ideas

You can use the solar decks to conveniently light your deck. The solar lights only need solar energy to charge up during the day. If the solar panels get maximum sun exposure during the day, it will last up to the morning.

The best solar deck lights that are available include; pathway solar deck lights, garden sunlight copper solar deck post lights, DaVinci solar deck rails lights, and many others.

Deck string lighting ideas

22 deck string light ideas
23 deck string light ideas
24 deck string light ideas
25 deck string light ideas
26 deck string light ideas
27 deck string light ideas

There are so many ways in which you can hang string lights to make your deck elegant.

  • You can easily attach the string lights at the corners of the roof, leaving them hanging.
  • You can also give your pergola a string lighting by hanging the lights around it.
  • Trees are the perfect places to have your string lights.
  • Use grapevine to create a chandelier using the string lights.

Trex deck lighting

31 trex deck lighting ideas
28 trex deck lighting ideas
29 trex deck lighting ideas
30 trex deck lighting ideas

Trex deck lighting will help create a beautiful night ambiance at your outdoor. You can use the Trex deck lighting at the stair steps or at the poles to give a perfect illumination to the deck.

Recessed deck lighting

32 recessed deck lighting ideas
33 recessed deck lighting ideas
34 recessed deck lighting ideas

The recessed deck lighting can be used to create a luminous ground lighting for steps, stairs, patio, floor, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, and even outdoor led landscape lighting.

Led deck lighting

35 led deck lighting ideas
36 led deck lighting ideas
37 led deck lighting ideas

You can use the led deck lighting creatively in your deck. The color changing LED lights on the deck is the best way of lighting up your party. The led deck lights are long-lasting and also a simple way of eco-friendly lighting up your deck.

Deck stair lighting ideas

38 deck stair lighting ideas
39 deck stair lighting ideas
40 deck stair lighting ideas

Choose the right distance from each deck stair lights to achieve the best lighting for your stairs.

Deck rope lighting ideas

41 deck rope lighting ideas
Rope Lights Guide
42 deck rope lighting ideas
43 deck rope lighting ideas
44 deck rope lighting ideas
45 deck rope lighting ideas

Rope lighting is one of the humble outdoor lightings that is suitable to cast a wide glow in your deck.


Where should decking lights be placed?

To boost the safety factor, place deck lights on the stair treads. Deck steps that are properly lighted can considerably lessen the danger of an accident. They make it possible to go down the stairwell at dark without skipping the last step.

Are deck lights worth it?

In addition to providing increased security, outside deck lighting can assist prevent crime by deterring intruders from approaching a well-lit home or deck.

Installing outdoor deck lights can quickly improve the overall looks of your backyard while also boosting the mood.

How do you light an uncovered deck?

Deck pillar lights could also be installed on the tops of the posts that support your deck. There are also LED deck lighting that enable retrofitting your current fixtures a breeze, as well as solar light fixtures that use the sun’s energy to brighten your space.

How high should deck lights be?

Position the porch light around 78″ to 84″ (2-2.1M) below the top of the entrance, on the decking. To avoid being blinded, keep it taller than line of sight, but deep enough to illuminate the deck.

How far should I space deck lights?

Embedded floor decking lights should be positioned 4′ to 6′ apart along the deck’s perimeter (1.2-1.8m). The location of recessed floor lights is more important than the space between them.


As you’ve seen, there are a variety of lighting choices for a deck, including projecting light from the top on an outdoor eating or gathering space, brightening an area by embedding light into the railings, and emphasizing stairs, steps, and various levels to let them be more accessible. 

Deck lighting is a practical approach to boost nighttime safety while also providing a beautiful ambience for evening pleasure.