20+ Landscaping Along A Fence Ideas

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A lot of people would ask, why do we still need fence landscaping when it is already fenced? Well, we get that the fence is already functioning as it is but landscaping along a fence makes the yard more homey. As such, the role of the landscaping is to visually soften the space and make a more cohesive spot where everyone can enjoy the privacy of the fence. 

If you are looking for some landscaping along a fence idea, here is a roundup of what you can do to make your yard more of a sweet spot. 

18 landscaping along a fence ideas

best landscaping along fence ideas

1. Lattice fence and bamboo drapes

1 landscaping along fence ideas

Installing lines of lattice fence panels is one of the classic privacy fencing ideas out there. If you have a pergola for the added enclosure, you can plant small Chinese bamboo around the perimeter to create a draping effect for the pergola like this one. 

2. Wood pallet roofing

2 landscaping along fence ideas

To make a seamless enclosure with the fence walls as part of roofed space, you can install wood pallet roofing. Incorporate some slow-growing climbers to cascade down from the roofing. Also, let dense climbers fill the fence walls and add warm lighting for a cozier effect. 

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3. Modern corner firepit

3 landscaping along fence ideas

The fencing need not be ornate to make a beautiful landscape out of it. This one is built around the privacy lining of corrugated metal. For a modern look, lines of stones for elevation, a stone bench, gravel, and hardy bushes were placed to create a modern hardscape with a firepit as its focal point. 

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4. English cottage vibe

4 landscaping along fence ideas

This farm style wooden fence is softened with simple landscaping elements composed of a slight soil mound lined with daffodils and other low growing plants. 

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5. Built-in planters

5 landscaping along fence ideas

If you have tall wooden privacy fences like this one made of cedar, you can infuse built-in planters and fill the area covered by the fence with your favorite plants and flowers. This is just one built-in planter but just imagine what wonders it could do if there were more.

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6. Wrought iron fence landscaping

6 landscaping along fence ideas

There is something imposing about wrought iron fencing so to make it more welcoming and softer, you can create a soil bed at the base and edge it with wood. On the soil bed, line different colorful flowering plants like this one. 

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7. Trellis style fences

7 landscaping along fence ideas

You would not build a trellis style fence if you were not looking to make it a privacy fence using a dense arrangement of plants. Aside from the climbers in the trellis, you can also extend the greenery down to the pathway leading to the backdoor or the patio.  

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8. Concrete fencing

8 landscaping along fence ideas

Like wood slatted fencing, you can also make the gaps in your concrete fencing useful by adding in thickets of dense flowering plants in between. You are not just filling the gaps here, but you are also creating more private concrete fencing. 

9. Cozy decks

9 landscaping along fence ideas

To invoke warmth and coziness for this wood backyard deck, privacy hedges were placed behind the wood fencing. The height of the hedges was taken advantage of to create a more enclosed and intimate enclosure. The string lights and complementing shrubs also added to the warmth of this space. 

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10. Vine covers

10 landscaping along fence ideas

It does not matter if you have wood or metal fencing. If you want to give one spot in the yard more focus, you can put up a vine trellis along the fence to give that spot more privacy. From there, you can build a small deck, surrounded by flowering plants to create an enclosure. 

11. Stone border

11 landscaping along fence ideas

To add more angle to your fence, you can install a raised bed made of stone and use it as a fence border. In there, make a solid assortment of flowering plants and layers of greenery to create complementing tones for the yard. 

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12. Japanese contemporary walkway

12 landscaping along fence ideas

We all love the zen vibe of Japanese architecture. This one features semi-private concrete fences. On both sides of the fence, from the entrance, to the walkway up to the curb leading to the main door, the landscape plants used along the edges of the concrete fence were maintained to give the home a cohesive contemporary look. 

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13. Landscaping on one spot

13 landscaping along fence ideas

When it comes to fence landscaping, it is okay to just focus on one spot. In this compact space, the landscaping along the fence was just concentrated on one side of the front yard. It is enlivened with green turfs, a low but pattern trimmed hedge and a birdbath in the middle. 

14. Boxwood hedging

14 landscaping along fence ideas

This yard with perforated brick fencing transports one into the fresh mornings of Spanish or Tuscan outskirts. The fence landscaping includes lines of evergreen trees which frames the perimeter and an extended boxwood low hedging for the turf grass.

It perfectly complements the red bricks on the fence and along the walkway, making this a clean and classic yard design. 

15. Entrance arbor

15 landscaping along fence ideas

Whatever your fence is made of it will always be enhanced with an arbor. In this design, a wooden arbor placed on stone pillars and topped with vines and adorned with shrubs give this home entrance a whimsical vibe. The plant arrangement on both sides of the enclosure adds quaintness to this look. 

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16. Weathered coastal look

16 landscaping along fence ideas

The weathered finish of this concrete wall was made more tropical and coastal by the pea gravel flooring and the lines of palm trees and high growing shrubs towering the fences. If you are into a coastal vibe, the minimalist fence landscaping in this look is all you really need. 

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17. Desert fence landscaping

17 landscaping along fence ideas

If it is a mid-western style that you are thinking of doing for your fence landscaping, there is nothing more compared to the combo of stucco fencing and xeriscape elements.

This simple and compact fence landscaping only used different heights of cacti for the fence line and scattered bowl cacti in a gravel floor spread. 

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18. Stacked stone

18 landscaping along fence ideas

There is no limit to what you can incorporate on a wrought iron fencing. For this one, small pillars of stacked stone were lined in between the joints of the fence. A potted shrub is placed on top of each stacked stone and an assortment of flowering plants are lined at the base. 


Featured here are the FAQs to fence landscaping that could help you in narrowing down your design for your fence.  

What should I plant along my fence? 

From climbers to shrubs and flowering plants, here are the favorite plants to put along the fence. 

  • Arborvitae
  • Bamboo
  • Skip laurel
  • Cherry laurel
  • Boxwood
  • Holly 
  • Privet
  • Red twig dogwood
  • Hicks yew
  • Euonymus
  • Chocolate vine
  • Clematis
  • Fan palm
  • Photinia

How do you hide a fence with landscaping?

There are many ways to hide a fence with landscaping, but the most common methods would be the following: 

  • Install privacy panels 
  • Frame the perimeter with hedges or with climbers up on a trellis
  • Build around a shady tree
  • Create enclosures within the perimeter
  • Create elevated terraces
  • Choose good border plants
  • Arrange wall planters or make raised garden beds

Can I grow ivy up my neighbor’s fence?

Whatever climber it is, if it evades your neighbor’s fence, you have to remove it. Other than that, ivies are quite evasive, and they are fast growers. While they are beautiful climbers, they can be a source of hassle in the long run. 

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Landscaping along the fence is probably a default process in yard beautification. At the same time, knowing that you can hide the fence is another layer of giving your home more privacy for intimate events done in the yard.

With the ideas that we have scored here, you are now, perhaps, more inspired to install one on yours. Just make sure that you are placing the right elements at the right place to have a standout fence landscaping.