Inside Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches: A Look Into the Supermodel’s Luxurious Home

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Gisele Bündchen is a name that needs no introduction in the fashion world. Born in Brazil, she has graced the runways for top-tier designers and has been the face of numerous high-profile campaigns.

Known not just for her striking looks but also for her business acumen, Bündchen has carved a niche for herself in the world of modeling and beyond. She was listed among Forbes’ highest-paid models and has also tried her hand at acting and producing.

Aside from her illustrious career, Bündchen is known for her commitment to environmental causes and her love for nature. This is prominently reflected in her home located in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

The residence is an epitome of luxury and comfort, nestled amidst sprawling greenery and offering an unparalleled view of the landscape. But what makes this property truly noteworthy is not just its grandeur, but also the thought and care that has gone into making it a sustainable and eco-friendly home. In the following sections, we will delve into the stunning details of Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home.

Where is Gisele’s new house?

Gisele Bündchen’s new house is located in Southwest Ranches, Florida. The property, which she reportedly purchased for $9.1 million, sits on an 18,400-square-foot waterfront plot. It boasts numerous terraces, 25-foot ceilings, and a full-size soccer field. The house is also equipped with equestrian rings, making it a perfect fit for the supermodel’s love for horseback riding.

Prior to this purchase, Bündchen owned a contemporary residence in the exclusive Indian Creek Country Club community in Miami Beach, known as the “Billionaire Bunker. However, following her recent divorce from Tom Brady, she decided to move to a different county.

Southwest Ranches is known for its sprawling horse ranches and rural atmosphere, providing a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This makes Bündchen’s new home an ideal sanctuary where she can relax, recharge, and enjoy her passion for outdoor activities.

The Exterior of the Ranch

gisele new home

Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home is a testament to her love for nature and sustainability. Situated on a sprawling area of several acres, the property offers ample space for the supermodel and her family to enjoy the outdoors.

The architecture of the ranch is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance. The single-story home is constructed primarily out of natural materials like wood and stone, giving it an earthy and warm aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

One of the defining features of the property is its lush landscaping. The ranch boasts a beautifully manicured lawn, dotted with mature trees and vibrant flower beds.

A winding pathway leads from the main house to various parts of the property, including a tranquil pond and a private horse stable. The extensive use of native plants in the landscaping not only enhances the property’s visual appeal but also contributes to local biodiversity.

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Another unique feature of the ranch is its solar panel setup. The rooftop is equipped with a large array of solar panels, which provide a significant portion of the home’s electricity needs. This feature aligns perfectly with Bündchen’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The ranch also features a spacious patio area, complete with an outdoor dining set and a barbecue grill. This space serves as an ideal spot for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a meal amidst the tranquillity of nature.

It’s clear that every aspect of the ranch’s exterior has been thoughtfully designed to create a luxurious yet sustainable living environment. Whether it’s the eco-friendly energy solutions or the use of native plants in landscaping, Gisele Bündchen’s home stands as a shining example of how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

The Interior of the Ranch

Eric Igualada

Stepping inside Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home, one is immediately greeted by a sense of warmth and tranquillity. The interior design of the house reflects a balance between rustic charm and modern elegance, much like the exterior.

gisele ranche house bathroom

The color palette leans heavily towards neutral tones, with shades of beige, brown, and cream dominating the spaces. This choice allows the natural beauty of the materials used — primarily wood and stone — to shine through. Vaulted ceilings and large windows add to the sense of spaciousness while also letting in plenty of natural light.

gisele bundchen southwest ranches living room

The living room is a cozy space with comfortable seating, a large fireplace, and a stunning view of the outdoors. A variety of textures — from the smooth leather of the couches to the rough-hewn stone of the fireplace — add character to the room.

The kitchen is a chef’s dream, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and ample counter space. It features a large island at its center, perfect for meal prep or casual dining. The wooden cabinetry, combined with the stone backsplash, gives the kitchen a rustic yet sophisticated look.

The bedrooms are designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Each room boasts plush bedding, unique artwork, and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The master suite, in particular, is a luxurious retreat with its own sitting area and a spa-like bathroom featuring a freestanding tub and a walk-in shower.

Aside from these main areas, the ranch also houses several special features. There’s a dedicated home gym outfitted with a variety of fitness equipment, allowing Bündchen to maintain her wellness routine without leaving the comfort of her home. Additionally, there’s a library filled with books on various subjects, reflecting the supermodel’s love for reading and learning.

In essence, the interior of Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home is a perfect reflection of her personality — it’s warm, welcoming, and infused with a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature.

Sustainability Features

In line with Gisele Bündchen’s commitment to environmental sustainability, her Southwest Ranches home incorporates a number of eco-friendly features aimed at minimizing its ecological footprint.

The most prominent of these features is the solar panel array installed on the rooftop. With Florida’s abundant sunshine, these panels generate a substantial amount of renewable energy, significantly reducing the home’s reliance on traditional electricity sources].

Moreover, the house is thoughtfully insulated to maximize energy efficiency. Proper insulation is a crucial feature in sustainable homes, as it helps maintain a consistent temperature indoors, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.

The appliances used throughout the house are all Energy Star rated. These high-efficiency appliances not only conserve energy but also help save water, making them a smart choice for an eco-friendly home.

Bündchen’s home also features a water conservation system. Such systems are becoming increasingly common in sustainable homes, as they help reduce water waste by collecting and reusing rainwater.

The materials used in the construction and interior design of the home have also been chosen with care. The wood and stone used are all sustainably sourced, and the paint used throughout the house is VOC-free, contributing to healthier indoor air quality.

In addition to these features, the landscaping of the property has been done using native plants, which require less water and maintenance, further contributing to the home’s sustainability.

Gisele Bündchen’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond just her home. She has been a vocal advocate for environmental causes, using her platform to raise awareness about issues like deforestation and climate change. Her choice to incorporate so many eco-friendly features into her home is a clear reflection of her dedication to living a greener lifestyle.

Lifestyle at the Ranch

Life at Gisele Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home is a unique blend of privacy, serenity, and connection with nature. The sprawling property offers ample space for various outdoor activities, from horseback riding to gardening. The ranch’s tranquil setting, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, provides an ideal environment for relaxation and contemplation.

The sense of community at the ranch is another key aspect of life there. As seen in many ranch communities, there’s a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual support among neighbors. This community spirit, combined with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creates a truly enriching living experience.

Bündchen has often spoken about her love for her home and the lifestyle it allows her to lead. In an interview with Vogue, she shared, “I love the simplicity and peace of our home. It’s like a sanctuary where we can relax, recharge, and spend quality time together as a family.”

She also highlighted the importance of sustainability in her lifestyle, saying, “Living sustainably isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve incorporated so many eco-friendly features into our home. It’s our way of contributing to a healthier planet.”

The supermodel’s passion for healthy living extends to her diet as well. She grows much of her own food in an expansive vegetable garden on the property, ensuring that her family has access to fresh, organic produce.


Gisele Bündchen’s home in Southwest Ranches, Florida, is a clear reflection of her commitment to sustainability, her love for nature, and her desire for a lifestyle that balances privacy and community. The ranch-style property, with its extensive eco-friendly features, aligns perfectly with Bündchen’s advocacy for environmental causes.

From the solar panel array and water conservation system to the use of sustainably sourced materials and high-efficiency appliances, every aspect of the home has been thoughtfully designed to minimize its ecological footprint. This commitment to sustainability extends to the property’s landscaping, which incorporates native plants to reduce water usage and maintenance needs.

Moreover, the ranch’s tranquil setting and strong sense of community provide an ideal environment for Bündchen and her family to relax, recharge, and enjoy various outdoor activities. The expansive vegetable garden on the property also enables them to enjoy fresh, organic produce, further embodying Bündchen’s passion for healthy living.

This home is not just a place of residence for Bündchen; it is a testament to her values and lifestyle. It showcases her dedication to sustainability, her love for nature, and her commitment to leading a balanced and wholesome life. In essence, Bündchen’s Southwest Ranches home is a perfect embodiment of her personal style and values, offering a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and tranquility.

Image credit: Eric Igualada