21+ Spooky Halloween Wreath Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on September 28, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Halloween is an excellent time for you to experiment with your creative side. From the costume to your house, your mind is free to explore as many ideas as you want.

For the home, your neighbors will go for some jack-o-lanterns and the occasional ‘ghost’ that hangs from the window. It is in the finer details where you can truly make a difference.

Small items such as how you arrange your lighting, your candy arrangements, smoke effect, and wreaths make all the difference. Here are some Halloween wreath ideas to make you stand out.

What tools & supplies do I need to make a Halloween wreath?

Halloween wreaths are relatively easy items to make. All you need is a wire coat hanger, pliers, scissors and masking tape or glue. Use the pliers to bend the coat hanger into a circle and stick away. The ring used to keep laundry baskets open also makes an ideal wreath base.

Depending on your theme, the materials that you stick around the coat hanger are entirely up to you. For a more eerie look, you can use the feathers from an old pillow and masking tape. Die the feathers to a color that is in line with Halloween.

Black, orange or red are the primary colors that feature in Halloween. You can decide on a single color or combine either. Stick the feathers around the coat hanger and watch your creation come alive. Other materials that you can use include old hair wigs, dyed roses, colored plastic bags, dress truffles, the list is endless.

To avoid your wreath looking plain, you can add some ornaments on to the wreath. Toy spiders, mini pumpkins, skull heads, ravens are just a few of the accessories that you can incorporate to your design.

You can further accessorize your wreath with string lights, witty epitaph quotes, or even signs that you can get from the dollar store.

Once finished place the wreath anywhere that you please. The hook on the hanger enables you to attach them anywhere. Doors, hallways or windows where everyone can see them, are great places for your wreath. If you have an outdoor Halloween party, the wreath can make a great addition to your makeshift graveyard.

#1. Boo wreath

1 halloween wreath ideas 1


#2. Simple Halloween wreath

This project is very simple. Kids of all ages can make their very own Halloween wreath.

It is a nice Halloween decoration to hang on your bedroom door, on a wall in the family room, or on the outside door where trick-or-treaters will see it.

What you will need:

  • glue gun
  • poster board or heavy cardboard
  • a collection of colorful fall leaves
  • lots of acorns
  • scissors
  • paint
  • construction paper
  • yarn or string


Making the wreath:

First, go into the great outdoors and collect a nice variety of colorful fall leaves from around your neighborhood. If you live in an area that doesn’t have changing seasons, fall leaves can be purchased at department, dollar and craft stores.

While you are out searching for leaves, keep your eye open for acorns and other nuts that have fallen from trees. Artificial nuts can also be bought at the stores mentioned above.

Once you have these items, you will need a base for your wreath. Cut a circle (use your ruler to determine the width–it should be as wide as the ruler is long). Cut a hole in the middle of the circle, to make it look like a doughnut. When this is done, paint it green and let it dry completely.

With the glue gun, glue leaves, acorns and other natural items to the base.

As the glue dries, cut out Halloween spooks from the construction paper. Ghosts, goblins, bats, witches, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, or monsters are some of the choices.

Glue these creatures with the glue gun between the items already in place.

Attach a loop of yarn with the glue gun to the back of the wreath, making sure it is at the top of the wreath. Let dry completely.

When your wreath is completely dry, hang the wreath in a place where everyone can see it.

best hallowee wreath ideas

#3. Spider web wreath

3 halloween wreath ideas


#4. Skeleton wreath

4 halloween wreath ideas

#5. DIY Geo Mesh Eyeball Wreath

5 halloween wreath ideas


#6. Mickey wreath

6 halloween wreath ideas


#7. Gothic wreath with mini skeleton

7 halloween wreath ideas

#8. Lighted Jack-O-Lanter Wreath

8 halloween wreath ideas

#9. Halloween tree with cat, bats, fence lighted wreath

9 halloween wreath ideas

#10. Skull wreath

10 halloween wreath ideas

#11. Spider web crochet wreath

11 halloween wreath ideas


#12. Pennywise wreath

12 halloween wreath ideas

#13. Jack Skellington face wreath

13 halloween wreath ideas

#14. Eyeball wreath

14 halloween wreath ideas


#15. Witch Cauldron Wreath

15 halloween wreath ideas

#16. DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

16 halloween wreath ideas


#17. Dark forest wreath

17 halloween wreath ideas

#18. Halloween Witch Crashing

18 halloween wreath ideas


#19. Skeleton wreath

19 halloween wreath ideas

#20. Skeleton Halloween Wreath

20 halloween wreath ideas


#21. DIY glow in the dark Halloween wreath

21 halloween wreath ideas



Wreaths add great depth to your Halloween décor. They are simple to make and can be modified to suit every other occasion with minimal effort.