A Guide to Stylish Home Decor Display Ideas

Last Updated on March 1, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Organization is crucial to making a home feel styled, put-together and well-designed. Nothing is worse than your home feeling untidy because of clutter for which you can’t find a suitable place to store it. 

But buying simple shelves might feel too dull and pedestrian for your next decor project. Instead, you might be looking for interesting wall-mount shelving units that create the bold statement you are after. Getting the right balance between creativity and function is essential for a space to be utilized best.

ornate addition

Ornate Addition

A decorative armoire is a perfect addition to any room with clean, modern lines to give a trendy old-meets-new feel. It provides a feminine softness to your space and can act as a statement piece that won’t overpower the other furniture. 

With a glass-fronted display, some order is required to make the most of the space in an orderly and eye-pleasing way. Visible shelves should be for decorative accessories, vases and other ornaments you want to see daily, while the concealed draws should home practical but less visually appealing items. 

Purely Display

Wall-hung shelves are the ideal choice for items you want to store away while still keeping them on display safely. This method can work in nearly any room of the house, from the kitchen to the lounge to the main bedroom. 

The trick is to paint the shelf into the wall using the same color or a complementing shade. This will allow it to almost melt into the background and let your pieces shine. 

Unexpected Places

You can create a display in any room of the house. And while kitchenware might look out of place in the bathroom, think outside the box when it comes to using specific items in certain rooms. 

For example, a shelf filled with ornate books can style up a lounge and bathroom equally effectively. While mounted hand-crafted wooden chopping boards mounted to the wall will feel appropriate for the kitchen and the dining room

Create a Statment

When styling any room in your home, you want to create a focal point that draws the eye and sets the tone for the remainder of the space. This can be done with furniture, a pop of colour, or in the case of display shelves, by hanging wallpaper behind the rack for extra effect and contrasting patterns. 

The effect of the wallpaper is most apparent with white shelves and light colour ornaments. Ensuring that the paper nicely compliments the patterns and colours already present in the room is essential. Too much contrast will look messy and thoughtless. 


A clever alternative to traditional wall-mounted shelves is cubbyhole-style shelf boxes, which are suitable for bedrooms and home offices. They can be mounted in a group of three or five, depending on how much stuff you want to display. 

This quirky option can be adorned with unique nick-nacks, old postcards and priceless photos to give them added personality. With proper mounting, they will be strong enough to hold a few books and toys in the case of a child’s room


All About the Numbers

Even the simplest items can be displayed pleasingly when you have a bulk number at your disposal. The rule of thumb is to choose an odd number that can be displayed in a structured pattern. 

This can be in uniformed rows, one under the next or in a unique pattern to suit the room. The final product is entirely up to you. 

Color Co-ordination

In the styling world, bright colors are traditionally viewed as less formal or serious compared to their monochrome or neutral counterparts. Despite this, you should be bold and explore pops of color throughout your home. 

Declutter your kid’s room with a stacked row of brightly colored shelves hung low enough for little hands to reach easily. Or add bold colors to a bathroom or kitchen with wooden frames in your favorite colors. 

Attached Decor to Shelving

If you have run out of appropriate space for art on your walls but still have pieces you want to display, attach them to a shelving unit in your room of choice. This can be extended to sconces, plants and bookmarks for an alternative but incredibly chic take on hung art. 

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Embrace Empty Fireplaces

For many people, their home comes with a fireplace they simply will never use. It might be completely empty or quickly on the way to being gutted. However, the open space it leaves behind provides a fantastic opportunity to get creative in the way you display larger items that may not fit comfortably on a shelf. 

Medium to large pottery bowls or vases placed alongside a favorite piece of art creates a mini gallery for your precious items. The bowls can be empty or sporting a plant, bringing a natural element to the space. 

If you have energetic dogs or small children, this idea might be best left to theory instead of the application. However, if the fireplace is in a room with controlled access, you can indulge your creative side for dinner parties and special celebrations.